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Chapter 12: Unworthy

Kaguya put aside her now empty plate as she stood up from the table.

''Are you done already?'' Asked Tsunami, Tazuna's daughter. She was a pretty young woman with long blue hair and dark eyes. ''I can make you more if you want.''

''Thank you, Tsunami-san. But there is no need, I feel that was enough,'' Said Kaguya. ''It was delicious. I'll be on my way.''

Tsunami nodded. ''Just let me know if you get hungry again,'' Said the woman amicably.

Kaguya did a small bow of gratitude before she left the kitchen. She had been the last one to get breakfast. They had arrived at Tazuna's house last night and she had been so tired that she had been the last one to get up much to her embarrassment.

As she walked down the corridor she passed by Inari, Tsunami's kid. He was a young short boy with spiky black hair that wore a hat. The boy sent a glare her way that she ignored. During dinner last night the little punk had called them idiots for going against Gatou. Tsunami had told them how the boy's adoptive father had been brutally murdered for going against the tyrant and that was the reason he had become so cynic. Kaguya could sympathize with the pain of losing a father but what she could not agree with was turning into a little whiny brat that gave up. The little kid could at least be grateful that he still had a mother and grandpa that loved him. Just having these kinds of lovingly homecooked meals was enough to make the Hyuga prodigy nostalgic. The last time she had experienced similar things in her own home was back when Hizashi had been alive.

She shook her head to clear away those thoughts as she went up the stairs. She had a job to do and she had to be focused once she had to watch over their prisoner, who they had learned was named Haku.

She stopped just before opening the door to the attic, hearing voices inside.

''...And there is Sasuke he can be an ass but he isn't so bad now. And Kaguya used to get on my nerves but she has gotten so cool...''

Kaguya raised her eyes before she opened the door and entered the attic, finding Naruto and Haku staring at her in surprise.

''Is everything all right?'' Asked Kaguya tentatively. ''I heard voices.''

''I was just talking to Haku,'' Explained Naruto.

''Is that so? What about?'' Asked Kaguya in suspicion. She didn't want Naruto giving information to the enemy.

''Nothing much. I just wanted to see if Naruto-kun had someone important to him,'' Said Haku with a smile. He was awfully cheery for someone that was tied from his arms and legs, even his fingers to keep him from making Jutsu.

''Haku isn't so bad once you get to know him,'' Said Naruto with a toothy grin. ''He is a cool guy.''

''He just tried to kill us like a day ago,'' Deadpanned Kaguya.

''I'm genuinely sorry for what I had to do,'' Said Haku melancholically. ''I needed to make sure Zabuza-sama could escape. I really have nothing against you, guys. For what is worth, I didn't intend to kill any of you.''

''How generous,'' Said Kaguya drily before she turned to Naruto. ''You can go now. I'll watch over him for the time being.''

''My shift is over already?'' Asked Naruto. Time just flew by while talking to Haku. ''Okay, I'll see you guys later!''

''Take care of yourself, Naruto-kun,'' Said Haku as he and Kaguya watched the blond leave with a wave of his hand.

With the blond gone, Kaguya walked to the nearest wall and leaned against it with her arms crossed.

''So, Kaguya-san I'm sorry we weren't formally introduced before,'' Said the pretty boy. ''I'm Haku, nice to meet you despite the circumstances.''

Kaguya simply eyed the boy before ignoring him.

''Are angry at me for what I did?'' Asked Haku at the Hyuga's silence.

Still, he got no answer from Kaguya.

''You are not the talkative type, I take it,'' Concluded Haku. ''It's fine. I'm fine with silence too. You seem pretty fond of it also.''

''Just give it up. I'm not falling into your trap,'' Said Kaguya coldly.

Haku tilted his head in confusion. ''What do you mean?''

''You aren't going to get information from me like you did with Naruto,'' Said Kaguya, remembering how easy-going the blond was chatting with their prisoner.

''I'm sorry if I made you weary. I really wasn't trying to get info from him,'' Explained Haku. ''I just wanted to know if he had someone precious to him.''

''Why would you want to know something like that?'' Inquired Kaguya. ''So you can try and blackmail him with threats to them if you manage to get out?''

