Title: Going Back to Save them All

Rating: T

Summary: Harry Potter goes to bed as an old man and wakes up in his eleven year old body. Seeing this as a chance to rid the world of Voldemort early he decides to make some changes.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 10

Like before Harry had gotten the cloak from Dumbledore. Unlike before he didn't sneak out to the Restricted Section. He already knew about the stone and about Quirrell. He knew that Quirrell was staying at Hogwarts along with Severus. He wrote to Remus, telling him about the destruction of the diary Horcrux. Once the letter was sent he headed to the Great Hall for the feast.

"Harry," Dumbledore called out when he arrived.

"Hello, sir," Harry said, keeping his mind closed.

He saw Malfoy and his mother there and knew they didn't have a place to go.

"Mr. Potter," Narcissa said, her eyes red.

"Hello, Mrs. Malfoy," Harry said to her, nodding to her.

"Madam Malfoy is staying at Hogwarts due to Malfoy Manor being destroyed," Dumbledore told him. "I know that it's not the best arrangement, but it's better than nothing."

Harry sat down and saw Snape looking at him. He knew that he would have to fully explain the Horcrux's to him. But when Voldemort wasn't around. When the food appeared Harry ate and really didn't talk much. It was only when Draco asked him a question did he speak.

"Had a good Christmas?"

"Better than yours," Harry told him.

He sighed.


"So what are you going to do now?" Dumbledore asked Narcissa.

"I don't-."

"I was thinking about honoring a request that was given to me by Lucius," Severus suddenly said.

Harry turned his attention to his Potions Master.

"And what request is that?"

"I'm going to marry Narcissa."

Harry's mouth dropped at that news and then he saw that Narcissa didn't look shocked. It seems that she knew about it. Harry knew that Severus was only doing this out of duty and not because he no longer cared about his mum. The look on Draco's face told Harry that he wasn't a fan of this. As Narcissa told Dumbledore of plans to marry at Hogwarts Harry thought over his next plan. He needed to get his hands on Slytherin's locket, which was in Sirius house.

He would have to have a talk with both Severus and Remus about getting Sirius out. The locket had to be found.

When Harry was done eating he got up and left the Great Hall. He would spend the rest of the holidays in the common room and not come out. Three days later he got a letter back from Remus.


I hope that your holiday's was well. I heard what happened to Malfoy Manor and you have to be careful. If anyone gets wind that you set the house on fire, it will look bad on you. The potion is going well and I feel like I'm starting feel better, no transformation yet. Keep your head down and don't do anything rash.


Harry burned the letter. He needed to act during the summer before all hope was lost.

When term began again Harry went back to the mode that would keep even Dumbledore from looking at him with suspicion. He knew that Dumbledore was no fool and neither was Snape. Right now only Snape knew the reason that Malfoy Manor was attacked and all he had to do was let slip to the Ministry. Remus was right, he had to watch his head.

"Potter," Snape called out after the first Potions lesson of the month.

Everyone left, leaving him alone.

"Yes," he said.

"I'm on the verge of telling Narcissa that you killed her husband."

"And do you have any idea what will happen if you tell?" Harry asked him. "I will be locked up in Azkaban and there will be no hope left."


"Do you want to know what he did?" Harry asked him, "Do you have any idea what would have happened if I hadn't done what I did. Then I think it's time for a history lesson."

Harry cast a seventh level Auror anti-detection charms and then put his wand away.

"Tom Riddle is a half-blood wizard, the son of Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle. She gave him a love potion and when she found out that she was pregnant she decided to stop giving it to him, thinking that he had grown to love him. He turned his back on her and she fled. She sold Salazar Slytherin's locket to Mr. Borgin and later on Tom would use that locket to create his Horcrux, one of several.

"A Horcrux is a container for a dark wizard's soul. This is how Tom managed to not be killed when he attacked the Potter's. With each Horcrux that's destroyed he grows weaker and then he will be destroyed. My intention wasn't to kill Lucius, but to destroy the Horcrux. That's the only thing that I intended to do. In the end, even if he hadn't died, he would have ended up hating his life. The damage that Tom Riddle did to the Malfoy family cursed their son into believing that his wife had gone back in time and Tom sired her son.

"Scorpius Malfoy had to live with people thinking that he was Tom's son. If I can prevent even that then that will be good enough for me. Once again, I didn't intend Lucius any arm, only the Horcrux. You want Tom destroyed as much as I do and we all did things, in the future, that we didn't want to do. You, sir, was force to kill the Headmaster. If Tom doesn't come back then you won't have to murder Dumbledore."

Harry saw Snape go white.

"You know that I'm telling the truth," Harry said, "And I know that you know that I don't mean any harm. Now the next goal is to try and get into the Black house. Now how do you think that we'll be able to do that?"

"Why do you need inside there?" Snape asked him.

"Because of Slytherin's locket," Harry told him, "And the only person that can gain access to that house is Sirius Black."

"He's in Azkaban."

Harry grinned at him. "Well I guess we'll have to do a jailbreak."

Snape stared at him as though he had grown an extra head.

"Are you crazy?" he asked. "Dementors-."

"I have a plan?" Harry told him, "Trust me, it will work."

"You want to get Black out of Azkaban just to get a damn locket."

"Well you always did say that I was crazy for a Gryffindor."

Snape groaned.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"Now, sir, where's your sense of adventure?" Harry asked.

"I lost it when I was ten," Snape answered and Harry grinned.


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