Year Five

Draco glared through the letter his father had sent him. He had already memorized it.


I am disappointed to hear from some at the Ministry that Dolores Umbridge's transition to the Headmistress position at Hogwarts has been met with many challenges. I know that you would have nothing to do with this. While the woman is unappealing, she holds much sway with the Minister. I strongly suggest that you show her your support, the backing of the Malfoys will go a long way for her. And, if she knows her place, she will return the favor in kind.

I do not like to hear that you are opposed to her, Draco. Things are changing, and the Malfoys have always changed with it.

Write to your Mother, she misses you terribly and hearing from you will raise her spirits considerably.



His father wanted him to work with that… that cow! The letter was pulled from his grasp and Draco looked up at Blaise with red-rimmed eyes. Blaise balled the letter up and threw it in the fireplace.

"Stop obsessing over this inane letter, we have to get to Umbridge's class. You can stare holes into the bint's back in class. Come on," Blaise dragged him up by his arm and began pulling him to the entrance of their common room. "Maybe Potter will piss her off again and land in detention."

Draco did not take the bait but allowed himself to be dragged to the Defense classroom. He took his seat and waited for Umbridge to tell them to open their books and for Potter to inevitably snap. When a cloud of pink entered his line of sight, he kept his eyes trained on the desk. When a sharp "ahem" was right in front of him, he looked up into the toad-like face of Umbridge. She was smiling condescendingly down at him.

"Have you thought more about joining my Inquisitorial Squad? It could really use someone of your caliber, Mr. Malfoy. I know that many of the other students look to you, especially after the unfortunate accident that happened with that poor boy last year during the tournament. What was his name again? Anyway, do join me in my office tonight. You can even pick a few other of your Housemates to make up the Squad."

Draco inhaled sharply and then said softly, "His name was Cassius."

Umbridge blinked at him. "What was that, dear?"

Draco stood up and looked down at her, "His name was Cassius. His bloody name was Cassius Warrington! And he didn't die in some accident. He was murdered! He was fucking murdered by You-Know-Who! I will not be joining your stupid little club and his name was Cassius—don't pretend that you don't know it!"

Umbirdge stared at him, shocked. She then tutted, "Well, now dear. I can see you are upset. But we must not tell lies, I will be seeing you in detention in my office this evening." She turned to the class, "You-Know-Who is not back, and we will begin our lesson now. Pull out your books and begin to read. Mr. Malfoy please take your seat."

Draco glared at her and then looked down at his desk. He then turned on his heel and began walking to the door, silently Summoning his bag. He ignored Umbridge's sputterings and demands that he return to his seat.

When he entered her office for detention she informed him that he would be writing lines. He reached into his bag for parchment and a quill. She stopped him.

"No, dear. You'll be using one of my very special quills." Umbridge smiled sickeningly sweet at him and passed him a black quill. "You will write 'I must not tell lies'. You will stop when the message really sinks in."

Draco began to write and immediately felt pain in his left hand. He sucked in a breath and looked up at Umbridge. The stupid bitch was having him use a blood quill. A fucking blood quill! He looked down at his hand and the words had faded away leaving behind a red blotch on his skin.

"Professor," he began.

"Headmistress," Umbridge corrected him.

Draco fought the need to roll his eyes. "Headmistress, how many lines did you say I was supposed to write?"

"Until the message sinks in, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco turned back to his parchment and began to write. The first few lines caused him to flinch but after a while the pain was not even noticeable. After an hour, Umbridge stopped him.

"Now, dear, let's see if the message has sunk in. I would hate to tell your father that you are being so troublesome in my class."

She did not even bother to look at his parchment and eagerly grabbed his hand to inspect it. He felt her tense and the grip on his wrist tightened.

"What is this, Mr. Malfoy? This is not what I instructed you to write. I think detention again tomorrow night is in order. Your father will be most displeased at this news." She sighed softly, feigning disappointment but Draco did not miss the flash of excitement in her eyes at the prospect.

"I think my father will be more displeased to know that you forced his son to use a blood quill. I'll request that the Defense curriculum be looked into, it seems to be lacking, especially in our O.W.L. year. I think my father will hear about this." And with that, he swept out of her office.

When he got back to his dorm, he collapsed into his bed and finally looked down at the back of his hand. Scarred lightly into his skin were the words "For Cassius".