''No nothing like that,'' Said Haku, looking slightly hurt that the girl thought of him as such a lowlife that he would resort to things like those. ''I saw him fight before and for a Genin he is pretty good. Somewhat rough around the edges but he has a lot of potential. He even managed to get your spirits up to fight again. I wanted to know if he had people precious to him because that's what makes you truly strong.''

Kaguya raised an eyebrow at that. Why would he want to help his enemies get stronger?

''What about you, Kaguya-san?'' Asked Haku. ''Do you have any precious people? You seem pretty strong, you ought to have some, right?''

''I don't know,'' Said Kaguya, truly not sure of what to say. Her clan didn't care for her and her adoptive family hadn't been close to her for years now. The closest people to her were probably...

''Is your team, right?'' Finished Haku in he stead much to her surprise. ''When you were faced with the possibility of all of your team dying was when you showed your true power.''

Kaguya pondered on what Haku was saying. She didn't know if what she had done back then against Zabuza was because her team was in danger or her ideals were in danger. But one thing that she was sure of was if Naruto hadn't been there to pull her back up she would have died like a dog. Maybe there was some truth to what Haku was saying. Maybe just having people's back and they having yours made you much stronger. Still, she wasn't sure how much she cared for her team just yet. She liked them just fine she guessed but after everything that had happened to her in the past she wasn't too willing to let people get close to her, not right away at least.

''I can see that you have trouble letting people in,'' Said Haku, shocking Kaguya that he was able to read her like that. ''But I promise you that once you fully accept someone as something truly precious to you, your true strength will come out.''

Kaguya pondered on what Haku had said, letting silence settle itself in the room as she thought things through. Haku didn't have any problem shutting up as he let the girl meditate in peace. As he had said before, he didn't mind the silence at all.

-A Few Hours Later-

Kakashi made his way into the attic, grabbing the attention of both occupants.

"Sorry to interrupt. You guys seem so enthralled," joked the copy ninja at the dead silence in the room. "I hope your accommodations aren't too uncomfortable, Haku-san. But with our circumstances as they are...well, I'm sure you understand."

Haku nodded. "I know. I also wish we could have met under different circumstances."

"Glad that you comprehend," Said Kakashi, closing his single eye as he smiled behind his mask. "If is any consolation, once we are done with our mission you are free to go."

"What!?" Exclaimed Kaguya in disbelief. "Just like that!?"

"Our job is to protect Tazuna until the bridge is complete, and Haku and Zabuza's is to kill him. Our missions are the only thing making us enemies. Once we are done with our task we will have no reason to keep at each other's throats," Kakashi explained as he pulled out his favorite book. "Anyway, you can go now, Kaguya. I'll take it from here."

"Alright," Kaguya complied. "Where are the others?"

"I left them practicing chakra control exercises. I'm guessing you won't find that too thrilling," Said Kakashi. With Kaguya's level, she should be well past basic chakra exercises. "You can go join them if you want. Or go for a stroll around the village, it's up to you."

Kaguya nodded once more. She wasn't too interested in doing any more chakra control. She had mastered water walking a long time ago. But maybe she could go and give some pointers to her team? She would have to think about it.

"Fine, I'll be off, then," Kaguya announced as she started making her way out.

"Is that Icha Icha paradise?" Asked Haku when he recognized the book in Kakashi's hands.

"Oh, do you know it?" Inquired Kakashi. Surprised to see someone so young show interest in his book.

"I like reading all kinds of books," Said Haku. "And while I don't care much for the mature parts, I do find the story entertaining. However, Zabuza-san doesn't usually let me read those books."

"I can imagine..." Said Kakashi, finding amusement in picturing Zabuza scolding Haku like some kind of overprotective mother.

Kaguya rolled her eyes as she exited the attic. Was her whole team willing to speak freely to their prisoner?

Regardless, she quickly exited the house. Since Tazuna's home was at the shore, it was surrounded by a small pier. The girl walked down the short wooden bridge connecting the house to the mainland when she saw Sakura running around the ocean water surrounding the house.

Once the pinkette spotted the horned girl, she quickly made her way to greet her reserved teammate.

