Chapter 1: Life

January 1st, Totland

A fire crackled in the fireplace. The overly sweet smell of candy permeated the room. On an abnormally large bed lay two people, a man and a woman. They were naked.

"You can't stay here, you know what Mama will do to him when she finds out he's mine"

"Yeah, I know"

"Then why do you keep on coming back? If we are caught then… I don't even want to think about it" He turned his head away. Dragon stared at him a moment longer and simply shook her head. Honestly sometimes he didn't even think.

"If I don't spend time with you now I'll regret it forever, you know that!" She turned her head up at him. He ignored her, or at least he tried. In the end the only things he couldn't resist were donuts and well, her.

"Of course I know that, and there's no reason to yell at me" Katakuri looked down at her with a small smile. Her follow up comment seemed less important now, and her sanguine smile fell off her face and suddenly Katakuri looked pensive again.

"I can't raise him either. With the Revolutionaries beginning to gain ground I'm needed now more than ever" She frowned. Suddenly an idea popped into her head, but the moment she rounded on Katakuri the words died on her lips at his look. She had forgotten that he could see into the future.

"Garp?! If even half the things you said about him are true then he would be an even worse choice than Mama!" His glower seemed to go right past her. Suddenly he stood and ambled his way over to the dresser. Presumably to get dressed.

She didn't outright agree with him, but really it didn't matter. Mostly because it was true With her it had been benign neglect from day one, which allowed her to form her own opinions on life without the overbearing hand of her father. Now Garp was semi-retired and spent more time in East Blue than out of it.

"You're right, but what choice do we have? It can't be any of your relatives, and I only have the one! Where else is he gonna go?" Her anger at him wasn't really justified, but it needed to go somewhere.

"I know we don't have a choice, but I still don't have to like it! Why does our son have to be deprived of a mother and a father?" He looked angry again, but this time it was less focused. She felt the same way, angry at the world.

"You're sure he can't stay here? Big Mom isn't really as bad as you say, right?" The hopeful tone didn't quite make it to her face. She knew just how bad Big Mom was.

"If it is a boy like you say, he'll be forced to fight for her until he dies or until she does. If it is a girl then she'll be married off when it is most convenient and be forced to live with some fat noble forever" By now he had gotten fully dressed and leaned against his arm chair. A frown marred his face as he stared at her.

Despite all of Katakuri's assurances to his siblings and his mother, the reason he stayed in the crew wasn't Family Loyalty, but rather his own lack of ambition. He had the strength to become a legendary pirate captain, and the haki to back it up. However his mother had instilled loyalty in him from day one, and it wasn't so easy to break that. Her methods had been effective to say the least, and if he ever decided he wanted to leave then he was sure his siblings would pay in blood.

"So if it can't be me and it can't be you, we are left with Garp" Dragon tried not to sound too hopeless, but she knew it was pointless. Katakuri looked as hopeless as she felt.

She walked over to the dresser and pulled her shirt over her head. It took her less than a minute to be fully dressed, and when she was she turned to Katakuri and pulled his shirt down to give him a kiss. Their last one.

"Don't forget about me, or our baby boy" She had tears in her eyes and her fist trembled. She didn't need to glance up to know he did too.

"As if I ever could. I'll-I'll look for you in the papers. Good luck Dragon, you'll need it" He pulled her into a hug and wiped his tears on her jacket. When he let go she turned and walked out the door, and Katakuri reached over to his scarf.

"Time to go to hell" His voice came out muffled and his eyes were red, but no one would dare comment on that to him of all people.

-SotF -SotF -SotF -

May 5th, Unknown Location

Screams echoed down the hallways and bounced right into people's ears. Despite the awful sounds no one dares make a noise to stop it. After all their beloved Dragon-sama was giving birth today, and if they dared make a move to shut her up, well it wouldn't go well.

Ivankov however, was one of few people who could mostly do as they pleased, so the moment Dragon's screams began to fill the bustling halls of their current base he left. Outside away from all of the hubbub, he stared off over the sea.

'Vi couldn't believe it when she told me she vas pregnant. Vi didn't even think she knew what having sex was! Still, I wonder who the vather is, after all who could possibly keep up with-' His musings were cut short when a man burst out from the door behind him.

"Ivankov-sama! Come quick!" He all but screamed, and promptly turned on his heel and dashed down the hallway.

"Ehhh?! Vou're not going to tell me vhat is going on?" Ivankov was stunned, and then he jumped into action and began to follow behind him. He noticed idly that they weren't headed towards Dragon, but rather towards the bay.

'Must be some incoming ships. Her family perhaps? Or maybe zhe father?' He turned down the corridor and standing there in front of over a dozen crumpled soldiers was none other than Garp the Hero.

"Where is my daughter? Have you seen her? She is about yay tall and her face has this tattoo on it. I tried getting help from these guys but… They passed out" Garp looked around lamely, and suddenly Ivankov was terrified. Garp had just implied that Dragon was his daughter, and it made sense. Dragon had monstrous strength for someone her size or any size really, and her attitude was just awful. Selfish and reckless just like Garp was reported to be.

"Eh hello Garp-san, Dragon-sama is busy right now please wait here with zhe rest of the visitors" Somehow Iva's voice didn't break, and he stared at Garp in hope.

