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Chapter 1

He had been worked up, depressed and a mess since Audrey broke up with him before the Cotillion. Chad was head over heels for the girl. Jay and Carlos had befriended him, tried to help him get over the princess but nothing they did worked. All he would do was cry over her.

They walked across campus to swords practice when Chad yelled at them across the courtyard. Carlos and Jay looked at each other, rolled their eyes and kept going. They had heard nothing all summer but how Chad missed Audrey so much but she was refusing to take him back.

"Guys… guys come on." Chad yelled as he caught up to them. "You said you'd help me."

All he wanted was to be their friend. Jay and Carlos were the cool guys in school now. Every guy wanted to be like them and every girl wanted to date them. Chad thought they had become friends while Audrey had gone away. Now that she was back, he really needed their help.

"There's no help for you, man." Carlos patted Chad on the shoulder. Jay just laughed as they walked in the gym.

The swords group was getting ready for practice as the three stood talking. "She won't talk to me. You said she'd like the flowers. She didn't."

"Works for me." Jay said raising his eyebrows at some girls that walked by. Smiling at a girl worked for him. Jay never had a problem with getting a girl. They all liked him.

"Why does it work for you and not me?" Chad was beyond frustrated. "What do you have that I don't?"

Jay and Carlos looked at each other. Getting into the discussion of Jay's attributes and Chad lack of them would take too long. Practice was about to start and they just didn't have enough time.

"We don't have enough time for this." Carlos said as both boys started laughing hard.

"Look, I don't have the problem because," Jay hung his arm over Chad shoulder. "All the girls fall for me."

Chad could admit Jay was okay to look at, he had a sort of bad boy charm, but in the end what did he have that no one else did? He just didn't get it.

"Ha ha, you wanna tell me there isn't a girl here that you have to work for?" Chad didn't believe him. He was sure there was at least one.

"Nope, none." Jay waved at few more girls that walked past. He had a point and could prove it over and over as girls said hi, waved or tried to flirt with him. It didn't take Einstein to figure out he had what all the girls wanted.

"Fine! Ask out Mal!" Chad told him.

"Ew, she's like my sister and she dating Ben." Jay said frowning at him. Crossing his arms over his chest.

"About to marry him really." Carlos said.

Jay frowned and looked at him. "Really? When did that happen?"

"It's a string of events, but Jane said its coming." Carlos explained.

"Hello! Evie, then." Chad tried again.

"Same thing, man. And she's dating Doug." Carlos said.

"Fine, Jane!" Chad nodded his head at Jay.

"She's dating me!" Carlos said smacking Chad in the chest annoyed now.

She walked into the gym and smiled at the team as they greeted her. Lonnie was happy she was finally able to be on the team. She started stretching out, bending over she stretched her legs. One by one, each of the team looked over at Lonnie and checked her out.

Grabbing a sword, she nodded to the boys to get ready. She looked over at the three still talking and motioned for them to join the team. Jay nodded to her and smiled. Lonnie frowned at him and motioned again. She wasn't as susceptible to Jay's charm as the other girls were. Chad watched the interaction and looked hard at Lonnie, she turned away from Jay and wasn't interested in the smile he gave her.

"Lonnie! She's not dating anyone!" Chad was sure of it. Jay frowned looking over as Lonnie walked to the mat to start practice then looked at Chad. "You said any girl."

They were friends he respected her, liked her really. She was one that never flirted with him. He could say she would be a challenge. A girl that he might actually have to try to get her attention. It could be fun to get her to go out. At least, he knew she could talk about something more than just hair and makeup.

"Fine, I can get a date with her easy." Jay said as he started towards her.

"Oh no, no, no, not a date. You said every girl falls for you. You have to make her fall for you." Chad stopped him.

Jay turned around looking at Lonnie then Chad. Jay wasn't one to make bets, but this wasn't much of a bet. He had never had a problem getting a girl and so far here, every girl seemed to fall all over themselves for him. Jay figured Lonnie wasn't any different. She just hid it well. He would just need to make sure they stayed friends, that was important. He didn't want to screw that up.

"You're on." Jay said this was too easy.

Lonnie had been patient waiting for the three to finish their teasing of each other, she wasn't waiting anymore for them. "Line it up! Jay, you're with me… if you can keep up!"

Jay raised his eyebrows and smiled. Walking over to the line, he stood across from her and nodded. Softly he said, "Be careful, I might take you out."

Lonnie laughed at Jay. He'd like to think he's better, but he had a lot to learn before that will happen. "Not in this lifetime, lover boy. Stop your flirting with the princesses and prove your even worth the team… Ensemble, salute, lower the point."

"This is gonna be an easy win." Chad said to Carlos.

"You didn't say you'd win anything. You said he couldn't get her to fall for him. Nothing about you winning anything." Carlos reminded him.

"Agh!" Chad growled.

"En guard!" Lonnie yelled out as the team moved into form.

She worked them hard. Pushing them to their limits, by the time they were done the entire team was exhausted. When Lonnie called time, the team left quickly. As they started to go, Chad smacked Jay on the back, nodding over to Lonnie who was cleaning up.

"Don't forget bro, you have to get her to fall for you." Chad reminded him.

"And what do I get when she does?" Jay asked, "besides having a pretty cool girl in love with me."

Chad thought for a minute about that. "New tourney gear."

Jay thought for a minute, "And a new sword. She's worth more than that."

"You're on! And when I win, you have to help me get Audrey back." Chad nodded at him.

"You need to find a nicer girl. I'll help but a girl I pick for you." Jay said. He was not going to be responsible for Audrey breaking his heart again.

"You think there's someone better?" Chad narrowed his eyes.

"Uh, Yeah." Carlos said as he walked up on the conversation. Everyone knows there are plenty of better girls to date than Audrey. She was as high maintenance as they get.

"I'm gonna help Lonnie clean up, you guys go on… I expect my equipment by the end of the week." Jay raised his eyebrows and smiled as he walked away. Setting his gym bag down, Jay started helping her out. "Here let me get that, Lonnie."

"Oh, thanks. I thought you were leaving?" Lonnie asked as Jay grabbed the box and started stacking them for her. "You don't have to do that."

"No problem." Jay finished helping her and smiled. "You're doing a great job, by the way. I'm glad I was able to find a way to get you on the team."

"I appreciate it. I really wanted to be on the team." Lonnie smiled. "I'm not sure I can thank you enough."

"How about going to pizza with me tomorrow night after tourney practice?" Jay said, thinking this was easier than he thought it would be.

"You just lost that one! Come on, Chad, we'll find you a good girl to date." Carlos hung his arm over Chad's shoulder and nudged him out the door, leaving Jay alone with Lonnie.

"I'd like to, but I already have plans. Another time okay?" Lonnie grabbed her bag and started out. "Thanks for the help and the invite. Maybe another time. See ya later."

Lonnie walked out of the gym leaving Jay alone and confused about what just happened. He's never been turned down for a date and Lonnie just completely blew him off. How did that happen? Jay wondered, what did he do wrong? Jay was just glad the guys weren't around to see it. He'd never live it down.