August 20th, Year 1043 of the Shinobi Era

"Congratulations, Uchiha-san."

Accepted into the academy. I was hoping I didn't get accepted to be honest, but when have I ever been that lucky?

"Merely getting accepted into the academy doesn't make you an excellent shinobi. But you know that, don't you Kōsai-kun?"

"Hai, Otōsan." this was starting to get mundane.

We walked out the academy, where we encountered certain individuals, one of which I'd probably have to deal with as a classmate in the near future.

"Oh, Sakumo-san! I didn't think I'd see you here!" Good thing my shades hid my eyes, as the surprise caused my eyes to shift to the Sharingan. My father felt the shift in my chakra, and gripped my hand a little tighter. I immediately deactivated it, cursing internally for becoming too familiar with the dōjutsu.

"Uchiha-san, likewise. Meet my son. Kakashi, say hi." I stared at the future Hokage, and couldn't help but wonder why the fuck has Kakashi always worn a mask? Was he born with it?

"Hello, I'm Hatake Kakashi. Pleased to meet you both." he introduced with a bow. I knew my father expected me to do the same, but this was the MVP in all of Naruto. I'm making a lasting impression, damn it.

"Yo, Uchiha Kōsai." I said, giving a lazy two finger salute. Kakashi looked at me oddly.

"You're weird." 'Yes!'

"Kakashi! You don't say that to people you just met." Sakumo said. Kakashi shrugged, pointing at me without any regard to how rude that was.

"What? He is. Just look at him." My mouth twitched slightly, and decided I kind of like kid Kakashi.

"Kakashi!" his father pleaded. Mine just laughed, seeing amusement in this exchange between father and son.

"Well, will you look that! The great Shiroi Kiba, can't even handle his own son!" The words sounded a little rude to me, though not that I cared. I'd probably end up more involved in Kakashi's life whether he liked it or not.

"Hey now…" Sakumo began, but that's when I noticed a certain green spandex wearing father-son duo. Our time here is done.

"Otōsan, we should be leaving. Okāsan will have dinner ready soon." I interrupted, before anymore banter could be shared. I tugged on my father's hand, urging him to follow, and like a dog on a leash….wow, I could've used a much better analogy than that. Point is, he took me home. And as we walked off, I turned my head back and my eyes met Kakashi's in the briefest of moments, before the canon scene played out with Maito Gai and his father.

"Kōsai?" My father's voice shook me out of my thoughts, and I looked up at him.


"That boy, Hatake Kakashi? You should keep an eye on him." I gave a soft snort. I'm not the competitive type, though, maybe it would help me get closer to Kakashi. I'd need it, if I intend to survive.

"I intend to, Otōsan."

'See you soon, Hatake Kakashi.' even with my shades on, a light glow escaped my eyes.

August 27th, Year 1043 of the Shinobi Era

"Your kunai pouch?"




"Pencils? Pens? Eras-"

"Okāsan, I'm going to be late." I interrupted her. My mother paused, and had the decency to look sheepish.

"I'm just worried. Today's your first day at the academy." she continued to adjust my high collar, straighten my shirt, and my bag, to which I tried to reassure her were all fine. Really, she's just worried about my first time at the academy. Overbearing mothers was one thing one thing I was expecting.

"I'll be fine." I reassured her. Mother merely rolled her eyes.

"Yes, yes I know, my little Kōsai-kun. You'll excel in the academy, of that I know." I was surprised by how she said it, as if it was a mere fact.

"You think so?" I tilted my head in curiosity, but making sure to retain my usual poker face. Mother held me by the shoulders, and said "I know so."

….Pride in myself. It was a new feeling, and I think I liked it. Though I never expressed this thought as I put on my shades. My mother combed her hand through my dark hair, saying "I wish you didn't have to wear those glasses."

I didn't mind. I wore prescription glasses once in my old life, wearing a pair of shades was nothing now, even if the darkness would irritate my eyes from time to time. The only reason I wore these was because of how in tune I was with my dōjutsu. I remember having them on like seventy percent of the time, only creeping people out more and further solidifying the name 'the devil child' of the Uchiha clan. I eventually stopped though because not only was it not funny anymore, the constant strain on my chakra was giving me headaches.