"Hello, Kaguya-san. Already done looking over Haku?" Asked Sakura, focusing on keeping the chakra on the soles of her feet stable so she wouldn't sink into the water.

"Kakashi-sensei took over," Said the Hyuga. "I see you are practicing water walking."

"Yeah, Kakashi-sensei had us practice tree walking but it seems like I had a knack for chakra control since I dominated it right away," Explained Sakura. "So I was sent here to practice water walking instead. I still need to do a few dozen laps around the house."

"I see," Responded Kaguya. "What about Naruto and Sasuke?"

"They are in the forest nearby. They still have to practice tree walking some more," Said Sakura. "By the way, what are you up to? I doubt you need to train with us."

Kaguya shrugged casually. "I think I'm going to take a walk around town. I have nothing else to do, so why not?"

"Just be careful," Warned Sakura. "Tazuna-san says that the village has seen better days."

"Don't worry, I won't let my guard down," Kaguya reassured her. It wasn't like a common criminal could take on a shinobi anyway. "I'll go and help you out with your trainings when I'm done."

"Thanks for that," replied Sakura before getting ready to start sprinting again. "Well, I'm off. I have to finish these laps. See ya!"

"See you later,'' Kaguya waved at Sakura as the pink-haired girl returned to her tasks.

With everyone occupied with their own business, Kaguya proceeded to resume her quick tour of the village.

It only took the girl a few minutes to get out of the secluded forest-like part of the town that Tazuna's house was located in until she arrived at the heart of the village.

Kaguya stared agape and astonishment at the state the place was in. The houses and stores around were run down, some even looked like they could fall apart at any moment. With the wooden planks loose and unstable, they were crumbling under their own weight.

She was surprised that everywhere she went, the buildings never got much better. If it wasn't because there were people on the streets this could pass as an abandoned ghost town. In fact, Kaguya could bet that some actual ghost towns would be in better shape than this place.

But the people looked even worse than their living place. Everywhere she looked she was faced with tired and desperate faces of hopelessness and defeat. There was a person in each corner asking for money or food, sometimes even with their children in tow who were just as malnourished as the rest of the inhabitants.

Kaguya could feel someone trying to sneak up on her. She turned around and quickly grabbed an arm by the wrist that was attempting to pickpocket her weapons pouch. Kaguya was taken aback by the scared face of the little boy she had caught red-handed. He was dirty and looked just as miserable and unnaturally thin as the rest of the people around town.

The boy shook Kaguya's hold off before he turned around and ran with all his speed. Kaguya didn't have the heart to chase after the runt. She hated thieves but she wasn't sure if her conscience would allow her to be so harsh on a hungry street kid who wasn't even able to steal anything from her.

''Please little miss, would you care to buy something from me?'' Asked a thin man as Kaguya passed by the other side of the street. As a classy-looking foreigner, she guessed that she had to grab a lot of people's attention. She went over to see the small wooden rack that the man owned. She took a look at the contents to see a few fruits and vegetables that were all but dried up. In her clan, food like these wouldn't even be considered good enough to give to a stray dog much less to buy and eat. She tried to not make her disgust apparent, the last thing these people needed was a person from a higher standing looking down on them and their wares.

Kaguya made an apologetic face. ''I'm sorry, sir. I really don't need-''

''Hey old man!''

Kaguya was interrupted to see a shady looking guy approaching the vendor, who now had terror etched all across his face at the sight of the newcomer.

''I'm here for the weekly fee, so pay up!'' threatened the thug. He was a tall and muscular man. He was wielding an axe as he rested the weapon against his shoulder casually.

''I-I can't!'' Replied the terrified vendor. ''Sales have been at an all-time low! There is no way that I can pay what Gatou is asking!''

''I already gave you a chance last time,'' Said the grunt dangerously. ''And I so generously allowed you to pay later. I won't be so nice this time. You either pay with money or your hand.''

''Have mercy, please!'' Pleaded the man. ''I really don't have any money!''

''The hand it is, then!'' Declared the thug sadistically as he gripped his weapon tightly.

''Hey, you brute!''

