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Bella was a ball of anticipation. It had been years since she'd visited her father aside from summer breaks. Her parents had gone through a disastrous divorce when she was only 7 years old, leaving her practically fatherless for most of her life. Her mother had dragged her around from state to state, rental to rental, until she'd finally settled down with Phil Dwyer only last year.

The honeymoon phase was not something that Bella wished to witness from her doe-eyed mother. She was over the moon that Renee finally had someone to take care of her after years of doing it herself. Playing the mother to her own mother had grown tiring and the 17 year old teen had taken it upon herself to make some huge life changes.

"You really don't have to do this, Bella. You'll love it in Jacksonville." Renee, ever the child, tried to convince her only daughter. They were in the old Blazer headed toward the Phoenix airport as she tried one last time to change Bella's mind.

Laying a soothing hand on her mother's forearm as she drove, Bella mustered up her most convincing voice and watched her profile as she continued driving. "It's okay, Mom. I really want to do this. Charlie's really excited to have me back with him too. It's been too long since I've visited him."

And it had. The last time Bella had gone to visit her father had been 3 years ago. She'd been close to turning 15 and had spent a refreshing summer in Forks, Washington. Charlie and Bella had an oddly close bond that no one really understood considering the lack of parentage years between them. Ever since she was a small child, she'd slept in his bed with him, relishing in the closeness and warmth of her solid, mature father. He'd tried to deter her from sleeping in his bed that last year she'd seen him, knowing she was growing into her early teen years, getting curves and going through hormonal changes. His daughter had been adamant though and snuggled up to him in her sleep just as she had every year before.

She hadn't been oblivious to the arousal that Charlie sported each morning when they would wake up, spooning. His heavy arm would be draped over her side, pulling her closely to his chest as his erection pressed firmly into her growing backside. She wasn't even oblivious to her father's growing attraction to her own maturity. Blossoming from a flat chested tomboy, Bella gained firm, plump breasts and perfectly rounded child-bearing hips that would send Charlie running to the bathroom first thing in the morning to take care of his needs. She was, however, oblivious to his shame. Shame that he was aroused by his own daughter. That had been the last time he'd tried to get Bella to visit him for the summer and it had created a barrier between them that Bella was determined to fix.

Sighing from the driver's seat, Renee blew out a long breath. "If you're sure." She said uncertainty. She wasn't aware of why Charlie stopped calling on their daughter but she was worried how Bella would handle it if he suddenly decided she was too much trouble. He'd lived alone ever since the divorce, so far as Renee knew, never having another girlfriend or even going on a date. The perpetual bachelor may not like having a nearly 18 year old in his home after all this time. Though Bella was mature beyond her years, she was still a teenager. She left her room a mess, her toiletries all over the bathroom counter, and sometimes let the trash bin pile up each month during her 'rag'. Renee was worried that Bella would end up forced out of her senior year of high school to transfer to Jacksonville.

Nodding solidly, convincing her mother that nothing would change her mind, Bella said firmly, "I am." After inhaling deeply the scent of her mother, she sighed. "I'm going to miss you, Mom."

"Oh my baby, I'm going to miss you too."


It was close to midnight by the time Bella and Charlie pulled up to the two story house in Forks and unloaded her meager possessions. Only 2 small suitcases and a carry on was placed on her full sized bed. The old childhood room had been updated scarcely from the old twin bed and child sized desk to the full bed and a larger glass topped desk upon which sat an old beast of an IBM computer. Bella almost rolled her eyes, wondering what graveyard Charlie dug that up from. She doubted it would even get internet.

After a tight hug at the airport, Charlie and she had barely exchanged any words on the long 4 hour drive from the Seattle airport to the place Bella would call home for the foreseeable future. What she didn't realize that when her father hugged her, while she was ecstatic to feel his solid warmth that left tingles all over her body, he was berating himself for sporting an erection just from the contact. He had been sure that his shameful feelings had been erased but one touch from his beautiful grown up daughter and a look into her deep brown eyes proved otherwise.

He spend the next few days avoiding her. Throwing himself into his work as Police Chief and letting her get re-acquainted with the small town of Forks on her own. As much as Charlie knew he should be there for her as a father, he just couldn't. He wanted her as so much more and even as it sickened him, it made him hard.

He ached for her.

It's not as if Charlie didn't get out and get laid. He also had an extensive porn collection so he wasn't hard up for an orgasm. He simply longed for something forbidden. He shouldn't want to fuck his daughter hard into his old springy mattress. He shouldn't want to bury his hands in her long dark tresses while his long hard dick pushed into her tight pussy.

