Title: To Love Again

Author: DragonLow

Chapter: 1/?

Summary: Darien Chiba is a cold, heartless business tycoon. Ever since his father remarried he's had almost no contact with his family. That is, until he meets Serena, his stepsisterand everything changes.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story. Hiya! This is my second fanfic! I've always loved these kind of fanfics, so I figured I'd try writing one! Doesn't hurt, does it? Okay, I have nothing else to say, I guess. Enjoy!


"Mr. Chiba, please—"

"It's no use begging, Mr. Collins. I've made my decision. You just haven't been taking proper care of your company. Its stocks are continually dropping."

"But, Mr. Chiba, this company has been in my family for years! It's all I have left!"

"Not anymore, Mr. Collins. Now, I have some other important matters to take care of."

"Like taking over other companies?"

"Actually, yes. Good-bye, Mr. Collins." With that said, Darien Chiba hung up the phone, leaned back in his chair, and smiled. It wasn't a happy smile, though. No, Darien Chiba never smiled like that. It was dark and self-satisfied. But not happy. Never happy.

He was about to make another phone call when there was a knock on his open door. He looked up to see his secretary and friend, Mina Harper. Mina was just about the only close friend he had. They'd known each other since college, and when Mina had been fired from her job, he'd fired his secretary and hired her, to help her out. He gestured her inside, seeing the hesitant, worried look on her face.

"What's wrong, Mina?"

"Wellyou see—Darien, I'm"

He was getting impatient. Mina was close to him, but that didn't stop him from snapping at her when he felt annoyed. "Out with it, Mina!" he said sternly.

"I'm pregnant," she blurted out, blushing.

Darien was shocked, but used years of practice to hold the emotion in check. "What?" he asked calmly, though he still couldn't keep some of the disbelief out of his voice.

Mina turned redder. "I'm pregnant," she whispered, looking down at her feet.

"Is it—?"

Mina nodded her head in confirmation.

Darien cursed. How could this have happened? He looked up at her and asked, "How many months?"

Still looking down at her feet, Mina said softly, "One. I was hoping you could"

Nodding his head stiffly, he said, "Of course, Mina." Seeing her saddened look, he tried to be kind. "Why don't you take an extended lunch break. I'll manage just fine without you." He got up and went to her, putting an arm around her. "It'll be fine. Don't worry."

Mina nodded, then looked up at him with a small smile on her face.

"Okay, Darien. Thank you." She walked out of his office feeling slightly better now that the weight of her important news had been lifted somewhat.

Inside, Darien closed the office door and walked back to his desk. He took out a phone book and looked up a number before picking up the phone and dialing it. It rang three times before it was picked up.


"Hello, Andrew. We need to talk."


Andrew Tsukino walked confidently into the entrance of the building of Chiba Co. At least, it looked like he was confident. He'd learned long ago that dealing with Darien Chiba was 50% presentation, and 50% brains. Andrew figured he had enough of both to spend 15 minutes with the man. He entered an elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. The ride was short, and in a matter of seconds Andrew was walking toward Darien's office. He looked towards the desk to say hello to Mina, but she wasn't there. He checked his watch and realized she was probably on her lunch break. Darien's door was closed, so he knocked.

"Come in," a muffled voice barked at him. He opened the door to see Darien sitting behind his desk, waiting for him. He gestured to a chair for Andrew to sit in. He didn't sit. He needed all the leverage he could get with Darien.

"Good afternoon, Andrew," Darien said coolly.

"What is it that you want with me, Darien?" Andrew demanded, getting straight to the point.

"Not one for pleasantries, are you, Andrew?"

"I've learned," Andrew said stiffly. "Now, what is it that you want?"

"Well, it seems we have a small problem here."

He became instantly suspicious. Not that he wasn't already. "What kind of problem? Come on, Darien. You and I both know I don't want to be here and you don't want me here. Why have you contacted me after four years? I know how much you hate me, though I'll never know why. Just because we're brothers—"

"Stepbrothers," Darien said harshly. "You aren't of any important relation to me."

"Yeah, I know," Andrew said bitterly. "The minute your dad married my mom, you cut ties from all of us. You wouldn't even know me if it weren't for that damn college party. You don't know how many times I've beat myself up for going, because I met you that night."

"This isn't what I wanted to talk about, Andrew. Believe me, I

regret that night just as much as you do. The only reason you're here now and not in the streets where you belong is Mina."

"Mina? What's she got to do with this?"

