Here we are everyone, the final chapter of this story and where just about everything goes straight to...well, I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Sudden Cliffhanger

Dateline, October 24th, 1204.

The second day of the school festival had arrived and we just couldn't get over what we had seen last night. The mystery behind the old schoolhouse seemed to had been temporarily solved. Nearly everyone of my friend's relatives would be attending the festival, including my father which meant a lot to me.

We were standing on stage inside the auditorium and how empty it was...but won't be, later.

"Good, good. This shouldn't feel any different than our rehearsals." Elliot said. "The only difference is that all of that space out there will be filled with a crowd of people."

"But that's the worst part." Emma whimpered. "However, I can at least be brave."

"Exactly, you have me with you all the way." I replied. "After all, I'm the one who's going to be putting my vocals out there."

"Heh. Looks like we've got the energy to do this show." Rean said.

"Anyways, your families should be here pretty soon, right?" Crow asked.

"Oh, is it that time already?" Alisa asked.

"Yeah, I guess it is almost time for my dad to show up." Machias answered.

Gaius hummed. "I guess I'd better go out to meet my brother."

"I guess I should excuse myself as well." Laura said.

"Okay, see you all for the main event." Elliot added.

Rean nodded. "All right. Give my best to all your families."

Most of our friends left us to be with their relatives, Crow, Millium and Fie then left to spend the second day of the festival before our concert show. This now left just me, Rean and Emma.

"Your little sister should be here soon too, right?" Emma asked.

"Yeah, I told I'd meet her by the front gate around ten." Rean answered. "She said she might run a little later, so I think I have some time."

"Is your father coming here today, Alex?"

"Yeah, he said he would be here before the lunch hour." I replied. "So I have some spare time before he arrives. Will you be heading off somewhere?"

"I'll be in the literature club for now. I feel bad for leaving everything to Dorothee. I'll also be spending time with Celine." Emma then looked at Rean. "Since it's the three of us here, aren't you going to ask about Celine and me? Not to mention everything that happened last night."

"Well, like Machias said, we have enough on our plate right now." Rean answered. "I just want to spend the morning taking in the festival with Elise and be ready to go for our concert this afternoon."

"Yeah, I think he's right on the mark." I added. "Besides, you and Celine don't know everything the old schoolhouse either, right? There were moments where you were just as surprised as the rest of us."

"You're right, Alex." Emma nodded. "There's still plenty about that building that we don't know, either. And as for the armor sleeping in its depths, I only know a few legends regarding it."

"I see." Rean nodded. "Will would you be willing to share what you know with us after the festival's over?"

"I'm afraid I won't be able to share everything, but I'll be able to tell you a fair amount."

"That's good enough for me. I'm glad you're here with us, Emma. Let's give the crowd a real show to remember this afternoon." He looked at me. "Same goes double for you, Alex."

"Hehe, you don't need to tell me twice." I replied. "See you later."

Rean walked off, leaving just the two of us.

"Just before I go, can I spend a moment with you, please?" She asked, smiling.

"Well, how could I say no? I'll always have time for you." I replied, before putting my arms around her. "Always."

"Thank you..." She hugged back and we shared a quiet embrace for a full minute.

We left the auditorium and Emma went to her literature club whilst I grabbed a drink from one of the stands near the school gate. That was when I saw someone I was waiting to arrive. A familiar man who was dressed in a purple army uniform with a cap on top. He had similar hair colour to mine and green eyes, he then noticed me.

I gasped. "No!"

"Well, if it isn't my son!" He responded with a smile. "It's wonderful to see you again, Alex."

"Dad...I feel so glad that you're here and-" I was cut off when he put his arm around my shoulder. "-wait, dad!"

"There's no need to feel shy, just a parent who wants to give some time to his child."

"I you've been reading all my letters I assume?"

"I sure have, son. There are many things that have impressed me, it's wonderful to hear how far you have grown. Your mother would've been proud of you as much as I am."

I smiled. "Thanks, dad."

"But it also fills me with great worry. Tensions between Crossbell and the neighboring areas is rising to critical levels. So as a precaution, the military command structure has declared that the Imperial Army will not take any chances."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Son, as of tomorrow...I will be returning back to the military"

My eyes opened wide. "What?!"