Groaning to himself, Charlie settled onto the recliner and palmed his aching dick. She was up there, right now, naked and wet in the shower. He could hear the water as it splashed off of her soft skin while she probably lathered her hair and pressed her soapy palms against her firm curves, washing them free of the oceanic air grime. Leaving the television off and double checking that the curtains and blinds were firmly shutting out the dawning day, Charlie unzipped his jeans and pulled his rock hard erection from its confines. Stroking himself from base to tip, he circled his fingers around his head and squeezed, relishing in the pulsing throb. A small bead of pre-cum leaked from the tip and he swiped his thumb over the top of his cock, rubbing it into the soft skin of his shaft as he continued to touch himself.

A soft humming tune wafted down the stairwell from the bathroom along with the scent of her cherry blossom body wash. The door was cracked up there, he could tell, the scent heavier with the steam of the shower. Charlie imagined her slim fingers dipping between her thighs as she cleaned herself and listened carefully to Bella's breathing even as his own increased in his arousal. Did she take care of herself in the shower? Did she moan when she released? Charlie wanted to watch her. He wanted to see the way her fingers caressed her smooth, flawless skin.

While he continued to rub himself to the images in his brain, he was completely unaware that Bella, while showering, was picturing her own father much the same way. Unlike Charlie, Bella felt no shame. Remembering how she would wake up to his hard, heavy cock pressed into the crack of her ass made her pussy throb. She pushed her thin fingers between the slickened lips between her thighs and sighed happily when her clit pulsed against her palm. Picturing her father's thick dark hair between her legs as his dark, expressive eyes stared up the expanse of her torso had her biting her lip to try to contain her moan.

Leaning her back against the wall of the shower, she spread her legs and squatted down just a little for leverage. The shower spray landed directly on her tender sex and she pressed her fingers between her lips with more vigor. Her eyes drifted closed as one hand covered a breast, fingering the hard nipple while the other hand flicked her clit before dipping deeper inside her hot core.

He couldn't stand it. He had to see. Even though she had tried to hide it, he had heard her soft moan and he'd almost exploded right then and there. Every step he took up the steps as quiet as he could, his cock pulsed heavily in his hand. Charlie got to the top of the landing and inhaled the heady scent of her body wash, clenching his fist tightly around his cock as he leaned against the door jamb. Peering into the bathroom, the door was just wide enough to be able to see her through the glass shower doors. They weren't fogged up because of the open bathroom window and door, letting the steam travel outwards instead of being trapped to condensate.

Charlie watched as Bella's slim, manicured middle finger and ring finger plunged seducingly slow inside her tight pussy, and stroked his cock. Her nails a bright, shimmery red, were round tips instead of the ugly square that most girls got at the nail salon. The bright color contrasted beautifully against her creamy pale skin. The ball of her hand pressed and pushed against her aching clit and her other hand massaged her soapy, wet breast. He watched through the cracked bathroom door the way her eyes were gently closed, her dewy lashes lying softly against the blushing apples of her cheeks, the way her cherry colored lips parted with her short breaths. It endeared her to him that she was blushing even as she masturbated in their shared shower in what she thought was privacy. The image burned itself in his memory bank. It was enough to store in Charlie's mind to finish himself off in the privacy of his bedroom. Pushing the thick feeling of shame aside, he ambled awkwardly down the hallway to his bedroom and left the door cracked so her lucious scent would waft his way.

As he settled firmly onto his back, leaning against the fluffy pillows on his bed and worked his hard shaft, Bella caught a whiff of her father's vetiver cologne and her eyes popped open. Just the scent of him sent her over the edge and she gasped before a low, throaty moan left her pouty lips. Rivulets of arousal met the sprinkling stream of the shower as it flowed over her thighs and calves to the tub below her feet. Leaning heavily against the shower wall, she panted her ecstasy as she got her bearings from that strong orgasm. Her tender sex throbbed beautifully as she removed her fingers and finished washing up before stepping out of the shower.

The low grunts from Charlie's room had her ears perked and she wrapped the blue towel around herself after drying off. Leaving her hair falling in damp curls around her slim shoulders, she crept into the hallway, careful to avoid the squeak in the bathroom door as she pulled it open slightly. Biting her lip to hold in the audible gasp, Bella's eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of her father's thick purple head, his large hand wrapped around his pulsing appendage. A new wave of arousal dripped slowly down her thigh under the towel as she watched thick streams of white cum flow from him.

She caught her breath when her ears picked up her name from the bathroom door where she watched her father release his own orgasm.


