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This story takes place when Marinette and Adrien are adults. I am a big fan of Miraculous Ladybug and the love square. I hope you enjoy this piece, Chapter 2 will be posted as soon as possible. I do not own these characters. Please leave reviews, I love hearing your opinions, and how I'm doing. I would also like to say that in french college means middle school, I mention college in this chapter a few times.

Warning: This story does contain mature content.

Chapter 1

Adrien finished his classes at the University for the evening and headed to the Manor to unwind. He was now 22 years old living with Nino and thanks to Adrien's father; they were living in the finest Mansion in Paris. He still modeled for his father and kept straight A's in his courses at the University. After high school, however, he quit going out as Chat Noir, with all the new Miraculous holders turning up he figured Ladybug didn't need him anymore.

This freed him from his duties and gave him the chance to live a normal life again. Plus, the repeated rejection from Ladybug was too much to handle. He lost track of all the times he confessed his love for her. Never once did she return his advances, nor did she want to confess her identity. The only identity Adrien learned was the wielder of the turtle miraculous, his best friend Nino.

As he continued walking toward the Manor while in deep thought, he failed to see a young woman, reading a magazine, striding straight for him. The young woman collided with Adrien and fell to the ground with a thump. Shifting his focus toward the mysterious person, he was awestruck by the maiden's beauty, as she sat on the ground rubbing her backside from the collision.

The woman's face was that of an angel's, with her piercing doll eyes, and rosy red lips. Her dark blue hair styled into a high bun, leaving loose strands sprawled along her face, and she wore black circular earrings. She was wearing a V-neck silk blouse with long sleeves, a navy-blue mid-thigh skirt, and her naked legs portrayed toned components of a supermodel, with black suede heels to complete the ensemble.

Adrien leaned over, offering help, and getting a strange impression they had faced before, "I'm so sorry ma'am, I should've been paying more attention. Please allow me to help you up." He suggested snatching ahold of her palm, aiding her back up.

The woman smiled, still holding onto his hand, "No, I should be apologizing. I've always been clumsy." She said, embarrassed by the event, and changed her eyes toward her feet, away from Adrien.

Adrien returned the smile and bowed. An old passion rose within him, an emotion he long considered was dead. "I take full responsibility for the accident, and to repay you for the inconvenience, I would like to buy you a cup of coffee, miss?" Adrien asked, waiting for the damsel to reveal her name. The woman angled her head, appearing puzzled at his offer, and stared into Adrien's emerald eyes.

"Adrien it's me, Marinette Dupain-Cheng from college. I would love to grab a cup of coffee with you. Is tomorrow at 12 pm ok?" Marinette asked, reverting to her regular posture and looking cheerful. Adrien's jaw declined, displaying shock, and turmoil from not recognizing his old friend from college.

'Did he not realize it was me?' Marinette pondered, upset that she was so easy to overlook. Her smirk faded away, rattling the shock of Adrien's ignorance, as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Marinette! I am so sorry! I should've known it was you. How have you been? You look great," Adrien paused, realizing what he said.

Pushing Marinette away in uncertainty, Adrien tried to rephrase himself, "I mean you ah-you always looked good! You're the same as before… I mean better... No... ugh, what I mean is…" Adrien rambled, using his hands to mimic his words, only stopping at the sound of her laughter.

"I understand Adrien, you look great too. Your photos plastered all over Paris, I guess your father still has your modeling." Marinette declared, straightening out her skirt, and brushing off the dirt from the sidewalk.

His heart trembled in the presence of the new her. This Marinette displayed courage, spirit, and a laid-back demeanor. Not like the one he recalled from college years who was the complete opposite.

"Well I do it from time to time, keeps me busy. What about you Marinette? I recall you wished to be a fashion designer." Adrien responded, brushing away the loose strands of blue hair from her face. He never noticed Marinette's tiny freckles along her cheeks or the modest dimples that emerged when she laughed. He also recalled that back in college, having a small crush on Marinette, never acting on it due to his love for Ladybug.

Marinette's blushing got worse than his fingers grazed her skin. Tiptoeing away from Adrien to try to collect herself, she found it hard to understand how he still held this power over her, knowing she couldn't allow herself to fall for him again.

Straightening her form, Marinette replied, "Well I work at a small studio down the street called 'Madam Lise'. It's not fabulous, the pay isn't great and Madam Lise is terrible to work, but it's something until I can afford my studio."

Marinette detected a sparkle in Adrien's eyes and for a moment there was clarity within his soul. Throwing away these signals, she studied the ground, as if looking at him were a sin.

"Adrien, it was nice seeing you but I need to be going," pain swept over her as she spoke, "Madam Lise doesn't like me being late. I'm sorry, we must catch up tomorrow." Marinette said, not wanting to reveal the actual reason for choosing to escape the conversation. As Marinette walked past him, she felt a tug on her shoulder.

"Wait! Please, have dinner with me tonight. I want to keep talking with you Marinette." Adrien's voice sounded desperate, something strange was happening to him, it was like she was making him experience the love he had for Ladybug. Marinette turned to meet his gaze, his eyes full of longing and desire.

He lingered for Marinette respond, still clutching her shoulder, afraid that if he let go, he would never see her anymore. Adrien listened to her sigh and observed as she faced him with displeasure.

