First Nexo Knights fanfiction! I just want season 5 to start but it doesn't start until June 1st. I'm ready for season five. I need more info on Clay like I need more info on Pink Diamond from Steven Universe.

(Ruina's POV)

"Ruina, why didn't you tell me that Moorington knight was your son?!" Monstrox asked. "It was my business and mine alone. Besides my plan failed. I planned for him to join us but that failed. His magic came and cured him of his curse, his stone prison, and destroyed the Colossus of Ultimate Destruction. But luckily I have a new plan." I told him.

"Oh, really? What plan is that?" He asked. "Well, I still plan on Clay joining us but I have something else in mind for him joining our evil cause," I said then the two of us laughed evilly.

(Clay's POV)

I was in Merlok's new library practicing my magic. It was a bit difficult but I was slowly learning. "So, Merlok, my mother's real name was Wanda Moorington?" I asked. "Indeed, my nephew. Wanda was much like you. Determined, brave, and excited to learn new things all the time. I was devastated when she turned evil. I didn't want to but I had to stop her before she destroyed Knighton. I didn't know she had a child till I found her spell book with a child's drawing of her and you but younger. I then knew that I had to find you. I feared that the magic you inherited would turn you evil so I didn't tell you. I am truly sorry, Clay." Merlok explained.

"I forgive you, uncle. You feared for my future. I'm sure my mother before she turned evil, would want me to not be evil as well." I smiled at him. He smiled back. "Well, we should get back to our magic lessons." I nodded in agreement.

Later, Back in the Fortrex

"How's your magic lessons with Merlok going, Clay?" Macy asked. "They're going well. Merlok says that my magic is getting stronger every day. He says that I might become more powerful than my mother or even him." Aaron gasped in surprise as he flew by. "Really?! You more powerful than Merlok?!" Aaron asked. "Yeah, I told him that I didn't think I'd be that powerful."

"That's where you are wrong, my nephew," Merlok said as he appeared on the Fortrex. "You see, all wizards or witches need a wand to activate their magic but you don't. Your magic just happens whenever it wants or at least whenever you want it." Merlok joked. "Why is Clay's magic so powerful anyway?" Aaron asked. "I'm not too sure myself. Perhaps we will learn one day in the future." (Hopefully in season 5!)

"Knights! Red alert, Ruina is attacking Dnullib!" Robin came in screaming. 'Dnullib? My hometown? Why would my mother attack that place?' I thought to myself. "Knights, we have to go protect the innocent! Robin, contact Ava, Axl, and Lance and tell them to meet us there. We may need help." He nodded and left to get Ava, Axl, and Lance. "Why would Runia attack Dnullib?" Macy asked. "I'm not sure be careful knights. I fear that there's something else going on." We all nodded and went to get ready to fight my mother.

In Dnullib

We all arrived in Dnullib quickly to protect the people. "Knights, get everyone to safety first!" I shouted. They all nodded and left to help the innocent while I left to find my mother. 'Maybe, I can convince her to become good again.' I thought to myself.

(Macy's POV)

Axl, Lance, Aaron, and I left to protect the people but once we got everyone to safety Lance noticed that Clay was missing. "Uh, where's super knight?" Lance asked. "He must have gone to face Ruina," Axl said. "I have a bad feeling, guys. We need to go help Clay!" Then we all ran to help Clay.

(No one's POV)

Back with Clay, he was trying to find his mother and try to convince her to come back to the side of good. She may be his evil but she was still his mother but she was also hurting innocent people so Clay was in a bind. Clay knew his duties as a Nexo Knight but he was also wanting to help his mother come back since he lost her as a child. He didn't want to lose her again.

(Clay's POV)

It took me some time but I finally found Ruina. "Ruina Stoneheart!" I shouted. She smirked and turned around. "Is that any way to greet your mother?" She asked. I gulped. "Mother, you have to stop. Come back to the Fortrex. Merlok and I can help you come back to the side of good." She laughed. "I'm doing just fine on the side I'm on. It should be you who should join my side, son. After all, I can answer all the questions that you could ever want. Who your father was? How I turned evil? And so much more."

"I will never join you. I'm a Nexo Knight and a descendant of the wizards council. I fight to help the innocent of Knighton not to hurt them." I told him. She laughed. "You may not join me now but you will soon." She said then she fired a spell at me and I dodged it. "You will join me, Clay. Maybe not today but one day you will." She said as she kept firing spells at me. 'I can't keep this up forever. It won't be long before the others notice that I'm gone.

(Macy's POV)

The others and I were running trying to find Clay and Ruina. 'We have to stop Clay. I know he wants to save his mother and we want to save her as well but there is another way.' I thought to myself.

(Ruina's POV)

Everything is going according to plan. The others knights will be here soon and my plan will soon be complete and Clay will join me even if he doesn't want to.

Here they come.

(Macy's POV)

We finally found Clay and he's dodging all of Ruina's attacks. "Clay! We're here to help!" I shouted. He turned back and smiled. "Thanks, guys. Ruina, you're outnumbered. Please come back with us. Merlok can help you." He pleaded. "Oh, I don't think so," Ruina said then she fired a spell at me I blocked it with my shield. "Everyone scatter. She can't hit us if we're all together." Then we all ran off in different directions. She kept firing spells at and kept missing. 'Weird. Why does she keep missing? It's like she doing it on purpose.' I was so lost in my thought I didn't even hear Aaron warn me till it was too late. "MACY, LOOK OUT!"

I turned around and saw a spell being fired at me. I ran to dodge it but I tripped and closed my eyes to prepare to be hit but it never came. When I opened my eyes, my worst fears came true. "Clay!" Everyone shouted. He was hit with the spell. He passed out on the ground. "Axl, Lance get here. Macy and I will get Clay back to the Fortrex." Aaron shouted.

Axl and Lance tried to get Ruina but she teleported away. "Where'd she go?" Lance asked. "No time to worry about that now. Clay got hit with one of Ruina's spells who knows what happened to him." Axl said. Aaron and I grabbed Clay and we all ran to get Merlok to help us figure out what Ruina did to Clay before something bad happens.

(Ruina's POV)

"You just hit him with a spell. Real original." Monstrox said. "Don't underestimate me. I tricked my son into thinking I was going to aim my spell at someone else. I knew I had to nearly hit the princess and I knew he would use his own body as a shield to defend the princess. It will only be a matter of time before the spell has run its course and Clay will join our side." I said then I laughed evilly.

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