"Excuse me?" the director of MIST asked. He didn't believe he heard correctly. HE was in the office when JP called him from the office, and requested something very serious.

"I requested for a dispatch here," JP repeated. "We need more weapons. There seemed to be a hive of NMCs and ANMCs here, and we encountered some hostiles."

"This is... serious boy!" the director finally said. "The weapons you are requesting could start a gang war! M4A1 Rifle with unattached accessories, MP5A5 (+2) Submachine gun, M249 Machine Gun, and MM1 Grenade Revolver plus it's ammos. This is something I could not authorize even if you request it! Where is you're mother?"

JP paused, looked to his left. Aya was there lying on the couch, still unconscious. "My mom got hurt when we met the hostiles. They are dangerous, and we barely managed to escape. Now, are you granting my request, or shall I just wait until one of us gets killed?"

The director gave pause for a moment. "Alright. I'm sending Jodie over with the weapons. And JP, I'm taking those off you Bounty Points..."

JP laughed. For the first time since he returned back Uncle Maeda's house, he laughed. "Go for it director. If my bounty points were dollars, I would be rich already."

-| Omega X Present |-

-| Parasite Moon |-

-| Chapter 05: Impressions |-

JP hung up the phone after a while. The director asked more about their missions, but JP only gave vague description. Not that he was concerned about security, no. He was tired, very tired. Maeda already retired an hour ago, and JP was feeling sluggish already. Even before he reached school, he was chased by very cute policewomen, met new cute friends, and arrested by the policewomen. Aya rescued him, but it didn't stop there. There was a new NMC attack and a new breed of ANMC, and not only that, his supposed allies attacked him for no reason.

JP yawned. "If they didn't want us interfering, they could have just asked us nicely... but then, we wouldn't listen to them as well..."

JP walked towards Aya, slumped down in the floor near the couch. He would be damned if he leaves his mother. The loyalty and love between them were too damn strong, and it was not surprising. Aya was a very good mother, Eve being a very but sometimes hot headed sister, and his father, Kyle, although not always around, always found time to spend with JP.

JP's family was one of a kind. Something you wouldn't find in an average family in the world. I mean, is there anyone whose mother has evolved mitochondria control, a father who is a secret agent for the US government who was a part in experimentation on Mitochondria, and a sister who is really a clone from the mother?

JP loved his family, and he would die to protect them...

=Next Day, Rei's Temple=

"I still don't get why we have to consider him as an enemy!" Usagi said. She and the other Senshis were having another meeting in Rei's temple. They met after school, and the first thing they noticed was that JP was absent.

"I saw him in a vision," Rei said. "He and his mom would combine to form another individual. The individual would hail the destruction of all mankind."

Minako and Makoto gasped.

"Destruction of mankind?" Minako asked.

"Combine? JP and his mom?" Makoto asked, incredulously. "That's sick! They are into..." she gulped.

"Regardless of what they are into, the boy or his mother are a danger to the future," Pluto said. "The time streams are getting foggier, and I can't look deeper in the future. The boy or the mother needs to be destroyed. When one of them is gone, we can leave the other one."

"Isn't that bit extreme?" Ami finally spoke up.

"Nothing is extreme when it comes to world safety," Setsuna said.

"Finally, after all, we get to battle something again!" Haruka said, smiling.

"Are you sure about this?" Michiru asked. "Remember last time, he got away..."

"Ahh, he was lucky," Haruka said, waving her hand.

"How did he escape, Haruka-papa?" Hotaru asked timidly.

Setsuna looked at Ami. "He unleashed a very powerful attack. He was able to call fire and surrounded us. He used the time to escape."

Ami shook her head. "Setsuna, I scanned the last attack. He didn't use magic, that's something. All my computer got was a high energy spike while he dodged Neptune's and Uranus' attacks..." Ami paused. "He did without even saying the name of the attack, or stop moving. He did instinctively, without pause. I don't know how or what he did."

"It doesn't matter. Since the boy is the closest to us because he goes to school, he will be our primary target," Setsuna said.


"I'm sorry," Setsuna said, even though her face didn't even seem sorry. "But it has to be done."

But later on, it seems that JP missed class for the next day as well. One of the Senshis was beginning to worry, torn in conflict. One didn't want to admit it, but she couldn't kill him. The other wanted the world to go on so she could continue her ambitions.

=Maeda's Home, after another day=

JP looked at the window outside. It was peaceful and nothing seems to be wrong.

"JP, go to school," Aya repeated, a hint of irritation in her voice. "I'm fine. I can take care of myself! Go!"

"I don't want to," JP said seriously. "I can't leave you mom," and Aya wanted to smile. How kind her son was to her.