"Adrien, I would love to but- "A man's cry from behind Adrien cut Marinette off as she spoke.

"Hey, dude get off my girlfriend!" The voice was full of outrage as it advanced closer.

Adrien shot around to catch a man with short faded blue hair and goatee approaching them. The punk had pale skin, a Jagged Stone T-shirt, ripped jeans, and a guitar strapped to his back. When the punk reached them, Adrien recognized the man as his old bandmate, Luka Couffaine.

He felt his heart breaking into pieces, like glass shattering, as he uttered the word, "Girlfriend?"

His hand slipped away from Marinette's shoulder than his body fell numb like someone just hacked out his existence. Luka raised his eyebrow's at Adrien, remembering who he was, and threw his arms in the air from the surprise.

"Adrien!? No freaking way! Dude, how've you been?" Luka said grabbing a hold of Adrien's hand with his own.

Luka found that Adrien's grasp was lame and feeble, which led to being boastful, "I guess you rich kids don't care too much for introductions. Mommy and Daddy don't have time to teach you all respect because they're too busy living their lives. Guess that's what happens when you're born with the Agreste name." Luka continued.

"Luka!" Marinette called out, horrified at his smugness.

"What babe, it's true, everyone knows all his father ever cared about was his business. Adrien's nothing more than a trophy kid." Luka laughed.

Adrien had an overwhelming compassion for rage build up within himself. Applying all of his strength, Adrien squeezed Lukas hand with all of his might, causing him to wail out in pain. Abandoning his hand, Adrien witnessed Marinette rush over and grabbed Luka's purple swollen hand. She angled herself to give Adrien a rigid demeanor to discover him glaring into Luka's, finding it hard to accept that Adrien would do something so heartless.

"Dude! What the hell was that for!" Luka yelled, "I need to go to the hospital now you nut job!"

"Let's go, Luka, I'll just call off work and take you in," Marinette said, pulling out her phone.

Adrien placed his hand over her phone, he refused to allow Marinette to pay for his action, even if Luka pressed the matter. Setting his eyes on the punk rocker, Adrien spoke, his voice low and spiteful.

"I didn't realize the efficiency of my strength. I guess we 'rich kids' are not capable of perceiving such things." Adrien teased, watching as Luka glared into his soul, but Adrien didn't care. Changing his gaze back to Marinette, Adrien smiled, calming his voice.

"I'll take him Marinette. You should get to work, I promise everything will be ok." Adrien walked over and slapped Luka on the back, wandering toward the hospital together.

Tiki flew out from her purse, examining Marinette, "Wow I wonder what got into Adrien?" She asked. Tiki had known for years Chat Noir was Adrien, she was just hoping Marinette would figure it out.

Marinette brushed of Tikis question, "No idea Tiki, I hope Lukas' hand is all right. He has an audition with Jagged Stone in the morning. It will crush him if he can't perform." Marinette rushed the little kwami back into her purse and made her way down the street to Madam Lise's Studio.

Adrien took Luka into the emergency room, where they did a procedure on his hand, and diagnosed it as being fractured.

"Now your hand should heal up in a week, just keep this cast on until then. The nurse will go over any other guidelines we'll need you to follow." The doctor said as he finished placing the final touches of the cast on Luka's injured hand. Luka grew angry and lashed out at the doctor and Adrien.

"Are you kidding me!? I have an audition tomorrow with Jagged Stone! This would be my big break!" He exclaimed and pointed at Adrien.

"You! This is all your fault, you rich snob!" Luka finished, shoving through Adrien, and storming out of the examination room.

A small part of Adrien overjoyed in Lukas anguish, but his other half felt horrible. He perceived it wasn't in his nature to want to hurt anyone. Sucking up his pride, He ran after Luka, wanted to apologize for everything, and try to make it up to him. He Jagged Stone, maybe he could pull a few strings to get Luka's audition rescheduled. When Adrien reached the hospital entrance, it was too late, crowds were screaming and running in the opposite directions, he knew the scene too well.

Taking cover behind the corner of the hospital, Adrien threw out his right hand that bore a silver ring and yelled, "Plagg claws out!" Transforming into Chat Noir, he used his metal staff to soar after the akumatized victim.

Chat saw the villain who resembled an akumatized Jagged Stone, With long blue dreads, wielding a massive guitar, and dark makeup. Each time the scoundrel strummed the guitar strings a swarm of razor blades broke from its strings, injuring anyone in its pathway.

"It's been awhile kitty." Chat whirled to see that Ladybug standing behind him with her hands against her hips.

"Yeah, my lady, I've missed your company. Love to sit and chat but I think we have a situation." Chat said acknowledging the villainous guitarist.

Ladybug inspected the situation, recognizing the guitar pick in the victim's hand, "Luka?" she said underneath her breath.

"That's what I was thinking too... hold on, how do you know him, my lady?" Chat asked, his arms crossed over his chest, staring at her with intent.

Ignoring his question, Ladybug took out her Yo-Yo and swung toward the victim's aid. Scowling Chat chased after her, he never was a fan of her recklessness. Landing in a defensive stance beside her, Chat held his view on the beast in front.

"Luka please, I'm sure whatever happened to you was an accident! This will solve nothing!" She cried to him, Chat glanced over to see that Ladybug seemed remorseful.