"The current plan is for me to be reassigned as one of the lieutenant generals as part of a reserved division line. That's why I'm in this uniform today. After spending time with you, son, I will be travelling to Garrelia Fortress. I will most likely be there for a week before I am put in charge of the new division that will serve as the private guard for Chancellor Osborne."

"I see...but are you sure, dad? Because if something were to happen..."

"There's no need to worry, Alex. The Imperial Liberation Front is no more and the fortress has been restored with increased security. I will not be in any danger for the duration of my time over there."

"What about our family home?"

"I've hired a caretaker that will watch over our home, even though the situation is bleak at Crossbell, do remember that our home is not in the depths of the city."

"Oh...right...well, if you really believe that, dad. Then I won't worry, let's just enjoy the festival. Oh and you will be here for my class's concert, right?"

He smiled. "Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

I smiled back and we had a walk around the academy with me telling a few things about the areas and what I had learnt. We also came across my friends that I had written about in my letters, but I was a little nervous about what he would think of Emma.

But it was by sheer luck when I saw Emma with Celine. I went over to her with my dad and braced myself.

"Ahhh, so this is the beautiful Emma I've heard about." My dad said.

"Huh?" Emma turned to see me and my dad. "Oh, are you Alex's father?"

He nodded. "I am soon to be Lieutenant General Walter Lionheart, it's wonderful to meet the young lady my son has grown accustomed to."

"Did you really have to say it like that?" I asked with my face turning red. "How embarrassing..."

"Well, it is a parent's duty to make things awkward for their child. But I can be a serious man too. I say with hand on my heart that I approve of my son's decision."

"Oh, well thank you, mister Lionheart." Emma replied. "It's an honor to see you, since you will be in the military, soon."

He chuckled. "Oh the pleasure is mine. Your appearance may be known as mysterious, but I am sure that my son has seen the stunning beauty for himself."

"Oh..." Emma blushed.

"Dad..." I moaned.

"Haha! I'll get tired of it soon, son." My father said. "Anyways, because of my son's choice. I want to depart some words of advice, miss Emma."

Emma nodded. "Advice?"

He then spoke with a serious face. "Take great care of my son. While I am sure he will do all he can to care for you, I trust that you will remain at his side."

"Yes, mister Lionheart. He truly cares for me a lot, so I will respond in kind and love."

He smiled again. "Splendid! I am delighted to hear that. Well it was a pleasure meeting you, but we must be on our way. Where to next, son?"

"The student union building." I answered. "I'll see you at the concert, Emma."

"Yes." Emma smiled before giving me a peck on the cheek.

It was around the afternoon and our group were all dressed up, we watched as Class I's opera performance came to an end. Even though we had our issues with them in the past, they were pretty darn impressive and the crowd cheered when the show was over.

"That was incredible." Rean commented.

"Sounds like we're gonna have to go one better than them." I added. "No pressure though, all we saw was opera, we have varied music on our side."

"Well, hopefully, all those practice sessions help us get it right when we're in the spotlight."

"I'm so excited, I could explode!" Millium exclaimed.

We saw the class leave the stage and then we made our way down the stairs behind the stage where our musical instruments would be.

"We're coming in, okay?" Towa asked as she came in through the side door behind us.

"Here to give a little comfort to the weary soldiers fighting the good fight?" Crow asked.

"I'll let you be the judge of that." George answered.

Towa giggled. "Actually, we have a special guest who insisted on seeing you."

"Oh, a special guest, who?" I asked.

We then saw a familiar person arrived and in a long purple dress.

"Angelica?!" Alisa exclaimed.

"Looks like I made it just in time for the main event!" She replied. "Kinda disappointed I missed the operetta though. Heard Class I was really on fire."

The three came up towards us to speak with us.

"You made it." Rean said.

"Just barely." Fie added.

"But man...when did you get to be such a babe?" Crow asked.

"Heh. Well a good suit and tie are more to my taste, but this was part of the deal I made with my dad to let me come." Angelica answered. "He said I could visit the festival if I agreed to meet a few prospective candidates for an arranged marriage."