He broke out laughing

"Bahahahaha! You have some nerve Emporio! Bahahaha, alright I'll wait like everyone else. Anyone have a chair for an old man?" The moment he turned everyone go out of their chair and offered it to him. He took one of the offered chairs and Ivan sat down across from him, and the whole room went silent.

That is until the screams started again

"OH I'M GONNA KILL THAT ASSHOLE WHEN I SEE HIM! I'LL BREAK HIS STUPID PELICAN NECK" Garp looked like nothing in the world was amiss, so everyone took cues from him, hoping he either already knew or didn't care that that was obviously his daughter.

"So Emporio how has Dragon been lately, I haven't seen my darling daughter in what feels like years. Bahaha, she seemed to be ignoring me up until about five months ago when I got a call out of the blue! And you wouldn't believe it, but she told me to come take some kid off her hands! That's crazy Huh?" Throughout his monologue he got closer and closer until he was so close he was touching Ivan's nose. He broke out into a cold sweat.

'This is the man who matched Gold Roger. Vhat am I to him?' He gulped, and decided to go with the truth, or at least the truth as she knew it.

"Eh he, you see Garp-san, Dragon-sama left us for some time back in August. She went to do some work in the New World and when she returned, well she vas pregnant, zhat is all I know" A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead as he stared Garp down.

"Oh? I see so it's her kid is it? Damn brats aren't even responsible enough not to have a baby. Who is the dad?" Garp turned his attention to Ivan again.

"Ve don't know. Dragon-sama has not said" He sincerely hoped Garp believed him, because having Garp in his face was enough to make any man terrified.

"Hmm, Better not be some bad influence on her, she still has time to become a respectable marine afterall" With that Garp stood and began to walk toward the delivery room.

No one stopped him.

Suddenly the door flew open and the doctor walked out of Dragon's room.

"Dragon-sama has delivered a healthy baby boy! She is recovering now" He announced with glee, and turned on his foot back towards the room.

The entire base cheered, and Garp kept moving forwards. He disappeared from sight when he turned into the delivery room, and Ivankov sighed in relief.

'Time to leave before Vi have to deal with Garp-san again' and he too turned and left the room, just in the opposite direction.

-SotF -SotF -SotF -

"Hello dad" Dragon's tired voice came out the moment he walked into the room. He turned and continued on until he could sit down at her side. She simply stared at the baby in her arms. Garp did too, it was a big baby.

"Hey Dragon, how are you? We haven't seen each other for awhile so I was worried you'd forgotten your dear old man" He sighed, playing it up for the daughter he had missed.

"Don't be a baby you old fool, you know that if I contact you you'll get in trouble, I may not be wanted yet but I will be soon" She simply shook her head and continued to stare at the baby boy.

"Yeah, I know, but if you had just been a marine like I said- hey what's that look for, you know I'm right" He crossed his arms at her.

"Doesn't matter if you are right, the marines are wrong. How could I serve a corrupt and evil government when I could be freeing people from it instead" here she smirked, "and besides being a marine is for stuffy old men, no one cool was ever a marine, I mean look at Gold Roger!" the smile couldn't be wiped from her face no matter how hard Garp scowled.

"I'm cool and a marine! I even caught Roger! You damn brat, if you weren't holding that baby I'd give you a Fist of Love" he leaned his head down on her arm rest. "Whose is it anyways?"

"Mine" It was true.

"Who else? You can't make a baby on your own you know" he stared at her, but she simply looked at the ceiling.

"I can't tell you because you're a marine. You'd be forced to kill him someday, and I don't want that for you or for me" It was honest, that much Garp knew, but he didn't like it.

"I'm raising Roger's kid too you know… that's why I said yes, because i already have one back home to take care of" She looked a little surprised but not a lot

"Then he'll have someone his age. Good. kids need friends or they end up like us" she smiled at him and he smiled back.

"We are plenty cool! Why wouldn't someone wanna be like me? Bahahaha!"

"He's Charlotte Katakuri's son"

"WHAT?" His laugh fell immediately and his focus turned to the baby, who stared at him with crimson eyes. Katakuri's eyes.

"I'm lucky he didn't come out with pink hair, I don't think he'd be able to explain that away later" She pushed a small lock of black hair on his head. He cried.

"You're right I don't wanna know who the father is, It's a good thing you didn't tell me" Garp looked away from her and instead at the wall in front of him. The baby in Dragon's arms suddenly went quiet

"Thanks Dad" She held the baby out towards him and he halted for a moment as if to ask 'are you sure?' she simply nodded. He took the baby in hand and poked its nose while it lay there asleep.

"What is his name?"

"Monkey D. Luffy" Garp nodded his head and stared down at Luffy.

"I'll take him with me and raise him along with Ace. Don't worry, he'll be safe" He handed Luffy back to Dragon who simply held on to him like he would disappear.

"Thanks" He didn't comment on the tears in her eyes.

-SotF -SotF -SotF -

AN: With the end of WCI arc I have come to appreciate Katakuri's character quite a bit, so i am writing this mainly because I like him and partly because I couldn't get this out of my head. This is my first story here and may not be that great so review if you have anything to say to me.