Albus Dumbledore moved with a purpose on the quiet muggle street. When he arrived at #4 Privet Drive he was relieved to see his loyal supporter and close friend Minerva McGonagall already waiting for him, a distasteful look on her aged face.

"Are you sure about this Albus? I watched these muggles all day, they are not the most illustrious type. We are already leaving one with the Longbottoms. Why must we separate them?"

"Indeed, my dear. It is unfortunate, but young Lucy must be kept hidden for her own safety. Her brother wasn't marked by Tom, so he will be safe in the wizarding world. Plus, they must be prepared for their future respective lives. It would not do for her fame to go to her head, so Lucy must be kept out of the wizarding world."

He also left out some key details about her fate. As a woman in magical England she had much less value compared to her brother Marcus, the future Lord Potter. Therefore, keeping her out of the limelight would be necessary when it came time for her to die. It was unfortunate, but he saw no way to banish the vile horcrux without her death.

"Well, I'm still not happy about it. I do hope you plan on keeping an eye on her." That he planned to do. The old squib Ms. Figg would make an excellent pair of eyes in the future years.

"Rest assured, everything is taken care of. I have gone to great lengths to ensure her safety." With a genial smile, he calmed the irate witch as he cast several charms on the mundane house before him. He was taken out of his concentration by the obnoxious rumble of a human machine. How Sirius enjoyed that thing was beyond him.

"Here you go Mr. Dumbledore, safe and sound." The half-giant Hagrid handed Albus a small basket overflowing with blankets. Within, he could just make out the breathing of the baby wrapped up inside it. Walking up to the front door, he gently set the basket down on the step before placing a small note on top of it.

"Now, it's time for us to go. There is much to be done, and we have lost a great deal this night." With nary a word the three magical beings left the quiet hamlet and the young infant behind.

The infant, asleep in its basket, wasn't aware of the tragedy that had taken place before it that night, and it was just as unaware as a dark shadow grew around it. The street lamp cast a small shadow over the basket, and within that shadow something squirmed. Slowly, a being devoid of any features beyond the color black rose out of it.

It was a nameless creature. An insignificant summon under the command of its summoner. It had been placed as an observer of the late Potters, providing information on the Light Side family, and their friends, to those it served. As a Shadow Demon, its intelligence and fighting ability wasn't of note, but it had truly been put to the test this night.

It had been ordered to report any major movements, so it had dutifully studied the battle that took place as the humans fought. However, it was put into quite the dilemma when the one it shadowed, Lily Potter, was killed and her two children were separated. It needed to use its limited reasoning power to follow the young girl, as it had been the one to do something noteworthy by repelling a magic attack. Now, it waited for the arrival of its Masters.

Eventually, a void of purple light coalesced out of thin air. Stepping through it, a small group of people appeared. Like the last group, they wouldn't have been able to walk around without being stared at on a busy street. The large, robed figure being the most notable.

"Shadow Demon, report." A deep baritone resonated from behind the mask of the robed figure. The creature reported everything it saw that night, its voice just a whisper in the man's ear.

'Ah, what a mess. I don't even know what's going on anymore.' Ainz, the robed figure, was once again thankful for his undead constitution as his heart was rocked by the report. He, and all of Nazarick, had only been in this new world for about a month.

Being teleported into a wild forest in Eastern Europe had been quite the surprise. Learning that he had been brought to Earth, thrown back in time over a hundred years, and that magic was real had brought low his ability to think rationally for some time. However, his (apparently) loyal NPC subordinates had followed his commands.

They had spread out throughout the globe, looking for any signs Ainz' friends or other Players as the primary goal. His knowledge of the world had helped immensely in the rapid spread of their information networks, focusing on things of note and value to Nazarick. The magical civil war had been an object of some note, so forces had been assigned to observe its epicenter in England.

It wouldn't do for the war to cause problems for Nazarick.

He had left much of the specifics to his more intelligent subordinates, so he was caught off guard when Demiurge had asked him to see to a matter personally. Now, he was here. Listening to a report describing the end of the civil war. It was rather bemusing to hear that a self-proclaimed Dark Lord had been killed by a child, the reason for it notwithstanding.

He was, however, a bit uncomfortable with what had transpired afterwards. Instead of sending the now orphaned children to relatives, government agencies, or close friends, they had been separated and sent to different places for obviously political reasons. Even though he was an undead, seeing an infant abandoned on a doorstep in the middle of the night was unpleasant. Besides, they hadn't even bothered to knock, and it was November in England for crying out loud! As the demon finished its report, Ainz focused on the small basket before him.

"Hmm… Tell this to Demiurge and Albedo." As the summoned monster respectfully went to inform his accompanying Guardians, Ainz moved towards the basket. With a quick heating spell to keep the infant warm, he picked up the lose note on top of the pile.