It was breathed from his full lips, the top one covered by a thick dark mustache. He panted her name, breathing roughly as his motions slowed and he released his cock to lay heavily on his thigh.

Her hand flew to her chest and pressed as her heart thudded almost painfully. Her father wanted her? Did he know that she wanted him to? Unable to contain her giddy feelings, she spun around and headed toward her bedroom quietly, careful not to alert Charlie to what she'd witnessed. She had some thinking to do. Pulling on a pair of white lace cheeky panties and a matching demi bra, she draped the damp towel over the back of her desk chair before she gathered the rest of her clothes. Her bare feet padded lightly against the hardwood flooring of her bedroom, feeling the contrast easily from flooring to rug as she passed over it to her dresser. The thick cords of the braided rug felt rough under the soft balls of her feet and she shimmied her toes a bit before she smiled.

Everything about this house was perfect to her. The scuffs in the tongue and groove hardwood, the braided rugs that were a favorite of her father's, the worn flowered linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen. Even the old soft carpeting of the living room. Though the walls in the whole house could use a new coat of paint and the cabinets were a bit decrepit, she adored the small home that her father had chosen for his family to live their lives. Even though it still irritated her that her mother so callously threw away a loving family for a lifetime of travel and mystery -something Bella would never want to do- she couldn't be too angry with her. If Renee hadn't gotten the 7 year itch, Bella wouldn't be free to seduce her father as she pleased.

And seduce she would.

Turning 18 in just a couple of weeks, her father was barely 36. Her parents had had her young, just out of high school themselves. Renee had swept in from California on a road trip with her friends and had fallen head over heels with the idea of fast love. Shaking her head from her thoughts, Bella grimaced. She didn't like to think about her parent's love. Not now that she was positive she was in love with her own father. She really didn't care what society might think. Love is love and there was no reasoning in her mind that she could see a fault in the incestuous feelings she harbored.

Though it would be difficult to hold an actual relationship with her father in public, they lived together. It would be so easy to maintain the 'housewife-working man' routine behind the privacy of their locked maroon front door. Charlie's been a bachelor her entire life, possibly only dating for a release, but he'd never found another relationship, never found love again. Perhaps, Bella thought, she was the reason for that?

She wasn't oblivious to the way her father looked at her since she was 14 years old. He'd tried to stop her from sharing his bed and though she'd been offended at first, she was adamant that she needed to sleep with him. It was then that she learned the depth of Charlie's attraction. She would wake to his pulsing arousal at her back before he would scamper to the bathroom and groan his release into the tub. It made her hot, even then, to know how she made her dad feel.

Unfortunately, after that summer, Charlie stopped calling on her to come and Renee was so flighty that she'd not pushed the issue after one phone call each year to which Charlie would say he was busy with plans. It had cut Bella deeply to know that her own father pushed her away but now that she was living with him, she was determined to get her relationship with him back on track. She would start slowly, she thought, as she dressed in her hip hugging jeans and a cashmere light green sweater. Showing no indication that she knew he was jerking off to the thought of his own daughter, breathing her name at his climax, she would go on about their life together while slowly trying to entice him.


She headed down the front steps of the house to stop dead in her tracks. Next to a large faded red cab of an old Chevy truck, stood Charlie with a shit eating grin on his face. One of his hands rested on the roof while his other beckoned her forward.

"What is this doing here?" Bella asked as she went toward her handsome father. Today he was dressed in a long sleeved blue flannel with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a pair of relaxed Wrangler jeans. She unconsciously licked her lips before focusing her attention on the vehicle that she'd never seen before.

Being on his best 'fatherly' behavior, Charlie opened the driver's side door, releasing the scents of tobacco and well loved leather. "This is your homecoming gift." He said gruffly with a smile.

Bella loved listening to his deep voice. It resonated within her chest and sent her blood singing through her veins. Her eyes widened at his statement and she grinned widely.

"Oh my God! Dad, this is awesome!" Throwing her arms around his neck, she pushed up on her toes and squeezed him tightly to show her appreciation.

His strong arms enveloped her and he discreetly sniffed her cherry blossom scented hair, just barely holding in a groan before gently shoving her from the hug, plastering a grin on his face.

"I'm glad you like it, Bells. At least now you don't gotta be carted around in my cruiser." He gestured mildy to the police issued car that sat on the other side of the driveway. "Bought it off old Billy Black. You remember him, don't you?" Charlie didn't want to mention Jake Black, Billy's son, in case his daughter had ideas about dating.

He wasn't sure what he would do if she decided to date one of the young kids around the area.