The akumatized Luka laughed at her appeals, "Stupid bug! I'm not Luka anymore, I am Guitar King and I won't stop until I punish Adrien Agreste for what he did. When I'm through with him, no one will want to illustrate him ever again. I will have vengeance!" Gathering up his guitar pick, Revenge King strummed the strings releasing shards of razor blades at Ladybug and Chat Noir, both blocking the attack with their weapons.

"After you, my lady, use that lucky charm of yours." Chat said, winking at Ladybug. She saluted and applied her lucky charm which turned out to be a tube of glue. Chat rolled his eyes, every time they needed something her lucky charm always gave them little to work with.

"I guess I'm sticking with you on this one, my lady." Chat chuckled at his own pun while Ladybug searched for clues once she found them she laughed along with him.

"Hilarious kitty, on my count get ready to break the guitar pick!" Ladybug and Chat sprang into action. Ladybug dodged the razor blades and jumped above Revenge, dropping the glue across his hand, gluing it to the guitar along with the pick.

"You insolent Bug!" Revenge yelled using his other hand to grab hold of Ladybugs throat, lifting her off the ground.

Chat jumped from the wall of the building and drop-kicked Revenge onto the ground, "Hands off my Lady! "Chat exclaimed.

Activating his cataclysm, Chat destroyed the guitar pick in the villian's grip, releasing the trapped Akuma. Ladybug used her Yo-Yo to change the Akuma back into a butterfly, then used her lucky charm to fix all the damage.

Ladybug ran over to help Luka up informing him that everything was taking care of and turned around to thank Chat Noir for his help to discover that he already left. She was miserable about Chat taking off without saying goodbye. Deep down she missed being with her friend, but he made the choice to leave the team, and she needed to comply with his judgment.

Waving goodbye to all the citizens, Ladybug swung off through the streets of Paris. Little did she know Chat Noir was sitting on the top of the building watching as she disappeared, "Well done my lady." He whispered to himself, watching as the sun set over Paris.

Roaming back to Marinette's workplace, Luka gawked down at his bandaged hand. Feeling guilty for the damage he caused against the citizens of Paris. Grateful that the fateful heroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir, where there to save the day once again. As he neared the front of Madam Lise's studio he heard someone running after him.

"Luka! Wait up!"

Luka turned around to see Adrien Agreste running toward him.

Adrien was gasping for air, "I… ran after you… long story… I chased you for like 3 blocks or more." Adrien leaned over placing the palms of his knees, his body shaking from the exhaustion.

"I got you an audition with Jagged Stone for next week. He said he would love to hear you play and was sorry about the incident. I feel horrible for what I did, I'm sorry. I hope this makes up for it." Adrien emitted as he tried to control his breathing.

"No way? Man, I can't thank you enough!" Luka exclaimed, wrapping Adrien in a bro hug, before walking into Marinette's job to tell her the big news. Adrien peeked in through a glass window to catch Marinette being pulled into a loving embrace.

Plagg flew out from Adrien's jacket and viewed as his master gawking at Marinette with affectionate eyes.

"You know they invented these things called cameras, why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer," Plagg said putting a finger down his throat in disgust, he didn't understand the loving tokens of humans, let alone care about them.

"No way Plagg, she has a boyfriend. I never realized how much I missed her until today." Adrien said, watching as Marinette brushed the strands of hair behind her ear, with a toothy grin, as she listened to Luka talk.

Plagg rolled his eyes, "Kid if I was you. I wouldn't let her go again. Heck if I was you I would've beaten the guy down… but I don't get involved in human relationships. I love with Camembert too much." Plagg said pulling out his cheese munching it down.

Adrien observed his cat-like kwami, "You know I'm in love with Ladybug Plagg. Trust me, I don't feel that way toward Marinette."

"Yeah, I know but because of Ladybug you haven't had a girlfriend and you're still a virg-," Adrien glared at Plagg causing the kwami to back off.

"All I'm saying the kid is maybe you should get to know Marinette, she may surprise you," Plagg said flying back into Adrien's jacket.

Adrien knew Plagg was right. His love for Ladybug created many issues in the relationship department. All these years, he had searched for Cinderella, even gone in for the rescue. The only problem was Cinderella didn't want a rescue, she would rather hide behind her mask, then surrender to his love for her. The feelings he had for Marinette seemed real, was he willing to ruin her life to please himself? Adrien turned to take off, glancing back at Marinette one last time before disappearing down the streets of Paris.

Later that night...

Marinette locked the doors of the design studio in relief, it was already 9 p.m. and she was ready to go home. Luka had headed back to his boat home an hour ago. He offered to walk Marinette to her apartment, but she shot him down. She knew he needed his rest and she alters ego could handle the dangers of the night.

She walked down the vacant streets, down a few blocks, enjoying the cool breeze as it swept over her skin. Though Marinette knew she was alone, she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. Preserving her calm, she scanned over her shoulder, in search of the mysterious watcher. After a few minutes passed, she shrugged off the feeling and continued on.

Above Marinette on the rooftop, a pair of green eyes tracked her every step, all the way into the apartment building. Chat just wanted to make sure she made it back home. Resenting the matter that Luka permitted her to walk home alone in the night, in Paris of all places. He knew a beautiful young woman wandering alone in the night was dangerous in this city.

