Vishkar Corporation


The Vishkar building was just beginning to close down. The staff members were returning home and the lights went out one by one. Satya sat at her desk deep in thought, she didn't want to go home. All of her work was here in her office, everything she had been tackling for the past seven years. She found herself in a rut, her mind struggling to uncover what was painfully obvious to everything else. Vishkar was using her for their own means and she was lying to herself, kept making herself believe what she was doing was for the best. Vishkar was developing better hardware for their hard-light mechanics, these new instruments would improve the relationship that the architects would have with the devices, help them to have a better understanding and sync with their architect technology. Soon more children will be brought in to begin their training, they were going to be the new future of the industry, to better the Vishkar goal. Satya had dedicated herself to this belief all her life, that Vishkar would be here now and would be the future of the new world. But ever since what had happened in Rio with the Calado building destroyed by her superiors Satya had been having her doubts, all that destruction just to reduce the competition? It was no question that her organization would receive resistance in its mission, it was common human nature to be hesitant to change, but surely, they knew that resistance would lead to violence. She sat at her desk going over the candidate's names that would be indoctrinated within the next few weeks. She really should go home, sleep for a while and allow the problem to rest. She would speak to Sanjay, he had been a trusted friend ever since the two of them had been brought to Vishkar when they were children. But maybe speaking to him wasn't the brightest decision, he was the one after all who had destroyed Calado and had to reassure her that it was all for the best, told her she was fulfilling a proper function to the spectrum.

"You look disturbed, Satya." Satya's head bolted up in surprise when she hears Director Sathvik Patal, he was just standing in the archway of her office. He must have just been walking out when he noticed her light was still on.

"Director Patal, I apologize, I was just heading out."

"You know I wish that more of our staff had your stamina, my dear." Satya retook her seat when the Director approached her. "We'd come up with progress in half the time." Patal was older than her, but not by much, a married man and very proud of his work as any person should be. He had been with Satya since the start, had overseen her education as she grew into the brilliant young woman that she is now just like she was then.

"Believe me sir if I could find a way to eliminate the need for a sleep cycle I would."

The Director gave her remark a friendly chuckle. "I'm sure you would." He sat atop her desk looking down at her, his expression harmless. "You're a very intelligent woman Satya." His hand rested on her shoulder in admiration. Satya remembered that same action through most of her childhood, he's always been there, smiling and giving her praise. Smiling, smiling, smiling and smiling, his hand on her shoulder, watching her grow and progress. "I hope I am not keeping you." His hand hadn't moved from its resting place, but Satya didn't think much of it.

"Of course not. I should be going home anyway." She knew that staying any longer would affect her performance for tomorrow and the days to come.

"I'll walk out with you." Satya would have liked that, but she had one last thing to take care of.

The director appeared very disappointed at first but worked quickly to change his expression to understanding of Satya. "I'll see you tomorrow Director."

"Alright, walk safely my dear."

"And you as well." Satya then remained at her desk when the Director finally left the building, allowing her to continue her work. She gazed at her datapad that held the mechanical workings of the latest photon projector models. It was much smaller compared to her old one, much more portable and not as bulky. She then decided to work on one of her turrets, number 4 was in desperate need of a tuneup, it wouldn't be long until she developed much better technology for them all that could better her progress on missions. Satya had always looked at the big picture, never saw things as half of a whole, she viewed the world as it was and the way that it would soon become with her help and that image made her smile. she tapped away on her keyboard, entering the coding into the small turret. She hadn't even noticed when her eyes turned back to the clock to see that another hour had gone by. Her head was spinning, swarming with too much thought, she took her time to pack up her things then head for the door, confident that a solution would present itself and soon.

"Keepin late hours Darlin?" Vaswani jumped out of her skin when that voice echoed through her office. Her trembling hands found her photon projector, the device was still warm because she had only last used it an hour ago on an assignment. Satya knew exactly who had snuck into her office, the smell of cigar smoke swarmed over him, it was his signature scent. He didn't move at first, he just stood in the doorway of her office balcony, the light from his cigar softly illuminating his scruffy face. His beard had grown since she last saw him.

