He loved falling asleep embraced in Tezuka's arms.

The soft breaths that fell from his lips, softly and gently brushing along his cheek making his hair tickle his skin. The way his chest would rise and fall in perfect rhythm. The sound of his heart beat tucked against his ear, resounding and vibrating his senses.

It was moments like this that he would often reflect on certain things. Things that shouldn't need reflecting if he could even call it that. It was more like the way that he had found comfort in such a man that had grown onto him like he had to him.

Unknowingly at the time, silently and so very quickly falling in love with someone who he had admired, someone that had been there for him in pure silence and solace when he needed it the most.

The amount of trust he placed in him knowing he could and the amount of safety he felt in his presence all alluded him. Lulled him every time. Terrified him because he never knew what it was to actually trust someone. Never knew what it was to have that undying desire to want to be accepted for the first time in his life yet he took those steps, small they might've been but he took them anyway. And Tezuka patiently waited, with his expression that no matter how many times he saw it, it always sent a ripple of joy through him.

He thought himself lucky to be able to find someone so motivated and so renounced unto themselves yet so foolishly selfless and kind like Tezuka. There wasn't anyone that could compare at least that Fuji had yet to find and by gods he hoped he didn't. He loved this peaceful aura that seeped off the man with no words, no emotions. It was quiet and tranquil much unlike his usual demeanor on the court.

Looking up at Tezuka's unshielded and sleep induced eyes hidden by heavy lids and luscious lashes, he smiled. Unlike the man that stood on the court, he was kind and gentle. Possessive yet aggressive not with words but with touches that oftentimes made him want more behind the doors they shared. It was surreal and made him lightheaded every time. He grew to want those hands wrapped around his waist, those lips against his and those eyes staring into his despite keeping them hidden from the world.

But he knew that behind that usually stoic face was someone full of passion and not just for tennis because; he slowly rest his forehead against that bare strong chest, nuzzling his cheek against soft skin, the arms around him held him tighter and his heart skipped a beat.

There was more than one thing that made him so passionate and that was the fact that Tezuka was as loyal to him than anyone else. So very like him and so very his.

It was ridiculous to think that this could last forever and even though the thought was as good as any other amazing thing aside from their relationship, the cold hard truth was that sometime along the way they'd have to part. He didn't know when or how, why nor what would cause them to but he knew it would happen. He felt it like most people felt that gut instinct whenever danger was close or that the other road was better than the one they were on.

But until then, he would stay nestled in the arms of the person that understood him for him, saw him for him even though he could only show that much and was working on many other aspects that he wanted Tezuka to see about himself. Because he trusted him with himself. He knew he could. Just like Tezuka trusted him with his self.

Hazel eyes slowly opened and he looked up, a soft smile resting against his lips before tilting his head up to place a tender kiss on Tezuka's lips. Tezuka suddenly groaned out of weariness and slid his hand down to his waist, the other resting along his nape and Fuji softly chuckled at the fingers that ran through his hair lovingly as sleep tugged at him too.

He really loved this embrace.