MJ was enjoying the sensation immensely as Peter's fascinated gaze danced over her skin, clearly appreciating her nakedness even though the key parts were still hidden with the strategic placement of her hands and positioning of her legs. Though, it would be a lie to say that she wasn't feeling disappointed with his confident smirk, conveying arousal and confidence at the same time. After all, she was a redhead hot enough to be a model, sitting on a bike, and naked other than a pair of leather boots, he could have freaked out a little rather than still maintaining his control.

"Amazing," he murmured, his throaty tone making her shiver, while somehow simultaneously making her feel even more naked than she currently was. Despite her wounded pride, she had to admit that his confidence was working for her amazingly. After all, she couldn't imagine herself hanging around with a younger man if it wasn't for his absolute confidence and impeccable control. It made her aroused, and it also made her absolutely safe, knowing that even when she stood naked in front of him, he wouldn't try to desperately paw her, unlike the other pathetic boys she had the displeasure of dating.

"I don't think we can take more photos for my portfolio, as the people might get the wrong idea," MJ said teasingly even as she let her arms drop a little, just enough to give a hint of her areolas, something Peter managed to catch with another flash, which wasn't what MJ was aiming for. She was hoping to be fast enough that when he pressed the shutter, he would be too late to catch the hint she was trying to reveal. It was a mistake of her part, she realized. If he was fast enough to get perfectly framed pictures of Spider-Man, he was fast enough to foil her teasing attempts.

"You're right, though we already have enough for your portfolio," he said, making her feel disappointed for a moment, afraid that his confidence was about to lead him to stay too passive. But his next sentence laid her concerns to the rest. "But we could always have a private session." He looked at the sun for a moment. "After all, I would have hated to waste perfect natural light."

He was close enough, so MJ punished his mock dismissiveness with a playful slap on his shoulder, which, incidentally, removed half of the cover from her breasts, giving him a sudden visual feast. He chuckled, but it was barely there to hide the dark lust that was starting to awaken in his eyes. MJ couldn't help but shiver, remembering their last encounter, how he brazenly fingered her during the class, or when he brought in his tongue to the game in the same classroom after the others departed despite the risk of being caught. "Let's do it," she murmured, unable to hide her excitement.

"On one condition," he said, still holding his place. If any other man dared to say something like that after she accepted being pictured naked would have doomed himself to watch her departure after a swift kick, but she found herself nodding… He continued. "I want you to stay silent and follow my commands immediately."

"And what if I don't?" Mary Jane countered. She would have liked to say that her tone was confident and challenging, but that would have been a lie. It was a weak, trembling question that didn't deserve the luxury of an answer.

But it received one nonetheless. "Then we stop."

"We … stop," MJ repeated.

"Yes, we stop, you get dressed, and I drop you back to your home," he spelled out, and MJ shivered, finally understand what he was driving at. She was once again fascinated by his daring, never in her life, a man had threatened her by the prospect of withholding sex. And more importantly, with the heat pooling between her legs, it was a very successful threat. She couldn't imagine herself driving back to the city without an orgasm -or several- especially with the rumbling engine underneath her making the situation even worse.

"Let's start, then," she murmured, preparing herself to drop her arms on the side to reveal her chest.

"Freeze," he ordered, and MJ kept her hands on her breasts despite her initial intention. She had been surprised once more, expecting him to leverage her surrender to a quick explosion of lewdness. Though, after a brief consideration, she just nodded. After everything he had done, she shouldn't have expected him to act like anyone else. She stood motionless, doing her best to ignore the heat between her legs as the flash repeatedly exploded around her, immortalizing the view she was generating.

She felt her breath hitch as he stepped closer, his lips close enough to caress her ears. "Drop your right arm to your waist," he ordered, and she immediately removed half the cover from her breasts, the other positioned crookedly enough to give a hint of her areolas. MJ was about to reposition her arm, when Peter pressed his finger on her skin, wordlessly ordering her not to move. Stopping herself from shivering took everything she had, especially when he pulled back, she could feel the aftermath of his touch burning incessantly. He pressed the shutter several times, before ordering her to drop her other arm as well, immortalizing her in a naughty pose that could rival to the late-night pictures she took herself only to be destroyed immediately, afraid of them being discovered.

Now, the same photos were in the hands of someone else, but somehow, she didn't feel the same anxiety, believing from the bottom of her heart that Peter would protect him no matter the circumstances. It was a maddening thought, because he had already proved that he would run away at the first sight of real trouble. It was the surprise appearance of Spider-Man's that saved her, not Peter's bravery. But still, she failed to gather even a hint of disregard in her heart against Peter. It was maddening. It was almost as if…

"Now, put your leg to the side, your knee bent," Peter ordered even as he moved on the other side, taking pictures of her backside while she gave him the confident pose he had asked for. A fresh rush of excitement boomed in her heart, and under its effects, she lost her track of thought. "Let's fix your hair," he murmured as he closed in, his breath caressing her shoulder as his fingers danced on her back on the excuse of fixing her hair. She bit her lips, trying to keep a moan in, happy that he wasn't able to see her expression. Or so she thought, until she caught his amused gaze on the side mirror of the bike.

"Be honest with your emotions," he said. It wasn't loud, barely above a throaty whisper, but it still slammed her with the weight of an order impossible to resist. Impossible to resist, because MJ was afraid that if she didn't follow his suggestion, he might claim that she didn't follow his order, therefore they were going to stop. She would have liked to claim that no man could turn down the sight of her while she was naked, and doing her best to be sexy, but Peter was different…

And she wanted to test that difference to its limits…

Decision made, she stopped biting her lips, and a soft moan escaped its confines, assisted by Peter's fingers gently caressing her back while moving down, until they stopped at the small of her back, bringing her arousal to a new level. "Excellent," he murmured, once again his lips close enough to caress her earlobe. "Now, play with your breasts." And just like that, MJ found herself playing with her breasts wantonly while Peter walked around the bike, immortalizing the moment from every possible angle.

