A Hero and his Dragon Maid!

One morning, a car pulls up on the parking lot near the beach and a very, skinny looking man, almost like a skeleton but with a little more skin, came out of the car to meet up with someone at their usually spot for another day of special.

He has an angular features and long limbs. He has spiky, disheveled hair with two bangs framing the sides of his face. He has a very long neck and his eyebrows are absent. Wearing some warm clothing at the temperature today is a little cold.

Today was another training day until he gets the boy ready for a special entrance exam at a very special school in Japan. You see, this isn't just any special training they're doing, he's training a young boy to become a great Hero.

In this world, there has been a population of people that have gained superpowers are about 80% making the earth the home of every super being who wishes to use those powers to become heroes to help and save lives while other use them to hurt, steal, destroy, and kill making them villains.


The skinny man heard a loud scream coming the beach where he's supposes to meet the person, he runs to the source to find a young boy screaming the loudest he can while standing on top of a pile of junk and trash and wearing nothing but long workout pants as he is shirtless. The skinny man turns his sight to the beach, expecting to still see some trash left since people have been throwing them away here. However, to his surprise and gasp off seeing the whole beach completely clean.

"Hey, hey, holy crap, kid." The skinny man shocked. "You even cleaned up outside the area I told you to." Looking around again coming to the same conclusion.

"Seriously… There's not one speck of trash left on this beach." The Skinny man gasped, then something came up in his mind and quickly took out his phone checking the date.

"Holy mega crap! And with only four days left to spar, you really exceeded my expectation!" The skinny man said trembling in joy and excitement.

"Holy… Stinkin'… Supercrap!" The skinny man suddenly burst into a huge muscle man with his hair becoming short with two distinct bangs that stand up over his head that casts a dark shadow over his face, hiding everything but his deep blue eyes.

The now muscle man looks up to see the boy looking back at him from above.

The boy has green eyes, messy, dark green hair with black highlights and four symmetrical freckles underneath both cheeks. Who was very skinny, not as skinny as the man, has gained an array of well-developed muscles after his ten months of extensive training with his trainer.

"All Might… I did it!" The boy shouted through some panting.

"Yes, young Izuku Midoriya, excellent work!" All Might responded, giving the boy known as Izuku as heroic thumb up. Then he suddenly became shock at something, something that's behind Izuku.

"Wow, you cleaned up this beach all by yourself, great work, Master!" An eerie girl voice said.

"Well, it was tough, but I" Izuku stop his sentence when he turned around to find a huge, lizard-like creature with wings with its face straight at him.

Izuku just stood there for a moment or two until he let out a frighten scream as he jumps back which resulted him into falling off the big trash pile, but luckily, All Might caught him in his muscle arms.

"Alright, giant lizard monster identified yourself and" All Might demanded what that creature wants only himself yelling at nothing but air.

"Hey, calling a mighty dragon a 'lizard' is a serious crime to my kind." A girl voice said sounded closer to them.

All Might and Izuku look down to find a girl standing right in front of them.

The girl has long blonde hair with flaming pink tips and red-orange eyes with dilated pupils. She appears to be wearing a maid outfit from a cosplay café. But the weirdest thing about her is she has a HUGE green tail sticking out from behind under the skirt and two horns on her head. Breasts sizes: D-cup.

"Hey, was that big monster just now… you?" Izuku asked after getting down on his feet.

"Monster? Well, I guess it wouldn't surprise me that you humans would call us dragons that, but I also guess that you couldn't tell by looking that you humans have somehow gained powers over the years. What do you call them theses days? Oh yeah, Quirks." The girl said confusing the two.

"W-Wait a minute, you keep saying 'dragons' as like you're one yourself." All Might said, not sure if what this girl is saying is true.

"Well, of course I am, you both saw me in my true just a moment age and last week too." The girl claimed which both them upon realizing she may be telling the truth.

"Wait, you said we met you last week?" Izuku asked, the dragon girl nodded.

"All Might, did we do something at that time last week?" Izuku asked his mentor.

"Hmm, I think I'm beginning to remember." All Might said, recalling the time he decided to take their training overnight. The memoires were fuzzy, but they're starting to come together. Izuku also begun to remember too.

(Flashback: 1 week ago)

Izuku is running up a big hill deep in a forest while All Might in his muscular form is running ahead of him as the young is looking a little tried but kept going none the less.

The scene to where All Might is sharing a drink with Izuku telling him that this isn't beer or anything alcoholic, but unfortunately for the Symbol of Peace, the drink they're having is in fact a beer.

Next, they're walking together as All Might is in his skinny form while looking a little dizzy and walking weirdly until they spotted something big up ahead in the woods.

Next flashback, All Might and Izuku are both shock to have found a dragon laying on the ground groaning in pain because of a giant sword impale on her back. Izuku jumps on the dragon's back and grabs onto the sword to pull it out, he struggles at first but succeeded in the end.

Last memoire is Izuku and All Might are talking and laughing with a young girl who was the big dragon earlier, then Izuku said something to the girl.

"If you got nowhere left to go, then would you like to come live with me?" Izuku asked.

