One Minute Rescue, the Next Villain Invasion

"Aw, nothing feels relaxing then going out for a walk." Lucoa sighed smiling stretching her arms while walking with Tohru.

"The only reason you're out here is because Ink thinks you've been in the apartment too long making your body lazy." Tohru pointed out.

"Hey, it's not my fault our home is so comfy cozy." Lucoa shrugged.

"But I have been thinking about going out for a walk and see if I can spot any mystical creatures around here too." Lucoa mentioned.

"Huh, there are other creatures here too?" Tohru surprised.

"Well, I wouldn't say for sure, but consider how the human race have changed so much over the centuries with some of them having their appearances changed entirely, some creature would take a change to out here." Lucoa stated.

"Uh, I never would have thought of that." Tohru said.

"Hey Tohru, nice to see you again!" Toda greeted.

"Hello Toda, got any good fishes today?" Tohru asked.

"I sure do." Toda gestured to the latest fish that was caught.

"I have to say, Tohru, you have gotten better what getting along with the humans than wanting to destroy them." Lucoa commented.

"You think so? I've just been doing what other humans would do and say to each other." Tohru said.

"Maybe, but I can definitely tell you're growing a little more fond over humans than you realize and I believe it thanks to spending time with our Izuku boy." Lucoa smiled.

"Well, maybe it was Izuku's charming influence." Tohru giggled.

"Help!" A soft and low cry for help reached Lucoa and Tohru's ear.

"Oh, looks like someone is in trouble." Lucoa stated.

"Sure, sounds like it, and the sound is too low for anyone to hear meaning a bastard must be trying to keep her shut." Tohru guessed.

The scene cuts to a villain that looks like a chameleon with his color changed into the darkness of the background while holding a college girl and covering her mouth with his tail.

"No use in screaming for help, I made sure to check this place where no one has ever come here. Perfect place to do some naughty things." The villain chameleon chuckled gripping his tail tighter.

"(Someone, please help me!)" The college girl mentally cried with a single tear coming out.

"Now, let see what you are wearing under there." The villain chameleon reached slowly for the boobs.

Suddenly the chameleon villain's head is slammed into the stone wall making small cracks around his head and fell onto the ground unconscious.

"Huh, what just happened?" The college girl confused.

"Hey, are you okay?" Lucoa asked walking up to her.

"Uh, yeah, I think so." The college girl answered, still shaken up a little.

"You better go alert a hero and the police, looks to me like this guy was causing you trouble." Lucoa advised.

"Yeah, I will, but did you see if a hero came here stopping that villain?" The college girl asked.

"I just got here, and I only see you and this creep." Lucoa answered.

"Oh, okay then." The college girl nodded and ran off to find a Pro Hero and alerting the police too.

"Very sneaky of you to go help that girl out, Tohru." Lucoa complimented and Tohru revealed herself, dropping the invisibility spell.

"I just figured since the heroes would be far too late to even notices trouble." Tohru stated.

"Something Izuku would do if he was here right now, right?" Lucoa asked opening her right eye.

"Yeah, I guess that is part of the reason knowing he wouldn't be happy if something bad happen." Tohru smiled a bit.

"But you know, you didn't have to be shy about it." Lucoa teased a little.

"Well, it's not like I could just show myself and use my power since I would be consider using my Quirk illegally without one of those licenses." Tohru pointed out.

"Oh yeah, there's that rule. Maybe you should try getting yourself that." Lucoa advised.

"I would if I even know how and where I can sign up for that." Tohru exclaimed as they walk out of the alleyway.

"We can always ask Izuku or Inko, I'm sure they would know what to do." Lucoa said.

"YOO-WOO!" A man shouted of excitement.

"Go Mt. Lady!" Another man shouted, whistling loud.

Tohru and Lucoa turns to where the cheering is coming from and saw a group of people gathering around for one hero battle against a villain, and they see two people about as tall as buildings fighting each other though one of them appears to be struggling a bit.

"I'll never understand why these humans are so excited when seeing these heroes' battling villains like it's a live-show, idiots." Tohru sighed.

"Well, this sort of thing has been happening for over 200 years or so." Lucoa pointed out.

"Maybe so, but they would at least mature enough to know this is real danger." Tohru scolded.

"I'm sure they know about that as well, and there are the police keeping them at bay." Lucoa looked at the scene where some policemen are keeping the bystanders.

"Come on, Mt. Lady! Show that villain what you're made of!" One girl shouted.

"Ah, that woman with the purple horn mask is Mt. Lady." Lucoa looked one of the giants being the hero known as Mt. Lady.

