Hi there everyone, as requested by one of my reviewers, I and going to put a little chart describing the different personalities in Ranma's head and what they are in charge of, ok?

Randy- Ranma's Anger, Randy is a powerful personality, because he is suppressed so much. Ranma rarely ever gets truly angry, even at Happosai, he usually just gets annoyed or frustrated. Randy also has a Knack for mechanics and construction.

Ran-Ranma's Hope, Ran is the hopes and dreams that Ranma knows cannot be fulfilled while he tries to help everyone else's dreams come true. Ran is also to a degree Ranma's faith, not only in higher beings, but in himself and his friends and mom(faith in Genma went Bye-Bye a long time ago.)

Rancis-Ranma's Fear, I'm not talking about his fear of cats. I mean his social fears and insecurities. Ranma turns into a girl at the drop of a hat. He constantly worries about what others think and if they like him or not. Unfortunately worrying about stuff like that is unmanly, hence Rancis was born. He is also in charge, believe it or not, of Ranma's sex drive. Ever wonder why Ranma gets so fidgety and nervous when Ukyo or Shampoo glomp him (besides getting his ass malleted by the tomboy.)?

Amnar-Ranma's Hate and Malice, Ranma is quite quick to forgive and forget. He has been backstabbed and double crossed by people he has trusted quite often, but his code of honor has forced him never to take revenge and always give others a clean start with him. Amnar is a creation of frustration; an instinctive need to vent somehow. He is essentially Ranma's Dark side.

Ranmus - Formerly Ranma's Intellect, Ranmus is a personality created after many run-ins with wise elderly masters who seem to have all the answers. A part of Ranma stores away all of the day-to-day out of fighting incidents and examines them. This used to be Ranmus, now it is shared somewhat between Ranma the main personality and Ranmus. Ranmus also has a penchant for Magic (probably from all of those times he examined Khu Lon's and Shampoo's attempts to magically ensnare Ranma.).

Ranko-Drowned Spirit/Feminine side, Ranko is Ranma's idea of the perfect girl to an extent. She has the good traits from all of the women in Ranma's life. Ranma takes these and tries to envision the perfect girl. Normally this would have just been a fantasy, but the girl who drowned in the spring 1500 years ago helped to make this dream into a fledgling personality. She is in charge of manners and politeness as well.

Rammie-Ranma's inner Child, Ranma never had much of a childhood, he was always training and striving to be the best martial artist of his generation. He rarely had fun, so later on Rammie was created. Rammie was a Ranma never forced to grow up quickly or wonder where his next meal would come from. He is the core of all that Ranma misses about growing up. Rammie also helps in creativity and imagination.

Mittens-created originally by the Neko-ken training, Mittens is the first personality to live in Ranma's head, the rest becoming part of the personality pie much later on. He is the awesome and untapped potential of the Neko-Ken. He is also completely power mad and thinks himself beautiful, even though he is just a mangy old tabby cat. He is in every way that counts, a cat.

Well I hope that kinda helps to keep things straight.

Akane had left in the morning to go shopping with her friends at a mall in Juuban, and was walking home with a new hat on her head when she heard a voice.

"Hello, Tomboy" the voice was familiar, it sounded like Ranma, but there was a hint of malice in the voice that made it unreal to her. She turned and saw a manically grinning Ranma-j with both of his hands behind his back.

She got in a defensive stance and snarled, "What's wrong with you, perv?" something was not right, this couldn't be Ranma, his face seemed too evil, too crazy, it was entirely….wrong….

Ranma-j grinned, he had access to the memories of Amnar, Ranma's dark side, because of the merging and he knew he had to make Akane pay. He brought his hands out from behind his back to reveal a fully loaded semi automatic... Super SoakerÔ

Ranma-j grinned and he said in a tone as haughty and showy as one Kuno might use, "Akane Tendo, your crimes against me have been too numerous for me to even list them all. You abuse my honor and insult it on a daily basis, you are an overbearing, horribly spoiled brat. And you're going to get whats coming to you."

He aimed the super soaker at Akane and blasted. Akane's form morphed with the ancient magic of Jusenkyo to form one of its favored pools. Ranma-j smirked at the transformation. He applied waterproof soap to the currently stunned and prone form of Akane before he malleted her in just the right direction.

