097. Writer's Choice — Red String



Drosselmeyer's tale was never meant to be fulfilling. They were never supposed to be happy.

Rue feels herself slowly emerge from Princess Kraehe's ego, caught in a whirlwind of raven-black feathers, staring down at her lily-white wrist touched by Princess Tutu's delicate hand.

Two, exposed red lines sit upon her flesh.

Red string.

No matter what she does, it doesn't cut.

Ever since the challenged version of a pas de deux, Rue avoids Ahiru's friendly and engaging attention, treating her dismissively, gulping down her regret as the other girl frowns and sulks away.

The red string of fate develops more and more, as the days meld together, seemingly being sewn up through Rue's left arm and her torso.


Distracting, troublesome, horrid, to the point where Rue must feign an illness in her dormitory.

She begins to hear the terrible red threads inside her own body, unraveling, her tendons and veins slipping apart due to fate's reproach.

Rue wakes up, with every limb still in place and solid. She breathes heavily, muttering feebly as Ahiru regrasps her left wrist, using an opposite hand to dampen Rue's hot, sweaty brow with a cool cloth.

"You mustn't worry, Miss Rue…" she says bashfully. "I think the hallucinations are gon …"

Rue licks her lips, tasting medicine and bile. Her clamminess doesn't appear to repel the other girl dutifully watching over here, soothing her real ills.

"Thank you… Ahiru…"

She means it most sincerely, weakly laughing as Ahiru's ice blue eyes widen, her cheeks pinkening.



Princess Tutu isn't mine. I cannot rewatch the ending of this anime series,,,,, I get so mad about it. Enjoy the gay! Comments/thoughts are deeply appreciated!