'Eh?... That's it? What defenses? Why just one of them?' After reading the note several times, Ainz was flabbergasted by the laughably short account and reasoning left behind for the near abandonment of the child before him. It stated that there were powerful blood magic defenses to protect against evil beings, but he and his group barely felt a thing as some of the most powerful evil beings out there. He seemed to just register a few magical detections and alarms that were easily suppressed by his automatic defenses.

He also didn't understand any of the logic behind the abandonment. He knew the twin brother was still alive, but for some reason they were being separated. The note didn't even mention the sibling. He could understand that politics were at play, but it still made no sense. At least the child was being left with family.

"Ainz-sama, what do you wish for us to do?" Albedo asked after being informed of the situation.

"Now would be an excellent time to strike, if you wish to take power My Lord." Demiurge stated.

'Where did he get that idea?' "Ah, no. I wish for us to remain in the shadows. We cannot predict what would happen if we expose ourselves any further, especially in the magical world." Ainz figured he would do the most reasonable thing and wait it out. But first, he needed to take care of this child. Picking up the small basket that looked tiny in his massive hands, he went and rang the doorbell.

It wasn't long before he could hear muttered cursing coming from inside the house. With a harsh jerk, the door was pulled open by an obese Englishman with a sour look on his face.

"WHAT?!" The look of rage on the man's face and his vitriolic response startled Ainz.

"Ah, my apologies, but I must tell you something important." He said calmly, his English accented by his lack of experience with it.

"We don't want any! Now go away, it's the middle of the night! Don't you foreigners have any manners?!" Ainz was seriously perturbed by the man's blatant disrespect and racism. However, the bloodlust oozing out of those behind him made him try to resolve this more calmly. He didn't want to have to cover up a murder after all.

"Ah, no. I'm not trying to sell you anything. Are you the husband of a miss Petunia Dursley? It is in regards to her sister."

"What could you want with my wife!? Has her freakish family gotten into trouble?" Suddenly, the man took a much more cautious stance.

"No?... I believe this is a matter best discussed in private."

"Wait here." With a heavy frown on his jowled face, the petty man slammed the door before stomping upstairs, presumably to the bedroom. A much lighter pair of footsteps soon descended the stairs. The front door once again opened, this time to an unattractive, horse-like woman.

"Oh, it's you freaks. I've told my sister that I want nothing to do with her little world of abominations." The venom in the woman's words and her scornful visage really made Ainz wonder if this was a good idea.

And if Kyouhukou was hungry.

"Ma'am. I apologize to bring you bad news, but your sister is dead. She and her husband were killed tonight." Pushing forward, Ainz just wanted to end this and get back to Nazarick. His poor opinion of these people was furthered by the triumphant smirk on the woman's face.

"Good riddance. Now, go away. And I don't want to hear from you people ever again."

"Wait!" Ainz barely stopped her from shutting the door on him. It was clear the woman's patience was running thin, so he needed to act fast.

"Your sister left behind twin infants. As her only living relative, it has been asked of you to care for one of them. The girl." Ainz lifted up the basket to show how serious it was, but he was nearly floored by her response.

"IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT HARD WORKING PEOPLE!? YOU JUST SHOW UP AND DUMP YOUR PROBLEMS ONTO THEM!? WELL, WE DON'T WANT IT!" Her voice was like metal grinding together as she started to scream at him.

"Ma'am, this child has nowhere else to go. I apologize, but I'm just a messenger." Ainz was getting extremely tired of this woman's shrill voice, and he could tell the only reason his NPCs hadn't started slaughtering the humans was his calm demeanor and not being ordered to. A quick glance back showed that even the normally stoic maid CZ was frowning in displeasure.

"SO?! IT'S HARD ENOUGH HAVING ONE CHILD TO TAKE CARE OF! WHY DON'T YOU TAKE CARE OF IT, YOU LOOK WEALTHY ENOUGH! NOW LEAVE US ALONE, AND NEVER COME BACK!" With a thunderous slam the woman shut the door before locking it, the sound of multiple locks connecting showing her seriousness.

"Hmph. What unpleasant people." Ainz said quietly.

"May we punish them for their insolence My Lord?" He could hear teeth grinding and feel the bloodlust coming from his subordinates.

"Ah, um… No. While it is unfortunate to have to deal with people like that, it would be much more of a hassle if something happened to them. I believe it best if we just leave. That level of noise may cause curious lookers, and that would be unfortunate." Indeed, while they were all disguised to appear like humans, they were noticeable enough to leave an imprint. He even thought of wiping the couple's memory, but figured that would cause more problems if found out then strange looking people.

"[Gate]" leaving through the magic portal, Ainz appeared in a dense forest, the walls of Nazarick concealed by a slight slope. Walking the long way, so as to not lose the NPCs, he finally made it to his private room. Finally away from any humans, he removed the mask and gauntlets that covered his skeletal features.