"Everything. You got her pregnant, Andrew. She's been pregnant for a month." (AN: Did you think Darien was the father? You were supposed to!!! Tell me if I succeeded in making you believe that!!!)

Andrew gaped at Darien, speechless. After a moment's silence, he got his voice back. "She'sshe's pregnant? With my baby?"

"That's right, Andrew. And now, we're going to have a little talk about the responsibility you need to own up to."

"Wait a minute, Darien! You have no right to talk to me about this! This is between Mina and me! Keep out of this!"

"For your information, Andrew, Mina asked me to talk to you, since she knows how commitment phobia you are. Even if she didn't request this of me I would have done so regardless. Mina is like a sister to me."

"Yeah? Well, what about your real sister! Serena just lost her boyfriend! What about beating him up?"

"She is not my sister! I've never even met the girl."

"And who's fault is that, Darien? Because it sure as hell isn't hers!"

"It was mine, entirely, but I really don't care. She's nobody."

"Don't talk about my sister like that, Darien!"

"We're getting off subject, here. What about Mina?"

"Mind you own fucking business! I told you it's no concern of yours! It's between me and the woman I love!"

"You love me?" a soft voice exclaimed. Both men turned to look at the forgotten open door to see Mina standing there, looking at Andrew hopefully. Andrew crossed the room and took her hands in his.

"Of course I do. I'm so happy you're pregnant with my baby. I can't believe you didn't tell me sooner!"

She blushed. "I'm sorry, Andrew, I was justafraid. I know how much you hate being tied down"

"Sweetie, that was before I found you. I love you, Mina. All I want to do is spend my life with you and raise our child. I know I was a player before, but I truly love you."

There were tears in Mina's eyes. "Andrew, I love you, too!" She threw her arms around his neck, laughing.

Andrew looked down at her, smiling. "Come on, we have a lot to talk about." They walked away, completely forgetting Darien, so wrapped up in their own world as they were. Darien watched them go before turning back to his desk and getting back to work. Thanks to this whole fiasco, he was behind schedule.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. Not looking up, he waved them inside. "Come in."

"Umexcuse me, but, is Andrew here?"

"Do you see him here?" he snapped, finally looking up. Why would someone ask such a stupid question? He's obviously not here.' Standing a few feet into his office was a woman a few years younger than he. She reminded him of Mina, with long blonde hair, and big blue eyes. She was smaller, though, more petite, and prettier. She looked more innocent. She was just standing there, looking at him uncertainly, but bravely.

"Andrew's not here," he said shortly. He turned back to his papers, assuming she took this as her dismissal, as it was meant to be. He was slightly startled when she spoke again.

"I'm sorry, I know you're busy—"

"Yes, I am. Now if you would just exit the building I could get back to work."

Now she was angry. She didn't look so innocent anymore. "Look, I'm really sorry I disturbed you, but there's no excuse for being so rude! I'm just here to find Andrew!"

"Rude? Sweetie, you haven't seen rude," Darien drawled. "Besides, why should I be polite to you? You're no business associate, and let me tell you, I'm not so nice to them either. You aren't even a friend. You just come waltzing in here, expecting me to be polite to someone like you. For all I know, you're one of Andrew's little whores."

She gasped, blue fire in her eyes. "How dare you?! Andrew would never cheat on Mina! He's going to marry her! I helped him buy the ring myself! And what do you mean, someone like me'? I haven't done anything to deserve this kind of treatment! You just hate me because I'm the daughter of your father's wife!"

Darien was taken aback by this last statement. Dauther of my father's wife? That would make herSerena?'

As if reading his mind, Serena said icily, "Yes, that's right Mr. Chiba. I'm Serena. Andrew's sister. The sister you never wanted to meet. I'm sorry I've ruined that plan by coming here, but all I'm trying to do is find my brother. You're right, I can't see him here, so I'll leave. Have a nice day, Mr. Chiba." She turned and started for the door, then stopped and turned back around. "One more thing. I find it highly unlikely that you have any friends with your rude disposition." With that last barb, she turned back around and left.

Darien stared at the spot where he'd last seen her. Well, that wasinteresting. I never knew Serena Tsukino would be thisoutspoken. Not that I expected anything. I never even expected to meet her. But never would I have expected our first meeting to be like that. Oh, well. The chit has lost me a good 15 minutes of work time.' With those last thoughts, Darien Chiba went back to work. In an hour, he'd forgotten all about the young woman.


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