Title: Going Back to Save them All

Rating: T

Summary: Harry Potter goes to bed as an old man and wakes up in his eleven year old body. Seeing this as a chance to rid the world of Voldemort early he decides to make some changes.

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Chapter 1

Professor Harry James Potter, Potions Master, and Head of Slytherin House; despite being sorted into Gryffindor, turned in early. He had just gotten back from a Potions convention, where he talked about his work in finding a cure for the bite that infected so many people with the curse. He had managed to cure the first one, a five year old boy, and that had gotten him the invite. He did this work in the spirit of Remus Lupin and so many others that had suffered.

It was the least that he could do. He groaned as his bones shifted, reminding him that he wasn't the young man that he had once been, and at once he had gone to sleep. His sleep didn't last long. He was woken up by a pounding on his door. He opened his eyes, expecting to see the blurry outlines of his quarters, but then he saw the blurry outline of his cupboard. Finding his glasses he heard Petunia screech, "Get up, boy, get up."

He groaned.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Harry said.

"Good, because your cooking breakfast. And don't you dare let it burn. I want everything perfect for Dudley's special day."

He checked out his body. Dear Merlin, he was nearly eleven again. Fate hated him; that was for sure. He slowly got out of his cupboard and headed for the kitchen. Just like before Dudley moaned about getting less presents than the year before. Harry thought his cousin was acting like a big, fat, baby.

Like before, he was force to go to the zoo with them. He decided that he wouldn't go into the reptile house. He didn't know if the Horcrux was still inside his scar and he didn't want to risk getting punished. When they got back home Harry went to his cupboard and closed the door. Even though he was back in his younger body he still wanted to continue his work.

He still remembered all the notes that he had made and he spent the next week rewriting all of them. He then hid them where his aunt and uncle couldn't find them. In a couple of days he would get his Hogwarts letter and, unlike before, he would make sure that his aunt and uncle didn't find out. Three days later his uncle forced him to get the mail.

Sure enough the letter was there. He placed it in his baggy clothes and handed the rest of the mail to his uncle. Vernon grunted at the bill and turned over the postcard in his hand.

"Marge is ill, ate a funny welt," he told the family.

Like Harry was interested in the health of the most horrible 'aunt' that he knew.

The next morning Harry was stuck doing chores while his cousin and uncle went out. Aunt Petunia was outside talking to some of her 'friends' and so Harry wrote out his response to Hogwarts and left the house. He would take his letter to the local post office, mutter the incantation that didn't need a wand to do, and Hogwarts would send someone to collect him.

And there was nothing that aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon could do to stop him.

Three days later Harry was smarting from a shiner that he had gotten from his cousin. Harry had accidently told Dudley off for being an 'overweight blob of unneeded space' and Dudley didn't like it. So he had gotten hit, right in-front of his parents. Like his aunt and uncle cared about what their son did. Those two shouldn't have been allowed to have children, since it seems that a tiny horse and a whale mating producing a child that was outside the order of nature.

There was a knock on the door and Harry slowly headed for the door and opened it. Standing there wasn't Hagrid or even McGonagall. It was Snape! How Dumbledore had convinced him to come was beyond his understanding.

"Potter," he said.


"Who is it, boy?" came his Uncle's voice and Harry winced as his Uncle appeared. "Who the hell are you?"

"Professor Severus Snape," Snape said, "I'm a Professor at Hogwarts-."

He didn't get a chance to finish as his Uncle bellowed and pushed Harry to the floor, slamming the door in Snape's face.


The door was forced open and Harry saw Snape force Vernon against the wall, his wand at his throat.

"Don't you ever call a wizard, or witch, that word," he snarled, "You filthy, nasty, muggle?"

Vernon could say nothing, because he was too scared.

"Get up, Potter," Snape ordered and Harry got up at once. "We're leaving and I'm going to have a long talk with the Headmaster."

Vernon landed on the floor and Harry went with Snape.

Even though Snape was a good wizard Harry kept his mind closed. He didn't want Snape to know about the events that hadn't happened yet. He didn't want Snape to know that he would be force to kill Dumbledore. Harry knew that being force to kill the man had damaged his soul. He wasn't that mean and he would never been that mean.

Snape apparated them to Hogwarts and, thankfully, his body remembered how to not throw up. Of course that didn't mean that he had to like it. Hogwarts was much different than what it would turn out to be. There was no memorial for the dead and there was no sign that a battle had taken place.

"Come along," Snape ordered.

"Yes, sir," Harry said and he hurried after the tall man.


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