"It doesn't matter," Aya said. "They won't find me and you still have to attend school to avoid suspicions. Yesterday was already enough to raise a few suspicions. We can't have the same scene being repeated. Go to school. I'll be fine. I'm good as new."

JP looked at his mother. She was serious. "You aren't trying to drive me away?"

Aya laughed. "Whatever mister Brea. How about this. I won't move without you?"

JP smiled. "Fine... But I'm very late."

"Then just go to school saying that there was a family emergency. And tell them that you're sorry for not informing the school."

JP smiled. "Soul of Practicality. I'll make up my own family emergency, and I'm taking my guns."

Aya didn't complain. She just watched JP leave the room, taking his helmet with him.

=Juuban High=

JP parked his bike inside the school grounds. He took the scenic route because he needn't worry about being late. He was late already, and he had no intention in taking classes for today.

He walked slowly towards the office. He prepared his story, and he had to admit, he was good. Being in the secret business where NMC attacks are usually said to be gas explosions and other reasons, the agents themselves have to convincing as well.

Walking towards the office, he walked up to the front desk. It was the same girl who gave him the schedule.

"You're very late," the girl said.

JP smiled weakly. "I had some family problems. I couldn't call in since it was really an emergency..."

"What kind of emergency?" the girl asked.

"My mother had a heart attack. Her arteries were clogged because of stress, not because of fat since she has a very good figure..." JP smiled proudly, then frowned. "She needed a by-pass transplant. She's recovering and she convinced me that I need to go back to school. I'm here just to tell you that."

"Oh... You wouldn't mind if I called home?" the girl said suspiciously.

"Go ahead," JP said, frowning a bit. "I just hope that the cordless phone is with my mom. The doctor said not to strain herself... Oh shoot, I think I left it in the charger, in the living room..." JP began to sweat. "Oh no... if she thinks the calls are important, she would try to get them! What if she falls and..." JP paled. The girl was convinced.

"It's okay. I'll call later when you're home," the girl said.

"Thank you for understanding..." JP said, bowing a bit, having an expression that he wanted to kiss the girl.

"It doesn't mean I believe you," the girl said indignantly, blushing a bit.

"Thanks anyway," JP repeated. "May I go to class? I wanted to know what I missed.

The girl nodded, and JP gave her a last smile before he walked away. He was about to exit the office when a hand held him in the shoulders. He turned around and he saw a woman in front of him with long flowing green hair.

Setsuna smiled. "Well, who do we have here?"

JP shivered. There was something about this woman which he didn't like. "Hello. I'm JP Brea. I never saw you before..."

"Setsuna Meiou," Setsuna introduced herself. "Councilor. I heard of you, Mr. Brea. You've been missing for almost two days. I do hope you have a reason."

"Family emergency," JP said, waiting for Setsuna to ask more. She didn't, which surprised him even more.

"Well, it's a good thing that you care about you're family," Setsuna said, smiling a bit. "I know some Japanese people who'll kick their family out of their houses if they thought they were nothing but inconvenience. You're different. A Gaijin, but different."

JP didn't know whether to take it as an insult or a compliment. "Thanks, I think."

"I'm having my coffee-brake soon," Setsuna said, looking at her watch. "Would you mind joining me? I can make a good espresso."

JP frowned a bit. "Sure," he replied. He still didn't know why his spine seem to freeze up. It was like his body was telling him that he was in danger.

"Thanks..." Setsuna said, smiling. (Let's get to know more about you, John Patrick...) she thought, and led the way to her office.

=Somewhere, hidden in the eyes of men=

Kyle Madigan groaned as he tried to stand up. He knew he couldn't, after all, he was a prisoner. His only hope was time. Time that was needed for him to get out. He needed to warn his family.

"Damn it..." he swore under his breath. His hands and feet were bound, and he had no hope in escaping without a weapon.

His cell was hidden in the shadow. He was fed, but the amount and quality they fed him was even lower than what they'd give to pigs. He had no window, no sign of light. They wanted him to rot there... No, 'she' wanted him to rot enough to do her plan.

The cell opened and in came 'her'. She smiled, and crouched down towards him. Kyle could only see a dark outline, her face covered in shadows, but he knew how she looked like.

"You grew you're hair," Kyle mumbled.

"I think you're son would like it," she said. "So, did you spend you're time thinking? I hope you reconsidered you're decision in our issue."

"Fuck you," Kyle said. "I wont give up my family for you're plans. I made a mistake during the time in Nevada! I won't make the same mistake again!"

"All I ask is to tell me you're base. Tell me who you're contact is and I'll spare you're suffering. All you have to do is tell me a name."

