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                                       CHAPTER 8

          The following Friday Blake was not really focusing on his gym classes. His students, four boys and three girls, were all warming up but Blake was not very attentive to them. All he had on his mind was what he had learned from his father. Suddenly a towel came flying at Blake's head however he instantly caught it.

"Hey, good to see your reflexes are still working," called Donny from where he stood. "Look alive."

Blake turned back to his class. "Take five, kids." The seven of them all walked off their separate ways. Blake looked at Donny. "You mind?"

"You still have a job you know," Donny pointed out.

"It's a big gym. Stop noticing me," Blake shot back.

Donny sighed. "Try to relax a little. And where is this guy?" He glanced around.

"What guy?"

"I hired a new guy a couple days ago and he still hasn't showed up for work."

"Who is he?" Blake folded his arms.

"Some dude who quit his old job and will do anything now," Donny replied shrugging.

"Yeah, well, wait until he finds out what it's like to work for you." Blake headed towards the door. "I can't think right, Don. I'm going for a ride."

"Fine. Try to get back soon. You have a class."


          Blake got onto his motorcycle and kicking off the ignition began to speed down the rode. So it was all true. His dreams were nothing more than suppressed memories of his parents. The memories had become a part of Blake since he was, after all, created, actually created, from his parents.

          He could not take it. Was he real or not? Blake had not been able to sleep right since he'd visited his father. It seemed like truth was stranger than the fiction that the dreams used to be. What was happening to Blake? What might happen to him?

          The twenty-one-year-old kept thinking on the same things, trying to make some type of sense of it all. Blake finally made it back to the gym and managed to teach a pretty good class.

          When the gym emptied later that night Blake sat on the seat of one of the exercise bikes. Donny walked over to him a little while later. He had never really known Blake to be the sulking type. Blake usually took action instead of groveling in self-pity.

"OK. Are you all right?" Donny finally asked, staring at his friend.

"I don't know," Blake sighed.

"Come on, dude. This whole thing is tearing you up inside. Spill it."

"Donny, it's just..." Blake suddenly kicked at the bike standing up. "This is bull shit! My parents used me as a guinea pig and then decided that they "liked" me so they kept me as their pet."

"What? Blake, your parents cared about you—"

"Hell no. Don't even start. Throughout my life they always tried to hide me. I had barely any friends, Don. They never even told me the truth. They argued over me for years, like some type of animal, and finally they got divorced. Well, isn't that all fine and dandy for them? They never even told me the truth. I had to force it out of my dad."

That was true. Donny had to admit it. "You're right. That's messed up."

"Look, I'm gonna head home," Blake muttered. "Bye." He headed out.

          As Blake rode through the streets of LA on his bike he all of a sudden felt a large shove and was knocked off of his motorcycle. Blake landed on the sidewalk. He glanced up and saw a vampire approaching him. Blake got up, yanking his helmet off.

"Hey, what are you doing?" said Blake. "Power walking or something?"

"Power hungry," the vampire replied. Four other vampires approached from out of nowhere.

"Too bad," Blake retorted. "My day was just going so well already."

          He immediately launched at the vampires. Blake grabbed the one that had attacked him, taking him by surprise, flung him into two of the others. The other two took Blake by each of his arms. Blake pushed both of them off of him. He was not in the mood for any of it.

          Blake continued to toss the living dead beings around. Finally the attacker's four accomplices all grasped him. The first vampire approached Blake. He extended his fangs and came in for the bite.

          All of a sudden the vampire turned to dust. Blake couldn't believe it. Gunn stood behind the vampire's ashes. He held a long, baseball-like stake in his hand. Gunn helped toss the vamps off Blake and they staked them together.

"Whoa," said Blake once the fight was over. "Where'd you come from?"

"Long story," Gunn replied with a grin. "What are you doing out here?"

Blake walked over to his motorcycle, lifting it up. "I was going home. But those vamps wanted to start something they couldn't finish."

"Looks like they came close to finishing it before I came along," said Gunn. Blake sighed and got onto his bike. "Man, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Blake replied roughly. "I'm fine."

"No, you're not. I can tell. What's up?"

"Look, Gunn, thanks for the help but I gotta go. I have a paper due on Monday and I have work. So I don't have time to chat." With that Blake rode off. Gunn watched him leave and sighed.

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