Eragon 1 chapter

Eragon opened his eyes from a sudden noise. He could hear something walking nearby. As he sat up, he realized that he had been lying in a field of corn.

Eragon tried to rise up, but fell back because of sudden extreme pain in his head. He clenched his teeth in an effort not to scream. He hadn't felt pain like this since his bout with the shade, Durza, but those wounds had been healed by the dragons. He was lying on the ground for several minutes, trying to mitigate the pain and figure what just happened.

As he lay there, trying to recover, he realized he could hear voices. But because of the high corns around him, he couldn't see a source of it.

"This is it," said a voice he didn't know.

"This is what?" another asked, making Eragon worry how many of them there were.

"I take one more step, and I will be the farthest away from home I ever been," said the first voice again.

Eragon tried to rise again, this time more slowly and carefully. He wanted to be sure he didn't feel that pain again.

"Come on Sam. Remember what Bilbo used to say…" the second stranger began, before pausing.

His eyes feel squarely on Eragon, who standing in the cornfield, looking at them.

The strangers were very small, and at first he mistook them for children: for they were no taller than a dwarf. However, they were much thinner, with curly hair, and neither of them sported a beard.

The one with blonde hair stood in front of the other and yelled out in a voice betraying his size, "Who are you? What do you want?"

Before Eragon could answer, the other small man spoke up.

"Wait Sam, don't you see who he is? He is an elf."

He turned and gave a bright smile to Eragon, who looked at them, thoroughly taken aback.

"Forgive my friend for his bad manners, he has never seen an elf before. My name is Frodo Baggins, and this is Samwise Gamgee. We are hobbits of the Shire."

Hobbit? Eragon had never heard of a hobbit before, but they seemed friendly enough, and it wasn't as if he had any other friends here… wherever here was. Still, he decided his name would give him away to them, and it was best not to take any risks until he knew more.

"Anurin. My name is Anurin," he said, thinking of the dragon rider leader before Vrael.

"Hello Anurin, we're very pleased to meet you," said Frodo, perfectly politely.

"I am sorry that I didn't recognize you, mister elf… Anurin," said Sam, with the grace to seem ashamed of himself. "You just appeared so suddenly that I thought you were attacking us."

Eragon relaxed a little bit. He saw that they had no intention of harming him. They didn't even appear to be armed. Instead, he was worried about Galbatorix's last words and whatever spell he'd used. The spell appeared to be some altered kind of teleportation. According to the King, he won't see his friends ever again…


He shivered from the thought that he might not see her again. Casting out with his mind, Eragon found that he couldn't feel her anywhere. Eragon almost asked if they had seen a dragon around, just then realizing how stupid it would be. He decided to find out more about this place before risking anything on that level.

"It is okay, and I am sorry that I scared you," he said, turning around. "Can I ask you, where is this place?"

The hobbits glanced at one another briefly.

"We are at the Shire border, near the road leading to Bree town," said Frodo.

Eragon hadn't heard about the Shire before, nor about Bree. Galbatorix must've sent him far away, to unknown lands in the hope that he couldn't find the way back. Eragon had no intention of giving in so easily. He needed to find Saphira. He wondered if Galbatorix had sent her somewhere too, or was she still in Urubein? If he was near a city then maybe he could find a map or something else that could help him to find the way back.

"This Bree, it is a large town?" asked Eragon.

"I don't know exactly. I only know it is similar in size to Hobbiton."

Seeing the confused look on Eragon's face, Frodo added. "I live near there, and I can say that it is a medium size town."

Good, thought Eragon. Big cities have only caused problems for me until now.

"And I can only presume that you are traveling there as well?" Eragon said to Sam.

Frodo turned to Sam, who nodded with a wide smile.

"We are travelling directly there to meet our friend," said Frodo.

"Can I travel with you?" asked Eragon.

Wherever he was, it was far from the lands he knew and a guide would save hours of traveling. Luckily, he met perfect candidates for such a task.

"Of course! It would be a pleasure and honor for us to travel with an elf!" smiled Frodo.

"Yes, I… we would be very happy to travel with you," Sam nodded along, the glee evident on his face. He could hardly stand in one place, knowing that they will travel with an elf.

"Thank you," said Eragon gratefully.

He smiled seeing that the hobbits were so excited to travel with him. Usually other races tried to avoid elves, but for the hobbits it looked like the best thing that could happen.

He touched his hand, feeling for Brom's ring. Luckily, it was still there. But something strange was about it. Eragon was able to feel energy in the ring, but there was something wrong with it. It seemed that the energy and ring were inseparable. He tried to reach that energy, but he couldn't. He felt strange. Not that the ring didn't let to reach him, but Eragon himself couldn't reach the magic. Maybe his mind was blocked by something, one Galbatorix's spells. He tried to use magic by raising a small stone.

"Stenr reisa," Eragon said silently.


It was strange. His mind was clear, not counting the lowering pain. Before, when his magical powers were blocked, he felt entirely different. He was able to feel that something was blocking his powers. Now he felt nothing, he felt like… like before he found Saphira's egg. There wasn't any power inside him. Maybe he shouldn't jump to hasty conclusions, it could be Galbatorix's spell was at fault, though somehow he doubted it.

His mind returned to Saphira. They hadn't been separated for a long time, and now he could remember that loneliness. He wasn't feeling anything apart from his own mind. What if Galbatorix really separated him from Saphira forever? What if he really wouldn't see her again? He couldn't give up now, he must find the way back to his mate of his heart and very soul.

The hobbits seeing their new companion starting to panic, grew concerned.

"Is everything alright?" asked Frodo, politely.

Eragon returned from contemplations.

"Yes, yes. Wait, I need to check something."

He walked back where he had been lying. To his pleasure, it appeared some luck had held out. Brisingr was laying a few steps away. He lifted it and put it in its scabbard.

He sighed and said to the hobbits, "I am ready."