Chapter 1: Unexpectedly expecting

Author's Note: This is a sequel to "White Alert" and "Blue Alert".

Captain Jamie T. Kirk-McCoy didn't like mornings like this. Leonard McCoy had Gamma shift. So, no going to bed together and no waking up together. She was alone in bed. And she missed him. It was about ten months into their marriage - well, counted from their wedding on Earth - and she was so used to sleep next to him by now the nights without him she didn't sleep well. The two of them being on the same shift schedule again was overdue.

She buried her head in the pillow and groaned. Today she felt even worse than the nights before. But it was somehow different. It wasn't the usual feeling she had when she was alone and couldn't find relaxing sleep.

Something was wrong.

Jamie suddenly felt a wave of nausea, hastily got out of bed and ran into the bathroom. She reached the toilet, fell on her knees and threw up. She barely managed to hold back her hair.

Her stomach hurt and she felt dizzy. She sank lower and sat down, leaning against the wall. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths hoping it would help.

Jamie was tempted to call a team from Medbay, but she didn't want Leonard to worry. Or even worse: haul her off to Medbay and keep her there half the day.

"Okay, just a few minutes..." she whispered to herself. Just a few minutes, then she would try to get up.

When Jamie finally could sure not to throw up again she got up and rinsed her mouth. She clung to the sink and contemplated what to do now.

Jamie took another deep breath, took a few steps towards the bedroom and leaned against the doorframe. She replayed the day before in her mind. There was nothing that could explain her condition. She thought back further, but nothing came to her mind. No bad food. No sick crewmembers. Nothing.


Of course, there was one thing that...

"No way..." she murmured und put a hand on her still aching belly.

Jamie went to a drawer she knew Leonard was keeping a medical tricorder for emergencies. She took it, activated it and scanned herself.

"Huh..." Staring at the little screen she sat down on the edge of the bed. "I'm pregnant..."

And then it hit her - the diplomatic banquet on Corianna about five weeks ago. She'd felt a little weird after drinking some kind of juice, but a medical check-up didn't bring up any danger. Probably a mild allergic reaction, Leonard had concluded. She'd been well again the next day... and had a very nice night with her husband.

As she realized now that strange juice must have had some serious effect after all. Like messing with her birth control, for example.

Jamie still stared at the tricorder. A thousand thoughts swirled through her mind and she felt a little panic...

... but then wondered: Why?

A smile captured her lips and she started plotting how to tell the news to her husband.

A shower and a cup of tea - yes, tea - later Jamie felt a little better. A glance at the time showed her that Gamma shift was almost over and Leonard would be on his way home soon.

She was very much tempted to be late for Alpha shift and tell him right here and right now... She had a really hard time sticking to her plan. But she did.

So, Captain Jamie Kirk-McCoy left the usual I-love-you-sleep-well-see-you-hopefully-later-message for her husband and headed to the bridge.

Two hours later - when she could be sure Leonard McCoy really wasn't in Medbay anymore - she went there.

Doctor Geoffrey M'Benga was on Alpha shift gave her a confused look. "Captain?"

She smiled at him. "Yes?"

"Did you get lost?" he teased her. "You're voluntarily in Medbay and Leonard's not here."

"I know. I wanted to speak you."

He looked at her intensely and contemplated why she would come to him. "Are you pregnant and want to surprise him?" he asked jokingly and laughed.

But the captain just looked at him with a neutral expression.

M'Benga's laugh fell silent. His eyes grew wide. "Oh my God, you're pregnant."

A slight smile flashed over her lips. "I want to be sure everything's okay before I tell him."

The doctor gestured her to go into one of the private examination rooms.

Jamie suddenly giggled when they entered and he closed the door. "You know, this will be probably the first time I actually can surprise him with a... condition and he's not the one holding a tricorder and figuring out what's going on with me."

M'Benga smiled. "So, you're happy about being pregnant? I take it wasn't planned?"

Jamie sat down on the biobed. "No, not planned. We spoke about kids and that there would be some one day. This is surprisingly soon." She smiled. "I suspect that strange juice on Corianna meddled with my birth control. Or something like that."

"I think Leonard's going to be thrilled."

Jamie smiled. "Yeah?"

"Yeah", he confirmed and also smiled. "I don't know if I should say this, but I think a certain Lieutenant who's invented a certain alert is already waiting for this."

Jamie gave him a surprised look. "Why would Sulu be waiting for me to get pregnant?"

"The same reason Scotty got creative with another color." M'Benga grinned, took a medical tricorder and started scanning her. "They're excited about the two of you. White alert is old news and even blue alert's become quite normal by now." He winked at her.

Jamie just shrugged, but didn't blush. In fact she imagined herself now in Leonard's blue uniform shirt again - but with a baby belly.

"So", M'Benga went on, "they're now planning the next thing."

"And what color would that be?" Jamie asked amused.

"Pink. As in pregnant. Or as in a child running around on the ship."

Jamie laughed. "Why pink?"

"You need to ask Sulu, Captain. My guess is that pink is kind of a historical pun. There were this tests about 250 years back that showed pink lines if a woman was pregnant." He shrugged. "Another theory of mine: Sulu hopes for a girl he can spoil as an uncle. And so is the crew."

Jamie couldn't help herself. She laughed again. But she felt really happy right now. "So... how are the chances of finding something against morning sickness I'm not allergic to?"

Author's note: Yes, that last sentence is a little reference to "The Hypospray Surprise" ;)