"Well, if that's your aim, you're certainly well dressed for victory." Laura said.

"Yeah, I but I think it might draw out your charm a little too well." Alisa added.

Angelica turned to me. "I also hear that you will be front and center from start to finish."

"Yep, I'm gonna be on that stage for all three songs, but I'm so damn ready for it!" I replied, smirking.

"Good to know, when it starts, knock 'em dead!" Angelica then hugged Alisa and Emma.

'Well at least we know she swings both ways.' I thought.

"Good grief." Jusis frowned.

"Well, I suppose some things never change." Machias added.

"Come on, Angie." Towa said.

Angelica moved away and then did the same thing with Fie and Millium before pulling away. It was almost time to start, so we grabbed the instruments we needed and placed them on stage. The curtains had been kept closed so we could set up in peace. Once everything was ready, I stood in front of the mic and the lights went out.

"Thank you for your patience everyone." Towa's voice announced from the speakers. "Next, our academy's very first Class VII is proud to present a concert."

A light then shined on me, this was my cue to start the first song.

"Thank you everyone for coming to our class's concert, I'm Alex and we're looking forward to pulling out a hat-trick of performances for all of you in attendance!" I spoke. "We're gonna get things started with our first song that we learnt, so get ready to rock along with us!"

With that, we began the first song. Our arrangement for this one was that Gaius was on the drums, Crow and Jusis were on air guitars, Machias was on bass guitar and I was leading the way as the vocalist.

This time, I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of
But dreams just aren't enough
So I'll be waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling
The moment when we're meeting, will play out like a scene
Straight off the silver screen
So I'll be holding my breath, right up 'til the end
Until that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that
Cause nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

You can't give up, a diamond in the rough
When it shows up,
Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me
Oh cause nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

We finished the first song and everyone in attendance cheered with Angelica who was wooing a lot.

"Thank you everyone for joining in!" I spoke before taking a quick drink of bottled water and throwing it to Crow who caught it.

One down, two to go. As the class behind me made quick changes, I kept the mood going.

"Alright, our second song is going to be a slow duet ballad and right now, I wanna bring out my duet partner...please come out, Emma."

Emma then came out with her mic and just like before, she looked so beautiful in her outfit.

The second song was about to start. For this one, Alisa was on piano, Fie was on drums, Laura was on bass guitar and Elliot had his violin out for this one. I began with my part first.

Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
'Cause you've flown away So far away

Emma then sang her part.

Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you hear me
It keeps me alive

We then sang together for the chorus.

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Although the sun will never shine the same
I'll always look to a brighter day

Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Sorry I never told you

Emma and I went for the last line together as we looked at each other and held hands.

All I wanted to say

The second song was over and everyone applauded with smiles and I could see our Instructor in the back who was shedding a few tears. Two down, one more to go and everyone of us had a part for the last one. The feeling of performing this one altogether was an amazing buzz and the lyrics we had to learn was quite a treat.

The concert was then finished and we exited the stage before being told that the instruments and props would be taken care of. We then changed back into our uniforms and left the auditorium and delivered a group high five before my father came out.

"Alex...I have no words except to say that I am so proud of you, my son." My dad said. "The way you sung and performed was spectacular, I am truly grateful that the talent to sing was passed down to you by your mother. She would've been amazed as I am."

"Thank you, but it's all thanks to everyone in my group that made it possible." I replied. "I had low expectations and nothing to lose when I got here, now all of that's changed and I couldn't be happier."

He smiled before patting me on the shoulder. "Well son, it's time for me to depart for Garrelia Fortress. I will let you know what's happened in one week from now."

"Alright, dad, take good care."

"And it was wonderful meeting you all as well. You are the finest group of students I've ever set eyes on. Keep working hard to reach your goals. Adieu!" He bowed before leaving the academy grounds.

We were in the classroom by sunset and we were exhausted, but our mood was lifted when we heard that with 1,512 votes, our class won the poll for favorite festivity with Class I coming second. Next up was the after party with some bonfire out in the academy field.

When it was the start of the evening, we watched as the fires in the woods lit up in the middle. There was music playing in the background and nearly all of the students were dancing around the field in pairs.