Besides, he didn't see the harm in protecting her and Adrien had nothing else to do. Nino was out DJing for a couple parties, which meant he would be alone, anyway. Chat extended his metal staff and leaped over to the top of the apartment building, climbing in through someone's balcony door they left undone. He scanned the area, searching for any sign of life, to find it vacant.

"Claws in." Chat Noir said, changing back into Adrien. He made his way to the apartment door, peeking out to make sure the coast was clear, before walking through the halls in search of Marinette. He found the elevator and pressed bottom arrow trying to get down to the lobby floor.

As the elevator door beeped and pulled open, Adrien couldn't believe his luck, "Adrien? What are you doing here?" Marinette was standing inside the elevator viewing him as if he was a stranger. His blood ran cold, 'This wasn't part of the plan! I wasn't supposed to contact her, let alone seen!' He thought, feeling as the sweat beads form against his skin. He tried to speak but he couldn't get a word out, his voice caught in the back of his throat.

'Say something! If you don't she'll think you're stalking her or worse!' Adrien thought to himself as he fumbled over his words like an idiot, "oh... you… live... I look pretty." He spat out, reading Marinette's face as it changed from stunned to creeped out. He cupped his face from embarrassment, 'I know how she used to feel now.'

"Are you feeling all right?" Marinette asked, thinning her brows, and stepped out of the elevator to stand in front of him.

Adrien cleared his throat and nodded, "I uhm... was visiting a friend of mine, I didn't know you lived here." Adrien spoke, his cheeks red with uneasiness, caressing the back of his neck, and praying she believed his lie.

"Oh? Well, I've lived here for the past two years and I've never once seen you here." Marinette said with her arms crossed over her chest, unconvinced of his story. Adrien felt the beads of sweat pour out. He knew there was no way he was getting out of this mess.

"Unless you were visiting Lila. She often has a lot of male friends over, but they're more for 'fun'. At least that's what she tells everyone, I've never believed her though." Marinette winked at him with a small smile.

Adrien leaped in terror, waving his hands at the thought, "No, no, not a male friend. I haven't had... I mean I don't treat women like that. Unprofessional." He informed her, running his hands through his blonde locks. He wasn't about to tell Marinette that he was a virgin, that he had never had a real relationship with anyone, all because he was holding out for true love. She would laugh at him.

"Well that's the only person who lives here besides Alya, but we share the apartment together," Marinette stated, trying to contemplate who else she knew on this apartment floor.

"Your right, I um needed to ask Lila a question, I work with one of her male friends... yeah that's right, they wanted to know when she was available again. So, they asked me to ask her since they... were busy. I was visiting a friend for a friend." He answered, with a frantic smile.

He knew the story was far-fetched, but he didn't know what else to do. The lies just kept coming out and there was no filter. She gave him a questionable expression, agreeing with him, and walked down the hallway into the apartment complex he came out of. 'Shit! That was Marinette's apartment. I'm so dead.' Adrien screamed at himself, watching as she unlocked the door, and faced his direction once again.

"Well since you're here, would you like to come in for some tea then?" she asked, watching as Adrien laughed and acknowledged the offer by walking over to her side. As she stepped into the apartment and flipped on the lights, Marinette could see that her balcony window slid open.

"That's odd, Alya and I never leave the window open before we leave for work," Marinette said, walking over to shut the door.

Adrien wanted to die 'I forgot to shut the window! Tonight is one of me worst Chat Noir moments in the history of Chat Noir!' he thought, slapping his forehead with his hands.

"Good thing we live on the top of the building, no one could've snuck in. Alya must've forgotten to close it." Marinette said, being optimistic about the whole thing.

"Yeah lucky you." Adrien muttered holding his hand against his heart, feeling as if he was having a stroke.

"Come in Adrien, please lock the door behind you, Alya is out all night working in the broadcasting station. Which you already knew since she's one of the main interviewers there. I'll just go warm up water. Make yourself at home." Marinette said, excusing herself into the kitchen.

Adrien abided by her wishes and closed the door, locking it behind him. He walked around her home, noticing the small dining table next to the balcony entrance, the red sofa in her living room, and the bookshelf near the front door. Marinette had a few pictures of her family and friends up on the walls, a wooden coffee table in the middle of the living room floor, and a small flat screen TV attached to the wall in front of the red sofa.

He sat down on the sofa and inspected over the half wall of the kitchen to watch Marinette brewing the water for tea on the stove. Adrien felt odd sitting in Marinette's apartment, the last time he was in Marinette's home it was when they were both 14, and she was living with her parents in the bakery. The other times it was for projects or rescuing her as from a super villain who had fallen in love with her.

Adrien heard the kettle whistling and observed as Marinette poured the water into the teacups. Sitting the two cups on a tray, with cream and sugar, she carried it out into the living room. Placing the tray on the coffee table in front of Adrien.

"I need to change out of these clothes, I hate being in my work attire after getting home. Is that all right if I change?" Marinette asked.

"That's fine, I'll wait." He affirmed, seeing her stride down the hallway into the backroom.

A few minutes passed and Adrien heard Marinette bedroom door crack back open. She came out with her blue hair curled down to her shoulder blades, wearing a white tank top with no bra, and comfortable red polka dotted pajamas shorts. She yawned and stretched her hands behind her head, causing him unease as his eyes hovered over the rest of her goddess-like body.