The muscular grunt frowned in confusion as he glanced down at his side to see a white-skinned little girl glaring coldly at him.

''What do you want, brat?'' Snarled the thief. ''Little kids shouldn't get involved when grown-ups are talking.''

''I'm just going to say this once,'' Warned Kaguya. ''Leave now if you don't want me to break every single bone in your body.''

The man stared in astonishment at the small girl for a few seconds of disbelief before he started to laugh heartily. This brat wasn't even half his size and she was threatening him?!

He was about to tell the kid to piss off when he felt a strange force collide with him. He felt the air leave his lungs as he was thrown harshly across the street, crashing with a wooden fence before his mind went blank.

Kaguya took a moment to stare at the still form of the thug in hatred before she noticed the vendor she had just saved flee the scene in terror along with everyone in the immediate vicinity once they realized someone had stood up to one of Gatou's men.

Kaguya was left alone with the unconscious man as she clenched her fists in anger. Even with the village in the state it was, that piece of trash Gatou still had the nerve to send men to collect money by force from these poor people. And not only that, but Gatou had these citizens so terrified and their spirits so broken that they were too scared to fight back.

Kaguya walked over to the downed thug, shooting him a look of disgust before she kicked him in the face.

The man opened his eyes in panic. Disoriented at being awoken so suddenly.

Before the brute could say or do anything, in a flurry of hand movements, Kaguya hit several of his Tenketsu around his body to keep him from moving.

The man yelled in pain at the agony of having one's Tenketsu closed forcefully.

Kaguya knelt down and grabbed the man by his face, closing his mouth shut before forcing him to look at her. Once she had direct eye contact, Kaguya knew that she had him at his mercy. ''Where is your boss? Where is Gatou?''

The man stared wide-eyed at the monstrous little girl for a second, he then managed to mutter an answer. ''He lives at the other side of town. Just up the hill.''

''Thank you for your time,'' Said Kaguya. Her mind control worked wonders on people with very little chakra like common thugs and civilians. The demon brothers had taken a while to crack as they were full-fledged chunin, but some run-of-the-mill mercenary could be manipulated to do whatever she wanted with just a simple glance. ''Also, do me a favor and once you get up, go and swim into the ocean until you can no longer move.''

''Of course, miss,'' Replied the man blankly and obediently.

Satisfied, Kaguya left behind the man as she walked away in the opposite direction she had come.

In just a few minutes, Kaguya stood outside the gates of a mansion, which seemed to be more like a palace. It was a four-floor building with a large yard outside surrounded by a tall spiked fence. Kaguya recognized the white stone as marble and she could bet that it was made from several materials that were just as expensive.

Here it was. Just inside the building was the tyrant that had all the people in Wave living as slaves, like subhumans. Here lived the man who had broken the will of the people until they were nothing more than soulless husks of their former selves. And not to mention that this was the same piece of shit who had sent the demon brothers and Zabuza after her team and was no doubt plotting right now how to kill them all.

Kaguya frowned in cold hatred at the place. She knew that their mission wasn't to assault Gatou directly. They just had to ensure the completion of the bridge and nothing more. But why should she limit herself to just that when the root of their problems was right in front of her? She had all this power that was going to waste just limiting herself to playing by the rules. If she didn't use her strength to seek justice, to give people like this their just punishment, then what was the point of having power in the first place? Gatou didn't play by the rules so why should they?

Yes, people like Gatou, they didn't deserve their power, they were unworthy of their standing, and above all else, they didn't deserve mercy.

-Gatou's Mansion-

''Have any of you, good-for-nothing bastards heard anything from Zabuza?!'' Yelled a short pudgy man with untamed puffy hair and pointed mustache. He was wearing a black suit and dark sunglasses. He was sitting on a large chair in the middle of a room, almost resembling a throne.

''I'm sorry, Gatou-sama. We haven't heard from the missing-nin in a while. We don't know where he is,'' Explained a scared thug carrying a sword.

''Bah! you are useless, all of you!'' Yelled Gatou angrily before taking a sip from the glass of wine in his hand. ''I'm surrounded by incompetence.''

''We'll let you know as soon as we have word from the Demon of the Mist,'' Reassured another thug.

