I don't own My Little Pony nor the characters in this fic, but what you are about to read is what I feel what happened to Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter. There are those who say that they are dead and probably won't make another appearance, but didn't any of you just stopped and maybe think that maybe that they just disappeared without a trace? Unlikely? Yes and no. If it could for "Hey Arnold" this can work too. And now on with the fic.

Our tale begins in Ponyville, there are two farming families in a long standing fued, the Apples and the Pears. The head of the Apple family, Granny Smith, and the head of the Pear family, Grand Pear had disagreements about how fruit should be handled, as farming technique. The fued went on for years, but there were only one Apple and one Pear that actually got along: Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter. From the moment they met each other, they became good friends. Throughout the years, their friendship blossomed into romance dispite the disapproval of their parents. Bright Mac and Pear Butter (or should I say Buttercup) never took the squabble to heart and they hoped that one day their families would see eye to eye. But unfortunately, Grand Pear announced that the Pears are to move to Van Hoover, leaving Buttercup heartbroken, but Bright Mac wasn't going to lose her, he didn't care what the consequences he would take from his mother, he loved herher more than anything else in Equestria. So that night, they held a secret wedding performed by Mayor Mare, but when Granny Smith and Grand Pear seen what was going on they attempted to put a stop to it. Grand Pear told his daughter that she should stick to her family.

"But the Apples are my family now, too," Pear Butter said.

The Apple Matriarch couldn't believe what she just heard. She told her father that the Apple family are her family. Bright Mac went up next to her. That only angered Grand Pear.

"You can't be serious," Grand Pear said. "Are you choosing to be an Apple, over being a Pear?"

"Are you making me choose?" she asked her father with tears flowing through her eyes.

"Yes I am," he answered sternly.

"Then yeah," Pear Butter said. "I guess I am."

Bright Mac placed his forehoof over his new wife and gave her a comforting hug. Granny Smith was shocked that she just stood up to her father.

"Fine!" Grand Pear said before he just took off. Buttercup cried as her own father just disowned her just like that.

Granny Smith went walked next to her and comforted her new daughter-in-law, accepting her son's love for her rival's daughter.

"Buttercup," the middle aged mare said, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Buttercup replied.

"No it's not okay," she said. "I let a ridiculous fued keep me from seeing how you two love each other. What made it worse is that I couldn't look pass that you were a Pear, instead of getting to know you. And son, I've been a terrible mother for not realizing how it was affecting you."

"Ya got nothing to apologize for, Ma," Bright Macintosh said. "All that matters is that we have yer blessing. I just hope that Grand Pear can accept it someday."

Even more years have passed and along the way, Bright Macintosh and Buttercup had three foals, Big Macintosh, Applejack, and Apple Bloom. It wasn't long after that Apple Bloom was born, so the time has come for Pear Butter to make peace with her estranged father. Along the way, Pear Butter was feeling nervous about seeing him again after so long since the wedding. And that has not escaped her husband's notice.

"Somethin' wrong, Buttercup?" he asked.

"Actually there is," Buttercup answered honestly. "I'm not sure if he wants to see me, let alone care about that we have foals of our own."

Bright Mac hugged his wife assuring her. "Ya'll have nothing to worry about, hun. We'll do what we can to get your pa to see eye to eye with this. And maybe put an end to the fued between our families."

Buttercup smiled as she knew that her husband will never lie to her face. She gathered up the courage she needed to confront Grand Pear.

"You're right, Bright Mac," Buttercup said. "This has gone far enough. You and I are going to end this now."

"That's the spirit!" Bright Macintosh said. They continued to make their way to Van Hoover to make peace with Grand Pear when he suddenly hears something behind them.

"What's wrong, dear?" Buttercup asked.

"Something's following us," Bright Macintosh said.

Buttercup felt fear all of a sudden, "What do you think it is?"

"Ah don't know, but ah think we can lose it." Bright Macintosh said before they started to run. "Keep running! Don't stop no matter what!"

