"Marinette? Are you feeling any better?"

Marinette started to mumble something unintelligent. Adrien leaned own close to her face.

"Mari? It's me, Adrien. You doing okay?"

"Mrr…" she responded.

Tikki flew up to her charge and petted her cat ears fondly,"Marinette? We came to help. Are you feeling any better?"

Marinette slowly started to sit up, still hiding her hair though. Adrien and Tikki backed up a bit to give her some space.


Plagg froze up, and Tikki looked towards him. "What did she say?"

"I…" he started,"I-i don't know…?"

Adrien looked confused,"I thought you could understand her?"

"Well, I could before!" Plagg floated up to Marinettes face, but he flew back in shock at what he saw. Marinette looked up to them and they gaped. On the top half of her face, covering her eyes and nose, black ink covered her like a mask, making it look like black paint dripping down.

She had also grown a whisker on each cheek, looking like longer versions of the whiskers on Plagg. To top it off, she had an antenna at the top of her head, similar to that of Plagg's.

She blinked at them a few times, before yawning widely, showing off two rows of cat fangs. Adrien gulped nervously and came closer to her, giving a light smile.

"H-hey, purr-incess! Feline any better?"

Tikki face palmed,"Just cause she's a cat now, doesn't mean she'll enjoy puns now."

As if just to spite Tikki, Marinette smiled widely, and meowed happily at the puns. Adrien smirked and slowly came closer to her, trying to warm up to her.

"What was it Plagg was calling you? Kittenette?" he smiled cheekily at her purring giggle. "It is paw-sitively purr-fect for mew!"

Marinette jumped off of the bed, onto her pws- er, hands, and knees. "Meoooow~"

Adrien smiled blissfully,"Okay, I understand that this is serious and all," he looked to Tiikki, Fu, and Wayzz,"But you've gotta agree with me here, that this is completely adorable."

Tikki scoeled, and was about to retort, but was stopped by the sound and sight of a camera flash. She turned to see Master Fu taking a few pictures of Marinette, with his own cheeky grin.

"I'll agree. Just taking a few pictures for when she's 'feline' better."

Tikki groaned dramatically at Master Fu's pun,"Not you to…"

Master Fu smirks and shrugs,"Besides, chances are that she won't remember any of this when she wakes up from her funny cat-titude."

Tikki face palms once more when she hears Wayzz chuckle and agree.

"Men…" she then floats up to Marinette and coo's gently,"You poor thing… You're being forced to enjoy pun's, due to Plagg's bad influence."

Plagg gasped,"Hey!"

Marinette sniffs at Tikki for a moment, before smiling widely, and crouching down more to the floor, eyeing Tikki carefully. They all went silent, watching carefully, as Tikki slowly floated away nervously.

"W-why is she l-looking at me like that."

It was when Marinette then licked her lips, that their eyes widened in shock. Plagg smiled a fangy smirk and looked to Tikki almost evilly.

"I'd start flying away, if I were you. In case you didn't know, that's the look of a cat with pure hunger, and she's looking at you like you're a fat Canary with cut off wings"

Tikki eeped and zipped off. Marinette smiled wider, and took that as the start flag, chasing after Tikki. Still down on all four, yet running expertly. The four men just took a seat on Adriens bed, watching helplessly as Tikki screamed for help, and as Marinette chased her, in attempt to eat her.

At one point, Tikki floated up to the center of Adrien's zip line. She hugged the life line, looking at her chosen in fear.

If Marinette was a cat, then she couldn't stand on only her legs, more or less use a zip line. The only problem? Because she had been corrupted by Plagg, she now had the mind of a real cat, and a Black Cat charge. Meaning; once she found her prey, there was no stopping her.

Marinette growled, and stalked off to the highest point in the room, that was closest to Tikki. She crouched down, and eyed the kwami carefully, her butt and tail shaking higher above the rest of her.

Adrien looked carefully at her for a moment, and then to Tikki. After a second, his eyes widened in shock, as he realized what was about to happen.

"Shit." he seethed, as he stood up, and rushed below the zip line, where Tikki was clinging to it. He looked to Marinette in fear.

"Mari-umm... K-kittenette! Do not jump!"

The others looked to Marinette in shock and fear, but it was too late. She disobeyed his command, and lunged out towards Tikki.

