Chapter 1

Rey whimpered as she tossed and turned in her bed. Her body felt like it was on fire. She turned her head to find Ben asleep in his own bed across from her. Rey mumbled in annoyance. How could he sleep in this heat? Rey usually could handle the heat, but she was used to a dry heat, not a humid one.

Rey stood up from her bed and walked towards Ben's. She shook him awake at his shoulder.

Ben opened his tired eyes. "Rey...?" he said, half asleep.

Rey bit her lip, feeling herself getting warmer by the minute. "I can't sleep. Can I sleep with you?"

Ben huffed in annoyance. "Rey, you remember what master Luke said. You can't be sleeping with me anymore. You're not a little girl. You're almost 16."

"Please, Ben - just one more time."

Ben groaned and lifted the blankets so she could sneak in.

Rey smiled and rested the back of her head against his chest. She closed her eyes, hoping to be able to sleep finally. Ben had a way of helping her sleep. His calming presence always relaxed her… but...

Rey's eyes shot open when she felt his hot breath on her neck. She knew Ben was asleep, but his breath was making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She felt her body get hotter, if that were possible.

Rey let out a gasp when she felt Ben's hands wrap around her waist. Rey whimpered as she felt the heat go straight to inbetween her legs. She rubbed her legs together, hoping to calm the ache. It wasn't her first time having an ache inbetween her legs. It started when she was around 14, shortly after her first period. Her body would burn and throb. She never knew why.

Rey bit her lip and snuck her finger inside her pants. All she knew was touching her privates helped this feeling go away. She tried not to whimper as she worked her finger against herself trying to get rid of the ache fast, so as not to wake Ben. Rey went stiff when she felt Ben move, fearing that he'd woken, but soon relaxed at the sound of his snoring.

Rey looked down to find Ben's hand had moved from her stomach to her thigh. Rey felt another flash of heat go to her core when Ben squeezed. Rey panted as she eyed his hand and fingers, and a thought entered her head. What would Ben's fingers feel like against her?

Rey, not knowing why, grabbed his hand and placed it at the outside of her pants. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth, trying desperately not to moan when Ben's fingers moved, just barely brushing her womanhood. Oh my God. His fingers were better. Rey whimpered, grabbed his hand and led it inside her pants to her waiting womanhood.

Rey wiggled and moaned as she moved Ben's hands against her aching core. His long finger felt so good against her. She was so close. "Ben!" she called out, without realizing it.

Ben's eyes shot open and he looked around, raising a brow when he felt something warm and wet against his hand. He moved, trying to figure out what it was.

Rey called out, causing Ben to freeze instantly.

Ben sat up and pulled the blankets off himself and Rey, his mouth dropping open at what he discovered. He looked from Rey's blushing, ashamed face, back down to her small hand clutching his inside her pants. Ben had a lot of questions in that moment. Did his hands wander when he was asleep, or did Rey...? No. There was no way Rey would do that, she was too innocent.

Ben tried to pull his hand out, but Rey stopped him.

"No!" Rey begged him.


Rey blushed. "Please. I need you."

"Rey, I…"

"Please, Ben." She said with a pouty face and tears of frustration in her eyes.

Ben sighed and stroked his middle finger at her opening, causing Rey to arch her back and moan. Ben bit his lip as he worked his fingers against her, feeling shame for doing this to Rey, but... He watched her wiggle in pleasure and moan his name, and he felt so much want, which caused him even more shame.

"Ben, I..." Rey bit her hand.

Ben brushed her hair out of her face and whispered into her ear. "Cum for me sweetheart." That's all it took for Rey to call out and to cum all over his hand.

Rey panted, never having felt a release like this. "Ben."

Ben sighed and pulled his hand out of her pants. He stared at his hand, feeling his mouth water at the sight of her cum on his hand.

"Ben?" Rey said giving him a questioning look.

Ben paled and hurriedly turned around. "Rey, go back to bed."

Rey hesitated but nodded, deciding to leave his bed and going back to her own.

Ben bit his lip as he watched Rey from the corner of his eye. He felt bad, eyeing his hand still covered in her cum. He put his fingers against his nose and inhaled deeply, before wiping his hand on his bedsheets. This was for the best.