I was with Emma and I looked at her. "Emma, may I have this dance with you?"

"I would love, to, Alex." She replied, smiling.

We held hands as the next song started to play, I knew the words, but I didn't wanna sing it, I wanted to focus on the girl I fell in love with. Unlike the others who danced in a straight pose, we danced a little more fluid and romantic.

"This is such a wonderful, night." Emma said.

"I feel exactly the same way." I replied. "I also feel lucky that I get to spend it with you."

As we danced, we then saw Rean and Alisa join in and they were smiling at each other. Emma and I focused back into each other's eyes and we carried on dancing until the ballad song ended, we then moved away from the field and sat on the bench nearby together and snuggled up close...

...if only this was the end and we could live happily ever after...but sometimes...fate can be cruel...

Dateline, October 30th.

Why...what reason...what reason was there for this to even happen? The current issue from the Imperial Chronicles showed the headline that drained the colour from my body.

'Garellia Fortress...annihilated.'

There was a photo of a massive hole-shaped chasm where Garrelia Fortress was, the aftermath article reported that due to the massive range of whatever was used to create such a hole in the fortress, the result was an unknown amount of causalities. All of which were identified by the military command with no signs of their bodies being found.

I was devastated by all of father...he was right with me at the festival...and now he's gone, just like my mother. But that wasn't the only issue. There were unconfirmed reports of an armored division attempting to invade Crossbell, but the result was the same, in that the city's army was able to thwart these attempts with ease.

This sudden turn of events also affected the economy and in response to the rising incident, the Imperial government and the officials in Heimdallr were discussing possible suggestions. Then it got more complicated when the Calvard Republic suddenly switched sides and allied with Crossbell. And with Garrelia Fortress gone, it now seemed likely that an invasion would happen and this would potentially lead to a war.

We were in our classroom in the morning and we were in a circle although Millium and Crow had not arrived yet, many of us were shocked and saddened by the recent news. But I...I was not taking this well. I clenched my fist and slammed it on the table.

"Those freaking bastards!" I exclaimed. "Why did it have to be when my father was there?!"

"Alex..." Emma sighed with sadness.

Sara then opened the door. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Instructor Sara." Rean replied.

"Hic..." I sniffed.

"It'a alright, Alex...we're all sorry for your loss." Sara said. "But you have to keep pushing forward, that's what your father said, right?"

I wiped my eyes. "Yeah...he umm...any homerooms?"

"Not today, I'm afraid. All classes have been cancelled." Sara shook her head. "You can either stay here in the building and study until school's out or go back to the dorm."

"Did something happen?" Rean asked.

"Not yet, but it will. Chancellor Osborne's going to be addressing the nation from Dreichels Plaza at noon. It's set to be broadcast across the entire Empire."

"A national address?" Elliot asked.

"Sounds pretty serious." Gaius added.

Jusis hummed. "It's not hard to imagine what's on his agenda."

"Come on guys, straighten up. You're students of Thors Military Academy, and that makes you all cadets." Sara said. "Whatever careers you choose, military or civilian, you need to know how to act decisively in an emergency. So right now, I don't want you to look away from what's happening in the world. I want you to face it straight."

Rean nodded. "Will do."

"You're right. Now's not the time to lose heart." Alisa agreed.

"As for Osborne's speech...apparently, we'll be setting up radios in each classroom so the students can listen to the national address." Sara continued. "So if you want to follow along, be sure to be back here by noon."

"I suppose I might as well listen to it here, then." Laura replied.

"Same here, I don't even have a radio." Fie said.

"I do, but for something like this, I'd rather not listen to it alone." Machias added.

"What should we do about Crow and Millium, though?" Emma asked. "None of us have seen either of them all day."

"We'll just have to tell them we're meeting here at noon if we run into them before then." Rean said.

Elliot nodded. "Yeah, will do."

With that, we went our separate ways. I wanted some time alone and Emma understood, she hugged me and kissed me softly before I went to the dormitory and into my room so I could be alone until noon.


I fell to my knees and I started having a slight headache, then my dark self came out and stood above me.

"So once again...this world's fate has ruined your life!"

"You are the last...whatever freaking thing you are...that I wanna see right now!" I exclaimed.