Nodding, Bella hummed as she climbed in the cab of the truck and caressed the worn steering wheel lovingly. It was an amazing gift and she hoped he didn't spend too much on it but she would never disrespect him by asking. Charlie watched her, wishing it was his naked skin she was touching so lovingly but he quickly shut down those thoughts. It was inappropriate and they were standing outside, where multiple neighbors would be able to see if anything untoward happened.

"It's all gassed up and ready to go." He said as he stepped back from the door and closed it firmly. "Have a good day at school today."

Giving him a cheeky grin, Bella leaned out the window and grabbed the collar of his shirt, bringing him closer. She planted a firm kiss to his cheek and grinned again at the sight of his skin deepening in color.

"Thank you, Dad." She said earnestly with wide eyes. She wanted him to know how much she appreciated having her own mode of transportation around town.

"See you tonight, sweetheart." Backing further away from the truck backwards, Charlie kept his eye on his beautiful daughter as she carefully reversed out onto the road and drove off toward her last year of high school.

He sighed heavily as he climbed into his own vehicle and went to the station to start his day. Images of Bella danced around in his mind from the wet nakedness that he witnessed a couple days ago to last night when she'd been in the kitchen in only a tank top and pair of ass showing lace panties. She'd been reaching up into the glass cupboard and though one part of him wanted to help her or change things around so she could reach them better, he knew that he wouldn't miss a chance of seeing that view every now and then. Bella looked absolutely perfect in her light purple v-neck tee and tight hip hugging jeans. The leather jacket that used to be his when he was her age had adorned her shoulders and he loved it every time she wore it. Her hair was plaited down her back in a fishtail braid, the ends teasing the top curve of her sexy ass.

Releasing another long breath, Charlie adjusted his erection, willing it to go down before he got out of the cruiser. Luckily for him -unluckily for the driver- he got a call and had to head straight to the scene. He was thankful for the distraction.

School was a pain in the ass and Bella was so glad this was her last year. She was having trouble trying to figure out how to seduce her father. How was she supposed to get him to admit that he wanted her? She walked around in her cheeky panties as much as she dared, considering unexpected company liked to show up knowing she'd moved in, and kept the bathroom door cracked open during showers and bathtimes. Something else was going to have to happen.

As she plotted, Bella made dinner for her Dad. She wanted to see his brilliant white smile when he walked in the door and hung up his gun belt. He always complimented her on her culinary skills, sending her heart aflutter. Tonight, she had changed out of her jeans and slipped on a pair of short sweatshorts. Her father's leather jacket that she'd confiscated from him her last visit to Forks hung on the rack above the sideboard by the front door.

Charlie walked in after a long day on the job and hung up his gun belt, happy and excited to be greeted by the smells of chicken parmesan. What made his lower abdomen tighten was what he walked into the kitchen to witness. Bella's pert little ass and shapely legs were the first thing he noticed as she bent over the oven to pull the dinner from its depths. When she righted herself, placing the hot tray on a trivet, he almost swallowed his tongue. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he sat heavily in a chair at the table and cleared his throat so he could speak.

It was difficult considering what she was wearing. Or rather, what she wasn't. Still in her lavender tee from that morning, she'd opted out of a bra, leaving her perky breasts on pleasant display for his greedy eyes. Her long legs were smooth and bare under a pair of ass showing shorts. After her hair had been in a braid all day, her hair floated down around her shoulders and back in soft waves and Charlie's hand itched to touch it. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad thing if he did. He could make it seem appropriate, couldn't he? It didn't have to be a sexual thing for him to comment on her silky soft hair.

Did it?

As Bella turned to hand him his filled plate, he realized he still hadn't said a word. What he didn't realize was that she was pleased that she'd caught his breath. Maybe what she was doing was working for her.

"Smells good, Bells. How was your day?" He asked nonchalantly as he lifted his fork to his mouth.

Bella watched the way his lips seemingly caressed the utensil as he ate her meal while she sat across from him, nibbing from her own plate. "It was good. Anything happen for you today?"

They exchanged idle chit chat while they ate and when they cleared their plates and Bella started doing the dishes, her father sidled up beside her with a clean dish towel. She smiled up at him and bumped his shoulder with hers in silent thanks, shaking her hips to a tune in her head. She saw his eyes travel the length of her hair from her peripherals before they focused on her swaying ass and smiled wider. When the last plate was wiped clean and put away, Bella took the dish towel from her father's hand, gently letting her fingers graze against his. Her cheeks flushed and she turned to hang the damp cloth on the stove handle to dry.

