A/N Hello everyone! Thank you for giving attention to this fanfiction. This is my first longer story, so please let me know what you think about it. From summary you probably already know that plot evolves about Saphira and Eragon, who appeared in foreign lands, we well know as Middle-Earth, but was separated not only by distance but by time too, so I will focus more on their longing to each other in this story, or at least will try to. Hope you all enjoy!

Action starts from Galbatorix and Eragon final battle.

"Submit," repeated Galbatorix.

Eragon shook his head and Galbatorix attacked his mind more forcefully, piercing what was left of his defense and Eragon screamed until his voice gave out.

"Submit," the king whispered. "You have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide… This life is at an end for you, Eragon Shadeslayer, but a new one awaits. Submit, and all shall be forgiven."

Tears distorted Eragon's vision as he stared into the black abyss that was Galbatorix's pupils.

They had lost. He had lost. The knowledge was more painful than any of the wounds he had received. A hundred years' worth of striving—all for naught. Saphira, Elva, Arya, the Eldunari: none of them could overcome Galbatorix. He was too strong. Garrow and Brom and Oromis had all died in vain. The tears spilled from Eragon's eyes.

"Submit!" shouted Galbatorix, and his mind bore down on Eragon with even greater force, as if splinters of ice and fire were lanced through him from every direction.

Eragon cried out, and in his desperation, he reached for Saphira and the Eldunari, their minds besieged by the crazed dragons under Galbatorix's command—and without intending to he drew from their stores of energy, and with it he cast a spell.

What Eragon wanted was both simple and complex; he wanted Galbatorix to understand the wrongness of his actions. The spell was not an attack, it was an attempt to communicate and Galbatorix's wards weren't prepared for this kind of spell. Not only would the spell show Galbatorix the wrongness of his actions, it would also let him experience all the feelings, both good and bad, that he had aroused in others since the day he had lost his mind.

The power of the Eldunarí rushed through him, like a river as wide as an ocean, and he felt as if his body was a hollow and fragile vessel as if his skin might tear with the force of the torrent he channeled. If not for Saphira and the other dragons, he would have died in an instant, drained of all strength by the voracious demands of the magic.

The lines upon Galbatorix's face deepened, and his eyes began to bulge from their sockets. "What have you done?" he demanded, his voice hollow and strained. He stepped back and put his fists to his temples. "What have you done?"

"I made you understand," Eragon reveals.

The muscles of Galbatorix face jumped and twitched, and his whole body began to shake with tremors. Baring his teeth, he growled, "You will not get the better of me, boy. You … will … not…" Galbatorix groaned and staggered, then all at once the spell holding Eragon vanished. Eragon fell to the floor along with Elva, Arya, Saphira, Thorn and Shruikan.

Arya, not wasting a second, got up and sprinted past the dais and while Saphira and Thorn moved toward Shruikan.

His face contorting like a madman's, Galbatorix strode toward Eragon and swung Vrangr at him. Eragon rolled to the side and heard the sword strike the stone by his head.

Saphira leaped high into the air and batted at Shruikan's enormous snout, bloodying it, then dropped back to the floor. Shruikan swung a paw at Saphira, talons extended, and she hopped backward, half spreading her wings.

Eragon expected the king to be upon him within a second, but instead Galbatorix remained where he was, swaying from side to side.

"No! I didn't.…" Galbatorix said, and looked at Eragon, shouting, "Make it stop!"

Pain shot through Eragon's left arm, and he looked over to see Saphira with a bloody gash on her foreleg. Thorn was biting Shruikan's neck from the black dragon's back.

Then, Eragon saw Arya dart out from behind a pillar and run toward the dragons. In her left hand, the green Dauthdaert glowed. Shruikan saw her coming and jerked his body, trying to dislodge Saphira and Thorn. When they remained affixed, he snarled and opened his jaws, painting the area in front of him with a torrent of fire. Arya dove forward, and for a moment Eragon lost sight of her behind the wall of flames.

Arya came into view again, not far from where Shruikan's head hung above the floor. The ends of her hair were on fire, but she seemed not to notice. With three bounding steps, she leaped onto Shruikan's left forefoot, and from there flung herself toward the side of his head. Uttering a shout that could be heard throughout the throne room, Arya threw the Dauthdaert into the center of Shruikan's great, gleaming ice-blue eye and buried the full length of the spear within his skull. Shruikan bellowed and twitched, and then he slowly fell sideways, liquid fire pouring from his mouth.

Saphira and Thorn jumped clear a moment before the gigantic black dragon struck the floor. Pillars cracked, while chunks of stone fell from the ceiling and shattered. Eragon nearly lost his footing as the room shuddered. He had not been able to see what happened to Arya, but he feared that Shruikan's bulk might have crushed her.

"Eragon! Watch out!" yelled Elva.

Eragon ducked, and he heard a whistle of wind as Galbatorix swung his white sword with a flourish. He had forgotten the king.

Eragon turned as he stood upright, and attacked in a flash like lightning. His blow struck Galbatorix's stomach, similar to his blow against Murtag. Galbatorix gasped and retreated. He touched wound and looked at blood on his fingers, the pain clear on his features.

He turned at Eragon and said whimpering, "Voices…. These horrible voices. I can't stand them…"

He closed his eyes in pain and anguish, hot tears beginning to run down his cheeks.

"So much pain… Stop it! Make it stop!"

Eragon shook his head. Seeing Galbatorix's tears and how the pain distorted his face made Eragon feel pity for him, but only for a brief instant. He knew that Galbatorix was guilty for all the pain he now was suffering.

Saphira and Elva slowly approached him, quickly followed by Arya. Her clothing was blood stained and burnt, but she did not seem seriously injured.

Eragon smiled seeing Saphira alive and frowned when he saw her wounds. He ran towards her and healed the notable wound in her leg made by Shruikan. When he felt that the pain had gone from her leg he stepped back, feeling satisfied. Saphira leaned her head down to him.

"Little one, I think you've done it," she said gently in his minds.

"All of us together," said Eragon, feeling exhaustion in his hands and legs after the battle.

Galbatorix opened his eyes.

"You!" he lifted a finger at Eragon before growling. "You cheated me! But, you will pay for it!"

He closed his eyes again and his mouth started moving rapidly.

Eragon didn't wait any longer and moved to stop the king before he could cast a spell, with Saphira beside him. He has to finish this now, once and for all. Eragon raised his sword, prepared to hit the King, but Galbatorix suddenly stopped whispering and opened his bloodshot eyes.

"For what you've done, you won't see your friend, nor your dragon again, Shadeslayer! Never again!"

Galbatorix released the spell from his hand. He was laughing, but because of his wound, it was broken and pained.

Eragon struck with his sword, aiming for the king's black heart, but his blade flew through Galbatorix's body without harming him.

Confused, Eragon looked at his hands and saw that they were almost transparent. What was happening?

Galbatorix fell sideways to the ground at Eragon's feet, lifeless at last.

Slowly, he turned to his friends and saw the same fear in their eyes. Then, he looked at the mate of his heart and very soul.

"Eragon?" she asked, terrified.

"Saphira?" he whispered back, the same terror seeping into his voice.

Then, he fell into the darkness.