Marinette squinted down to see Adrien with his mouth open, snickering at his expression, "I hope the tea isn't that bad." She took a seat beside him.

"No, I haven't touched it yet," Adrien said scooting away from her.

"Do you want sugar or cream in your tea Adrien?" She asked leaning over to pour sugar and cream into her tea.

"Oh yes... thank you." Adrien stuttered watching as she poured the sugar and cream into his cup.

Marinette flashed him a toothy grin, her blue eyes melted into Adrien's self with each glimpse. His heart beat faster, his palms turned moist, and he felt like he was losing all control of his body being next to her. As Marinette handed Adrien his cup, he found it hard to take his eyes aside from her. Adrien watched as Marinette brought her teacup to her rosy lips, sipping it, and kept her eyes locked on the TV watching the news.

Adrien felt the air in his throat halt as horrible thoughts raced through his mind of what he wanted to do with her. Without thinking he brought the cup up toward his lips, missing his mouth, and spilled it all over himself.

"Ouch!" Adrien cried, as he leaped off the sofa, feeling his skin under his shirt burn.

Marinette's eyes enlarged, setting her tea cup on the tray, and stormed over to Adrien, "Oh my gosh! Are you ok? Here let's get your clothes off so I ..." Marinette screamed, tugging at his jacket until Adrien spoke up.

"It's fine, I'm all right, can I use your bathroom please," Adrien asked lifting his shirt away from his chest, he couldn't risk Marinette seeing Plagg, he also didn't want her seeing anything else. All he wanted at the moment was to stop the pain in his rib cage and legs.

"First door on your right, I'll bring you some of Nino's clothes he leaves here." Marinette scurried into the room beside hers while Adrien rushed to the bathroom locking the door behind him.

Pulling his shirt off, Adrien looked over his chest to see red marks blistering. Unbuckling his jeans, sliding them off of his legs, and tossed them over into the corner along with his shirt. He found smaller blisters along his left thigh, tracing them with his finger, cursing underneath his breath.

Plagg flew out of his jacket and laughed, "You are messing up tonight! The king of chill is in the bathroom because he spilled tea all over himself." Plagg teased as unable to breathe from his amusement.

"I'm sorry buddy, but I've had enough bad luck for one day." Adrien murmured.

Before Plagg could interject, Adrien pulled off his ring and caused Plagg to disappear. Placing the ring on the edge of the sink. He held both sides of the sink, using it to hold his weight, as he stared at his reflection in the mirror to see that his blonde hair a mess, resembling his alter self, Chat Noir. Adrien heard a knock on the door, causing him to retreat from his reflection.

"Here are those clothes I promised you, Nino wears shirts when he sleeps over. But I found shorts." Adrien opened the door and observed Marinette's relaxed composure evaporated, leaving a bright her bright red from the sight of Adrien, almost nude. Marinette turned back to the ground and shoved the garments into his chest. Adrien found her shyness attractive. Amused he slipped his hand underneath Marinette's chin, raising her to meet his gaze.

"Thank you, Marinette." Adrien leaned down and placed his lips on her cheek. Accepting the garments and shut the bathroom door, leaving Marinette outside the door blushing, rubbing where his lips were on her skin.

Coming back down to Earth, she sauntered back into her room, closing the door behind her. Leaning her back against the door frame. Tiki flew over to Marinette from the dresser, unsure of what was wrong with her master,

"What happened? You look weird?" Tiki asked watching as Marinette walk over to the jewelry box.

"Tiki, I've never experienced these feelings for anyone before, heck I haven't even... you know. I haven't even done anything with Luka though he's tried and persisted. It's hard to do the same for Adrien. These old passions are resurfacing and it's like I can't control them. What do I do Tiki? I have a boyfriend. I should want to have these thoughts and feelings about him, right?" Marinette leaned on the nightstand, unsure of what to do.

Tiki frowned, she wanted to tell Marinette the truth about Adrien, but kwamis could not interfere in their wielders lives. She floated over to Marinette and placed her tiny hand against Marinette's cheekbone think you need to follow your heart Marinette."

Marinette scoffed, "My heart is telling me to do a lot of things... so is everything else. I mean I haven't seen him in years, and he turns up and it's like I'm a teenager again!" Marinette walked over to her bed throwing herself on the mattress. Tiki rolled her eyes and flew back over to Marinette's side.

"I think you're being too dramatic about this, you've been with Adrien more often than you think, Trust me. Listen to your heart Marinette. You'll do the right thing." Tiki said.

Marinette nodded and took off her earrings, causing tiki to vanish. Marinette strode back over to the jewelry box and placed the jewels inside. A knock-on the bedroom door caused Marinette to jump, she forgot that Adrien was still in her apartment.

"Is everything ok Marinette?" Adrien asked from behind the door.

Marinette was freaking out, out of her control, she stuttered, "oh-um yeah, you're fine, I mean I'm fine, just needed to grab my slippers, because it's freezing."

Marinette slapped herself in the face, 'Did I call him fine!?' She feared traveling under her bed to grab the slippers. Dragging them out, a swarm of frightened shrills entered her mind. She hadn't worn them in ages, lurked with childish bunny faces on the front, and they were a gift from her parents. She couldn't accept she was about to wear these in front of Adrien Agreste.