They kept running to shake off whoever or whatever was chasing them. Bright Mac and Buttercup had split up in order to confuse their pursuer; turns out that it was more than one when several mysterious figures chased them in the directions that they had went.

Pear Butter just kept running, panting feeling more afraid than ever. She hid herself in a some bushes hoping that whatever is chasing them would just pass by; she heard footsteps coming from. Her heart started to beat repeatedly as she breathed quietly so that it would not hear her. Fortunately for her, it was her husband. Pear Butter came out and hugged Bright Macintosh.

"Thank Celestia, it's only you," Pear Butter said with relief.

"Ah'm just glad that yer alright, Buttercup," Bright Macintosh said. "Ah might have given that something the slip. We'll should go before what is after us, finds us."

Their relief was cut short when the mysterious figures called out, "Too late for that, ponies."

Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter were completely shocked that their pursuer caught up with them. Before they could see what was what, dark magic strucked the both of them knocking them out. The figures turns out to be goat-like creatures and a donkey wearing an orange and brownish red hood.

"Good work, you guys," the donkey said. "The master will be very pleased that we have captured two more pony prisoners for Tambelon."

"Thank you, Mr. Bray," one of the goat creatures said.

"Put them in with the others," the donkey ordered.

The goat creatures did as they were told as they put the unconscious ponies in the wagon withwith several other ponies they have already caught.

"Let's get going before someone sees us!" the donkey called Bray said. They took their leave as a black void portal opened up and they entered it. What seems to be hours later, Pear Butter slowly opened her eyes and saw Bright Macintosh looking back at her.

"What happened? Where are we?" Pear Butter questioned.

"Ah don't know, hun," Bright Mac answered. "And nopony else knows either."

Before she could ask what he was talking about, she looked at the other ponies in chains. There wasn't a single smile on any of them. There was one colt with them as well, a small brown colt with an acron cutie mark. The small colt looked at the two new ponies with his eyes all red from the tears he shed. Pear Butter took pity on the little colt and decided to comfort him.

"Are you alright there, sugar cube?" she asked the colt. The colt shook his head as it was clear that he wasn't. "Don't be afraid, we're just trying to help you."

The colt looked at Pear Butter, suddenly his fears and doubts were slowly disappearing. Pear Butter reached out her hoof. The colt lifted his hoof and took his hoof in hers.

"That's it. My name is Pear Butter," she introduced. "And this is Bright Macintosh. What's your name?"

"Acorn," the colt answered with still a little fear left.

"Where are yer ma and pa, Acorn?" Bright Macintosh asked.

"They're not here," Acorn answered.

"How did you end up here?" Pear Butter asked.

A unicorn mare answered, "The same way that you did. Those things caught us and put us in this wagon! I have no idea where they're taking us!"

"What are ya talking abou-," Bright Macintosh was interrupted with a kick to the wagon.

"Be quiet in there!" the voice called in.

The wagon made it's stop, as Bray and the goat creatures started to unload their captives.

"Get a move on, the lot of you!" Bray yelled.

The ponies were shocked to see that one of their captives was a donkey. The ponies were dragged towards what appears to be an ancient city. It was similar to the Castle of the Two Sisters, but darker and there was an evil vibe going all around.

They made their way to the castle's throne room and the ponies were forced to bow to the goat creature before them; he was much larger and more terrifying than the others.

"More prisoners for Tameblon, Lord Grogar," Bray announced.

Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter couldn't believe what they just heard. The donkey just said "Tameblon" and "Grogar". They both thought that it was all just from the story of the unicorn warriors. Grogar stood up and approached his new prisoners and expected them. Grogar smiled as he was pleased with his servants efforts.

"Well done, Bray," Grogar praised the donkey. "Once again, you have served me well, my loyal donkey."

"Thank you, my liege," Bray said as he bowed to his master. "My life is to serve and obey you only. Soon all the ponies in Equestria will be yours to command."

"Yes, yes," Grogar said. "But, we still have the Princesses to deal with. I fear that they will come and stop us."

All the ponies stared at Grogar with so much fear in their eyes, all except for Bright Macintosh. He stared definitely at the goat monster feeling confident that Princess Celestia will come for them.