"I don't care. You can't kill me, and the more you torture me, the more I refuse to cooperate with you," Kyle spat at the woman's face. She didn't react that much. She smiled in the shadows.

"I expect you're son to be as resistant as you are... And I do hope he is," the girl said. She stood up and focused. Kyle almost shouted as he felt his body almost go in flames.

"AAAGGGHH!" Kyle shouted and the pain after a few moments of intense heat. It stopped.

"Five seconds... good. Last time, it was only a second," and the girl started to leave. She turned her face back to Kyle and smiled. "Whether you help or not, you're son will be mine."

"I won't allow that... Eve..." Kyle said, glaring the girl leaving the cell.

=Juuban High=

"So, JP, tell me the truth," Setsuna said. "You're mom really is injured, but not because of a heart attack. Tell me." JP was about to protest, when Setsuna cut him off. "I saw what happened. I was on my way back to my apartment when I saw a battle between the Sailor Senshi. You came in and helped them."

JP frowned. So much for discreet inquiries. JP accepted Setsuna's invitation, and when she made the espresso, she asked the reason why he was absent. JP told her his fabricated story, but it seems Setsuna knew that there was more.

"I don't usually drive home," Setsuna lied, looking at the window. "It's nice to walk, keeps my metabolism down, and good scenic routes are seen by walking. I heard rumors that the last attacks, the Senshis were helped by a mysterious biker. It seems it was you as well."

"Miss Meiou," JP began.

"It's okay JP. I'm a counselor. Keeping secrets is a must in the job. But I was kind of surprised that the Senshis turned on you. Do you know why?" Setsuna said.

JP frowned. "No... They just attacked without just cause."

"Are you going to do anything bout it?" Setsuna asked boldly.

"I can't say. You knowing what I did the day before can cause problems already. I would think that I need to kill you," JP frowned, but there was a hint of mischievousness in his eyes.

"You can try," Setsuna said smiling. "I doubt you would have succeeded."

"Maybe you are one of those Senshis, huh. I do recall one having green hair like you," JP said, looking serious. "If you are, that means you called me to you're office to trap me?"

There was an odd pause and tension between the two, which was broken by JP's laughter.

"Oh goodness gracious! You're face looked like it was about to explode with my comment!" JP said, laughing a bit. Setsuna turned very cold for a reason, and he noted that. "Come on, Miss Meiou, you don't think I was serious?"

Setsuna could have hit her head in the desk. She almost blew her cover.

"Miss Meiou, I don't think a woman like you would dress up in micro skirt with a staff in your hand. It doesn't bode well to you're image," JP said. Still, he had his suspicions.

"Actually, I'm flattered that you think I'm part of the Pretty Soldiers. It compliments my beauty," Setsuna said, chuckling. Inside, she was almost sweating bullets, and angry. (What was wrong with my fuku?) she wanted to scream.

"Well, my sister once said that flattery will get you everything, as long as the flattery was done correctly," JP said. "Anyway, thanks for the espresso, Miss Meiou."

JP stood up and so did Setsuna. He allowed Setsuna to open the door for him and he bowed respectfully before walking out, leaving Setsuna to ponder on what happened today.

JP was walking around the school, not really wanting to go back to class. He checked his watch and realized that it was already two thirty. He sighed. Espresso was good but it didn't fill his stomach. He needed food.

Walking towards the his bike, he smiled as he saw a familiar figure standing near his bike. (Well, maybe she does care,) JP thought. He walked silently towards the girl.

Ami looked a bit relieved when she saw JP's bike. She wouldn't admit it, but she liked him very much.

"Well, someone does care," said a voice behind her. Ami made an 'Eep' sound and turned around.

"How are you, Mizuno-san," JP asked, smiling warmly at Ami.

"Brea-san," Ami began composing herself. "I noticed that you were absent for two days. May I inquire why?"

"Family emergency," JP replied, looking a bit sad. "Don't want to talk about it," (Especially when I know my fabricated story is not that convincing to some people.) "Ami... May I call you Ami? Do you walk home, or did you happen to see any fight two days ago?"

Ami frowned. "No, I didn't see any fight, nor do I walk home. My mom would have thrown a fit if I did. Why do you ask?"

"Well, its just a thought. Anyway, Ami, excuse me, but I need to go home," JP said, riding his bike.

"Wait!" Ami said. JP looked at her with raised eyebrows, and was about to ask what she wanted when Ami dove into her bag. "Here!"

"What is this?" JP asked.

"You're schoolwork you missed," Ami said, smiling. JP flinched, and Ami noticed. "Oh, come on, Brea-san. You don't think that you slack off?"