Ranma-j grinned and then grimaced as he felt a twinge from inside him, it seemed That Amnar and the Jester had not fully merged and the jester was objecting a tiny bit, at the cruelty that They had just displayed. Before it could go any farther, 3 forms materialized around him.

Ranma-j grinned as he recognized the two shrunken forms as those of Happosai and Khu Lon. That made the other form, perhaps Tofu… That was when the light reflected in the right way and he saw it was Sasuke. Ranma-j began to freak out, as he thought to himself, 'Happosai and Khu Lon I can handle, but Sasuke is with them.' That's when he had a stroke of genius.

Ranma-j reached up and grabbed a rope that was dangling beside him. With a mighty yank he pulled the rope down. A whistling sound filled the air as shadows shaped like anvils began to form over the trio. A trapdoor was also triggered to the rope dropping Ranma to relative safety and he willed his energy just right….

Sasuke looked over to the confused masters before he yelled, "sidestep now." As all three of them did so they got clocked with a huge amount of anvils. Sasuke was amazed, even when insane Ranma was a genius at the art, he predicted the move Sasuke had made and instead made the three spots the trio were originally standing in the only three non-anvil aimed spots. Happosai, who was used to such beatings, and Khu lon, who long ago mastered the breaking point, both managed to remain conscious. Doing so was about all they were capable of at that point. Khu Lon had tiny little Mattlocks flying around her head, while bras and panties danced around Happosai's head.

The silence was broken by a simple statement, "Fancy meeting you here, sensei." Sasuke grimaced as he turned around to find Ranma-j standing there with a grin on his face. "Sorry sensei" Ranma-j said apologetically before he brought a huge car sized mallet onto his sensei's noggin.

Ranma-j grabbed a tire iron, some Swiss cheese, and a Speedo and was about to administer the ultimate Wedgie, when he dropped his items and clutched his head in agony.

………Ranma's Mindscape……..

Ranma and the crew looked at one another as they had decided the best way to fight the Jester and Amnar. The Reason for the looney tune's tape came into focus for Ranma at that point. As Chaotic and crazy as the tunes could be, there were still set rules that had to be followed. There were roles that had to be filled and things that need to be established ahead of time. It was like training wheels to Chaos.

Ranma walked in front of the group and spoke, "Guys this is going to be a tough fight, I couldn't do this without all of your help. This won't be the first time, or the last time I get into serious trouble. This is unlike any other time I have ever fought. There will probably be no second chance for me to come back with a new way to beat my opponent. Our opponent knows us, he knows our fears, our hopes and what makes us angry. But there is a simple truth to this whole thing that cannot be forgotten. RANMA SAOTOME DOESN'T LOSE!"

The others cheered and looked at each other. They were decked out in battle gear. All the teenage Ranma's wore a grey spandex battle suit with a utility belt and a communications set on each person's head. Ranko wore a green spandex battle suit with a red visor and her ever present shy smile. And Rammie wore a jean jacket with a red backpack and a cap on his head backwards. Ranmus wore robes and carried a staff looking the part of a powerful wizard. One could almost see something conspicuously avoiding being seen. At a closer examination it revealed a very angry tabby cat in a frilly pink tutu with little wings attached to his back.

Mittens was pissed as he walked up to Ranma and said, "What does me wearrring a drrress have to do with all of this?"

Ranma looked down at mittens and said, "I'm sorry mittens, that part of the plan is secret, and is a last ditch thing."

Mitten growled as he walked away and Ranma tried to stifle a laugh as he watched the cat saunter back to its position.

Ranma looked up to all of his counterparts and said, "Remember guys the key to Anything Goes is unpredictability, if you throw enough unrelated attacks at him he should fall right into our trap." Ranma looked over to Randy and said, "You got the necessary stuff in place Randy?" Randy nodded in affirmation. Ranma took a deep breath and whispered, "Let's go get my body back."

….After the Mental pull……

Ranma-j looked up from where he had fallen. He had been pulled back into the inner core of the mindscape. He didn't feel anyone in charge at the moment so his body must have fallen unconscious. Amnar and the Jester figured that Ranma would try to fight back, but it had taken him so long to mount a counter attack that they had collectively thought that he decided to quit. He turned when he heard someone say, "Hi there, I'm Ranma Saotome, Sorry about all of this."

Ranma looked over at the creature who had been inhabiting his body, until just a few seconds ago. He carefully noted how it looked like him, but had clown makeup on and wild rainbow colored hair. He prayed that his plan would work out. As he shouted in a callous voice, "Hi there, I'm Ranma Saotome, Sorry about all of this."