(Flashback End)

"Come live with me? Come live with me?" Those words kept repeating in Izukiu's head for a few times as his eyes widen and his face blushing of embarrassment.

"(Holy Crap! I invited a girl to live with me!)" Izuku screamed in his head.

"It was a really brave of you to pull that sword and invite me to your home, I wanted to go with you right away, but you mentioned about your training, so I waited until now." The dragon girl explained.

"I'm also surprise that the gift I gave you work out well." The dragon girl said confusing the boy.

"What do you mean gift, and what's your name?" Izuku asked.

"Oh, sorry for the late introduction, my name is Tohru, and the 'gift' I gave you before leaving the forest was a little magic power boost increasing your strength, speed, durability, and agility by… times three I think." Tohru mentioned shocking the two.

"Actually, now that I think about it, Izuku have shown some sudden increase as we continued with the training." All Might recalled seeing Izuku progressing faster than before and his muscles being a bit bigger now.

"I hope don't think bad about it, I just wanted to thank you for saving me and becoming your maid as I am forever in your debt." Tohru bowed at Izuku which made him nervous.

"N-No, don't think too highly of me, I was just doing what a hero would do like helping others in need." Izuku stated.

"That's not true." All Might said getting Izuku full attention on him.

"You've done more than I could ever imagine when I chose you to become my successor, you not only completely the training earlier, but you've also saved a life as well all on your own. Lookie here." All Might held out his phone showing Izuku and Tohru a picture of Izuku crying a little.

"This is you from ten months ago." All Might said. Izuku tilted his head not sure why his mentor is showing this now.

"Wow, you must've cried a lot back then." Tohru teased making Izuku feeling embarrass.

"But now look at you, so much improvement! You have shown me, even with the blessing from a dragon that we thought were mere legends and fairy tales, that you can inherited the full power of my Quirk." All Might stated believing Izuku is ready.

Izuku felt both nervous and proud to hear all that from the number one hero in the world.

"All Might… Do I deserve this? Are you sure?" Izuku asked.

"You put so much time and energy into helping me. How did I end up so lucky?" Izuku asked as tears begun to flow down from his eyes.

"Come on, Izuku, you definitely earn this because of your hard work and determination!" Tohru encouraged her future to accept it.

"She's right. Now, for your reward, Izuku Midoriya." All Might took out a single string of his hair.

"Someone once told me this: there's a difference between being lucky and deserving. One's an accident, the other a reward. Never get the two confused." Izuku gasped knowing what those words mean. "This gift. You earned it with your own valiant efforts."

Izuku felt a warn fire within his soul that has become bigger and brighter than before, he knew this is the path of his destiny with his head up high and no regrets in him whatsoever. Held out his weak but strong quirkless hand and grabbed the future.

"Eat it." All Might said holding the hair string to Izuku. This confuses both the boy and the dragon maid.

"To inherit my power, you've got to swallow some of my DNA, that's how it works." All Might explained.

"This isn't exactly how I imagined it." Izuku exclaimed.

"I think it's okay, sometimes we dragon would eat anything we hunt for food, isn't that how you humans go get your food before restaurants were invented?" Tohru asked.

"That's not the point." Izuku snapped.

"Come on, we got four days until the exam, so we can train to see how much you can handle One for All. Eat, eat EAT!" All Might forced the hair down to Izuku's throat despite his protest and swallow it whole.

It felt gross at first doesn't feel any different, All Might says that he'll get the feeling in him once Izuku's training to control One for All's power begins.

Then Izuku thought something that he wanted to ask Tohru about.

"Hey, when we met did you try to heal All Might?" Izuku asked, making All Might feel concern.

"…Yeah, I tried even though healing magic isn't my forte I can still heal others of their nasty wounds like deep cuts and bruises. However, for All Might's case, I can't bring back eternal organs like the stomach, sorry. Besides, I'm more into destruction and combat." Tohru answered with a sad look, Izuku became sad too but knew it was worth a shot.

"By the way, just out of curiosity how powerful are you dragons?" All Might asked.

"Well, let just say that I'm one of the powerful dragons capable of bringing about the Armageddon to the whole world." Tohru smirked with pride. All Might and Izuku's jaws drop of the sudden shock they have learned have powerful she is.

This girl, who is a dragon, has the power to destroy the world alone and there are other dragons like her, and Izuku will have to bear living with her as his maid from now on. Izuku's life has certainly become strange yet interesting, having a dangerous dragon as his maid. What's next for our young hero in training.

KO a new story is done and hope you all enjoy it!

It's a crossover of My Hero Academia and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I got this idea from a story called Deku's Dragon Maid by the author All_Mighty_Loki on Wattpad. I think it's awesome though I'm not going to make Izuku OP, just little stronger as he'll work his way on controlling One for All to the fullest.

Tohru has appear in Izuku's life as he'll experience both sides of Hero actions and being around with other dragons as dark forces will want to destroy them both. Hope he'll be up to the challenge as he will also find himself being surrounded by girls including Tohru.

KO comment, favorite, and follow through on how this new story will go.