"What about's almost time, you know."

"What do you mean it's almost time, I thought I overcame my issue back in Roer!"

"No, you only delayed our return...and right now, you are close to reaching your limit. You won't be able to hold me back for much longer."

"But I'm changing for the better...and..."

"How long will you keep up with lying to yourself? Wanting revenge for your mother? Get justice for your father? You sure like to make claims that you never live up to."

"But I'm not, I already told you this many times that I'm going to overcome these issues and protect everyone as best as I can!"

"The true powers inside you do not agree with you, liar! Your true goal is to rise up as the demon lord and erase all lifeforms across Erebonia as Revelio The Vengeance!"

"And when are you gonna get it into your head that I will NEVER use those powers for slaughter?!"

" matter how long you deny the powers inside you, you can never change the bitter truth."

I then got a headache again. "Grrr..."

"Now...accept it and release me! You will then have those powers at will so you can destroy all that stands in your way!"

"NO, I WILL NEVER EVER ACCEPT THIS!" I stood up clenched my fists. "Now piss off back into my own body...cause it's never gonna happen!"

My dark self flew back into my body.

"Hmph! Fine! Cling onto that weakening mind of yours for a little longer! But soon...our souls...will become one!"

It was the afternoon and we were in the classroom with a radio. We listened carefully as the chancellor began his speech. Some of us had butterflies in our stomach, but I had my own personal matter...I had no idea how long it was going to be until my dark self will try to control me by force...I felt incredibly scared for my life.

I looked at Emma for some guidance and comfort, she held my hand tight. Millium was with us which was a good thing, but there was no sign of Crow at all, she was on her ARCUS which got our attention and she looked very serious.

"Millium, what are you doing?" Sara asked.

"Mmmm...nope. Can't get through." Millium said to herself. "No surprise there, I guess."

"Who are you trying to call?" Rean asked.

"What is this all about?" Jusis added

"Oh, it's part of my mission. The most important part, actually. If only I'd caught on a little sooner."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, considering he managed to outwit, Claire, Lechter and even Gramps, I suppose Crow's earned this victory."

"What does Crow have to do with this?" Elliot asked.

"Huh, so that's your angle." Sara said to herself. "You came because you had a potential lead on C, and you couldn't look into it from the outside, is that it?"

" mean to tell us that Crow is the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front?" I asked.

"The Intelligence Division looked at all of C's actions so far and drew up a list of potential suspects. And one possibility we couldn't dismiss was that he had ties to this academy somehow." Millium answered. "But after C and his cronies got blown up aboard thier airship in the mine, we thought it was a moot point. Looks like we spoke too soon though." She sighed. "I can't believe how bad we screwed this up."

"Dammit! Crow...C...dammit, it should've been obvious...I should've noticed that sooner!" I exclaimed. "That Comrade C and Crow are both the same person!"

"Madness." Jusis shook his head. "No one would stake their entire plan on such a precarious stunt!"

"Then what if he had recorded those messages we've heard during those events and played them back on the ship?"

"That's how I see it as well." Sara nodded. "And the airship that exploded? It could've been controlled remotely."

"Yep." Millium agreed. "And if C's still alive, that means the other ringleaders probably are too."

"Scarlet and Vulcan...I knew we wouldn't hear the last of them." I sighed.

"Then right now, Crow is..."

I looked down. " Heimdallr."

Fie nodded. "If a skilled sniper has thier eye on you, you let your guard down for even a second and BANG. You're dead. If he's the one who shot down the airship in the mine..."

"...then it's checkmate for the chancellor. Crow's already won." Sara finished.

The chancellor continued with his speech and we listened when suddenly, we heard a faint gunshot and the sounds of civilians screaming and then the sound of an airship. Suddenly, we saw an image of the capital scene on the greenboard.

"What the heck is that?!" I exclaimed.

Celine hissed.

"This is one of the Azure Abyss's incantations, Phantasmagoria!" Emma answered.

We then saw a lady in a long blue dress and a small bird that flew away before a massive airship came into view and then we saw several armored knights being deployed as they ran amok on the capital and destroying the tanks with ease. We then saw two guys come out of the armored knights, they were the same two we saw with Duke Cayenne back at Legram.