The jester turned around and looked at Ranma with just a hint of fear, before it quickly schooled its features and grinned and said, "Now, I should have known, the great Ranma Saotome has come to stop me. What's this though! He brought his other moronic personalities to fight as well; I guess he couldn't do it alone." the clown Ranma chuckled having said that.

Ranma openly seethed but inside he was as calm as ever as he shouted, "Heh, so says the weenie who needed to merge with chaotic energy to take over my body." He shouted hoping to reach and anger Amnar.

Ranma's quip paid off as the Jester's face contorted in rage from the barb. The jester seemed to be debating internally before he looked up and said, "Just for that, Saotome, I'm gonna kill you."

Right before Ranma and the other's eyes the jester seemed to melt into a puddle on the ground, then split and slowly Amnar and the Jester both reformed. Amnar looked like Ranma but with a Black and blue pinstriped suit and a top hat. He also had a cigar in his mouth and looked the part of a 1940's American gangster.

The Jester looked over to Amnar and said, "Take this for luck." And put a surfboard, an umbrella, a rabbit, and a little Garfield with the suction cups on his feet, into Amnar's hands before laughing uncontrollably.

Amnar glared at the Jester and then dropped the items before he looked over at Ranma and said, "Prepare to lose." Ranma and Amnar leapt off to a different part of the mindscape to fight.

The Jester looked over at the other Ranma's and said, "sheesh it dropped 20 degrees in here didn't it." When the others nodded he looked at them and said, "sorry guys, but I'm going to have to cream you."

Randy snorted and said, "Like hell you will you goofy mime." He barely got the words out before he was pelted with a Banana cream pie. As he pulled the pie away from his face he looked over at the others and said, "Initiate phase one."

Ranma and the crew determined that in a battle of pure will the Jester would win, because his energy comes from ambient chaos. So they instead desired to play the looney tunes rule of, the aggressor always loses the fight/chase/hunt. By taking over the body and merging with Amnar, the Jester would have to realize he was the bad guy, and in looney tunes and other cartoons the bad guy always fails. They just had to try as many "good guy" tactics as they could think of.

Little Rammie ran out and threw 3 red and white balls that looked suspiciously familiar to The Jester. Then as Rammie yelled out, "I choose you!" and it came to him. This was from that pokemon television show. They opened up to reveal three fearsome looking creatures, a Charizard, a Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. "Attack 'im guys!" Rammie shouted as he backed away.

Randy looked at the scene and smiled, 'The kid is doin alright' he thought. He manipulated the control panel and activated his remote mechoids. He turned and waited for the kid's fight to end.

Rammie shouted in almost one breath, "Charizard, Flame thrower- Hitmonlee, lowkick- Hitmonchan, ice punch!"

The jester evaded the flame thrower and lowkick by leaping up and to the left, but he wasn't in time to dodge the ice punch delivered by the hitmonchan. Most of his shoulder was frozen. He grinned a bit as he willed chaotic energy and pulled out a fireplace and slowly lit a fire while humming out of tune. Everyone was stunned and The jester willed energy into them to keep them stunned for a bit longer. Once it was lit, the ice miraculously melted. And he grinned at Rammie and his pokemon. He reached into his pocket and pulled out 3 rainbow colored poke balls before throwing them at the three stunned pokemon, capturing them with ease.

Randy shook his head before pressing the confirmation button on his control panel, Hundreds of mechoids that looked like miniature versions of the mecha from various anime flew out of small trapdoors everywhere. Randy himself grinned as he ran over to a Mobile suit about twice his size and climbed in.

The jester had just put the poke balls in his pocket when the next onslaught began, miniature beams, bombs, and bullets were fired in unison at him as he desperately tried to duck, dodge, dip, dive, and dodge out of the way. He was pegged by the first volley of shots and grimaced as he realized that chaos energy would not affect the robots as it had the pokemon. He had a sudden stroke of genius as he pulled on his voluminous clown pants and began to pull balloons out of his hidden weapons space.

Soon a multitude of balloons were on the radar as Randy looked on puzzled. Randy didn't change the attack command though, and didn't know what was in them till it was too late.