"It's fine." I said, summarizing my thoughts. I started to walk out, waiting for my mother to follow.

"Wait for me, Kōsai-kun." she grabbed her satchel, and grabbed my hand as we walked out.


"Too many people." I said, giving a light cringe, barely noticeable and quick enough so that most people wouldn't see I had diverged from my usual poker face.

"Oh, don't whine." My mother ruffled my hair, and kissed my forehead. I held her hand for a bit longer than I should've, because yes, I was nervous, as I was about to be put into what was essentially fucking military/assassin school for kids, only to graduate and be sent off as a child soldier, and-

"Go, or you'll be late for your first class." Mother said softly. She was one of the only people that could tell how I felt sometimes, something I was grateful for. I hugged her, sighing, secretly thanking her for being there for me.

"Goodbye, Okāsan." I said, as I walked away.

"No, it's 'see you later' Okāsan." she amended. I nodded, turning away and preparing myself for hell. I walked inside, nearly wincing at the sound of excited children. I walked through the hallway, looking from room to room for my class. I found some of the more advanced classes only, and saw a student older than myself create a clone with the standard clone technique.

'Ram, Snake, Tiger.' I noted mentally. I'd need to remember that once I learned how to properly control my chakra.

I eventually came to a stop in front of a door with the words 'TOBU-SENSEI'. That was the name of my assigned sensei, so I entered.

When I opened the door, there were only about eight students there. I recognized two of them, possibly three, though I wasn't quite sure who the girl was. Though honestly, only two of them mattered to me at the moment.

"Excuse me." I turned to face the large chunin.

"Yes?" I responded. He looked at his attendance sheet, eyes squinting. "You are…Uchiha Kōsai, yes?"

I nodded. "Hai."

The man nodded. "All right, go sit wherever you'd like, I'm still waiting for the rest of the class."

I nodded, and walked up the steps, ignoring the blue-black haired girl who was painfully familiar for some reason, and greeted the two boys at the top desk of the room.

"Yo." I greeted, sliding into the booth, next to the silver haired child. Bored eyes scanned me over. "Uchiha Kōsai." he said. I nodded, returning it with "Hatake." he held my look for awhile, and couldn't help but wonder what did Sakumo do to Kakashi that gave a child such an intense stare. Fortunately, our little brooding stare off was interrupted by the third boy sitting to Kakashi's left.

"Oh? Kakashi, you and this boy seem to be acquainted!" wow he was loud. He gave a thumbs up, and his teeth gave a sparkle (what?) when he smiled.

"I am Maito Gai, Kakashi's friend and eternal rival! Pleased to meet you!" he introduced, and extended his hand in greeting. I shook it, giving the same courtesy, but without all the bravado.

"Uchiha Kōsai." I said plainly. I had hoped to end it there, but that would be unlike the enthusiastic taijutsu user.

"So, how is that you and Kakashi met? I, met my eternal rival exactly one week ago, on the most youthful of days! My, I can remember how he asked for MY name!" I couldn't help but be amazed at how passionate this little brat sounded. Then again, his passion was, is and will be the most prominent part of his character.

"Oi!" we turned to face the girl I had ignored earlier. She looked annoyed, her pupiless eyes glaring in our direction.

"Shut up! You're all so loud!" Hypocrisy, and Kakashi gladly pointed this out.

"You're being rather loud yourself, don't you think?" He said it bluntly, twirling a pencil in between his fingers. The girl turned red, and stood up.

"Why you-" the door opened, and a whole barrage of kids came in. The girl gave us all a heated glare, before plopping back down in her seat. Brat.

The children came in loud, chattering, yelling and laughing as they all sat down. I nearly groaned, feeling nauseous from the noise of all these fucking brats. Seriously, why so many? There should be at most thirty students, but I counted up to a little over forty. Forty little snot-nosed brats.

'Kill me now.' I thought. It didn't surprise me that I didn't see Obito, as he'd probably be late.

"Children!" shouted Tobu-sensei. Slowly, the chatter began dying out, and then receding entirely. I leaned forward, a bit anxious to get started.

Tobu-sensei coughed into his fist, clearly his throat. He began.