Yu is a voluptuous young woman who has purple eyes with white pupils, with elegantly long eyelashes. She has long, voluminous, creamy blonde hair reaching her waist, with two shorter strands curled to frame her face, parted slightly to her right. Her hero costume is composed of a purple and pale tan-colored skintight bodysuit, which is accented with orange stripes. The suit appears to have a pair of purple gloves with orange accents on the edge of the cuff. The design is similar for her "boots" which are cut off at the thigh in a deep v-shape. The suit also has three peculiar orange diamond-shaped dots on the purple top that are located under her chest, and she also wears a purple domino mask with horn-like protrusions on the sides. Breasts sizes: G-cup (In her normal size).

Mt. Lady dodges a punch from the giant villain and performs a shoulder tackle pushing the villain back about several feet though pants hard.

"Huh, it looks like that giant woman is having trouble." Tohru noticed how Mt. Lady is struggling a little.

"Yeah, it looks like she was in battle before this one and that battle was hard for her to handle." Lucoa figured out.

"(Damn it, I'm still worn out from fighting that villain earlier before All Might showed up, but it's not like I can back down now otherwise he'll go hurting the people.)" Mt. Lady thought panted.

"Here I come you damn hero!" The giant villain charged and threw a punch.

Mt. Lady managed to block the punch with both her arms, but the force pushed her back and lost her balance as she is about to fall on the people behind her.

"(Oh no, my body is starting to feel tired from that last battle. I can't stop myself from falling!)" Mt. Lady thought feared she is going to fall on those people.

"Guess she could use a little help." Lucoa decided as she hold up her hand and perform a little magic on Mt. Lady.

Mt. Lady's body starts to glow a little yellow and suddenly she flipped backward right over the people to the other side of the crowd.

"What the… How did I do that?" Mt. Lady confused as herself.

"Damn, still refuse to go down, bitch." The giant villain cursed.

"I don't know what just happened, but I better fight on while I have the chance!" Mt. Lady charged in, jumping over the people.

"Canyon Cannon!" Mt. Lady performed one of her special moves to land one powerful kick on the head and knocked the giant villain down.

"Finally, he's down." Mt. Lady sighed in relief while the people are cheering.

"Was that really necessary?" Tohru asked as she and Lucoa walked away from the scene.

"Well, just got to make sure the woman lives up to being a hero." Lucoa winked.

(With Class 1-A)

Izuku and his classmates are riding on a bus heading to a facility just outside of the school as today's hero training will be all about rescuing, and they will be accompanying by three pros which are Aizawa, All Might, and the third one which they don't know yet.

"Hey Izuku, do you mind if I ask you something?" Tsuyu asked.

"Sure, what is it, Tsu?" Izuku wondered what Tsuyu could want.

"Well, I've been paying attention to how you fight during the past hero classes, and it's kind of very similar to All Might's with flying edition." Tsuyu pointed out.

"Oh, you think so? Well, I have been looking up to All Might for most of my life that I wanted to be just like him." Izuku explained.

"I guess that would make sense, but I think you might want to change things up." Tsuyu advised.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Izuku asked.

"Well, I'm saying you should try using your other additional body parts in your style like your tail and wings, and don't forget the legs too." Tsuyu pointed out.

"Oh wow, I haven't really thought about that!" Izuku surprised.

"Really, I thought you had Tohru showed you that since she's your maid." Ochaco mentioned.

"She helped me learn how to fly though not in combat just yet." Izuku admitted chuckling.

"I got to say, you definitely got the Pro Quirk making you one of top three which is with Todoroki and Bakugo." Eijiro complimented, looking over to Shota and Katsuki.

"Hey, I say you also got the Quirk of a Pro. Your harden ability is really something that can help a lot." Izuku believed.

"Aw, thanks me." Eijiro thanked.

"But I don't think Bakugo would ever be that popular because of his attitude." Tsuyu stated.

"What did you just say, I'll kill your fucking froggy ass!" Katsuki threatened.

"See what I mean?" Tsuyu said.

"Deku, you better hope I don't go after your froggy bitch or else!" Katsuki growled.

"Hey, hey, let's all calm down now, and she is not my girlfriend." Izuku said nervously while Tsuyu blushes from being called that.

"(How come Tsuyu got mistakenly called as Deku's girlfriend.)" Ochaco thought pouted.

"Hey, hey, we're here so knock it off." Aizawa ordered.

They arrived at a large dome-like building and met a special hero who is waiting for them outside.

"Hello everyone, I'm glad you all came." The heroine greeted.

"No way! It's the Space Hero: Thirteen! The chivalrous pro who's rescued a ton of people from disasters across the world!" Izuku gasped exciting as are his classmates are.

"Woo-hoo! Thirteen is one of my favorite Heroes!" Ochaoc cheered.

"I can't wait to show you what's inside." Thirteen gestured to the entrance as the students believe this is gonna be awesome.

They enter the building and become more amazed of what they are seeing the building the inside almost like it's a giant amusement park.

