"Plaaaaaaaaaaaagg! I'm huuuuuuuuuuuungry!"

Plagg rubbed his ears from Marinettes shouting. Currently, Marinette was lying sick in bed, with him watching over her. Adrien was busy at a shoot, and Tikki was busy working on something with Master Fu. Marinettes parents were gone to London for some baking tournament, and all of her friends were too busy. Adrien and Tikki told Plagg to watch Marinette, and that if something happened, it would be his fault. Naturally, he didn't care, but then they threatened his Camembert. He was only 10 minutes into watching her, and this was already hell. He needed to watch her for another 4 hours! Plagg flew up to Marinette and sighed.

"Fine, what do you want to eat?"

Marinette peeked her head out from underneath the blanket, giving Plagg a curious look. "Plagg, do you know how to cook?"

"Can I cook? Yes. Do I know how? No. I do know that I could do it though. I can lift something about 20 times my own weight, so I think I could manage."

Marinette looked away,"Never mind.I don't want you burning down my house… At least, not with me in it…"

Plagg sighed, shrugged, and shook his head,"Well, I can't open doors and windows, meaning that I can't steal you something from the bakery. Is there something I can get you from your kitchen? Something that doesn't need to be cooked?"


Plagg froze in the air. His ears shot right up in shock, and his eyes widened in shock. What. Had. She. Just. Said?! Plagg cleared his throat.

"Sorry, could you repeat that?"

Marinette sat up lightly and rubbed her eyes.

"Camembert. You're thousands of years old, so you must have heard of it. It's my favorite kind of cheese. We have several pounds of it hidden in the back of the fridge. Could you bring some up, please? If I don't have some, I may Die!" she exaggerated, giving the kwami a pleading look.

Plagg came closer to her, and hugged her cheek, excruciatingly slow.

"Princess, ditch Tikki and become my chosen. You are now my favorite person to ever exist."

Half an hour later, Adrien decided to call in, to see how well it was going. He called, and after 2 rings, Plagg answered the phone. Adrien rolled his eyes at the sight of his Kwami chomping away on a huge wheel of Camembert. Plagg swallowed the bite in his mouth and smirked.


Adrien sighed,"How's Marinette? Is she feeling any better?"

Plagg nodded,"Yeah, she's fine. She's just taking a nap is all. Oh, by the way, Adrien?"


Plagg smiled cheerfully,"I quit. Tell Tikki to give the Ladybug Miraculous to you, and then give your ring to Marinette. Okay? Bye!"

With that, Plagg hung up, leaving his chosen frozen in place. What just happened? When Plaggs words finally finished coming through his head correctly, he ran as quick as

possible to Master Fu's.


Back in Marinettes room, Plagg threw Marinettes phone next to her sleeping form. He then curled up onto her shoulder, batting her pigtail playfully.

"It'll be fine," he said to no one in particular,"The kid would make a great red bug! He's already a stick in the mud that follows all the rules. That right there makes him more than

qualified to become Tikki's chosen."

Plagg snuggled into Marinettes neck,"You on the other hand, will become the most magnificent and miraculous Chat Noir I have ever had."

With that, Plagg made a grave decision. He planted a small kiss to her forehead. But this wasn't any kiss. It was an ancient Kwami trick *cough* prank *cough*, that each Kwami could use only once every thousand years. Plagg had only used it once before, but he had learned from his mistakes. He would make sure to keep her away from whomever she hated most… Tikki had never used it before, and he doubted that she ever would. The kiss he gave her, gave her some of his own bad luck energy. It gave her the power to use bad luck magic, outside of any transformation. What Plagg didn't know though, was that the magic wouldn't mix very well with her Lady Luck magic. When he had used it before, he had used it on a normal civilian, not another Miraculous. However, he would love the later outcome…

An hour later, Marinette woke up and yawned, stretching her arms above her head. Plagg opened his eyes, and floated off of the bluenettes shoulder, mimicking her movements. Marinette smiled down to him and pet his head.

"Thanks for watching me today Plagg."

"Sure thing Kit,"He looked up to her face,"I'm fine with it as long as I-"

Plagg stopped mid sentence, and his eyes widened in shock. Marinette cocked her head in confusion,"Plagg? What's wrong?"

Plagg stayed silent, and Marinette shrugged. She got up and went down to the trap door. But she stopped short when she saw her reflection in her mirror. Her eyes widened and

she looked her reflection up and down."Plagg…"

Plagg came up to her and smiled nervously,"Uhm… Yeah?"

"Why, in the name of all Miraculous… Do I have Cat ears?"

"I…" Plagg looked up at the ears, clueless. "Have no idea."

Plagg floated up to the black cat ears and poked the one on her right side. He smirked at the way it twitched in response. He started to pet it gently.

"Well, they're most definitely real, Kit. Can you feel anything from them?"

"Umm, I don't know…"


Plagg pinched the tip of the other ear, eliciting a screech out of the bluenette. Her hands went up to them and she gave him a glare.

"YES. I would very much appreciate it if you refrained from hurting me again, and instead telling me why I have these."

"Probably a replacement for the real things."

Marinette froze,"What?"

Plagg pointed to her normal ears, or at least, where her normal ears should have been. Marinettes hand flew to her ears, and she paled in the realization that she could not find them. She looked to her reflection panickingly, and sighed in relief to see that her earrings were now attached fashionably to her new cat ears. She sighed and pulled her hair out of its pigtails.

"Well, it looks super weird with the pigtails. Might as well have 'em down."

Plagg gasped dramatically at her hair down,"And here I thought you had some kind of phobia for having your hair down!"

"Is that even a thing?"

"Well, there is Tonsurephobia, but that's the fear of getting a haircut."

