9 Years before Recall

There had been times too many in fact when Reyes was completely unreasonable. Four shadow ops in the past week was asking too much of anyone, Commander Morrison would have more rationality and thoughtfulness toward his agents. Days seemed to blur together, restless nights, early mornings and long days with extremely little friendly human contact. Jesse McCree was more than ready to get away from his Blackwatch team and get some much-needed rest.

"You're not coming back?" Reyes asked almost sounding defensive when Jesse said he wouldn't be returning with them back to HQ. "Why?"

Jess only shrugged, not wanting to appear too obvious to his superior officer. "Don't feel like sittin back on a plane for another three hours. Send the jet back for me when my leave's up."

"I could think of twenty different locals to spend a vaca!" Hex called after him.

"I'm not leaving you here unsupervised." McCree only rolled his eyes at the mistrust and the pestering tone Reyes gave him. Lecturing him as if he were still a criminal as if all the good he had done hadn't made any difference at all. "Morison isn't gonna like that you're not at the debrief."

Jess only waved back to the commander as he walked away. "Relax boss. I ain't gonna blow anythin up." For the past year Reyes had noticed McCree's interest on spending his free time far away from Black and Overwatch. Most agents would stay close to home, but he always choice to spend his leave on the other side of the world. But he was always ready whenever they needed him back in action and he never spoke of the time he spent alone. It was late in the evening and the streets of Utopaea weren't swarming with people as usual. Everyone must have been returning to their homes. Jesse knew not to draw attention to himself by mostly staying in the shadows, close to what he knew. He circled around the area making sure that no one was following him, he wasn't too far from the rendezvous point. The secure grip he kept on his gun didn't weaken even when the sun set over the luminescent city. The thoughts of Reyes staying hot on his heels terrified him. There were moments when he seemed to be a ghost…a shadow. Things weren't getting easier with Reyes and Morrison, at times they were either at each other's throats or as far away as humanly possible. Ten days was not a long enough time to be away from their feud. He felt his heart momentarily stop when he heard a presence come from behind him. Drawing his peacekeeper with the flick of his wrist, he took aim on his target. "Bad idea to sneak up on me, Darlin." He breathed calmly once he realized who it was.

"I will be sure to keep that in mind." Her voice was faint. Her whole body was covered in an abaya, hair covered by the same material. Even in the dark Satya Vaswani was still the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. Her deep eyes pierced his soul like a knife. Neither of them hesitated to embrace one another. It had been over four months since the pair had last seen one another. Jesses operations with Blackwatch were sending him all over the globe, keeping him busier than usual. "I'm so happy you're safe." She beamed, sighing in relief, he smelled like rust and tobacco a scent that suited him.

"God, I've missed you, Satya." Satya noticed that her love appeared on edge, he was tense and his right hand was resting against the grip of his gun as if he were preparing to release it from the holster at any time. She noticed when they embraced his entire body was tense almost shaking.

"What is it?" She asked, trying to bring him back to the present. "Is it Reyes again?" Gabe had been overbearing pain lately, his paranoia and agitation with anything. Jess had complained more than once to Satya over the past few months. Thins had been strained between them, lately, it seemed that anything could set him off.

Jess only shook his head. "I don't wanna talk about Reyes right now. That's the last thing I want." He lovingly kissed her forehead vanishing the thought of Reyes from his mind. Satya's home wasn't too far from here, but they remained in the shadows, avoiding crowds to the best of their abilities. Jesse held Satya tightly as they made their way through the city, more than reaady to get away from it all.



"What do you mean he didn't come back?!" Morison asked is disbelief when Reyes and his agents reported to his office for the debriefing. Angela stood by his side hoping that Jack and Gaberial wouldn't break into a fistfight.

"I mean he stayed in Utopaea." Reyes repeated his previous statement. His eyes showed many signs of a lack of proper sleep. Many believed that this was the cause of his agitation followed by his brashness.

Cooper rolled his eyes at his Commander, knowing that he and Jack would be at one another throats soon enough. "Stop being a dick Reyes and just tell the man what's going on. Some of us want to go home and get a decent eight hours." The relationships…if you could call them that within Blackwatch were become more and more strained. Like a toxic relationship that no one could escape from.

"Something you wanna say Hex?" Gabe growled over at his agent.

