Chapter 1 ~Star's P.O.V.~

I stood in the middle of all the rubble, staring off into the dust filled air and processing what event just took place. The castle that once stood so tall over Mewni was now in shambles. What could still stand could easily be toppled over by a push. I had given my wand to the true queen of Mewni who disappeared to who knows where and my mother is still missing. I suppose that makes me acting queen still even though I have no royal blood and shouldn't even be on this throne.

"Star!" a gruff voice cries out to me as the short old man with a blonde beard races up and snatches me off the ground in a tight embrace. "I'm so glad you're alright. Though what will your mother say with the castle in this condition? I'll grab some men and we'll start rebuilding right away, don't worry about this pumpkin."

The short king stumbles off amidst the chaos of confused subjects and guards barking orders left and right. I blankly turn around to see a three eyed male half demon in beat up armor and a tan brunette teen male staring at me with concern looks. I give them a reassuring smile as they approach me stepping and floating over rubble.

"You holding up okay Star?" Marco asks as he takes off his princess costume.

"Y-yeah. I did what I thought was best."

Tom looks around then rubs the back of his head as he says, "Well I should probably help your father, uh, clean this mess up. I'll be around if you need to talk to me Star."

He floats off to help my father who's struggling to lift a giant pillar on his own, his loud cries can be heard echoing throughout the desolate kingdom.

"Star I know you're not okay. You can lie about it to your boyfriend but I'm your best friend. I can see you seem off." The scrawny teen says as he takes my hands into his own. Soon enough I break down and wrap my arms around his torso balling my eyes out.

"I was so scared Marco." I sputter out as my face is buried in his shoulder, "I-I don't even know if I did the right thing. I don't even know what I did."

"It's fine Star." Marco says reassuringly as he rubs the back of my head to comfort me, "It's over with and we'll work through the outcomes."

I break from our embrace and look at him slightly smiling, "A-alright Marco."

"Now let's go help your father fix up the castle, it looks like he's struggling."

Turning my attention to the long blonde bearded man who's yelling as he tries to lift a pillar five times his size. Tom is off to his side offering help but the stubborn old man cries out through the yelling that he doesn't need it.

"Yeah it looks like we could help them. I can practice trying to use magic without a wand I guess." I reply to Marco as I hold my hand out towards a pillar and attempt to call out magic from within me. However, nothing happens.

Confused, I try again calling out anything that I could think of as nothing comes out to help me. Panicking, I look at Marco who looks just as bewildered as I do. I call out spells as Marco tells me to calm down when everything fades to black. The last thing I hear ringing through my head is my name.

It's been a while since I've written a story so I hope this is sufficient. Recently watched season 3 of Star vs the Forces of Evil and wanted to do my own version to continue it since I'm impatient for sequels. Please tell me how well this started off and I'll make a longer version and continue this.