Marinette fortified herself for the turmoil and slipped them on her feet. Her eyes diminished, she walked over to the door and opened it. Marinette's eyes intensified as she saw Adrien's bare legs, lifting her face to see him wearing Ninos Ninja Turtle pajama shorts that hugged his waist. She never realized how fit Adrien was. Studying his bare chest, she could see the blisters from the spilled tea. He was leaning against her door frame watching as her eyes traced over him. Her blood surged to her cheeks as she turned to spot Adrien observing her actions.

Marinette noticed his messy blond hair resembled Chat Noir, but absurd since the two were nothing alike. Adrien smirked down at her, glimpsing the slippers, and couldn't hold his laughter.

"Nice slippers Marinette, they remind me of the ones I had when I was a kid." He guffawed, wiping away the tears of humor from his eyes.

Marinette being flustered hung her head. Adrien saw this and lamented his actions, he wasn't trying to poke fun at her. Clearing his throat while stroking his head, he apologized.

"I'm sorry, Marinette. Hey, you can laugh at me too. I'm a grown man wearing Ninja turtle's shorts because I spilled tea all over myself. Now that is more awkward than cute bunny slippers." He clutched her hands and brought them up to his lips, placing sweet kisses on them, taking in his favorite scent of Vanilla bean.

Alarmed from his gesture, she withdrew her hands, and in a swift flow tossed the slippers back underneath her bed. "Never mind, it's too hot to wear slippers. I'm just going to go clean up."

Pushing pass Adrien, she walked back into the living room to clean up the mess. She couldn't allow Alya or Luka to find this in the morning, they would assume the worst. As she picked up the tea tray, she spun around to meet him mere inches away from her face, with intense eyes peering into his own, like he needed her. Marinette felt a tug on the tray and witnessed him pulling it away from her.

"You've done enough Marinette, allow me to take care of this." He confided.

Marinette nodded and watched him disappear into the kitchen. No one offered to help her clean up, not even her boyfriend. Luka took after his mother who thought everything is better left a mess, which she couldn't stand.

When Adrien came out of the kitchen, he found her on the sofa, with her face in the palms of her hands. Expecting that this was his fault, he rubbed the back of his neck and walked over to sit beside her. Granting her some time to think without disturbing her.

He didn't want to leave her side because in her presence he grew whole. He forgot the feelings of happiness and Marinette was bringing him back to life by only being around here for a short time. They sat in silence for what seemed like hours but in reality, was only ten minutes. Marinette took her hands away from her face and shifted toward Adrien with a plain expression.

"Adrien... would you like to stay the night?" she asked, her voice quiet but confident.

Stunned by the odd question, he said nothing and followed her with his eyesight. Heaving off the sofa, she wandered over to the light switch, flicking it off along with the TV.

"You can sleep in Alyas room... I'm sure she won't mind. If not, I understand. Goodnight Adrien." Marinette said, walking back to her room, unconvinced of her decision.

A jolt on her arm yanked her backward against Adrien's rock solid form. When she tried to protest, his lips crashed into her own in a fiery passion. Marinette fought against his control, finding that her feelings for him were too strong, and she gave in, wrapping her arms around his neck. He traced his tongue along her lower lip, intensifying the kiss by sliding his tongue into meet her own. They both pulled away for air, with lustful eyes, and uncontrollable feelings for the other.

Adrien grabbed hold of the back of her thigh, lifting her up and placed them alongside his waist. Without warning he slammed her back into the wall of the hallway, releasing a small whine from the rear of her throat. This time Marinette pulled his lips back on to hers. She loved being this close to him like they needed to be together rather than apart.

He moved his lips down, tracing small kisses and nibbles along the side of her neck, all the way to suckle the lobe of her ear. She reacted by tugging on his hair, knowing her body was growing weak in his arms. Without a doubt, she moaned out Adrien's name, making him want her more than he already did.

Digging his torso against her abdomen, Adrien lifted her shirt off to reveal her breast. Tossing the shirt to the floor, he slipped his head over to nip at her nipples making Marinette arch her back in desire. She cupped the sides of his face, bringing him back up to meet her gaze. She could tell that he wanted her by the statement on his face that's when second thoughts emerged. Feelings of betrayal and a ruined relationship crossed her mind as she thought of Luka.

Trying to shake off the regret, she pulled his lips to hers, kissing him as if it were the last. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed, tracing kisses down her face to her abdomen. As he got off the bed to shut the door, he heard the sounds of whimpering and turned to find Marinette in tears with her arms crossed over her chest.

Sorrow washed over his character, 'What have I done, none of this should've happened, I'm complete scum.' he thought, scanning the room for a blanket to cover Marinette.

He found a throw cover along with her chair, next to her dresser, and went over to grab it. Then he strode to her and laid it on top of her bare body. He climbed into bed next to her and laid down, wrapping his arms around her waist, and pulled her closer to him. Adrien's arm pushed Marinette's face into his chest as her tears drip down against his skin. He didn't mean to cause her any pain, nor did he intend for this to occur. Marinette was his princess, and he never wanted to harm her.

"It's ok Marinette, I will do nothing else. I promise." He whispered, nuzzling the top of her head under his chin, and closed his eyes from exhaustion.

