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These were the only thoughts on Merlok's mind. Clay was gone again but this time, he was prepared. Clay was able to inform him that an evil magic had infected his mind. He was only able to speak with him through his mind. He could still vividly remember what Clay told him.

It was the middle of the night and everyone was asleep. Even though Merlok was now a hologram, he still needed his sleep. Merlok was having a peaceful dream. A dream where his sister didn't turn evil and Monstrox was truly defeated. Suddenly it was interrupted, static came through his dream and when it disappeared, there was a field of white everywhere.

"What is going on?" Merlok asked himself. "Merlok!" Merlok turned around to see Clay back to his original age. "Clay, my nephew, what are you doing in my dream?" Clay's image flickered a bit. "This was the only way I could contact you." Now Merlok was confused. Clay could talk to him anytime, why was he speaking to him in his dream?

"Merlok, I don't have much time! When I was with my mother, she and Monstrox used a potion on me to turn me evil. It didn't work all the way. Instead, it created an evil version of myself inside my head. I can't speak to you in the real world because Evil Clay is making sure I can't speak to about him. He's slowly taking over my mind. I don't have much time. I need you to make sure Macy watches me and only Macy." Clay groaned like he was in pain as his image flickered once again.

"Clay, are you alright?" Merlok asked worriedly. "I'm fine. My spell won't last much longer though. The others can't know about this. When my evil side takes over, we'll be meeting at the outside of the forest that you guys found me in and I will use the spell that turned you into a hologram and I will use the spell on Monstrox." Merlok eyes widened in horror. If Monstrox turned into a hologram, then all of Knighton would be in danger.

"The spell is currently in my mind. I was able to bring it to my dream self. I need you to erase the spell from my fine but make sure that my evil self still thinks that the spell is still in our minds." Merlok nodded. He used his magic to erase the spell from Clay but also made sure to keep the memory of stealing the spell in his mind. Clay smiled. "Thank you, Uncle. Now, my mind will soon be corrupted by the evil plaguing me. I will escape the Fortrex, I have no doubt about that. Once I do, explain this whole conversation to the others. Macy is the only one who can watch me though. It's the only way my plan can work. Explain some stuff to Macy like my evil side and the stolen spell but nothing else... please." Merlok nodded in understanding. Clay smiled at his uncle. "Thank you. Before I go, when I try to use the spell, they may go deep into my memory to find to the spell" Clay disappeared from the dream and Merlok instantly woke up.

When Macy explained that Clay was gone, Merlok explained everything. "Why didn't Clay tell us anything?" Axl asked confused. "Probably to keep us all safe," Aaron suggested. "Clay did not want his evil self to know about his plan. Clay is currently with his mother and Monstrox and if I'm right, Clay is already there and has tried to use the spell and it has failed."

With Clay, Ruina, and Monstrox

Clay tried to cast the spell but soon realized that he didn't know. "The spell... it's gone!" Clay said. "WHAT?!" Monstrox shouted angrily. "What happened?" Ruina asked calmly. "I don't know. Unless... my good side... we had a fight and he must have somehow taken the spell away from me without my knowledge and made sure that I knew that we took the spell and that we had it."

"Clever boy..." Ruina whispered to herself. Her son, even before she turned evil, always seemed to be very smart and this proved it. "We need to get that spell!" Monstrox shouted. "How?! Macy already woke up and told the others what happened! It's not like we can go in and ask Merlok for the spell!" Clay shouted. "ENOUGH!" Ruina shouted as electricity flew through the air.

"Fighting between all of us will get us nowhere! We need to create an elaborate plan to get the spell to revive the master. Perhaps my son can remember the spell by going deep in his memory when Merlok first turned himself into a hologram. Monstrox smiled evilly. "Oh, ho ho... I'm liking the way you think, Ruina. All right, Mr. Moorington, we need to go deep in your memory to find that spell you up for it?" He asked. Clay smiled. "Anything to revive the master."

Back on the Fortrex

The knights were getting ready to save Clay, again. "Everyone set on the plan?" Aaron asked. "Are we sure this is going to work?" Macy asked concerned. "I'm sure this will work. Clay informed me before he left that they will be here."

"Are we sure that Clay wasn't already evil when he told you this?" Lance asked. "I am positive. I would have been able to sense it. Clay's mind was being taken over by evil and he needs our help. If we don't stop Monstrox now, then all of Knighton will be in danger." Everyone nodded and left the Fortrex.

"Merlok, are we going to save Clay this time?" Robin asked worriedly. "I am sure we will, Robin. Both of you should relax. I trust that the NEXO Knights will save Clay." Robin and Ava looked at each other worried but knew that they could trust their friends.

With Clay, Ruina, and Merlok

Ruina was currently using her magic to go deep into Clay's memories to find the hologram spell. "How long is this going to take?!" Monstrox asked impatiently. "It will take a while, Master. Going through memories can take some time since we have to go deep into Clay's mind." Ruina was struggling to go into Clay's mind since she didn't want to hurt him but she also wanted to please her master.

Unbeknownst to them, the knights were watching them from a distance. "Everyone set on the plan?" Aaron asked once more. They all nodded. "Good. Everyone take your positions." Axl, Lance, and Aaron went one way in the forest to fight Merlok and Ruina while Macy went one way to fight Clay. 'I just hope we can save Clay.'

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