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It was a sweltering hot Thursday. Mr Dursley had already gone to work and Dudley was staying over at his friend's house. Only Mrs Dursley was left at 4 Privet Drive with Harry and she had so unkindly given him the job of weeding the garden. But no sooner Harry had gone out, Aunt Petunia called him back in. She was seated at the dining table looking like she wanted to tell Harry something important.

"Come, sit down,"

Harry pulled out a chair and sat. Aunt Petunia suddenly started sobbing. Harry, who didn't know what was going on, patted her lightly on the shoulder awkwardly.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry.I didn't want this either," Aunt Petunia said softly.

"What?" Harry asked, puzzled.

"I was forced into marriage.He forced me to do everything. I never hated Lily. Lily was the sister anyone could have had. I was just envious..I'm so sorry, Harry.I wanted to love you..But Vernon would hurt me whenever I..was being nice to you.."

Harry's mouth was open in awe.

"What would Lily have thought if she saw me like this? I'll never be able to forgive myself.Would you ever forgive me, Harry?"

Harry was at a loss of words but he managed a nod.

"Thank you..Thank you very much..I'll.I'll just go off and make dinner.Don't bother about the garden..Here's the key for your owl's cage by the way." Aunt Petunia said, as if nothing had happened.

Harry was rather amazed but quite shaken after Aunt Petunia's confession. The news had come to him as a shock. Having nothing to do in his room, Harry decided to tell Ron and Hermione about this. He pulled out a piece of parchment and his quill. He dipped his quill into the ink bottle then wrote:

Dear Ron, How are you doing? You know my Aunt? She just told me something I didn't quite believe at first. Get this: She said she wanted to love me but was forced to hate my by Uncle Vernon. So maybe she's not at all that bad.Tell me what you think alright?

P.S: Pass this on to Hermione; she would want to know what happened during my summer.

Harry Harry unlocked Hedwig's cage and prodded her awake.

"Hedwig, please send this to Ron," Harry said, tying the piece of parchment to her leg. Hedwig gave a hoot of acknowledgement then flew out of the window. No sooner had Hedwig flown off, there was a loud bang from downstairs. It was Uncle Vernon. He had just came back from work and had slammed the door in fury.

"THREE!! Three bloody major deals and they got rejected!" bellowed Uncle Vernon from the living room.

"And it's all your fault!" Uncle Vernon shouted as he trudged upstairs towards Harry's room. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never be able to forget!!" He kicked open Harry's door and pointed at him.

"Me? But I didn't.." Harry never got to finish his sentence. Uncle Vernon had slapped him with such great force that it sent Harry crumbling to the floor. Harry winced as he tried to speak. Harry climbed slowly to his feet, only to get punched at the jaw by Uncle Vernon's fat fist. Harry fell to the floor and curled up as Uncle Vernon continued punching and kicking him in the stomach and chest. He soon lost consciousness.


Meanwhile in Dumbledore's office.

"But Albus, I don't feel at ease especially with Harry living with those Muggles. I've got to check on him!" spoke the head of Sirius from the fireplace.

"Sirius, Sirius, you still have your job to do.Before you have rounded up the old crowd, I'm afraid you will not be permitted to do so," Dumbledore said wearily.

Sirius groaned. "But could send someone over to check on Harry? You know Albus? Just to make sure?" Sirius pleaded worriedly.

Dumbledore smiled kindly. "If you really must insist.Alright I'll send someone over."

Sirius smiled brightly and said "Thanks Albus." And then he disappeared into the flames. Dumbledore reached for some Floo Powder. He stepped into the fireplace and said 'Severus Quarters' and then he disappeared into the flames. Dumbledore reappeared in an empty room. But just then, Snape entered the room. He saw Dumbledore then asked "Were you looking for me, Headmaster?"

"Ah yes, Severus, I need you to go down to 4 Privet Drive to see if everything is alright there,"

Snape frowned. "What for?"

"Sirius is worried for him. Among us all, you have more time on your hands and you will be able to handle anything not in order,"

Snape scowled and then said "Alright, alright I'll go."

Dumbledore smiled. "I hope you'll go as soon as possible." And then Dumbledore left the room.


"Master Potter.." Severus thought to himself, "Always needs everyone to wait on him, and I still have to check on him. I'll bet those relatives of his do EVERYTHING for him.A good-for-nothing..Like father, like son," Snape had to dress like a muggle. He wore a black shirt, a black leather jacket, a pair of black denim jeans and black boots. He also had a pair of sunglasses. He looked like someone from a motorcycle gang.