A tiny mechoid flew at the jester, but a balloon got in its way. It simply plowed through it, but it didn't realize its folly until it was too late. That balloon exploded in a fireball along with the mechoid. This scene was repeated until only Randy and his battle suit remained. Randy gritted his teeth as he prepared a shot but then he realized his target had disappeared from in front of him. The radar had him behind Randy.

The Jester grinned as he put a huge cork in the exhaust pipe of the battle suit. The joints of the gargantuan machine tried to move, but soon black smoke began to plume from inside the machine and soon a weary and coughing Randy stumbled out from the machine. As Randy Stumbled out, he waved his hand and signaled to Ran.

Ran looked over and saw the signal and began, he began to glow white and he leapt at the jester and started to trade blows. He dove in attempting to plant a fist into the clown's face but the Jester was a wily fighter and weaved out of the way. The fist quickly became a kick that connected with the clown's stomach. As it hit the Jester went flying releasing a squeek like a small toy or a rubber ducky when he was hit. Ran backed up and called out his technique, "Angelic Transformation!"

Ran's body grew a bit broader and taller and sprouted wings. A staff quickly appeared and he looked like a very angry angel. It was a ki based technique, much like the one Happosai and Genma had used to make themselves Godzilla sized, but a lot more energy efficient.

The jester looked at the Angel with wide eyes.


Ranma stood facing Amnar both in the traditional Anything goes Nonchalant stance. Amnar grinned as he cracked his knuckles and said, "You have no chance of winning, I know ALL your tricks." He held up his hand and Ranma's eyes got wide as he realized there were Ki claws on them, "Plus a few more."

Ranma schooled his features before he said, "You are my dark side, and you oughta know better than anyone else that I just don't know how to give up."

Ranma ran towards Amnar and did a roundhouse watching him duck as he hit the ground and did a leg sweep. Amnar almost casually leapt over it. Ranma gritted his teeth and ducked as Amnar slashed at his with his neko claws. Ranma ducked the attack and took a hit from Amnar's true attack, a kick right to Ranma's short ribs. Ranma lifted off the ground but spun using his legs and momentum to grab Amnar in mid air and used a judo throw on him. Amnar flew back about 10 feet and hit the ground and growled before he said, "That's gonna be your last hit on me."

Ranma just smirked his insufferable smirk and said, "You kick like a weakling, I kicked that hard when I was in preschool."

Amnar growled before he charged, using his speed to its fullest, eager to catch Ranma off guard. Unfortunately for him when he got there Ranma was gone. He looked up expecting him to have jumped but grimaced as he felt a sharp blow to his kidneys and he saw stars for a second. Ranma appeared into view before saying, "Umisenken, probably the most potent technique pops ever taught me."

As he heard Amnar growl he smirked and said, "Because I sealed it after I fought Ryu, you never had access to it directly. You don't know ALL my techniques, you never had to fight any of the battles I faced, any of the hardships I faced. You're just a bully, a bully who doesn't realize how badly he's going to be beaten."

Amnar got to his feet and glared at Ranma before he screamed, "YOU NEVER LET ME! I was there during every one of your hardships! Everyone out there either hates you or loves you. You just stupidly go about your life as if you don't care about everyone who manipulates you, or tortures you, or tries to kill or marry you! You CARE! YOU CARE BECAUSE YOU MADE ME!"

Ranma was dumbfounded before he said, "It hurts, it hurts a lot, but I can't let it consume me, I can't let you consume me. You exist because I'm human, I feel hate, just like I feel love, anger, hope, or Happiness."

Amnar backed away before he said, "No, I want vengeance! Remember when Ryoga tried to kill us in our sleep, or when Akane sent us to the hospital from her food and the beating for fainting after eating it? Of course not, you always want to forget! If you forget, you never learn, if you never learn you're doomed no matter how gifted you are in the art!"

Ranma looked at Amnar as though he had been slapped, it was true he forgave easily, but as he thought back each event where he was wronged was fuzzy even if it was recent. Ranma Looked over to Amnar and said, "Your right, I shouldn't forget, but that doesn't give you the right to take over my body." Amnar eyes widened as he heard Ranma admit he was right.

Ranma looked over to Amnar and sighed before he said, "Tell you what, fighting here won't do us any good, how bout you lay off and later, when I'm back in the Captain's chair I'll-" Ranma made a irritated face before he said, "Get in touch with my feelings."