"Your hair looks real good like this, sweetheart." Charlie commented as he watched her, trying his damndest to behave about it. He didn't want to freak her out and send her running back to her mother.

Turning to look at him, Bella grabbed a small swath of her hair and held it between her slim fingers with a hum. "Thanks. I like how it looks after I braid it."

Clearing his throat, Charlie shifted from foot to foot. "It looks soft." He said gruffly, his voice deepening with arousal against his permission.

The tight cord that had wound itself inside Bella's abdomen since her father set foot in the house this evening tightened and pulsed. "It is." She said softly as she brought her other hand up to pull more hair over her shoulder and touch the strands. Her dad moved closer to her, still a respectable distance away and he held up a tentative hand.

The tension in the small kitchen was thick and Bella swallowed hard before licking her lower lip. She saw his hand advancing and stepped toward him boldly. When Charlie's fingers carded through the silky locks, he almost moaned aloud. The strands of her hair were softer than kitten's fur and he knew he could touch it all day and night long. What he wouldn't give to fist his hand at the back of her head and pull her in for a long, passionate kiss.

Bella watched as Charlie's eyes darkened with lust and she had to swallow her own aroused noises. She watched as he got bolder, fingering more of her hair from behind her ear to the ends where they lay just under her breasts. The breasts that were free from their confines tonight. Her dad's knuckles brushed against her nipple, hardening it immediately and she held her gasp, afraid to startle him. Unfortunately, he had startled himself and he jerked away, looking anywhere but her before grabbing another beer and complimenting her hair once more before he hid in the living room on his recliner. She let him have his escape, knowing rightfully that he was probably having a lot of issues being attracted to his daughter.

Society said it was morally wrong. Society said it was disgusting. She didn't give a flying fuck what society or propriety said. Bella loves her father with every fiber of her being and she is attracted to him in every way. She finds it comforting that she knows exactly who her father is. The handsome Charles Swan, Chief of Police of Forks, Washington. He's over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a neatly trimmed goatee. His hair is thick and short on his head, just long enough so she could slip her fingers through his hair and enjoy the feel of it. He's an honest, loving, giving man. He works hard for and gives all of his caring when in a relationship.

Hell, she's pretty sure he's been in a secret relationship with her since she was 14 years old even though he had never acted inappropriately. What he doesn't know is that she held onto the hope that he would allow her back into his life. She saved herself for him. Bella had no interest in any of the boys at school nor did she fancy the idea of losing her virginity to anyone other than her strong father. He would take care of her, she knew.

Heading to bed after wishing her dad a quiet 'goodnight', Bella slipped the shorts down her legs and climbed into bed. For September, the air was fairly humid, so she left her window cracked as well as her bedroom door so the airflow would keep her cool and dry. Setting her alarm for school the next day, she rested her head on the pillow and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

Charlie stretched as he got up from the recliner where he'd passed out watching the nightly news, his large hand rubbing his stomach as he did so. The time said it was after midnight so he turned off the lights and headed up the stairs, determined to go straight to sleep. He would not touch himself to thoughts and images of his sexy daughter. Not tonight. However, as he reached the landing, sounds of said daughter tossing and turning, making small noises, had him worried.

Was she having a nightmare? He hadn't seen her for years so he wasn't sure if she was prone to them for some reason. Promising himself to only check on her, he tiptoed to her bedroom door, thankful that it was half open. The darn thing needed oiled because of a god-awful creak that made your skin crawl from years of disuse. Peering inside, seeing her in the middle of her full sized bed to the left, he noticed the sheets were at the foot. Assuring himself that he was being a good father by making sure she wasn't cold, he stepped inside the room and pulled the sheets over her writhing body.

Placing a gentle hand on her slim shoulder, Charlie leaned over his daughter just as she moaned. "Bells, wake up."

Breathing a gasp that almost sounded like a pant, Bella legs jerked under the newly placed sheets that were now draped over her hips but didn't open her eyes. He tried again, giving her shoulder a little shake. The way her shirt had ridden up her torso had his cock hard in a second. The noises and gasps weren't helping his issue any. Her nipples were pebbled peaks from the cool air coming through the window and he had to tear his eyes away from her sleeping form. He was disgusted with himself.

"Bells? Honey, wake up."

Eyes fluttering open, Bella met Charlie's worried brown gaze. He had interrupted an amazing dream and she was a little irked with him because she knew damn well that this dream wouldn't be coming true anytime soon. She carefully pulled her fingers from the hem of her panties, hoping her father hadn't seen where her hand had been. The way he was looking at her assured her that he hadn't.