The intensity of the heat between her legs was getting unbearable, and she wanted nothing more than to reach a climax, but she was afraid of using her hands to pleasure herself without an order, especially after receiving a warning for trying to rub her legs together, an order she followed without a complaint, afraid of compromising her reward.

"Part your legs," he said, and she did so, giving him a full-frontal view of her nakedness. It wasn't the first time he had seen her, of course, but his camera, still exploding with a chain of flash, made things different. She was open and vulnerable, with her life poised to ruin just by an email with a hefty attachment, but regardless, she felt free. "Good girl," he added, and she shivered. "You deserve a reward for all your obedience, and I'll allow you to pick. What do you want?"

"I want you," she answered without the slightest delay. Any other answer was impossible with the heat filling every inch of her being. She didn't just want him, she needed him.

"Are you sure?" he said with a smug smirk. Any other time, that smirk would be enough for her to kick him out. Unfortunately, the desire raging in her heart didn't allow that. She wanted him, and she wanted him now.

Instead of answering, she walked toward him, her boots digging into the sand, and grabbed his shirt before pulling him into a kiss, her tongue already pushing against his lips with a burning desire, more eager than she had ever felt in her life. His tongue jumped out to meet hers midway, battling for dominance, a battle that she fell behind almost immediately, Peter invading her mouth.

She found herself stumbling behind as he pushed her, their lips still connected, but she wasn't bothered by it, not when her fingers were busy trying to remove his pants. She had no room for patience. When they arrived at the bike once more, Peter broke the kiss, but she wasn't bothered by it, not when his strong hands ended up on her shoulders, and forced her to turn, just after she managed to free his shaft from its confines.

She put her hands on the saddle of the bike to balance herself, her ass pointing out. Only the explosion of a flash reminded her that Peter's camera was still around his neck, ready to shoot at a moment's notice, recording the view of her bent over a bike, wearing nothing but a pair of boots, her hair mussed, her entrance sopping wet… He took several photos without saying anything, each explosion pushing her arousal to a new level. She was drunk with arousal. But once again, unimportant details flew away when she felt something familiar pressed against her entrance, filling her with the presence she had been missing, the presence that she had been dreaming since the last time.

"Fuck me again, you magnificent bastard," MJ moaned even as his shaft invading her core once more, filling with the desire she missed, but only now, she realized that she was addicted to his girth. He said nothing, but the slap she felt on her bottom was answer enough, the sting enough to trigger a deluge of pleasure. She wanted to caress her breasts to increase her pleasure even more, but she was afraid that without both of her hands, her trembling legs wouldn't be able to keep her upright. So, she just closed her eyes, enjoying the way she was being filled by her superhero…

Then, the orgasm hit. "Oh, yes!" she shouted. "Fuck me harder, Spider-Man, you magnificent bastard!" she added, and felt the pounding she was receiving intensifying, impairing her decision making even further. Under those circumstances, it was understandable that only when they changed positions, and MJ found herself face to face with Peter that she remembered her mistake. She wasn't with Spider-Man, but Peter.

The realization hit her, and with that, the mortification. She had just called Peter by the wrong name! Even worse, the humiliation she felt did nothing to remove the immense need she was feeling. At this moment, she couldn't imagine stopping halfway. "I'm sorry, don't stop!" she murmured as she closed her eyes and hugged Peter, trying to avoid eye contact while his shaft still continued to impale her repeatedly.

Her eyes closed, she tried to suppress the humiliation she was feeling. She needed to distract herself from the shame she was feeling, so, she focused on the way his shaft ravaged her insides familiarly… But for some reason, that information felt incorrect…

Her mind was a mess, so it took a minute for her to realize the problem. It was their first time, so how could it feel familiar. She tried to reach her memories, trying to trace the source of the familiarity, until a certain memory on the rooftop matched the sensation. It was the same size, same rhythm, same confidence, and same indomitable presence that promised protection and pleasure at the same time…

But there was only one person she had been with on a rooftop, it clicked, realization hitting her with the strength of an out-of-control truck. Everything suddenly made sense. His suspicious disappearance in the face of danger, his extreme lack of jealousy and disgust even when she had been ravaged by a superhero, his unbelievable confidence, and the familiarity she was feeling with her…

"You bastard," MJ shouted in anger suddenly, but she only impaled herself deeper even as she shouted. She pushed him back without a warning, hard enough that a normal man would have been injured badly. Instead, Peter fell, but it was a balanced, graceful fall, as even he lay on his back, he kept his presence in her. She pressed her hands against his chest as hard as possible, watching his expression, but finding only amusement despite her fury.

However, MJ had no room to point fingers in that dimension while she continued to rock her hips in a desperate attempt to bury the full length of his presence inside her, a voice in the back of her mind reminded her. She immediately ignored the voice, as she didn't feel like being fair. Instead, she leaned forward while her hips continued their task, and bit his shoulder with the full strength she could manage, leaving a thin line of blood, but it only lasted for a moment before it started disappearing in front of her eyes, one last piece of evidence to reinforce her earlier realization. "You bastard," she repeated as her fingers dug in his shoulders, but this time, it wasn't to hurt him, but to get extra leverage for her desperate ride.

Talking with him about the secrets he kept could wait for a while. For now, she needed to ride her personal superhero until he exploded inside her a few times…