JP frowned very deeply, and looked at Ami. He suddenly smiled. "Thanks," he said, taking the papers. "Maybe you do care, Ami. I'll come back tomorrow, and we'll see how much you learned."

Ami smiled. "I'm expecting it!"

JP did a last smile, turned on his bike and put his helmet, and drove away. He waved a hand at Ami, and she waved back. (Do I care?) Ami asked herself. JP's smile came to view. (Maybe I do...)

=Maeda's Home=

"Jodie," Aya greeted.

"Hey, Aya," the woman said. "The director sent me. Your son just called the brigade and purchased weapons."

Aya sighed. "I suspected he would. Come in, have a seat, and leave those bulky baggages there. I prepared tea."

"Thanks, Aya," Jodie replied. "Weapons don't come in light packages. I was just lucky that my escort helped me with them."

"You flew with a private plane right?"

"You think that commercial flights would even allow my baggages?" Jodie asked. The sound of a bike came roaring in.

"That's JP," Aya said. "Come on, let's greet him."

JP locked his bike and took of his helmet. He looked at the two boxes lying there, and knew that the weapons he ordered arrived. "Whoa, that was fast..."

"JP!" a voice shouted in his left. JP turned his attention to the person who shouted, and his eyes widened.

"Auntie Jodie?" JP asked. He smiled and rushed towards the woman and gave her a big hug.

"Well, it seems our ox has been working out!" Jodie said, while patting JP's back while they hugged. They separated. "So, how is it kid?"

"Pretty well, except some problems," JP said, smiling a bit. "Thanks for coming."

"I wouldn't miss the trip for the world," Jodie replied. "So, want to see you're weapons? And do please explain these hostiles you talked with the director with."

"Sure," JP said, carrying the boxes with a bit of difficulty. He smiled. "Come on, I'll tell you all about it."


"Magical girls?" Jodie asked. "they attacked you, even though you helped them?"

"Unbelievable huh?" JP asked. "I don't know what their problems are, but when they attack me or my mom again, I'll unleash hell."

Jodie didn't say anything. She believed him. JP had been put to very narrow odds, and he pushed forward and win. Right now, he is facing another challenge, and he will do anything to win.

JP walked to one of the boxes and opened it. He took a M4A1 and handed it Aya. "What attachment you need mom?" JP asked.

"Javelin," Aya said, and JP threw the laser attachment of the M4A1. She quickly attached the gun and Javelin together.

JP took another look at the box. He took out two MP5A5 (+2) and gave one to Aya. Then, he took a M249 and smiled.

"You're favorite Assault Rifle, huh?" Jodie asked.

"Yeah. With 200 hundred bullets a clip, what more could you ask?" JP said. "He took a MM1 Launcher Revolver and smiled. With this, he could shoot 12 grenades without any problems.

"Did you bring some of those blank .44s?" JP asked.

"Yeah. Why would you need them?" Jodie asked.

"Uncle Maeda is going to make some bullets for us..." JP said. He smiled, and turned to Jodie. "Auntie Jodie, you better leave as soon as possible. The next few days would be very catastrophic. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry, kiddo," Jodie said. "I'm leaving after tomorrow."

JP nodded. "The bullets are on the other boxes right?"

"Right. 9mm Spartan bullets, 5.56 Rifle Bullets, .44 Magnum for you're guns, and some 40mm Grenades," Jodie said. "Are you starting a war?"

"Maybe I am..." JP said.

To be continued...

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------\

NEXT: Assault on the park, where JP and Aya try to find their way in the hive of the NMCs and ANMCs. The Senshi tag along as well.

Author's Notes:

I decided that give the meaning of some words in the story.

NMC: Neo-Mitochondria Creature = A living thing changed by evolved mitochondria. They are the primary enemies of Aya and JP.

ANMC: Artificial Neo-Mitochondria Creature = Unlike NMCs, they have machines as parts of their bodies. They are tougher than NMCs and stronger.

MP5A5 (+2): Submachine gun with expanded clip to store 60 more 9mm bullets, making its total capacity with 90 bullets per clip. It has a flashlight attachment to blind enemies.

M4A1: An all around Assault Rifle used by the military. They use 5.54 full metal jacket bullets. Attachments include Bayonet (knife), Javelin (Laser), Grenade Launcher, Hammer (electrical discharge), Pike (Flamethrower), and extra clips.

MM1: Grenade Launcher revolver, able to hold 12 40mm shells.

M249: Light Machine Gun, very portable, able to hold up to 200 bullets and has some serious firepower. Uses 5.56 Rifle bullets.

9mm Spartan: Special fragmentation 9mm bullets, brakes to fragments in impact to cause rupturing of vital organs.

Well, that's all! Ja ne!