"Sorry, Dad. I was having a dream." She was careful not to say nightmare. She didn't want him getting the wrong idea.

However, his thought process was much better than hers in the middle of the night. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, still leaning over her with a hand on her shoulder and a blush tinting his cheeks.

"I know you're a bit old now but my bed's a king if you need someone to sleep with. I know you used to bug me to sleep there when you were little." Charlie knew his suggestion was way out of line but he couldn't help but want to be snuggled up against her lithe body. Her nipples still stood proud, taunting him. Her long torso was bared for his wanting eyes and her sleepy voice was husky, sexy.

Bella kept her features carefully arranged even though her heart was pounding and she was ecstatic. The aroused anticipation had her almost shaking as she nodded her head slowly.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" She asked quietly, to be sure. She knew he was uncomfortable but perhaps in the middle of their sleep, he would relax and hold her like he used to. It was almost a desperation for her, wanting to wake up with his thick erection pressing against her back.

Knowing he could easily take back his offer, Charlie nodded firmly and held a hand out for Bella. When she stood, the sheet trailing off her body softly as it revealed the rest of her, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply through his nose for clarity. He was making a mistake. That much was clear. Hand in hand they walked down the hallway to his bedroom and she climbed eagerly between the sheets. Seeing her there, barely dressed, had his erection full mast and he turned away from her to pull down his work pants. Bella pretended not to notice him undressing or his cock as she settled down in the bed and closed her eyes most of the way. His ass, wrapped up in a loose pair of boxer shorts, was perfectly heart shaped and she longed to squeeze it as she pulled him between her thighs. She watched as he pulled his tee over his head, having discarded his police blouse earlier in the evening and tossed it to the floor.

She may be a virgin but she was not naive. Lots of porn had been watched in order for her to fulfill her teenage hormone ravaged years. It helped that she read a lot as well.

After he settled in beside his daughter, Charlie switched his alarm on and rolled onto his back with one arm behind his head, the other on his abdomen. He knew he should roll onto his side to hide his arousal but it was partially hidden from under the blanket and Bella's eyes were closed. He figured she was falling asleep already so he wasn't too worried about her seeing anything. Just as sleep started to claim him, Bella sighed and moved closer, pressing herself into his side. He stiffened, waiting to see what she would do next, praying that she would simply sleep. He wasn't sure what would happen if her hands started wandering. There was only so much pressure and temptation a man could take. Fortunately, her breathing evened out and deepened, allowing Charlie to relax and fall asleep as well.

The next morning found the two of them spooning, her father's erection indeed pressing into her backside and Bella woke with a smile on her face.


Per Bella's request, her 18th birthday came and went without any trouble. There was a quiet 'Happy Birthday' from her father and that night Billy Black showed up with his son, Jake in tow. Bella greeted him blandly and politely, which pleased Charlie immensely. Jake looked a bit like someone kicked his dog but his sunny disposition didn't hold him down for long and his quickly developed crush continued to grow momentum the longer they stayed at the house. Bella had been relieved when they'd left for the night.

No one at school knew it was her birthday so she didn't have to suffer through polite smiles and thank yous, which brightened her day in and of itself. A couple of the kids had eyeballed her a few times, one of them in outright disgust and Bella idly wondered what their problems were. They had been doing this ever since her second day at Forks High and she'd done her best to ignore them.

The tall male -Edward- kept staring at her intensely with his black eyes, which freaked her out and his foster sister -Alice- was the one looking at her as if Bella had thrown up on her Gucci heels. Why someone would wear heels to high school, she couldn't fathom. Their 3 other siblings regarded Bella with quiet curiosity but they didn't stare at her. They were new to school a year before Bella and she thought maybe they wanted to befriend her but didn't know how. Too bad she didn't feel the same way. There was no part of her that wanted to be friends with anyone. She kept her head down and kept to herself.

Her first day, Jessica Stanley had tried to prattle on about useless things but Bella ignored her and when offered by Eric Yorkie to sit with him and his friends at lunch, she hunched over her food at a corner table on the opposite side of the cafeteria from them all. A few braver ones -Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley- had tried to speak to her the next couple days, thinking they would break her isolation shell, but Bella proved them all wrong and kept to herself. She wondered if perhaps that was why the Cullen siblings were looking at her oddly every day. They, themselves, were considered outcasts. Wallflowers who didn't bother mingling with the rest of the student population. Well, Bella wouldn't be pulled into their fold simply for being a 'wallflower' also.

She continued to ignore them.