Amnar looked at him for a moment his expression unreadable before he said, "We can hash out an agreement Ranma Saotome, But we had better go calm the jester down. Hes strong, during our merger there was only 2 times I could even surface. Your other emotions and even you are no match for him."

Ranma grinned before he looked over to Amnar and said. "You forgot rule number one about living in my body." At Amnar's questioning glare Ranma laughed and said, "I never go into a big battle with no plan of attack."

…..Back at the fight….

The Jester's eyes widened as he looked at the angelic figure. He grinned and said, "Neat trick blondie, let me show you an interesting counter to that." The Jester then held up one finger and glanced back at Ran before charging. Despite his already fighting two of the personalities, The Jester was fast. As his finger dove towards Ran, The angel tried to duck figuring it was a shiatsu point.

The jester had seen the duck and went in for the kill, shouting out, "Ultimate Wet Willy!" During the charge, he had wetted the finger with spit and put it in Ran's ear during the attack name.

Ran began to laugh and was so grossed out, he lost his concentration and his form returned to normal. He quickly put a hand up to his ear which was dripping with drool trying to clean it up. The Jester kicked him hard and with one hand occupied, Ran couldn't block effectively. He was picked up off the ground and went sailing over 15 feet to get left on his rear.

The Jester Smiled and said, "Quite a devestating technique eh blondie?" He began to walk towards the injured blode martial artist with a gleam of mischief in his eyes until a wall of fire sprung from the ground in front of him. The Jester turned and saw Ranmus glaring at him with his hand in the air.

The old man's wispy hair flowed in the wind as he said, "Stay where you are creature of evil!" At The Jester's questioning gaze Ranmus continued. "You have caused nothing but pain and suffering since you were created. Everything you have done has had a negative effect. You are a creature of evil if I have ever seen one." The Jester took a surprised step backwards, apparently sobered by the accusation in Ranmus's voice and the words he spoke.

The Jester face seemed contemplative for a moment before he said, "I was only having fun, I mean, why else would I exist if not to have fun." The Jester's voice pleaded.

Ranmus took a few steps forward and his expression softened a bit before he said, "All actions have consquences, and all the actions you have chosen thus far have been negative because of who you chose to partner with."

The Jester's eyes widened a bit before his shoulders slumped and he said, "I-I'm a bad guy..."

Ranmus covered the distance between them and he clamped his hand on the jester's shoulder before he said, "There is always a chance for those who've taken a wrong path to redeem themselves."

The Jester eyes took on a contemplative look before he said, "How do I become a good guy, will it make me not be me anymore?"

Ranmus said, "Stay here and learn what I have to share, live with me and the others and experience what it means to have a purpose beyond destruction."

"Maybe you could help me learn how you use Chaos-Fu." a voice said suddenly. The others looked from the scene to spot Amnar and Ranma standing together. Ranma walked up to him and said, "You know me well enough to know that I dislike killing anything. I don't really know what mergeing with a personality of mine has done, but you can stay here and eventually become a part of something better. What do ya say?" Ranma asked clamping his hand on the jester's other shoulder.

The Jester looked at Ranma for a moment before he said, "Well this place could be pretty homey. What with some drapes..." he said pulling a set of yellow and pink polka dotted curtain's along with the curtain rod, "Maybe some new furniture..." he added pulling out a beanbag or two. He smiled and said, "You got yourself a deal Saotome! You're looking at the Jester, embodyment of the Chaos Fist and..." he said with a gleam in his eye. "Your new sense of humor." He thrust his hand forward and Ranma with a grin took his hand. Only to feel a shock a second later and the Jester grinned and showed him a joy buzzer.

Ranma looked to the others and said, "good luck everyone, expect a visit from me soon as soon as I figure out how to get here."

As Ranma was returning he heard the Jester's loud voice say, "So... Whose up for some charades?"

Ranma awoke with a laugh. As he looked around he saw an angry and battered group of senshi with one of them holding up a mouse by its tail. He saw a staggering band of young men with lipstick all over their face and torn clothing walk up along with his sensei, and Happosai and Khu Lon. His hand involuntarily went up to the base of his pigtail and he said, "Uhhh... sorry everyone..."

Author's Note-----

Well, That's chapter 8 in a nutshell. I'm sorry about the long sabbatical, but it needed to be done. Be on the look-out for revisions of my old chapters. How in the heck is Ranma, Master of foot-in-mouth fu, going to explain this? That and more in chapter 9.