''Such 'Demon of the Mist' he turned out to be!'' Spat Gatou. ''Maybe he just got killed. And with how expensive he was to lose to a bunch of brats and their sensei it makes my blood boil.''

''We'll find someone else to get rid of the Konoha ninja,'' Said one of his men. ''If Zabuza won't do it we'll find someone else who can.''

''You better, I need that bridge builder dead!'' Said Gatou. ''I'll have his head for daring to cross-''


The short man and the guards surrounding him turned to see one of their men entering the room in a haste.

''What do you want?! It better be good for interrupting me!'' Threatened Gatou.

''Someone has broken into the palace!'' Said the man with urgency. ''Some girl...she came out of nowhere and took down the rest of our men in the courtyard in an instant!''

''A girl you say?'' Repeated Gatou. ''I should have you killed for allowing yourself to be beaten by a girl!''

''But sir, she broke in-''

''And she won't get far!'' Said Gatou. ''The entire place is filled to the brim with mercenaries money could buy and my personal guard. She will be dead before even putting foot in these halls.''

As soon as those words left the tyrant's mouth, they heard several cried of agony outside the room, seemingly coming from all over the house as loud thuds.

''W-What is that?!'' Gatou demanded to know.

The man that just arrived quickly went over to the large door in the main room they were in and closed it before he barred it.

Gatou and his men waited anxiously listening to the diminishing yells until only silence remained.

One of the men walked slowly to the door and pressed his ear to the wooden surface to see if he could hear anything else outside. Then, the door exploded open, sending the man and some of the closest to him flying along with the smoke and splinters that remained of the door.

Gatou stared in horror at the shape in the smoke as his men quickly swarmed around him with their weapons at the ready to defend their master.

Once the dust had cleared, it slowly revealed a pale young girl standing at the entrance of the large room.

At the sight, Gatou's terrified face morphed into an incredulous grin. ''A...little girl?'' He pondered on the situation for a moment before he started to laugh. His degrading howls echoed throughout the room before he finally recovered his breath. ''I should fire all of you! You let this little girl infiltrate my place?! You better get rid of her in the next minute if you don't want me to kill you all!''

With that, some of the men at the side of Gatou lined themselves behind Kaguya, blocking her escape as others positioned themselves at her sides. Ready to skewer her from all sides at once at first sign of movement. However, Kaguya simply glanced around her uncaringly.

''I don't know how you managed to get this far, girl,'' Sneered Gatou. ''But this is as far as you go. Who sent you and what do you want?''

Kaguya looked at him coldly before talking at last. ''I came here on my own volition. I'll have you pay for everything you have done.''

Gatou snickered at the girl's answer. Such a naive reason. ''And you think you'll be able to do it by your own? Sorry to say, but you won't do anything. In fact, I'm just starting. Wave is just the beginning. Once my influence grows I'll expand around the world! I won't rest until I own everything!''

''You and your men are nothing more than insects to me,'' Replied Kaguya as her Byakugan activated and her look became murderous. Gatou could feel an intense pressure in the room, even finding difficult to breathe as the temperature seemed to drop several degrees.

''You are a blight on this world. You who use your power to opress and gather all riches for yourself. You disgust me,'' Kaguya's smile turned sardonic and an unusual crazed glint settled in her eyes. ''Like a sad little man like you could own the world. You don't deserve your power. I'm the only one who can rule this world and bring justice to all!''

At that moment, Kaguya widened her eyes as she returned to her senses. Where had that come from? Why did she say something like that?

Even Gatou stared oddly at her. The girl had to be crazy. He had finally had enough of this insolence. ''Normally, I would let my men have their fun with you at their heart's content then sell you as a slave. But since you have made me angry we'll take turns making your life miserable until you beg for death. How does that sound?''

Kaguya decided that this wasn't the time to be doubting herself and recovered her nerve, staring impassively at the slimy man for a moment before she finally talked. ''The only one who is going to beg for death is you.''

''And you are going to kill me?'' Inquired Gatou in amusement.

''No,'' Replied Kaguya as she started glancing around the room at several of Gatou's men, looking for visual contact before she settled her eyes on the pudgy man again. ''They will.''