Things at home had been going very well the last week. Bella had spent every night in bed with her father, simply snuggling up to him and waking up with a smile on her face each time he woke with his erection pushed against her. He had to know that she didn't mind. She almost wiggled against him this morning but decided it was too risky a move. Each night after school, Bella would have dinner waiting for Charlie. He was getting more and more comfortable touching her appropriately, letting his fingers caress her arm or hair; resting his hand on her lower waist when he reached around her. She also enjoyed the blush on his cheeks when he would get an extra glimpse of her bare skin. She rarely wore full outfits when he was home from work and when they were in bed together, she wore only a tee or tank and small panties.

She was happy that he was opening up to her more. He seemed much more comfortable.

Leaving school, Bella noticed that each of the Cullen siblings were watching her every move. She kept her gaze averted but she could feel their stares on her and it raised the hairs at the back of her neck. They would be extra avoided from now on. It was just getting creepy.

When she got home, she wasn't pleased to see Billy's old handicap truck parked in the driveway. She was even less pleased to see the Cullen's silver Volvo pass by at a slow pace and she rolled her eyes as she unlocked the front door of the house. As Jake pulled his father's chair backward up the front steps, Billy caught Bella's eyes from under his straw hat. It seemed a permanent fixture upon his head.

"Friends of yours?" He asked with a russet hand waving toward the road in the direction of the Volvo.

Snorting, Bella said a simple, "Hardly." She closed the door behind them and toed off her shoes. "Dad will be home in half an hour. You know where the tv is, Billy. Would you like a beer?" She offered nicely.

The older Native man smiled brightly. She didn't realize he was so pleased to hear that she hadn't made friends with the Cold Ones. "Yes please, Bells. Thank you." He wheeled himself into the living room opposite Charlie's recliner and clicked on the television.

Waving a hand toward Jake, beckoning him to follow her, she went to the kitchen and retrieved a Rainer from the fridge. "Give that to your dad then help me with dinner." She told him. Her voice wasn't rude or short. It was just 'this side' of polite.

Jake's long black hair swayed as he ambled away with a grin, refusing to let her off-putting attitude deter him. He may have been a few years younger than her, 15 to her 18, but he knew how he looked. He was built for his age, physically looking more like he was 20 than 15. With a voice that was a deep bass and muscles bulging from under his now too tight tees, girls all around him flocked and fawned. Bella was different. She treated him like a little kid. She didn't fawn over him. There was no drooling. It made Jake want to try all that much harder.

Displeased that her routine was disrupted, Bella left herself dressed in her tight jeans and long sleeved henley shirt. The leather jacket hung on the rack by the door, it's permanent place when she wasn't wearing it. She liked that it hung next to her dad's coat so it smelled like his vetiver cologne every morning. She had been hoping to wiggle out of her jeans immediately, leaving her freshly shaved legs bare underneath a pair of light blue lace panties. The lace tank top was a bit overkill, considering the beginning of October brought cooler weather but she was ready to try anything in order for Charlie to make a move.

Throwing a large pot of water on the stove to boil, she started preparing spaghetti. It was quick and easy and would feed a whole bunch in a little amount of time. She didn't want Billy thinking he could stay all night. She was on a mission. It was Friday night. She had the whole weekend to seduce her father. She should have drawn it out more, let him get more comfortable, but she just couldn't stop picturing the way he gripped his massive cock as it spurted semen on his thighs while he gasped her name. She wanted him to gasp her name as he came inside of her tight pussy. Not all over his legs.

After keeping Jake at arms length throughout the dinner making process, Bella greeted her father at the door with a bright smile and a kiss to his cheek. He hung up his gun belt and wrapped one arm around her ribs, pulling her into his chest tightly and kissed the top of her head. She heard his quiet inhale and sighed happily. Jake and Billy smiled at the father/daughter display and Charlie seemed relaxed that they didn't look too much into it. He was not, however, relaxed that his best friend chose tonight of all nights to show up unannounced.

Until he spoke.

"Those damn Cullen kids giving you any problems lately, Chief?" Billy asked loudly as Bella walked down the hall toward the kitchen, Jake following after her like a puppy dog.

After glaring at the boy, Charlie turned his glare on the Chief of the Quileute tribe. "Only speeding and reckless endangerment, Bills. Friggin' kids think they can get away with anything in this town. Doc Cullen won't be pleased to see I wrote that big one a ticket for nearly $200."