"This is madness!" I exclaimed. "They just took the whole capital by storm and no one ever saw it coming."

"Is this really happening?" Alisa asked.

"It is. I'm certain of it." Emma answered. "Phantasmagoria is an arcane art known to the Witch of the Abyss, capable of showing scenes and visions across great distances. The woman you saw was Misty, she is...something of a sister of mine."

'So that's why she didn't mention about relatives when I asked her.' I thought.

"I feel like any moment, I'm going to wake up in my bed to find I just dreamt all this." Laura said.

"If only it was. But we have no choice but to accept that it's real." Gaius added.

"Well, we'll have plenty of time to worry about that later." Sara said as she switched off the radio. "Right now we've got two more pressing concerns, the chancellor's been shot and Heimdallr's been occupied."

"On behalf of the Students Council, I'd like you all to remain calm," Seems like Towa is issuing an announcement. "I'm sure you all experienced that strange vision during the broadcast and the principal has an announcement he would like to make about it."

I couldn't concentrate on the rest, my head was aching at a quicker pace. Sara then got a call and rushed out of the room in a hurry. I then heard something and Gaius opened the window. I had a look to see armored cars and knights approaching from the far distance.

"Crap! Looks like they're deadly serious on taking control of everything that would stand against the Noble Faction." I said. "Even us..."

Jusis shook his head. "This is absurd!"

"Whatever thier intentions, we can't allow them to harm innocent people." Laura said.

"Then it's your call, Rean." I added. "What's our move?"

Rean looked at us. "I'm not sure how much help we'd be, or if we'll even be able to put a dent in them. But right now, they need all the support they can get. They need Class VII!"

We were all in agreement and rushed out of the classroom, when we got out of the main building, we saw a group of civilians rushing towards the academy. Towa and George guided the civilians into the auditorium. We then rushed over towards the gates.

"Rean." Towa said. "And Class VII...wait, you aren't..."

"You're not planning on going to help the instructors, are you?" George asked. "Are you sure this is what you wanna do?

"We are." Rean answered. "This academy has given us a lot. We've made friends here, learned to better ourselves...and we'll be damned if we're going to let them just take that away!"

"All right, as Student Council president, I hereby grant you permission to head through." Towa replied. "But don't forget, you're still students! This may be a military academy, but that doesn't mean you're soldiers! If you ever feel like your lives are in danger, even a little bit, you get out of there, okay? Run away, surrender...I don't care what you do, just please...please don't die out there! Promise me!"

George opened the gates and we rushed down the town as one group along with Celine and when we were near the station, we heard a battle going on from the west of the village. We then saw the instructors and the principal actually doing well for themselves. Sharon then burst in on the scene to help them.

But then we suddenly heard of a force approaching from the east, this was our chance to do our part. We rushed over to see a pair of armored knights coming towards us.

"My, my. What have we here?" that Scarlet in one of those...what are they called, soldats?

"But you didn't let me down, did you, Class VII? You manage to turn up every single time."

We drew our weapons out, ready to strike.

"Heehee, how cute. You seriously think you can beat a Soldats unit, do you?" Scarlet asked. "It just wouldn't be right of us to attack at the same time, so why don't you soften them up a little first?"

"Roger that, with pleasure." The solider in the other Soldat replied. "You've interfered with our cause for far too long. It's time you got what's coming to you."

The battle began, but I suddenly went down with a major jolt in my head.

"NGH! What's with this major pain?!" I exclaimed. "It feels like my brain is being poked from all sides!"

"Hahahaha! You are reaching your limit!" My dark self responded. "I'm going to release our powers whether you like it or not!"


"The moment is almost here...can you feel it? I will ask last time, show your honesty to the world and release our powers!"


The pain was becoming too much to ignore that I switched out and watched everyone else all do their best against the Soldat before eventually emerging victorious. Scarlet then stood forward and everyone tried to do the same, but they were mowed down by a surprise attack.

I could see an aura glowing around Rean as he clutched his heart before he mentioned a name and Celine approached him...looks like she finally decided to talk in front of the others.

