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Quiet night in Juuban, it's so peaceful, or is it?

The start of our story is in Juuban's famous park. Full of trees, grasses and benches, it's very good place for a picnic especially when the Cherry Trees bloom and their petals fall. But now was not a time to think about happy times, especially the figure in the park that was approaching a tree. He leaned against a tree, seeing his visions fading. He put his hand on his stomach and felt blood.

He was injured already, and the monster is still around there. He shakily stood up, his gun in his hand. It was a P229, a 9mm semi-auto handgun with silencer and flashlight. It was his favorite gun, a trusted gun he had. It lacked power, but it was very light compared to his other favorite, the M4A1.

He heard the sound somewhere in his sides, and he put his gun up, preparing to fire.

He saw the monster that hurt him. It was medium sized, and had two heads, and covered in blood. It's ugly fangs was also colored crimson and it was sniffing the air.

(It can smell blood) the man thought as the monster looked at the man's direction. They both looked at each others' eyes before it charged at him. He aimed his gun at the monster and shot it five times. It got hit, but still wasn't going to slow down.

(If I'm going to die, it wont be in vain! Wait until my wife and son get to you!) the man thought before the dog jumped at him...

-Omega X Present-

-Parasite Moon-

-Chapter 01: Meet JP Brea-

=Somewhere in Los Angeles=

A young man crouched low on a support pillar in the corner of a building. He was in a Five Star Hotel, but he was not there for relaxing. He was on his job, helping his mom defeat monsters that were found roaming around. To say he enjoyed himself was an understatement.

His name was John Patrick Brea, or JP for short. He's 6 feet tall, and was 17 years old, with brown hair that he got form his father and eyes from his mother. He had a white shirt with no sleeves, showing his lean and muscular arms. He also wore his favorite baggy jeans which was street style, having red linings on the sides. It might be normal for a boy at his age to wear such things, the accessories he had were not. Over his shirt were leather straps that hide his guns when he was not using them, and his pants had special made pockets to hold about 300 bullets.

JP's hand held two large revolvers, silver and complete with laser sight. It had more punch than his first favorite gun, the Mongoose. He stood up and jumped to his left, shooting two Neo Mitochondria Creatures while he was in the air, shooting them directly in their chests. They grunted and started to follow their prey.

JP smiled as he ran towards them, and jumped over their heads, showing agility and grace as he rolled on the floor, recovering very quickly, aiming the two NMCs in their backs and shot them. They roared in pain and fell on the floor, dead.

The noise must have attracted the rest of them, since more came towards the reception where JP shot the other two NMCs. JP quickly took the barrel of his two guns out, replaced the four bullets he spent, and faced 10 NMCs that were surrounding him. 5 were their standard humanoid Lesser Stranger NMCs, while the other 5 were Brute or nicknamed 'Green Fatties' NMCs.

One brute attacked first, its hand stretched as it tried to grab JP, but JP just jumped at the supporting pillar and back flipped away firing two shots at it. It went down at once and JP landed smoothly behind one of the Lesser Strangers and gave it one shot in the back and it went down. He danced around again as the Green Fatties tried to hit him again stretching their hands, but JP just jumped over them, shooting at the other 8 NMCs left.

3 more Fatties were down and a Stranger tried to sneak behind JP, but he was ready as he jumped high and went behind his attacker and shot him in the head. Having 4 enemies left, he decided to spend his last two shots towards the last Fattie. It went down and JP was left with two useless guns. He quickly put them in his hilt and focused his mind as the last three enemies came towards him.

The Strangers thought the human gave up, and approached him to finish their job, but they stopped. They felt something burning inside them, and before they knew, their lungs went on fire and before they could do anything, they burst on fire. They roared in pain before they fell down on the floor.

NMCs were not like humans in dieing though. Those that were dead already disappeared in a pool of goo, and those that just died started to melt.

JP sighed in relief, and felt thirsty. Manipulating his own mitochondria takes a lot of work, and energy. He opened his head, and before he could react, a NMC rat jumped towards him. JP covered his face with his arms, and...


The rat slumped landed on JP's right, dead. JP looked at it, and looked at his left.

You should be more careful, JP said the woman with shoulder cut blonde hair in English. It nearly had you.

I know replied JP. Thanks mom.

Come on Aya said. Time to leave this to the clean up crew.

JP nodded and waked towards his mom.

=MIST HQ, Los Angeles=

In the underground garage, Aya entered with her Sedan that she rebuilt ever since it was destroyed in Mojave Desert, and JP entered with his motor bike, a Harley Davidson, quite a collector's item. It took a lot of Bounty Points off JP but it was worth it.

Aya went out of her car when JP was locking his bike up. She motioned him to follow her. JP obediently followed her inside, greeting the Arms and Weapons manager, Jodie.

They went up in silence, towards the top floor, where the head of the MIST department was waiting.

The head of department replaced Baldwin, the former MIST director when the F.B.I found out that he was part in creating Artificial Neo-Mitochondria Creatures using Aya's own blood to create JP's sister, Eve. Aya explained to her son that there was a lot of cover up and it got pretty nasty. She should know, she fought them in the secret base near the Shelter in Mojave Desert.

As the doors opened, JP faced the director of MIST. MIST stands for Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team, and it was set up as a branch of the F.B.I. to prevent the Manhattan Incident, where the outbreak of Mitochondria Creatures and Eve first appeared. Aya was one of the heroes in that incident.

JP smiled at the head, who didn't return it. JP frowned. Something was really wrong if the director was not smiling.

He silently handed out a file, each for Aya and JP. JP took his and read it. He frowned.

What's this? he asked the director.

It's your new assignment... he replied.

I'm to go with my mom to Japan JP said, looking at his file. And study there?

Yes... But turn the page... The director whispered.

JP turned the page and read the few lines and smiled. Good one... he mumbled. So, we are to investigate NMC sightings, and report back? Boring, but sounds fun.

You should know Aya said. I was shoved in the middle of nowhere and I met up with the base of operations where they made ANMCs.

At least they won't send you to school JP retorted. The three of them laughed.

So, are we clear? the director asked. The two nodded. Good. Oh, by the way JP, do you know how to speak Japanese?

"Like having milkshakes in the summer," JP replied in Japanese. Well, thank you sir...

The two Breas went out of the office, straight towards the garage.

Does he expect me to believe this is just a Investigation? JP asked his mother.

No. But it's procedure. Aya replied. JP, your father disappeared in Japan, so it could be more than a simple investigation...

Well, as long as my guns keep firin', and the girls are pretty, I think I'll go along... JP said. He boarded the Sedan. I'm leaving my bike here... They say we leave after two days. So, we pack when we go home?

Yes... Aya replied. You know, I wonder if it was right to let Rupert train you to shoot. He gave you a bit of himself in you...

I know, and I'm proud of it! JP retorted. Let's go!

Aya nodded and started her car, back home.

Uh... JP wondered. What about Eve?

Aya looked at JP. She still has studies. Don't worry about her.

Well, I thought she wanted our company...

Still having hots on your sister, John Patrick? Aya said, raising her voice a bit.

Well, of course JP retorted. She looks like my mom...

Aya laughed and ruffled his hair. Well, don't worry. I think Japan might be a good place for you...

If they had ANMC as big as a building, it will be... JP said.

To be continued...

NEXT: Well, all I know is that JP goes to Juuban and goes to school with the five Senshi... Hopefully, I'll be able to update really soon! SEE YA!