Charlie couldn't stand the Cullen kids, with their hoity toity attitudes and fancy cars. Billy had his silly superstitions, Charlie had his law. Each of the Cullen and Hale kids had been cited at least twice and given tickets at least once each in the year they'd lived in his town and it annoyed the shit out of him that he couldn't get them to listen to reason. One day they would kill someone and he really didn't want to see it come to that.

Smiling grimly as his fingers toyed with the tab on his beer can, Billy said, "They drove by here real slow-like right after Bella pulled in the drive."

Charlie's eyes widened. There was no way his little girl was getting caught up with those hooligans. "What." He deadpanned as his brows settled into a furrowed dip.

Shaking his head, Billy tried to reassure his longest friend. "Now don't worry. I asked her if she was friends with those kids and she made the most disgusted face and snorted at me. Her answer? 'Hardly.'."

Relaxing back into his recliner as he unbuttoned his police blouse, Charlie smiled. "Good. That's real good." Hopefully it stayed that way, he thought.

Bella hummed to herself as she plated the food for everyone, aware of Jake's burning stare at the back of her head. He'd tried to start conversations with her but she'd given him short, uninterested answers so he'd given up and just watched her. Dropping his plate in front of him at the table, she gave him a short smile and took two plates into the living room for her father and Billy who both thanked her profusely. She really couldn't stand to be so rude to anyone so Bella sat across from Jake and they spoke quietly about La Push. The small reservation, 20 minutes from Forks, was a beautiful place with pebbled beaches and white cap waves. The ocean was always far too chilly for swimming in Bella's opinion but she loved curling up on the rocks with a good book.

Once Billy and Jake were gone for the night, Bella ran upstairs to hop in the shower. The light blue panties would have to wait. She left the door more than cracked this time as she piled her hair at the top of her head to keep it from getting wet and lathered herself up while sang to herself. When her subconscious let her know she was being watched, she took extra care to clean between her thighs and even massaged her breasts a little longer than necessary. Turning to face away from the door, she bent over, lifting her foot to clean real good between her toes, giving the peeping tom full view of her throbbing pussy. When she heard the creak of the floorboard in front of Charlie's room, she knew the show was over and quickly rinsed off.

Charlie was already under the covers on his side, hiding his aching erection from his innocent daughter's view as she padded silently across the floor to climb into bed. Peeking, he saw she was only dressed in a pair of tiny underwear that could barely be named as such and a short sleeved tee that barely reached her belly button. The short expanse of midriff was creamy pale tinged with pink from the warm shower she just exited and he slammed his eyelids tight. He kept his eyes closed as he tried to will his cock to behave but it was no use. It throbbed and pulsed, demanding to be touched, caressed, pleased. The way the tiny soap bubbles slinked down Bella's body as she washed herself had his stomach tightening and his cock weeping in his boxers. Keeping his hands by his head, one under his pillow, one under his cheek, Charlie tried like hell to picture anything other than his naked, beautiful daughter. Her shapely hips and legs that went on for days; her long hair piled in a messy bun at the top of her head, showing off her slender neck; her tiny pussy, pink from being washed and wet at the center.

Had she been aroused or was it only because she'd just washed herself? Charlie wanted to taste her to find out. He wanted to know what her slickened lips tasted like. Holding in a frustrated growl, he pushed his head further into the pillow, his body taut with tension. Both ire and sexual. He was a sick, sick man. He was double her age for Christ's sake! Never mind the fact that she was his daughter or that he was the Chief of Police!

The mattress moved as Bella did. She always scooted closer to Charlie as she settled in for the night. It was sweet torture. How he wanted to wrap her up in his arms and hold her tight. Instead, he laid there with his fingers gripping his pillows.

"Dad?" Her soft voice reached his ears and he stiffened further, afraid what would happen if he were to turn toward her in any way.

"Yeah Bells?" He whispered gruffly, not wanting his arousal to seep out of his vocal chords. His eyes were still clenched tightly shut even though she was behind him and under the sheets. Just barely avoiding jumping when her toned, smooth leg touched the back of his thigh, he clenched his teeth also so he couldn't groan at the enticing feel.

Snaking her arm around his ribcage, Bella's slim fingers caressed the thick dark hairs in the middle of his chest for a moment before stilling. Charlie ignored his crying dick. "Is this okay?" She whispered. The warm breath of her words fanned across the back of his neck sending a chill down his spine. What a good chill it was.

Swallowing a few times before answering, he was very aware at how his breathing had sped up. "Yeah, sweetheart. That's okay." Was his quiet answer.

Humming contently, Bella closed her eyes. She wouldn't push the progress and this was indeed progress. What she did in her sleep however, was a different story.