Gatou wondered that nonsense the girl was speaking of when some of his men turned around and starting attacking the rest unprovoked.

''What is this?!'' Yelled Gatou as one of his bodyguards at his side was slain by the sword of one of his traitorous comrades.

Kaguya simply stood motionless as the guards continued to kill each other, painting the walls and floor with the blood of their friends. She smiled sadistically at the sight of the small filthy man shrieking in confusion and horror at the massacre happening all around him.

Gatou attempted to make a run for it. He would escape and get his revenge another day, but his plan was cut short when he felt himself being pulled back by the neck of his suit. He stared back to see one of the traitors from before gripping him tightly as he held his arms in place.

''Let me go! I order you to let me go!'' Gatou squirmed under his former bodyguard's grip. ''I pay you!'' He was the silenced when a dirty rag was shoved into his mouth to keep him silent.

Once the mind-controlled men finished taking down the last of the men still loyal to Gatou, they turned to Kaguya expectantly. ''What shall we do with him?''

Kaguya stood over the restrained Gatou. Cold white eyes meeting the eyes full of dread of the tyrant.

Kaguya smiled perversely. She would make Gatou suffer the same kind of horrors he had brought upon the Land of Waves. ''The same thing he always does. We'll set an example,'' Said Kaguya as Gatou cried in fear for what was to come.

-Tazuna's Home-

Naruto and Sasuke stumbled on their way to the house. They had been all day with the tree walking exercise and had made a lot of progress. Having each other to compete and push the other beyond their limits was very beneficial.

''I almost reached the top,'' Said Naruto as he leaned on Sasuke for support. ''I know I'm going to win.''

''In your dreams,'' Replied the Uchiha as he too used his blond comrade to help himself walk straight.

As they neared Tazuna's house, they found Sakura sitting outside seemingly resting. The pink-haired girl perked up once she spotted her teammates and came running to greet them.

''Hey guys!'' Said Sakura amicably. ''You finally came back.''

''We couldn't just leave our training as it was,'' Said Naruto with a smile. ''Not when we are almost done.''

''What about you, Sakura?'' Asked Sasuke. ''How is the water walking training coming along?''

''Done!'' Chirped the pinkette much to the boy's surprise. ''I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly!''

''Man, no fair!'' Said Naruto. ''Still, you are pretty awesome, Sakura-chan! you completed Kakashi-sensei's training just like that!''

Sakura smiled sheepishly at Naruto's praise. ''I think I have a knack for chakra control, hehe.''

''By the way, where are Kakashi and Kaguya?'' Asked Sasuke. ''I haven't seen them in a while.''

''Kakashi-sensei is watching over Haku,'' Sakura explained. ''Kaguya said she was going to walk around the village. But now that you mention it, she has been gone for a while.''

''Ah, Sasuke, Naruto,'' Said Kakashi as he exited the house. ''How is the training going?''

''Kakashi-sensei?'' Asked Sakura. ''Aren't you supposed to be watching over Haku?''

''I left a clone with the boy,'' Said Kakashi impassively. ''I was coming to get you, Sakura. Is your turn to keep watch.''

''Sorry, I think I lost track of time,'' Sakura apologized.


Team Seven directed their attention to a young man arriving at the scene. They recognized him, it was one of Tazuna's workers.

Upon hearing the commotion, Tazuna exited his house rapidly to greet his coworker. ''Toru-san what's wrong? Is not time yet to go back to the bridge.''

''Is not that!'' Said the young man. ''It's about Gatou! His men have betrayed him!''

Tazuna and the rest of team seven widened their eyes in shock. Gatou had been betrayed?!

''What do you mean by that?'' Asked Tazuna.

''Come to look for yourself, quick!'' Urged the young man as he ran back into the village with Tazuna and Team Seven in tow.

In a couple of minutes, the group had already made their way to the village's square to find a large crowd of people cheering for something.

''Move aside!'' Said Tazuna as he and Team Seven arrived at the front row. Once they had a clear view of what was happening, they went agape as they were greeted by the sight of Gatou, hung on a wooden log as one of his henchmen finished nailing his arm to the surface.

