Title: Going Back to Save them All

Rating: T

Summary: Harry Potter goes to bed as an old man and wakes up in his eleven year old body. Seeing this as a chance to rid the world of Voldemort early he decides to make some changes.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 11

Harry decided to break Sirius out of Azkaban the day before the holiday was to end. Dumbledore was going to be out of the castle and McGonagall wasn't as keen on things as the old man was. When Harry had been around sixty he finally learned how to become an Animagus, a phoenix. Severus had found himself busy with the wedding so Harry would have to do it. Harry also knew when the guards changed and so he changed into a phoenix and flew to the most dreadful island in the world. It took three flights to finally locate Sirius cell.

He landed and forced his bird from into the cell. Sirius, in dog form, looked up from where he was. In a moment Harry flashed them out of the cell and he landed in the Hufflepuff common room.


Harry changed back and Sirius stared at him.

"Harry," he said, "But-."

"It's a long story," Harry told him, "I'm going to have to tend to you and then you'll spend time as a book. They'll notice that you're gone in the morning."

"But how is this possible?"

"I said it's a long story and one that I can't answer right now. The point is that you need to get better and then we'll talk."

"Where are we?" he asked.

"The Hufflepuff common room," Harry told him, "No one is here right now."

Harry turned him into a book and then left to get food. When he came back he restored Sirius back to normal and handed him the food that he had gotten from the kitchens.

"Fanks," he said, though a mouthful of bread.

Even though Harry had lost Sirius decades ago seeing him again made Harry's heart lighter. He had never really gotten over losing his godfather and he considered saving him as another life that might live through this hellish nightmare. When Sirius was done eating Harry told him about the locket inside his house.

"What about this locket?"

"It's a Horcrux, Sirius, and I need to get my hands on it."

"I remember reading about them," Sirius said, "But what is one doing in my mum's old house?"

"Your brother, let me explain," Harry said quickly before Sirius could rant about what he thought he knew about his brother. "Your brother found out about them and was so disgusted, as this was an area of black magic that he wouldn't even dabble in, that he found out the location of the locket Horcrux. Well Tom enabled Regulus to find out when he wanted to use Regulus house elf, Kreature. Regulus stole the locket, replaced it with a fake, and tried to destroy it. Tom never killed Regulus, it was the creatures that were put there to guard the locket that killed him."

"Who is this Tom?" Sirius asked.

"Lord Voldemort," Harry answered. "I need to get my hands on the locket so that I can destroy it. Tom won't know that it was destroyed because that fragment has been separate from his original soul for a long time."

"Fine, when I'm better," Sirius told him.

"That's all I ask," Harry said to him.

When term began again Harry forced Sirius into book form until they could be alone. News that Sirius Black had managed to escape from Azkaban was all over the Daily Prophet. Everyone was worried and to make matters worse the Minister of Magic, John Hound, wanted to place Dementors at Hogwarts.

"We don't know why Sirius escaped," Harry overheard Dumbledore telling a woman that he knew to be Umbridge, "But I won't have Dementors guarding this school."

"You're being completely unreasonable."

"I'm being perfectly reasonable," he said, "Until we have more proof as to why Black escaped then I won't allow them near the grounds."

"Well then I'll let the Ministry know."

And she left, which Harry was glad about.

Thankfully this Minister was better than Fudge and didn't demand the Headmaster allow Dementors onto the grounds. With no sighting of Black no one knew where he had gone. All anyone knew was that Black had disappeared off the face of the planet.

"Why do you think that he escaped?" Hermione asked him.

"Don't look at me, I have no clue."

When he wasn't in classes he watched Peter through the map. Sirius wanted to get him but Harry, using his authority in his voice, kept Sirius in line. The last thing that they needed was Peter to suspect that Sirius was in the castle.

"As long as I have this map then Peter won't find out that you're here," Harry told him. "Even though I'm afraid that someone will snoop, Hufflepuff is, thankfully, not one of those houses that get into your business."

"I can't believe that you're in Hufflepuff."

"It's not a bad house," Harry told him, "It's full of good people. Of course you did hex them for fun."


"I have my ways in finding out," Harry cut in and then wiped the map clean.

Even after all this time Harry still didn't approve of what Sirius had done in school.

Harry had sent Severus a one line response to the question if he had gotten Black out. Thankfully Severus wasn't stupid and didn't tell anyone. Once he had the locket then he would have to wait until Quirrell was gone before he went after the Basilisk. He needed the venom from the snake to destroy the locket and the Diadem, the next one that he was going after.

"So when are we leaving?" Sirius asked a week into the second half of the term.

"When I know that Dumbledore is out of the castle," Harry told him, "And that will be around Easter."

"And how do you know that?" Sirius asked him.

"Because I asked if I could meet Dumbledore around that time and Flitwick told me that he was gone."

"And this Diadem?"

"Will have to wait until the term ends," Harry said, "I'm not risking Tom finding out that I know his secret."

"You know the school gets locked down during the summer."

"I have a way of getting in," Harry told him. "Trust me, it will be worth it."

"I hope so."