Marinette felt Adrien's grip loosen on her waist until she dried the tears and wiggled out from his embrace. Adrien was fast asleep and snoring, with a slight smile on his lips. She gawked over him like he was a mirage, taking her fingers and tenderly moved his blonde hair away from his eyelids

'He looks like an angel when he sleeps,' Marinette pondered, admiring the moonlight glazed over his light skin, revealing his perfect complexion. She laid her hand against his cheek, stroking it with her thumb, 'I can't believe after all this time… I still love you Adrien Agreste.'

Lifting her head forward, Marinette placed a loving kiss on Adrien's lips and snuggled into his embrace. Casting the blanket over both of their bodies and drifted off to sleep in the arms of the man she loved.

Later that morning…

It was 7 am, and an exhausted Alya entered the apartment complex, dropping her bags, and casting her heels across the room. She now understood how Marinette felt when she was in college, living a double life was hard work. Being a news anchor, a student at the university, and a superhero was becoming too much for her.

Quenched from a long night, Alya went into the kitchen to grab a drink of water, when she spotted two teacups in the sink. Reviewing the situation, she knew something was off because Marinette did the same thing every night. Marinette also had breakfast ready for when she came home from work.

Alya waved it off, 'Maybe Luka came over to keep her company, and too drained to make breakfast.' Alya determined, carrying the cup of water with her into the bathroom.

On her way, she stumbled over something in the hallway. When she looked down, she found Marinette's tank top crumpled on the floor.

"That's not natural," Alya whispered to herself, flipping the lights on in the bathroom, finding a man's clothes sprawled on the bathroom floor.

"What the fuck?" Alya walked in and picked up the clothes and found a familiar ring sitting on the edge of the sink. Discarding the clothes back to the ground, a surge of disbelief floated through her.

"No way... She wouldn't..." Alya stated, running down the hall, busting open Marinette's door.

Alya saw Adrien and Marinette in a romantic embrace, appearing to be naked under the blanket fast asleep. Stunned, she dropped the glass of water to the ground, shattering on the floor. She could sense her eye twitching, her hands shook, as the rage built within her tiny body.


Her cries startled Marinette and Adrien awake and jump out of bed. Marinette used the blanket to cover herself, terrified of Alya's sharp ray of disappointment. The only thought running through Marinette's mind was how she would explain what her friend was seeing. Adrien stood beside Marinette covering his chest with his arms, waving at Alya, dumbfounded.

"Huh-um hey there A-Alya." Adrien stammered grinning like an idiot. "I know what it looks like but I swear nothing happened."

Alya narrowed her gaze at Adrien looking him up and down. When she glimpsed him wearing Nino's shorts, her grimacing anterior faded into confusion, as she placed her hands on the sides of her hips, "Are those... are those my boyfriend's shorts." She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Adrien frantically tried to explain but a knock on the front door caused everyone to stiffen. Marinette wanted to vomit, losing her balance she sat back down on the bed. She forgot Luka was coming over to walk her to work.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that's Luka! How could I have forgotten about that!" Marinette repeated, as her voice quivered. This was a total nightmare as she ran through all the outcomes of this position.

Alya rolled her eyes and grasped her forehead, "I can't believe I'm about to do this." She muttered under her breath.

Grasping Adrien by the arm, Alya pulled him into her bedroom, slamming the door in his face. Then she ran back down the hallway, clutching Marinette's tank top from the ground, and tossed it at Marinette.

"Get dressed, I'll take care of the rest, and when we're done. You're explaining whatever this fiasco is." Alya stated, closing Marinette's door and rushed into the bathroom.

Confiscating all of Adrien's clothes and his ring, she opened her bedroom door and flung Adrien's belongings on her bed.

"For Marinette's sake, you better not say a word. Stay in this room, or else I will knock you into next year." Alya stated, watching as Adrien gulped and nodded.

She hurled the door closed and murmured, "The things I do for my friends."

Alya walked over to the front door, inhaling deeply before opening the front door for Luka. He was waiting by the door his wearing his normal band attire.

"Hey Alya, I'm surprised that you're still awake," Luka said walking into the apartment.

"I was just about to get to some rest, but..." Alya stammered noticing Lukas bandaged hand, "I didn't want to miss seeing my awesome guitarist. What happened to your hand, Luka?" Alya asked, trying her best to stall for Marinette.

"You know the guy, Adrien Agreste, from your old college days. Well, the prick was flirting with Marinette yesterday, I put him back in his place, and he tried to break my hand." Luka stated, holding up his bandaged hand.

"That doesn't seem like the Adrien I know. Something shitty needed to occur for him to react in such a way. I'm sure it was a misunderstanding." Alya retorted.

Luka shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen with Alya close behind. He always loved snacking on Marinette's baked croissants, though when he entered, he found that nothing. Turning to Alya, he got the sense that something strange was going on by how clingy she was being with him.

"Well, I think I will go back and see Marinette now." Luka walked toward Marinette's room. Alya caught a hold of Luka and sitting him down on the sofa.

"I think you should stay out here with me. Marinette is getting dressed." Alya said laughing.

Luka starred at Alya before seeing a pair of orange converses under the TV, "Your acting strange, Marinette is always ready by this time, and she always has breakfast ready," Luka stated.

"Are these Ninos?" He asked, walking over to the shoes, and picked them up to show her, following her blank expression.

Alya was at a loss for words as she dropped her act, and tried to explain, "Luka it's not what you think."