"You're losing your touch." She scoffed, laying the weapon back on her desk. The figure slowly walked forward, backing Satya against the table she was far from afraid of him she only knew when he wanted something. She then moved closer to him to regain a feeling of control over him. Even after all this time he still smelled like "What are you doing here, McCree?" He looked hurt when she said this. What was unsettling being the fact that her eyes looked at him with such anger and almost disdain? How could she do that, look at him with so much mistrust s if she had never known him?

"Did you think I was dead?" Satya's emotions were getting the better of her, she wanted to cry, to tell him how much she had missed him. But those feelings had long since died out in the past seven years, had reduced to ash from a roaring fire.

"Pleased that you are not." She replied coldly, staring the man down. Incredible McCree smirked, admiring the small woman's defensiveness yet still couldn't believe her. He was hesitant at first, but she allowed him to rest his fleshed hand against her cheek. Jess had missed the sensation of her skin against his own, so soft and heavenly compared to his own.

"The recall's been issued. I'm going back." He sounded so sure about this, so confident in his choice. She had known him well enough to know his decision-making process was at times questionable, then again at least the vigilante was at least honest with his choices, he didn't make them to please other people, he thought of himself first when the situation would affect him.

"Terrific, now you'll be more of a criminal than you already are. I don't suppose there's a higher list than a most wanted?" She became furious when all he could do was laugh. the temptation to have the turret zap him grew more and more inside her. "Why would you ever go back to those people, to Blackwatch?" The way she asked that left a bad taste in Jesse's mouth, they each had opposing viewpoints on one another organizations, but things said had never been so bias. They never spoke much about it when they were together, but they had left all that in the past, it was childish to think about it now.

"I'm not going back to Blackwatch. It's time I stopped working in the shadows and became a hero in the light." Satya would have talked him out of the idea, begged him to keep running so at least he'd stay alive because at this point in time returning to Overwatch guaranteed imprisonment and most likely death for him and all involved. "I want you to come with me." Now it was Satya's turn to laugh. She moved back from him wondering if she should call security. "It ain't the worst idea." Satya protested that. why would he come here to tell her this? After all this time and separation, maybe only communicating over currier every so often, but not enough to keep their once vibrant relationship going, he wanted to speak to her in person after all these years. Was he hoping that she would talk him out of his choice?

"Overwatch is filled with vigilantes and ruffians. Vishkar has built a prosperous future for the world." The idea of Satya still believing in Vishkar's goals made Jess sick, he had managed to stomach it before, but after all of this, she was still giving herself into everything that they stood for.

"Yeah by choosing people like you to be a part of it while you cast the others out."

Satya glared up at Jess, her eyes raging like a fire. "People like me enhance the world, while people like you think that a loaded gun can solve anything!"

"It helps to get a point across." As if that reason was tame.

"You are a thug and a criminal!"

"And your an extortionist. How's your work going in espionage, help you blow up any other corporations like Calado?"

Satya's eyes burned with tears when she thought back to the moment, thinking back to everything that had led to that one event. "I was not responsible, it was a necessary sacrifice."

Jess had heard her say that too often in Vishkar's defense. His soft eyes looked down at her synthetic arm. "That's what they brainwashed ya into thinkin!" Both of them stood in complete silence after Vaswani struck McCree hard across his face to quiet his foul words, his lies about her home and family. The people who gave her so much when she had nothing. Jesse's lips curled when their eyes met again and his metallic hand rushed against his red cheek. Satya stood tall regardless of her trembling body. "What the hell happened to us?"

She only shook her head as she gazed down at the floor. "I wish I knew." The truth was that she did know, they both did, but neither had the courage to say it. In spite of everything that had just been said and done they still didn't want to hurt one another. "But we both know what caused it."