"Valimar, The Ashen Knight!" Rean yelled with his arm in the air.

Suddenly, we heard a flying Soldat from somewhere before it landed near us. Rean and Celine then got transported into it and we saw in amazement as the armored knight known as Valimar go to town on Scarlet and the battle was over.

...or so we thought, that was when Crow finally appeared in his armored knight.

"Crow!...Crow! Are you really in there?" Rean asked.

"Sure am. Long time no see, Rean." Crow answered. "Well, not too long, I guess. Seeing as we just had dinner together last night. But that all feels strangely distant now, y'know? Another lifetime, almost."

This betrayal from Crow was not helping me at all...

"Hah...hah...this pain is...killing my mind right now!" I yelled, grabbing my head.

"Do it...release can take that worthless mortal on!"

"Stay out of this!"

Rean and Crow engaged in battle and I chose to stand far away from the group and the battle, cause my mind was reaching it's limit, the pain was now travelling its way through my body...if this keeps up for longer, I'll lose control and then all will be lost

Suddenly, I heard a massive explosion and sensed a huge release of power. I turned back to see one of my worst fears in the making. All of my friends...Emma...and Valimar were all knocked down, none...not one of them were moving.

"NO...NOOOOOO!" I yelled as I pleaded internally for them to move.

But that was it...I couldn't take this any more...seeing them all down forced me to witness the flashbacks...the flashback of when I heard my mother died...the flashback of the Garrelia Fortress being wiped out and losing my father...the flashback of seeing my friends down and out back at the castle in Legram.

"Mwhahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just as we thought...more victims!"

I fell on my knees and grabbed my head with both hands. "Grrr...hic...ngh!"

"This is all because of you! All because you refuse to accept your true power!"

My body started to shiver and I stood up. "Hic...hic...hic!"

"Now! Your body is ours...arise! Arise as Revelio The Vengeance! Unleash the might of the demon lord powers and bring forth the chaos on to the world once more!"


I was engulfed by a massive dark aura of power...the worst nightmare has come true.

"What the?!" Elliot exclaimed.

"What's going on with Alex?!" Machias asked

"I'm not sure, but the winds tell me that there is a huge wave of power pouring out from him!" Gaius answered.

"I sense it as's a massive spike of energy I've never felt before!" Laura added.

"But it feels...cold...and dark." Alisa said.

"No..." Emma cried. "...we're too late!"

The transformation was complete, I had now turned into a full on demon monster, I was black and red all over, my tail, my wings and my claws on both hands and feet, even my face was no longer the same...this was my appearance as the demon lord, Revelio.

"What the hell is that?!" Crow asked in shock.

"Looks like the situation has reached beyond unwinnable." Celine spoke from inside Valimar. "Well, we may have lost this battle, but at least we'll live to fight another day. All right, get us out of here. As far away in Erebonia as you can take us!"

"Command acknowledged. Charting course..." Valimar replied.

"! That's my call to make!" Rean exclaimed.

Then I saw Alisa rush to the Valimar and placed her hands on it. "Rean, there's so much I want to say right now." She said, smiling. "You're the one who gave me the courage to find my way in life. That's why this time, I want to be the one to help you find yours! And when we meet again, I'll tell you everything that's in my heart."


Valimar got up and began to float several feet above us before seeing me.

"What the...where did that come from?!"

Celine sighed. "Looks like Alex has lost control of his true powers."

"Wait...that's Alex?!"

"It is...his body is now being controlled by Revelio, the demon lord. You don't stand a chance against him either, and there's nothing you can do for him right now!"

Valimar then turned away from us.


Rean's words fell on deaf ears as the Valimar zoomed away to the direction of where the mountains in the distance were.

Everyone else now focused their attention on me.

"What do we do now?" Millium asked, shivering.

"What is this...volunteers ready for the slaughter?!" I spoke in a growling demon voice.

Emma was in shock, tears were falling from her eyes.

"Is that you, Alex?" Fie asked.

"'t Alex!" Machias pointed out.

"Who in Aidios are you?!" Jusis added.

I growled with an evil smile. "Refer to me as Revelio The Vengeance, the demon lord who once ruled over the world of Erebonia!"


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