Luka clutched the shoe and charged into Marinette's room, ignoring Alyas pleas. He found Marinette sitting at her desk wearing a white sundress and brushing her hair. She stopped brushing when she saw Luka standing at the entrance and turned to greet him with a smile.

"Oh, hello sweetheart, how are you?" Marinette said, walking over to kiss his cheek.

"Where is he," Luka stated searching her room from top to bottom.

"Luka I don't know what you're talking about-"

"Adrien! These are his shoes aren't they!" Luka yelled pointing the shoes in her face.

Marinette took the shoe's from his hand, "I was looking for these. Nino asked me to design something different on them for him."

Luka raised his brow in confusion, "So they are Nino's then?" he asked looking back at Alya who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Yes, I slept in," Marinette stated, walking him out of her room toward the front door.

"Luka, why don't you wait for me downstairs in the lobby. I'll be right down, I need to grab something." Marinette said with a smile, opening the door for him.

Luka grinned and gave her a kiss, "Ok Marinette, I was a little worried. I'll be downstairs waiting for you then. See ya Alya! Tell Nino awesome kicks!" Snapping his fingers while giving Alya a wink, he headed downstairs.

Marinette closed the door and leaned up against, sighing in relief. Alya walked over to her friend and patted her shoulder.

"Thought you could take care of it?" Marinette teased Alya with a sly grin.

"I was doing fine until your man caught Adrien's shoes." Alya teased shoving her index finger into Marinette's chest.

Marinette glanced down the hallway at Alyas room. She didn't want to leave things so eschew, she also wanted to apologize for getting Adrien in this mess.

Alya cupped the sides of Marinette's, facing her own "Luka is your boyfriend. Not Adrien. I have the day off, so when you come home we are having a serious discussion. Now go I'll take care of our friend." Alya chided.

Marinette slides on her heels, tormented for leaving him alone to face Alya's wrath, but she had no other choice. Shuffling out of the apartment to meet up with Luka in the lobby, she saw a familiar face standing beside the elevator.

Alya went into her room finding Adrien on the edge of the bed, dressed in his regular clothes, and heartbroken. Striding over to sit next to him, she threw her arm over his shoulder and snickered.

"Did you try to break his hand?" She asked cooly.

"I don't want to talk about it," Adrien replied, pushing her arm away, and walking over to the door.

It pained her to watch both of her friends suffering, she wished things were different, but it was Adrien's decision to reject Marinette's affections all those years ago. Alya couldn't bear to see her friend like that again.

"And I don't want Marinette getting hurt, Adrien." Alya declared, her voice full of regret.

"Nothing happened Alya. We did nothing-"

"And what if you had? That could've been her first time! I don't want her wasting it on someone who will break her heart... again." Alya told him, massaging her temples with her fingers tips, this whole thing was giving her a headache.

"Don't you understand that she's happy with Luka? He's been here for her. Where have you been Adrien?" Alya asked.

Adrien thought someone punched the wind out of him, Alya's words cut right through his heart, and he knew she was right. He broke Marinette's heart before, all because of his love for Ladybug, and he never once kept in touch with her. Resolving to leave Adrien, he looked over his shoulder to see Alya getting into bed.

"I didn't mean to hurt her... it won't happen again Alya," Adrien said, sorrow filled his tone as he stormed out of the apartment.

He hung his head low, thinking only of the events that took place last night. Flashbacks of holding Marinette so close, her lips felt against his own, and the way she called out his name. Adrien didn't know what was happening to him, he wasn't the type to seduce other guys girlfriends.

Peeping up, Adrien saw a woman with dark skin standing by the elevator. She was wearing flip flops, mini shorts, a black blouse, and she had a tattoo of a scorpion on her ankle. The woman's hair auburn and it was a pixie haircut.

As he got closer, Adrien noticed that she was wearing too much makeup, and her perfume was overpowering. He didn't know if she was trying to attract men or a pack of skunks. Staying next to her, he kept his eyes locked on the elevator door and avoided making any form of contact.

The woman twisted and smiled at Adrien seductively, showing off her cleavage while playing with her bottom lip. She moved closer to him, settling between him and the elevator door. She then played with the collar of Adrien's jacket, widening her toothy grin.

"If my eyes don't deceive me, Adrien Agreste. Is it you? It's been ages." She said leaning closer to Adrien's face.

He pushed her hands away in disgust, ignoring her advances, and walked to the other side of the pressing the down button numerously. She scoffed and placed her hands on her hips.

"I guess I'll just have to tell Marinette your little story about visiting me was all a fake. That you're just a creepy stalker who wanted to get to third base. I wonder how her boyfriend would take the news? To find out that his precious Marinette is a no good whore." The woman sneered, staring into him with arrogant eyes.

"Lila." Adrien hissed, his green eyes flared with hate as he saw Lila grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Ran into your little side piece on my way to the lobby earlier. We chatted about the 'friend' of yours who needed to see me." Lila mocked, going back to fiddle with his jacket buttons.

"Plus seeing you exit her apartment in one piece means that her boyfriend doesn't know. Don't worry, I didn't say a word, and I won't... as long as you do me a big favor." Lila said taking her hands running them down his chest.

As the elevator arrived, Lila walked in and proposed for him to follow. To Adrien's uneasiness, he absorbed in his irritation and followed her. As the door of the elevator closed Lila pulled her lips to his ears, purring her greatest wish.