It was a glorious spring day in the Nerima ward of Tokyo, the sakura blossums wafted through the air and the sound of beautiful birds could be heard in the distance, along with the angered scream coming from the Tendo residence.

"RANNNNMMMMAAA NO BAKA!" screamed Akane Tendo as her Mallet-O-Justice slammed into its usual offender.

The citizens of Nerima ignored this event, or acted like it happened all the time, because it did.

Ranma took this time while soaring above Nerima to contemplate a few things, the first was what had earned him this trip. "Stupid Tomboy, can't she tell when I'm giving her a complement?!"

meanwhile at the Tendo's.....

Nabiki couldn't help but shake her head at the irony of it. Ranma, the guy with the worst case of foot-in-mouth syndrome she had ever seen had just been sent to check up on the weather satellites again , because he had complemented Akane.


Ranma came in from his morning Panda Beatdown completely dry and male for the first time since the morning sparring had started. He sat down and smiled, in a great mood as a soggy limping panda came in.

He walked over to the kitchen and said, " Here, Kasumi, let me help you bring out breakfast."

Kasumi smiled approvingly and said, "Thank you Ranma-kun"

Not wanting any trouble, he quickly hogtied the panda and hid him in the broom closet. As he and Kasumi finished putting out the food, Nabiki trudged downstairs. She almost grimaced as Ranma and Kasumi both smiling cheerfully, set the table. Kami, how can they possibly be so damn cheerful in the morning. Kasumi was always a mystery to her, but with her critically trained eye, she spotted a completely dry Ranma and no sign of Genma/Panda- Baka.

She smiled to herself and thought well, thats why Ranma's in a good mood. After Saffron and the failed wedding, Ranma tried his hardest to keep out of trouble, and Nabiki had to admit it was working, he was training almost constantly and was usually too tired to say anything that would net him a beating, not like it made any difference. He usually got beatings from Akane for the situations he got himself into or just, Because he probably did perverted things I haven't found out about. Akane's voice echoed through her mind and she had to try not to feel bad for the poor idiot.

As she shook her head, she saw Akane walk down the stairs, her eye was twitching, she probably hadn't beaten something in awhile. As Akane walked over to the table Ranma came in holding the last dish. As he set it down on the table he grinned at Akane and said, "Morning Akane, you look a lot nicer than usual today."

Akane's eyes flashed for a second and the scream ensued.....


Kasumi walked into the dinning room and looked at the hole in the ceiling and said, "Oh, did Ranma-Kun already leave today?" She smiled and then said," were going to have to talk to him about using a door."

Nabiki snickered and said, "Don't worry Sis, I'll put it on his tab. "

Kasumi smiled and looked over at Akane and said, "My Akane, you look lovely today, did you do something different?"

Akane smiled sweetly and said,"Yes, I'm wearing a different color of lipstick today, I'm so glad you noticed Kasumi. "

Nabiki smirked and left for school.

Meanwhile at about 40,000 feet and lowering, Ranma dodged another flock of seagulls and tilted his body to a 45 degree angle to lessen gravity's pull on him. He was about an hour out of Tokyo. Ranma looked over and waved to Superman, who waved back and took off towards an out of control fire in the distance. When he finally got close to the ground he flared his Ki and flipped and landed on the ground with a style that would do a gymnist credit. He brushed himself off and was about to leave when he sensed a powerful aura that had suddenly flared up in the area.

School was hardly in an uproar about Ranma being late, that usually happened when he was bashed into the stratosphere, but when he didn't show up for lunch and his afternoon classes, they knew something was wrong. People were beginning to talk and they went to the final word of rumors about Ranma. Nabiki smiled as she fleeced yet another student, there were a good number of people to wanted to find out why Ranma wasn't here today, and she was in a unique position to solicite such information.

Ranma walked into a clearing and saw a man hitting a practice dummy, His aura was powerful, he was possibly a high level Martial Artist. Ranma almost laughed out loud as he saw the man ineffciently strike his target and even miss twice. He stopped, sweating profusely from only a 5 minute workout and looked over the see a young man in a red chinese muscle shirt and black kung fu pants walk up.

Ranma smiled and said, "That was awful, who taught you how to do martial arts?"

The man looked over at Ranma indignantly and said, "It's mainly a self taught style. " He looked Ranma up and down and said,"You a Martial Artist as well?"

Ranma smirked and looked at the man and said,"I'm the best Ranma Saotome of The Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts." he the stopped and looked at the man saying,"I'm not sure if you should call yourself a martial artist though. How about I give you a few pointers before I go?"

The man smiled and said, "how about a short sparring match before you go? To see how my skills fare compared to yours? If I lose, you give me a few pointers and if you lose, I'll make you the Heir to my style?"

Ranma looked at the man suspiciously and saw him get into a beginner stance, for kempo and saw him settle into a posture that was all wrong. He smirked and said,"Sure."

Ranma was determined to end this quickly so he could give this guy pointers and head back to class. He charged at the guy and swung his leg, catching the guy's feet and he grinned watching as the man fell to the ground, he pivoted around, leaving a little breathing room so the guy wouldn't be too embarrassed, and brought his fist down, to......nothing. He looked up in time to see a foot coming towards his face.

Then everything went black.........

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