Nw, before you all go off thinking that I(the author) am going to let her grab Tikki and eat her, I'll disappoint you all by reminding you that she was slowly being turned into a cat. Meaning, that at some point, her transformation was going to have to come to a heightened point, where the transformation was complete. That point was reached mid-jump.

Halfway towards Tikki, a large popping sound was heard, and Marinette was surrounded by a black and green blur of smoke. She passed right through it, and ended up going over the line, missing Tikki by barely an inch. That inch was missed, by how Marinette no longer had her long arms to grab the Kwami, but instead furry black paws t merely bat at the zip line.

Everyone stood stock still in shock, as they witnessed a small Black cat, the same size as Plagg and Tikki, come out of the fog. She fell downwards, just a little ways past the bed. Adrien was way too far to catch her, but thankfully, Plagg and Wayzz floated up, and caught her now small body.

They set her down onto the bed, and they all gathered around to look at the kitten. She looked exactly like Plagg, except for a few differences. Her whiskers and Antennas where more swirled then Plaggs, and her Tail was thicker, and covered in more fur. Her eyes where a bright neon blue, with long feminine eyelashes. Also, on top of her forehead, a single cherry blossom design, like she had on her bags.

Adrien looked to Plagg and glared at the Kwami,"Turn. Her. Back."

Plagg looked Marinette up and down in surprise,"Okay. Definitely, didn't see that coming."

Master Fu smiled,"She turned into a Kwami. Well, by the length of time it took her to come to this form, it seems that it should be wearing itself down. It's still temporary."

Marinette groaned and slowly opened her eyes. "Plagg…"

They all sighed in relief at hearing her normal voice. Plagg floated in front of her, and helped her into a sitting position,"Yeah Kit?"

She rubbed her eyes and groaned,"I had the absolute weirdest dream. Master Fu, Wayzz, Tikki, and Adrien had came here, and I couldn't understand a single thing they were saying. They just kept on meowing once in a while. The only words they spoke that I understood were a butt load of Cat puns. Then all of a sudden, I got hungry, and when I looked at Tikki, she looked like a flying piece of Camembert…"

Plagg was silent for a moment, before he had to restrain himself at thinking of the mental Image of Tikki looking like Camembert, and Marinette chasing her as a cat girl. "G-go on!"

She let her paws fall down, but she didn't open her eyes just yet. "Then, I jumped off of the platform, but fell into a cloud of green and black. Inside, I could have sworn I saw at least ten different versions of Chat Noir, all smiling at me, and then I came out, looking like some kind of cat thing."

Plagg froze, while the others sighed.

"Marinette," master Fu said,"That all happened."

She opened her eyes and looked to them in shock. Tikki floated in front of her and scowled,"And I am NOT Camembert! I am truly offended that you-"

Plagg shook his head,"Hold on! Back up!" he looked to Marinette scared,"Umm, in that cloud thing, you said you saw…"

Marinette was still trying to wrap her head around the act that everything was at least 30 time bigger than it should have been for her eyes. "Umm, yeah uh, t-ten or so weird versions o-of C-Chat… umm," she looked down at herself,"Could someone please tell me why I look like this?"

Plagg groaned,"Okay, now I know why. The Kwami Kiss got messed up and all, but it didn't cause her to become a Kwami. That was all on m previous chosens."

Adrien looked confused,"What do you mean,'Previous Chosens'?"

Tikki groaned,"Of course they would pull something like this. They try to do it everytime Plagg pulls a Kwami Kiss."

Wayzz looked to Master Fu and Adrien somberly,"Whenever Plagg gives a Kwami Kiss, it gives the spirits of Plagg's past chosens enough energy to cause something to happen in the mortal realm. The first time around, they had caused Plagg's chosen at the time to turn into a black dragon, and he was stuck like that for almost a month. It seems that this time around, they decided to turn her into a Kwami."

Adrien gulped,"S-so, she's gonna be stuck like this?"

Plagg smirked and shook his head,"They wish. The black smoke cloud was actually the Kwami Kiss fading away. They chose to at that moment pull off the trick, so she no longer had my powers inside of her at that moment. This should only last for an hour or two."

Adrien sighed with relief,"Oh thank goodness…"

Marinette looked at her Tail confused and started to poke it,"Sooo… what did I miss here? And… what's a Kwami Kiss?"

Adrien smiled hopefully,"If we're lucky, it's the reason why you liked Camembert."

Plagg snickered,"Sorry to tell you, kid. But she ordered Camembert before I gave the kiss to her."

Adrien's head fell,"Dangit…"