Hex merely shrugged his shoulders as he straightened his blood red tie. "Well, I could give the debriefing thirty minutes faster than you at this point." The agent was clearly trying his best to defend McCree. No one else in the room was going to.

"Your voodoo can't do anything about that Hex?"

It seemed that everyone was deciding to be crude this evening. Genji was the only one who remained silent. Cooper rolled his eyes at the skinny crow, his grip settling on his cane. "It's not voodoo, O'Deorain. They're illusions."

"Gentlemen please." Angela had stayed silent up until this point, trying to void the conflict. Morison returned the room to silence when he rose from his desk.

"If you all need me and I hope you won't' for the next two weeks I'll be in Portland." His white-gloved hand shook Morrisons respectively, kindly kissed Angela's.

"Give my best to Rozalind." The Doctor smiled sweetly when Hex presented a yellow rose to her as a parting gift then addressed his teammates. "Gentlemen, lady….Moira." And with the tip of his hat, he made his way out the door. Morias eyes narrowed on her associate until he was out of sight.

"Angela, take Genji and Moira down to MED. I want to talk to Reyes alone."

Angela made quick work not to linger. "Of course, Commander. Follow me, everyone." Reyes didn't speak again until he and Reyes were completely alone, a break in eye contact hadn't been made and everything stayed silent.

"This isn't the first time McCree's done this." Reyes began his arms crossed firmly. "Don't know what the hell he's doing, but we should have had an agent following him since day one. For the past year, he's always- "

"He's always come back whenever we call him." Jack interrupted Reyes. "I have become aware of McCree's secrecy when it comes to his leave."

"That secrecy hasn't made you the least bit suspicious?" Cabe's voice rose slightly in anger.

Jesse McCree had always been a risk to take on into Overwatch and over the past decade he had more than enough time and countless opportunities to prove where his loyalties lie, but he had proven his trust and worth to all of them time and time again. It was unfair that Reyes couldn't say the same. "He's not the enemy Gabe. After everything he's done he deserves to have his privacy. McCree's no security risk." Reyes sighed deeply in frustration. "Unless you have tangible proof that he's committing some form of misconduct, I can't and won't get involved."

"I'm trying to protect us, Jack."

"You need to focus on protecting yourself from your paranoia, that seems to be a bigger priority." Once again, the room was filled with silence. This had been one of the friendlier encounters they've had in recent months which surprised even them. "I'm sorry Gabe, but you need to have more trust." Reyes shook his head in defiance, storming out the door without another word losing more and more faith in his comrades.


Jesse found himself unable to sleep. His anxiousness was keeping him awake. This wasn't a common occurrence for him what had suddenly changed? He thought that running four ops in the past week would have left him much more exhausted. The thought of Reyes was still rattling in his brain, his recklessness and arrogance had never been this bad before. Shifting his head over to the right he could see that Satya was still sleeping peacefully next to him. Maybe a smoke would help calm his nerves and clear his head.

Satya was awake the moment that Jess had left the bed and she knew exactly where to find him. He sat out on the terrace of her house, smoking and in deep thought. Small white lamps lit the terrace in a stunning glow. The setting looked as though it came from the pencil of an artist that had captured the perfect moment. "You know I don't like it when you smoke." A smile spread across the cowboy's lips when he saw her walk out onto the terrace, her long blue nightdress blew in the wind.

"That's why I do it when you're not around." He sat in astonishment when she plucked the cigar out of his mouth and placed it in one of the potted plants next to her. "Not fair." He grumbled. Satya racked her delicate fingers through his messy hair.

"I was hoping that being here would help you to relax." Jesse motioned for her to sit with him, she didn't hesitate. She rested comfortably in his strong embrace, her elegant skin shivered in response to the chilled morning air.

"Me too." A rush of guilt entered his system when he apologized. Jesse had met Satya when she and Sanjay had come to speak to the heads of Overwatch on behalf of Vishkar. Reyes didn't trust the architect in the slightest while the others welcomed her graciously. Her corporation had assigned her to better comprehend the structure within Overwatch and see if their resources in output in the world would be something that Vishkar would be interested in. A partnership between Vishkar and Overwatch. About two months into her study Satya and Jess had begun a romantic engagement after getting over their fear of having cold feet around one another. "Don't' worry, Darlin." His voice rung with reassurance. "The next ten days with you will keep me plenty distracted." They stayed together until the sun rose, enjoying the start of the very little time they had together.

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