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Chapter 1



A dark forest, wind cold as ice, not a single light can be seen during the night, and a sound of a peacefull night can be heard. And no people dares to enter the forest

Vampires were rumored to attack if you got lost or accidently enter that forest.

Five pure royal vampires were the most frightening, they can kill you in a single point without lifting their fingers, they were called the Five Royalty. Unlike other vampires they are the most vicous and mostly powerfull that not even a one would want to encounter and fight them even if they are strong hunters. And the Five Royalty were very considered as Kings all over the world.

Ryoma stopped reading and got back to his scenes, having his boring day of reading and killing at night.

Well you've guessed it, Ryoma is a highest top class vampire hunter and the youngest so to say.

At his age of 12, his family died while went through hunting vampires.

Didn't affect him much, he joined an association where hunters earning kills. Not long enough he was promoted to have the highest kills total of 386, even strongest hunters could never reach

He quited the association after he was bored of it. Well seriously, he doesn't even need any allies, they were just burden for him and sometimes just using him for their own points


Ryoma started to live on his own in the age of 13 which is currently now

His house was full of thick books that he had a habit of reading

He looked up the orange sky, the sun was setting and it was getting dark. 'Great, another boring killings' he thought in his mind and change his clothes.

Wearing white shirt pair with black shorts that reached the end of his pale thights and a white cap shadowing his golden eyes as his emerald colored hair peaking out

he wore a black jacket, and his weapons sneakily hidden.

It was all dark outside and the sun completely down, perfect time for the kills

He went into the forbidden forest in fast speed and started his search, not far enough there was a lot of blood thristy vampires scattered around the area, a smirk showed in his face excited to teach those vampires a lesson, Ryoma went in the middle to get their attention, could see many victims and bloods all over their bodies

"Neh neh, may i join you?" he said cockily

The vampires started attacking and Ryoma was having a little fun

While enjoying killing, another vampire appeared in his back and Ryoma peirced the heart with a silver knife "That's 35 kills" said with a cocky smile

5 vampires around surrounding him, looked strong and big with weapons in their hands

Ryoma grabbed all his silver knives three each hand, the vampires started to attack the young hunter all together, without realizing Ryoma suddenly disapeared in an instant, he was already at their backs walking out, they froze, they didn't know what happen and they could feel their bodies can't move, all of their heads flew, bloods spraying all over and their body was turned into peices.

"Well well, that's 40 kills in total" he said and smirked with a face like it was really and easy task

The battle field turned into a pool of blood where many headless corpse and body parts of vampires gathered.

Ryoma's clothes were still clean and no traces of blood can be found, the smirk on his face didn't fade and the night was still young so he was a little bored

The sound of the night where quiet, owls howling, winds breezing coldly, and the light of the fullmoon glowing bright

He went to a nearby stream to take a nap under tree, the reflection of the fullmoon can be seen in the crystal clear flowing water and fireflies flying around him

He felt sleepy and a little tired, the battle was a little absurd and the vampires were a little tough that he used half of his strength.

He closed his eyes gently and fell asleep



He felt cozy and comfortable, it was like he was in a soft bed with fluffy pillow and a warm cover

Ryoma slowly opens his eyes, seeing an unfamiliar white celling 'strange, i remembered i was in the forest" he thought.

"Where am i?" he asked and sat up

"Oh, you're awake"

He turned and saw a boy with a caramel brown hair, his eyes was closed and a smile drew on his face

Ryoma could feel a dangerous presence, he tried to get away but his body got numbed and aching "My body won't move" he thought and keep struggling to get away

"Saa...even if you struggle, it won't work" said the bruenette

Ryoma's eyes wided as he felt more pressure on his body. He gazed at the bruenette and saw his eyes were open and fangs hissed from his mouth

He was a vampire-no, he wasn't an ordinary vampire, a stronger ones than other normal ones, His body still won't move and he was in a dangerous situation that something made him thought "He's dangerous, i need to run!" he tried to get away but his body won't listen to him

The bruenette smiled more and started to speak "Saa..i wonder if i could taste you" he said and crawled on the bed to the emerald haired boy

"What do you want to-"

Pushing Ryoma down the bed and caress his pale neck revealing a sweet scent that turned him on

He licked the nape of his neck before bitting him.

"Stop it--"

Ryoma struggled and forced to move his body but the grip was strong

"Be a good boy and stay still" said the bruenette and peirced his fangs into his neck

"Ah!" Ryoma felt a strong sting in his neck "Get off me!"

As the vampire bruenette keeps on sucking his blood "Your blood is very delicous" he said as he savoured the sweetness of the boy's blood-no, it was sweetest one than any other bloods he'd ever tasted, he couldn't stop himself

Ryoma tried to keep his conciousness, he felt very dizzy, weak , and helpless. He could feel his body drying up

The bruenette went back to his scenes, he didn't realized that he couldn't stop himself. Thank goodness he manage to control himself before he could've killed the little kitten, he kissed his neck and licked the flowing blood coming out from the bitemark

Ryoma was panting heavily and did not have enough strength left to move and he lost conciousness and the bruenette vampire planted a chaste kiss on his forehead



Ryoma woke up and again felt the strong pressure, more stronger that he can't move his body

He felt helpless and weak, unable to move or paralized, it was a feeling he never felt before

He slowly opened his eyes and saw the unfamilliar ceilling, again

He turned his head where he can feel the source of the pressure and saw two guys with a voilet hair and the familliar bruenette one

His eyes wided in a shock as he tried to get away from the two

"You're scaring the kitten Seichii" said the bruenette and called the voilet one Seichii

"I didn't scare him Fuji" replied back by the voilet haired guy

Ryoma glared at the both them but it didn't help, he can feel so much pressure that his body had given up "Why am i like this?!" he though and cursed in his mind

"Saa...don't force yourself little kitten" Fuji said smilling like he always does

"It's useless even if you force yourself, you still won't be able to move freely"

(A/n: Let's skip the introductions, i'm too lazy, you already know the two, Fuji and Yukimura)

"What's your name?" asked Yukimura

Ryoma can barely speak because of the pressure given to him "How am i supposed to tell you if you keep pressuring me" he said with a cold tone

"Oh, i forgot" both Fuji and Yukimura concealed their auras and Ryoma was able to move

Before he could make a move, Fuji held his shoulders and pushed him down back the bed "I want to eat you again" he said and peirced his fangs in the boy's neck. Ryoma was going to shout but Fuji's hand were covering his mouth. Yukimura held Ryoma's arm and peirced his fangs in the boy's hand

Ryoma's blood was the sweetest they ever tasted and they couldn't stop themselves...again

Ryoma bitted Fuji's hand "Stop!" he shouted. The two stopped and they again could almost killed the boy if they continue to drink his blood dry

Ryoma still had strength left and immedietly took out 6 silver knives with holy water in each making the two to move back and Ryoma ran to the big open window and jump outside landing gracefully on the trees

It was 3rd floor and good thing the trees were tall. He escaped the mansion and ran in speed to the forests with the strenght he had left

The two vampires were watching at the windows

"Saa...he's intresting" Fuji said opening his eyes revealing two dangerous blue orbs and licked Ryoma's blood that was on his mouth "And very delicious..."

Yukimura was standing next to Fuji and he could still see Ryoma even in a far distance "Of course" he grinned and can't wait to tell the others about their new kitten


To be continued