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"You're being obvious."

The woman jumped at the casual male voice and she ripped her amber eyes away from the couple she had been staring holes into for the past thirty or so minutes, "W-what?!" She stammered a bit, flustered that she had been caught, "Obvious about what exactly?"

"You don't need to play stupid, Petra," Oluo shrugged, completely disregarding Petra's proceeding glare at the insult, "I mean, almost everyone in the Survey Corps knows about it."

"N-no way," Petra covered her face in shame and embarrassment as her cheeks grew hot underneath her hands, "Y-you don't think that even Captain Levi knows as well, do you?"

Oluo leaned back in his chair, casually throwing his arms behind his head, "Honestly, I have no idea. He isn't exactly the easiest person to read," He threw Petra a sympathetic look, "And even if he did or does know, I doubt it would change a thing."

Petra frowned, "I must still have a small chance. Not all relationships are guaranteed to last forever." She retorted quietly, though she looked rather sullen.

"Do you even hear the words you're saying?" Oluo looked at Petra like she was insane, "I mean, really? Have you ever seen Captain Levi treat anyone like he does Higurashi? If looks could kill, every male in the Survey Corps would be dead already!"

"He does treat her differently, doesn't he?" Petra sighed, "It's subtle, but he's gentler with her than with everyone else."

"He even shares with her what little supply of black tea the Survey Corps receives," Oluo glanced back around the mess hall, locating the couple they were currently talking about, "If that isn't an indication of a long term commitment for him, then I don't know what is."

And sure enough, Levi and Kagome were sitting alone at a table, with the latter smiling like a ray of sunshine and the former looking like his usual stoic self.

However, Petra and Oluo knew Levi well enough to see that he was quite content where he was at the moment and that if anyone – and that meant anyone – interrupted his time with the blue-eyed girl, then there would be hell to pay and sadistic punishments handed out left, right, and centre.

"Hmm," Oluo stared at them thoughtfully, watching as Kagome grabbed Levi's hand and wrapped her fingers affectionately around his. The Lance Corporal looked annoyed at the warm gesture, but to Oluo's and Petra's shock, did nothing to remove his hand out of her hold, "If they're this lovey-dovey in public, they must have fucked at least once."

"Oluo?!" Petra shrieked in horror, staring at him with revulsion, "They might be companions or whatever they are, but Captain Levi is almost twenty years older than Kagome! That would be very inappropriate and unethical!"

"We could die at any time and be eaten by the Titans," Oluo shrugged again, "You really think Captain Levi wouldn't offer to share his bed with her?"

Petra let out a dissatisfied noise, unable to look in the couple's direction to see their content expressions, "As long..." She muttered, hoping she could convince herself of this, "As long as Captain Levi is happy."


It was all just one big lie.