Luna waltzed through Theo Nott's door, sitting down at Malfoy's desk and starting to lay out the paperwork. She hummed a jaunty tune, her carrot earings bouncing as she stared at a piece of paper, turning it upside down to read.

Eventually, Theo said, "Can the music - you know I can't stand racket while I'm working." He'd been writing a letter to someone - a formal legal one by the fine quality parchment used.

Luna looked up, and said in her crystal voice, "Do I?" She was well aware that he hadn't noticed the replacement of his employee.

Theo Nott looked up, his mouth gaping open, and then said, "What are you doing here?! You're not allowed to look at those files! You're not -" It was always so funny when people tried to tell Luna what to do. It never worked, but they insisted on trying it anyway.

Luna Lovegood stood up, a piece of parchment in hand, as she walked to Theo, and passed him the paper. "Clearance, dated yesterday." Did you really think it would be that easy?

"But you don't even work in my department!?" Theo said, clearly temporarily forgetting about The Missing Malfoy Affair, due to the presence of Loony Lovegood.

"My department is functioning just fine," Luna said patiently, "Thanks for asking. Yours, on the other hand, is short multiple gophers." At least my department gives the bottom rung reputable paperwork to solve. Yours just has them run coffee and collate briefings.

"Short? Wait, where is Draco?" Theo asked, dropping his quill and sending a splat of ink onto the white floor.

"Paris, although the sprites say he might try a trip to Munchen next." Luna blinked a dreamy smile at Theo, "He's anxious to get back to work, you see."

Theo looked at Luna and sighed, "When do you think he'll be back?"

"After the honeymoon." Luna said, smiling a shark's toothy grin.

"What?" Theo started to say, before sighing, "No, don't tell me, just get out of my office and let me drown in my work."

"That wouldn't be very nice," Luna said, looking slightly sad.

"No, but you'll do it, nice or not." Theo growled, "Or I'm not a Slytherin." Are you trying to threaten me? How sweet.

Luna perked up, saying, "I've outwitted one Slytherin today. Why not make it two?" I think I do threats so much better than you do. Don't you?

Theo only sighed.

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