"Ainz-sama, forgive my rudeness, but what do you plan to do with that." Albedo asked, looking pointedly at the basket still in his hands. Gently, he sat down in a plush chair before partially unwrapping the bundle. Sleeping within was a young baby, barely over a year old if the letter was to be believed. With dark brown hair and a small scar on her forehead, she looked like a normal, healthy baby.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. With a hiccup and small burp, the child looked up at Ainz. He was genuinely surprised when the baby didn't start crying at his monstrous visage, instead just looking at him curiously. Hesitantly, he brought a massive skeletal hand above the child's face and watched in wonder as she reached out to grab his finger.

*Giggle**Gurgle* The playful giggles and coos coming from the child as she batted at his hand made him want to ensure this child grew up well.

"We will be keeping her here. It will, yes, it will be a good experiment for the future." The look of confused shock on the Guardians' faces slightly amused him. It took a lot for the two smartest minds in Nazarick to be caught off guard, so it was a nice turnaround from the norm.

"There's no reason for you to look at me like that. It only makes sense for us to keep an eye on this one. Plus, it would be a good experience for us to have a human in Nazarick. It's bound to eventually happen with so many humans in this world."

"I see. Then, do you wish for me to oversee its rearing Ainz-sama?" Demiurge asked. The gleam in his eye made Ainz uncomfortable. While he was fine with the girl being a test and future source of knowledge on the magic in this world, he didn't want her to be put under the ministrations of a demon.

"No, I will see to her growth personally. The Pleaides and the Guardians will all assist with this task. I do not want her to have a poor life. She has already been through enough, and what I can give her is better than the alternative. Plus, it will be a good way for you all to get experience with raising children for the future." As Ainz said that, he realized his poor choice of words.


"Chi-Children!? Raising children with Ainz-sama! In the future! Ku-ku-ku!" The near orgasmic look on Albedo's face was too much. She started to twitch and squirm as her wings fluttered while stealing furtive glances at him.

"*Sigh*, Albedo-sama, please control yourself. Although, I must say that I do not understand the full extent of Ainz-sama's plan, I can see some benefits." Demiurge sighed at his superior's antics while adjusting his glasses.

"Ehem, yes. In fact, I want you to return when you have thought of at least five boons to my plan." The look of confused horror as the two floundered to understand their master's plan nearly made Ainz cry.

'I'm sorry. I really only want to protect the kid. There is no grand plan, just drop it…' Eventually, he turned back to the child in his arms. She had begun staring at him in earnest as she sucked on her thumb.

"Shizu, please fetch the other Pleaides and the regular maids. I wish to inform them of our new resident now. Also, please find something to use as a crib."

"…Understood." As the quiet maid left the room Ainz looked at the other two NPCs with him. They had recovered from their distress and now stood ready to receive orders. To be honest though, the look in Albedo's eyes scared him.

"Ainz-sama, please allow me to be responsible for raising this child. While I understand that I have many duties, I believe with the help of the Pleaides I can raise her properly." Albedo surprised him by proposing that she raise a human. He was well aware of her distaste for them, so her willingness to do this showed her dedication to him.

It made him want to die, thinking about how he changed her settings.

"Fuuuu… Very well. I will also assist you at times, and do not hesitate to ask for assistance. It is the duty of the older generation to properly care for the next one."

"Understood, Ainz-sama." The two Guardians bowed deeply.

"Ainz-sama. If you will excuse me, I will begin preparing my room for a child." Albedo said, a slight twitching in her wings the only evidence of her stifled excitement.

"Umu, yes, you may. You should not need to be present for the announcement, so come find me when you are ready for her." Albedo bowed deeply once more before leaving the room. After she had left, Ainz tried not to think about the sudden shout that had come from outside, or the near maniacal giggling that trailed after.

"Ainz-sama, while I can accept your decision to raise the child, what do we do next? She will surely be missed by those who sought to control her, and we are still trying to remain hidden." Demiurge asked. It was times like these that Ainz was glad to have people like Demiurge to assist him.

"Yes, it is still too early to oust ourselves. We should begin to get some footholds though. We cannot reveal our nature to either worlds yet, as we would no doubt be targeted by both. For now, I feel the magical world is better to focus on. Anything short of full discovery in the mundane world could be hidden with force or money." Ainz rested his chin on his hand, contemplating what to do. While it felt good to know that the child in his arms would be cared for (ignoring any strange ideas put in her head by the NPCs), he had no idea what to do next.

In the end, he had done what amounts to kidnapping. Even though he had the best intentions, it was unlikely that those in power would actually care. Besides, he had no experience in politics to stand up to the government. All he could do is hide or blow stuff up, neither of which being very productive. They also both wasted his limited resources.

"Ainz-sama, if I could make a suggestion." A devilish smile spit Demiurge's face.

"Hm?..." At Ainz' nod of approval, the demon went on to explain how they could begin.

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