Marinette looked around for her phone. "C'mon Plagg. Let's call Adrien, Tikki, and Master fu. Hopefully, they can help us with something."

Plagg nodded, before he froze. Nope. He couldn't let her contact them. If she did, then adrien would tell her of Plaggs plans for a Kwami Swap, and it would be Bye-Bye

Camembert heaven forever! He looked around for her phone. Marinette went up to her bed to look for it, while Plagg looked near the desk.

"Where is my phone?"

Suddenly, a black furry cat tail brought her phone up to her face. She smiled and took it.

"Thank you… Wait a second."

Marinette jumped back and screamed, dropping her phone to the lower level in the process. Plagg smiled as the phone dropped in front of him. He hid it underneath the cushion of her Chaise, and flew up to her. He paused in mid air when he saw her sitting up against a wall, strangling a black cat tail that came out from under her shirt.

"NO!" she yelled,"Go back! I order you to disappear!"

Plagg floated over and poked the end of the tail,"Wow! Even got a tail to it! I wouldn't be surprised if you start to-"

"Mraaaawr!" (Shut it, Plagg!)

Plagg smirked,"Meow."

Marinette gasped and her hands flew to her mouth in shock. This could not be happening! How could this happen to her?! She was turning into a full blown cat girl!

Marinette jumped down graciously to the ground, and ran to her closet. She started to rummage through the entire thing, looking for something suitable. She groaned in frustration. Nothing in here would be okay! She threw stuff around, until she spotted it. She pulled out the dress, and looked it up and down. Plagg sat on her shoulder, and looked completely dumbfounded.

"Um, I may not be into fashion, like you, but wouldn't that be a little weird to be spotted in?"

"Meoow! Mra." (Normally, yes. But with the cat 'extensions', it'll make sense.)

Plagg looked up to her,"How?"

Marinette humphed proudly,"Mrawr!" (Cosplay!)

She put on the dress, and it's added on accessories, and looked into the mirror. Plagg looked her up and down, before smiling and shrugging.

"Well, you are right. It looks better with the cat stuff."

Marinette twirled, as she looked at the frilly black and white maid dress that she was wearing. She grabbed her pink purse, and put Plagg inside of it. She went down to the bakery, and grabbed 3 circular containers of camembert for her and Plagg.. She put them into her purse, and walked out of the bakery, towards Master Fu's. Plagg poked his head out of the purse, nibbling on some of the Camembert.

"Where are we going? I'm supposed to make sure you stay in bed all day."

Marinette smiled,"Meow, Mrr. Mrawr." (Nooo. You're supposed t o watch me. So just watch. No one said you had to do something about my leaving.)

Plagg thought about that for a second, before smiling and nodding."Good point. Not like I could drag you back anyways."

"Meow!" (Nope!)

Plagg then realized where Marinette was going. He panicked and pointed to the other direction.

"Y'know what? Uhm, A-adrien should be able t-to help us! Yeah uhm, the kid should be home right know for about half an hour, for some stupid meeting his father has. We

sh-should go there. Right now."

Marinette blinked in surprise but shrugged and head the other direction towards the Agreste Mansion.

"Meow. Mrawr?" (Fine. For all I know, this could just be a side effect of being near you. What if he's not there yet?)

Plagg waved his paw quickly,"N-no need to worry, Kittenette! Mere details. We can just wait."

Plagg was actually lying. Adrien wouldn't be attending his father's meeting for another hour. But it was still a good excuse until he could come up with another. When they arrived at the Agreste Mansion, The camera head came into Marinettes face.

"Yes? What do you want?" asked Natalie.

Marinette gulped,"Umm, Hi! I'm Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Adrien's f-f-f-frie-"

"Ahh yes, you're Adrien's girlfriend. Well, come right in."

Marinette blushed deeply at being referred to as Adrien's girlfriend. She wouldn't correct them, but she was curios on whether that was just their suspicion, or if Adrien had told

them that. She was mentally begging for it to be the later. The gate opened up, and Marinette came in. Once inside, Natalie stood there at the door. She looked at Marinette dress.

"That is a very interesting style you are wearing today, Miss Dupain. Cosplay. You most definitely are Adrien's Girlfriend. Follow me miss."

Natalie led Marinette up to Adrien's room, and opened the door for her.

"Adrien isn't here yet, but you are openly welcome to stay here whenever you like. Excuse me."

Marinette nodded, and bowed a polite thank you, which Natalie returned, before leaving. Marinette was thankful that she could get out of that situation. She had to stop herself from saying thank you at least three times. If she had spoken, all that would be heard was some form of meow. Marinette opened up her purse, and Plagg flew out, finishing off the third container. He gave a large burp, and threw the container to the side. Marinette scowled.

"Mraaaaawr! Hisssss!" (Plagg! That was for us to share! Now how am I gonna eat?!)

Plagg smirked,"You should thank me to the heavens that I sent you here kit."

Before Marinette could question what he had meant, Plagg flew over to 3 Cabinets, and threw all the doors open. Marinette gaped in awe and shock, at the sight of all three cabinets, filled to the brim with Camembert. She squealed in delight and ran over to the cheesey heaven. She grabbed 2 huge wheels of it, before sitting down on Adriens couch. She took a large bite of one, and moaned at it's tastiness.

"Mraaaawr~" (I give up my life above the bakery now, to live in Adriens cabinets~)

Plagg smirked and stuffed his face with the cheese,"I know, right?!"

Suddenly, a knock sounded at the dorr,"Miss Dupain-Cheng?"

Marinette and Plagg's Ears and Tails fell at the sound of that voice.

"May I come in?"

Gabriel Agreste.