I was eager to see my nephew for the first time although the downside was seeing that cow again. Uncle Peter was picking the baby and her up at the moment while we prepared for their arrival. Hopefully they would be here soon if nothing happened. Aunt Pittypat was standing outside with me, worrying about the weather. Normally I wouldn't complain about someone speaking about the weather, but it was sunny without a single cloud in the sky and she was talking about rain and even an hurricane. I just ignored her, though she was starting to make me worry that it might rain and the carriage might get stuck. I nearly snapped at her to shut up but bit my tongue. No, the skies were clear. It wouldn't rain and I must keep my temper. I was in too good of a mood right now. We waited for a while longer until the carriage finally pulled up in the yard. I ran up as Uncle Peter let Scarlett and Prissy out of the carriage

"Scarlett, please let me hold him!" I asked reaching for my adorable nephew. I had only seen him once since he was born when visiting Scarlett and by the looks of it, he had gotten a lot bigger since then. It bored me knowing Scarlett wasn't planning on staying permanently, but I would make the best of the situation as I could.

Scarlett gave him to me, practically tossing him to me as if he was just some article of clothing she didn't care for anymore. It was like he meant nothing to her. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. He wasn't the son of Ashley. How could she not love her beautiful baby boy? Although he did resemble my brother, he had her midnight black hair and he even resembled her minus the nose, which looked like mine, and to top it all off, she carried him for nine months. How could she not have some type of connection with her beautiful child? She was missing out on a lot even in his first month of life which shouldn't be so. I'd take that connection as well as an aunt could. We were still family even if it had to be through her. I took the baby inside and held him close for the rest of the day. The week went by normally although now there was a baby in the house to look after. I was the main one looking after little Wade. I was feeding him, clothing him, holding him, and just all around caring for him. I didn't mind looking after him. He brought me comfort with Charlie gone and I enjoyed his company even if he couldn't quite talk yet. Other than that, someone had to be something of a mother to him. I've never seen a woman hold her baby that little. If he wasn't in my arms, he was in his crib, my aunt was holding him, or Prissy had him. Scarlett appeared to only hold him to breast feed and even that she rarely ever did. Something about how it would make her breast sag.

"Melanie, I don't know why you hold him so much." said Scarlett as she brushed her hair as I went to his crib. "You're going to spoil him."

"Funny you should say that considering how much of a spoiled ass you are," I muttered under my brother. I hadn't meant to say it outloud, but it happened anyways.

"What did you just say?" she turned and looked at me with a shocked expression.

"I just said he's my nephew and my brother's child. It wouldn't hurt to spoil him." I lied. I was about to tell her that she heard right, but if I did, she'd just go home taking the baby with her. I couldn't have that.

"Oh." she turned back to the mirror. She didn't appear to believe that, but she also didn't appear to believe she heard right anyways. I was happy she had accepted the lie, even if she was confused, and I quickly made my way out of the room. Once the door was shut, I headed to read some children's books I picked out in town.

Not only was Scarlett an unfit mother (if one could call her a mother), she was a piece of work to boot. There was some sort of partying going on for the soldiers in town, she waved out of the window at the passing by soldiers and citizens going by. Aunt Pittypat caught her and attempted to tell her off. I had caught only parts of the conversation, hearing that she shouldn't be waving so excitedly at men when she was in mourning. She was a fast piece of work. I heard both of them crying and went to investigate. Somehow, my aunt thought they were crying over Charlie when I knew it wasn't true. She wanted to go to that party. She didn't give a damn her own husband died. If she could have her way, I'd bet she'd rip off her mourning clothes, put on a nice expensive dress, and make her way to that party with her arm locked with handsome young man. Knowing this made my temper rise and storm inside that room over to Scarlett.

I ripped her from my aunt's arms and shook her. "Stop that crying right now! You make me sick!"

"Melanie!" I heard my aunt say. I didn't care. I was going to let her have it. Someone had to put their foot down to this woman.

"You're sitting here crying over nothing! I wish you were crying over Charlie! God knows I do! But you're over here crying about a party! Your husband just died and instead of mourning like a good widow, you're over here being a big baby! Well guess what? You're not going and you're staying here with us, like it or not! I know I don't!"

"M-melanie, that's enough!" my aunt had raised her voice a little higher than usual. She didn't try separating us as her lip quivered with fear in her eyes as she clinched her handkerchief. She had never seen me like this before though the worst was yet to come. With my brother gone, she'd be seeing a lot more of that. With no one to keep my secret temper in check people were going to see the real Melanie. If I was prepared for that, God only knows.

I let her go and stormed off. I went to my room, ignoring Uncle Peter who had just spoken to me , and slammed my room door. I went over to the basin I had to splash some water in my face to cool off. I knew I had to apologize later for it, but I wasn't going to. She didn't love him and I shall stand by that statement until the day I die.