"A shipwreck, a landslide, a fire, a windstorm, etcetera. I created this training facility to prepare you to deal with different types of disasters, I call it the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, but you call it USJ!" Thirteen revealed exciting.

"(Just like Universal Studios Japan.)" Class 1-A thought deadpanned.

"Hey, shouldn't All Might be here already? Let me guess, he booked an interview instead." Aizawa asked as he does not see All Might around.

"Actually, it's something else." Thirteen said leaning closer to Aizawa and Izuku listen in with his hearing of the dragon.

"Apparently, he did too much hero work on the way to school this morning and used up all his power. He's resting in the teacher's lounge." Thirteen explained while holding up three fingers meaning All Might used up his power.

"That man is the height of irresponsibility." Aizawa mocked.

"(I guess I shouldn't be surprised since this is All Might they're talking, but my dragon instincts are telling me that something bad is gonna happen.)" Izuku thought feeling a bit worried.

"Hmm, is everything okay, Izuku? You look worry." Mina asked.

"Oh, it's nothing." Izuku brushed off the question.

"We better not waste any more time, clock is ticking We should get started." Aizawa said.

"Excellent, before we begin though, let me just say one thing. Well, maybe two things, possibly three, four, or five." Thirteen exclaimed as this woman has a lot to say.

"We get it." The students said as they want her to get on with whatever she is about to say.

"Listen carefully, I'm sure you're aware that I have a powerful Quirk, it's called Black Hole. I can use it to suck up anything and turn it into dust." Thirteen mentioned about his Quirk.

"Yeah, you've used Black Hole to save people from all kinds of disasters before, haven't you?" Izuku asked even though he already know that answer.

"That's true, but my Quirk could also very easily be used to kill." Thirteen stated causing the students to gasp.

"Some of you also have powers that can be dangerous. In our superhuman society, all Quirks are certified and stringently regulated, so we often overlook how unsafe they can actually be." Thirteen pointed out.

"Please don't forget that if you lose focus or make the wrong move, your powers can be deadly even if you're trying to do something virtuous like rescue someone." Thirteen advised.

"Thanks to Aizawa's fitness tests, you have a solid idea of your Quirk's potential. And because of All Might's combat training, you likely experienced how dangerous your powers can be when used against other people. Carry those lessons over to this class as today, you're going to learn how to use your Quirks to save people's lives. You won't be using your powers to attack enemies or each other, only to help. After all, that's what being a hero is all about: ensuring the safety of others." Thirteen stated strongly.

"(Wow, Thirteen is so cool!)" Izuku thought feeling inspired from her speech and such.

"That's all I have to say, thank you so much for listening." Thirteen thanked as she bows, and the students started cheering of how cool Thirteen sounded.

But before Aizawa or Thirteen could tell them of what their first rescue training will be, the lights inside the USJ went out and something black and swirling suddenly appeared out of nowhere as it grew bigger than the water fountain.

"(What is this?)" Izuku thought wondered.

Izuku and everyone saw people coming out of the black smoke thing as they all look really nasty.

"All of you stay together. Thirteen, protect the students." Aizawa ordered as the students are confused.

"Wait, is the training started already? I thought we were rescuing people." Eijiro confused.

"Stay back!" Aizawa shouted as he put on his googles.

"This is real, those are villains." Aizawa informed shocking the students.

"(Real villains, here?)" Izuku thought shocked wondering how could this have happened.

Then his nose started picking up a scent, a strange yet familiar scent that he instantly knew thought surprise of this as well as his dragon sense are picking that up too.

"(This feeling, it's faint, very faint but there's no doubt about it.)" Izuku thought clutched his hands.

"(After all, I've been living with one and more before coming to UA.)" Izuku thought of Tohru, Kanna, and Lucoa.

"(There is no doubt, that group of villains… have a dragon with them.)" Izuku thought realized in fear as he looks at more villains coming out of the black smoke, portal thing.

(With Tohru and Lucoa)

Far away from USJ, Tohru and Lucoa suddenly felt something as they look out the window of curious of sensing something similar.

"Hmm…" Lucoa opened one of her eyes.

(With Kanna)

Same is happening to Kanna while she is at school looking in the direction where her papa's school is.

"(Please be okay, papa.)" Kanna thought worried.

(Back at USJ)

"We thought we were going to be practicing saving other people's lives that day, but when they appeared, we realized that we were the ones in danger."

"Damn it…" Izuku muttered slowing being angry as his eyes glow green a little from the emotion.

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Villains have suddenly showed up just when the Hero Rescue Training was about to begin and it looks like they may have something powerful within the group, a dragon in fact though how and why is there a dragon with them, you'll have to wait and see. Let's hope the students of Class 1-A can survive this sudden encounter when their still in hero training.

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