A certain beach, in a certain part of the USA that looked strangely like Australia. Two people, sitting on the bonnet of a certain car, staring across a certain stretch of water at a certain launch site.

"Do you think they'll ever go up again?" DK asked.

"Eventually," Jessica answered.

"Are they still badgering you to come in for a physical?"

"I'm going. Just to get them off my back. It's next week."

"I don't know why they're bothering. They won't find anything, other than translator microbes like in all the rest of us."

"I know, try telling them that."

DK stretched his arms above his head. "Do you want to head back?"

"Might as well."

Jessica turned to look once more over at the launch site, before they left. No, they wouldn't find anything. Not after today, at least. No doubt they'd wonder, but they wouldn't be able to prove it.

It had been harder than she'd expected. It wasn't as if she'd ever wanted children, but still...it had been hard. But there'd been no choice.

The world wasn't ready for a half-alien baby. Not yet.

Maybe not ever.