Gatou let out a piercing scream once one of his former thugs buried the metal nail in his wrist all the way into the post. Blood flowing freely from his wounds as it started to pool below him.

''People of Wave, here is the man responsible for your suffering!'' Yelled the thug at the cheering crowd. ''Here is the man responsible for taking away your jobs, your money, your families! And now, look at him now!''

The crowd went crazy as they started throwing trash at the man nailed at the post. The rest of the thugs had to make a line at the front to keep people from rushing in.

''Please, someone help!'' Gatou cried in agony. ''I'll pay you anything, just please let get me out of here!''

Naruto and his two other teammates stared in disgust at the scene. This was way too brutal even for vermin like Gatou.

''Kakashi-sensei, what is going on here? Aren't those guys supposed to be his friends?'' Asked Naruto.

Kakashi didn't know what to respond to Naruto. This whole situation was bizarre. What could have driven Gatou's men to suddenly turn against him? It wasn't uncommon for lowlifes like him to have tons of enemies but this had happened way too fast.

''Guys? You are here too?''

Kakashi and the rest turned to look at Kaguya who was just arriving at the scene, pushing people aside to get to them.

''Kaguya, where have you been?'' Asked Kakashi.

''Yeah, look at all this! You shouldn't be wandering around by yourself!'' Added Naruto.

''Sorry, I was sightseeing and lost notion of time,'' Said Kaguya. ''Next thing I know people had rallied here.''

''I was worried about you,'' Said Sakura.

''Guys, look,'' Sasuke called up to them.

They went silent as they directed their attention to Gatou once more.

''And now!'' Said one of the thugs as he pulled out his sword. ''Let us show people like Gatou what happens when they try to oppress us!''

The crowd cheered once more as they saw the man bring the blade to Gatou's throat.

''Wait! Please! I don't want to die, I don't want to-'' Gatou's screams turned into bloody gurgles as the man that had previously protected him, started to cut his neck, slicing and dicing with a sickening crunch while blood sprayed everywhere.

Some of the crowd kept cheering while others looked mortified and ready to vomit.

Naruto felt like throwing up at the extreme display of brutality, Sakura covered her eyes with a shriek, and Sasuke made a grimace before averting his eyes.

Kaguya looked at her handiwork in satisfaction until she turned to her team to find them with varying faces of disgust and displeasure. But, Gatou deserved it. He did the same thing to anyone who opposed him. Why did his team look so unhappy to see justice served?

''This is terrible,'' Mumbled Sakura, barely managing to keep her food down.

''Sickening,'' Sasuke agreed with a frown.

''How could someone do something like that?'' Said Naruto in disbelief. ''They are evil.''

Kaguya widened her eyes in shock. Evil? They thought this was evil? But she had been trying to do justice, to give that man what he deserved. Did they consider her evil? She had thought that maybe things would be different this time around, that maybe she could be something else than a monster, but it seems that now even her team thought she was an evil monster. Even if they didn't know that she was the one responsible, their thoughts on the matter were clear.

''Here it is!'' Yelled one of the thugs as it held Gatou's severed hair. ''The head of that pig!''

Then, he stuck his sword on the ground and inserted Gatous head on the top, displaying the head for everyone to see.

Kakashi tried to think of any reason why this was happening, but nothing made sense. Gatou had had complete control of this town. He had broken the people's spirits and had nothing short of an army protecting him. What had prompted his men to turn on him? It was as if they had become different people in the blink of an eye. A realization hit Kakashi as he turned to look at his pale student. He narrowed his lone eye in suspicion. There was no other explanation that he could think of.

Kaguya stared at the silent scream of the severed head in confusion and disgust. Disgust with herself. She just couldn't become anything more than a monster it seemed. Her team found her actions detestable and vile. She had to accept it, she was a monster like everyone said she was. The least she could do was to look at what she had done. To look closely at what she had chosen. She couldn't take back what she did now, so the only thing left to do was to bask in the result.

The contorted face of Gatou stared unblinkingly at Kaguya as she was reminded of the same Kumo ninja she had killed years ago. She felt a pit in her stomach as the severity of the situation dawned on her. What had she done?

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