The girl had short brown hair her chest was small and she had a slim body, despite being average hight the way she moved made Jaune realize that she was a lot more capable than what she looked like.

She had light skin and dark almost black eyes.

"Let's go inside so you can introduce your self to us" Jaune said to her, he was going to walk into the guild however the door didn't open, he tried to open it like he usually did but sure enough the door was locked.

He was bout to give up when the door opened and one of the servants stood in front of him, the woman closed her eyes, before bowing her head and handing him a letter.

" You four need to learn to survive, up until now we have provided everything for you. We are giving you money water and warm clothing, everything after that is up to you." those words made Jaune stop and he immediately gave the letter to Pyrrha.

"Looks like they're cutting us loose, all of the hot baths and stuff we were given was only while we were in training, now we will have to earn it." Scar said as he read the letter.

the servant girl placed four backpacks in front of them, however before she could close the door Scar pushed his slaves into the guild.

"I can't do this mission with them around, they're my servants, as long as they don't do anything ... you know dam well what I mean, feel free to make them help out around the guild" Scar said to the woman as she closed the door of the guild.

The loud moan of a giant animal caught their attention, however, Jaune found himself finally realizing that his team wasn't the only one being treated this way, all around them Adventurers were moving, not just the recently recruited but also the senior members.

He felt his chest become cold and if a minor was placed in front o him, he would have sworn he would have seen the color drain from his face.

"Looks like this is it, we're doing this, we're adventurers." Jaune said to himself, it had finally set in and he didn't know how to react.

He felt the weight of a heavy hand on his left shoulder and the soft warmth of a familiar hand on his rightsholder, he found Scar and Pyrrha standing in front of him.

"We're with you captain." Scar said to him, while Pyrrha just smiled, her eyes somehow felt warm.

"Then should we see what they left for us" the other girl said to them.

Jaune turned around and he saw that she was already opening one of the backpacks and taking out some of its contents, Scar walked passed him and pike up one of the backpacks, Pyrrha followed his lead and finally Jaune joined them.

Sapere pants, a spare jacket, water bottles, dry meat, and fruits, as well as water filters and medical potions for first aid, but what shocked Jaune the most was the bags filled with gold that they were all given.

Snow slowly began to fall.

"We should head out," Scar said to them, as he noticed the phoenix begin to fly.

"We can do our introductions as we go" he said to them as he took the lead and began to walk in front of the group.

Jaune followed close behind the older man and Pyrrha waited for the new girl to walk in front of her, they walked passed the tents where they had celebrated the day before, past the tents where the refugees lived, past the entrance to the city and finally past the forest.

They stood in front of a long path made by the people that had walked into the forest, Scar looked back at Jaune, Jaune looked back at the new girl and the girl looked back at Pyrrha and finally Pyrrha looked back.

Once they gave this first step, officially their old lives and any connections to it would be no longer matter, their lives would belong to the guild and the fact that they were adventurers.

Scar didn't move, none of them did, Jaune felt something inside him move and without wanting he walked passed Scar and walked into the snow-covered land away from the path that was already formed.

he walked and didn't bother looking back, he could hear Scar behind him and with his footsteps crunching the snow, were the footsteps of the two other members of his team.