"Maybe so, but after spending a thousand years here in the Dark Realm, I doubt that the Princess of the Sun will stop you, and the Princess of the Night was banished into the moon since after your defeat at their hooves," Bray added. Grogar snarled at the donkey scaring him completely, he grovelled at Grogar's hooves. "Forgive me, master! I did not mean to insult you by mentioning your downfall." Bray started to kiss his hoof before Grogar kicked him off.

"Just take them to the dungeon!" Grogar ordered. "And explain their fates if they ever try to escape!"

Bray got on his hooves and bowed, "As you command, Lord Grogar! You heard him! Get going!"

The goat creatures pulled their chains making the ponies move. Grogar returned to his throne and took his seat. "Bray may be right, even if it is just Celestia ruling Equestria alone, she won't be able to stop me. And even if she does learn of my involvement, I will destroy her and claim my revenge! You don't know it yet, Princess, your days are coming to an end."

Grogar gave off an extremely evil laugh, as his laughter echoed throughout the castle walls. The ponies were thrown into their cells. Bright Macintosh hugged his wife holding her close, as he glared at the donkey.

"So don't get any ideas about escaping from here," Bray told them. "Nopony has ever escaped and lived to tell it!"

Bray laughed at the ponies as he took his leave with the soldiers. Acorn started to cry again as the Apple couple broke the embrace and went to Acorn, as they knew that he was frightened.

"Don't be scared, Acorn," she told him. "It will be alright."

"She's right, son," Bright Macintosh added. "Just have some courage and everything will be okay."

Acorn looked at the older ponies as Acorn buried his face into Pear Butter's bosom and let out his cries.

Time has passed as they got to know Acorn and the other imprisoned ponies. Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter told them about the fued between the Apples and the Pears, which led to their marriage, Grand Pear disowning her, and the birth of their foals. Luckily, Pear Butter had a picture of all three of them.

It didn't take long before, the Apple family found out that Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter are missing. Granny Smith along with some of the Apples went off to search for them. The news even reached Grand Pear as well. He read the paper as he discovered that estranged daughter and her husband had disappeared without a trace. He also found out that he had grandfoals as well. His stubborn pride soon turned to regret that he never found out that he's a grandfather, and they had such beautiful children.

"Pear Butter," Grand Pear said. "I'm sorry. I've been such a fool. I hope that you can forgive me."

The news reached Burnt Oak and Chiffon Swirl (aka Cupcake), as their foalhood friends had vanished. Chiffon broke the news to her fiance Carrot Cake. He was just as shocked about it. Ponies from different places in Equestria lend a hoof to help search for Bright Macintosh and his wife. For what appears to be three frustrating and agonizing months, there was nothing. They were presumed dead. Nopony took the news heavily than Applejack. She cried as her eyes out as she learned of what happened. She missed three months of school. Granny Smith tried to her granddaughter into going to school, but she didn't care. Applejack left Sweet Apple Acres to live in Manehattan to be with her aunt and uncle Orange, only to discover that it was no farm life she was used to. Then an exploding rainbow went across the sky as it was telling her that she belonged in Ponyville. She belonged in Sweet Apple Acres. She ran off as fast as her hooves can carry her and earned her cutie mark.

Unknown to Applejack, five other fillies got theirs right at the exact same time. It was clear that destiny brought those six together.

Years had passed and Applejack helped Twilight Sparkle save Equestria from a different kind of evil as well take part of Twilight's coronation since becoming an alicorn. Also Grand Pear moved back to Ponyville, only for the Siblings to learn that they're half Pear. Grand Pear made amends with his grandfoals and buries the hatchet with Granny Smith to discover that the seeds that Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter had planted spiraled into a tree unlike any other. Apples and pears can endure anything as it turns out.

And there you have it. Now how will Applejack handle the truth about her parents? How will the Mane Six free them and the other ponies imprisoned by Grogar? And how will they get to the Dark Realm to begin with? Further chapters will provide the answers. Just don't go away.