"Good morning, students. I am Tobu-sensei, and you will refer to me as such, and I am going to be your instructor for your beginner classes this year. In your first year, you will be learning basic arithmetic, history, science and literature. However, due to the war, we will be mainly focusing on history and arithmetic, so that you may have a basic understanding of shinobi history and tactics." he paused, probably expecting a question, but got none. He only received the blank, curious stares of four year olds. Tobu-sensei coughed, probably feeling embarrassed.

"Erm, yes, well, since we are in times of war, the essential classes, arithmetic and history, will be extended to two hours instead of one-" many whiny voices were heard all across the entire room.

"Settle down!" It became quiet again, and sensei continued. "Now as I was saying, you will all get a one hour lunch period during the early afternoon, and then will proceed with the rest of your classes. Physical activities will proceed after science and literature-" many cheers were heard here, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Hours of my brain being turned to mush and then gym/training? That's horrible.

"And then you'll all be sent home. Now, any questions?" I almost raised my hand and said 'yeah, why the fuck do we have to do so much work?' that's nine hours of school, like what the fucking hell. Though before I could say something so incredibly stupid, I was interrupted by an even stupider question.

The door slammed open, and I snorted at the sight of the other Uchiha, panting hard with his goggles awkwardly hanging off his face.

"Am I late?" Obito asked. I coughed hard, barely holding in my amusement.

I heard Kakashi ask "Oi, you alright?"

I nodded, my lips twitching. "Perfectly fine."


Well, I feel like shit. 'Basic arithmetic' my ass. Those problems were from seventh to ninth grade!

"This is bullshit." I muttered. Tell me, how the fuck am I supposed to know at what angle was a kunai thrown if it landed 49 feet away from a tenth foot tall tree?!

"I was wrong about you." Kakashi whispered. I raised an eyebrow, not sure what he meant.

"I thought you were going to be a challenge, but I guess not. You're just as disappointing as that other Uchiha." That caught me off guard, if only slightly.

"You know Obito?" He nodded, saying "I guess the Uchiha aren't all that."

Kid knows how to talk shit, I'll give him that. "You underestimate us," I leaned slightly to my left, "especially Obito. Word of advice: don't." I ended it there, before shutting my left eye, and activating the Sharingan. I shut off one eye so that Kakashi wouldn't catch the glow, as close as he was, my Sharingan would be obvious.

I had needed prescription glasses before, so having good sight on top of the Sharingan was such an amazing experience, that sometimes it gave me backlash. For one, I could see chakra, and in a multitude of colors. For example, Gai had green chakra and was like a raging fire. Obito's was similar but purple. Kakashi had a light blue chakra pattern that rolled around in and out of his body like the ocean, and so on. Two, things seemed to happen in slow motion. Well, not really slow motion, but I could predict movements so clearly that I could copy them down to the exact detail. Well, maybe I was exaggerating, as my Sharingan was still premature. I only had one tomoe, after all.

'But it's enough to get the job done.' I thought with just a hint of smugness, my right eye searching. Let's see….

'Poor, poor Obito.' I thought, moving on from him to some of the other students.

'Hayate?' I thought. Not sure about him….

'Might as well. Rin does become kunoichi of the year.' getting to work, I analyzed her writing pattern, copying it in my handwriting and then scribbling it down. I did this for the rest of the questions, guaranteeing myself at least a decent grade.

I didn't notice Kakashi looking at me with narrowed eyes as I copied off of Rin.


I lazily bit into some chicken as I watched the brats play and eat outside. This was basically our cafeteria.

This was a mixed lunch period, so pretty much students from all years were allowed outside right now. Though I did note that there were no students above the age of nine or ten. Students older than that must've graduated by then.

"Oi! Oi! Kōsai-san! Do you want to play?!" I saw Gai waving me over to a group of nobodies, besides Obito, Rin and Kakashi. I almost wanted to say no, but I almost done with my lunch so….

"Ah, fuck it." I need to get closer to these guys anyway.

"What're we playing?" I asked. Rin's face lit up.

"Freeze tag, even though Kakashi-kun is the best at it…." Rin trailed off, her face a light pink. She was four, she shouldn't have even hit puberty yet.

"Oi, since when?!" Obito interrupted. He looked irritated, his eyes switching from Rin to Kakashi. His 'crush' is without a doubt far more dangerous and creepy than Rin's, but at least it made sense.

"Since you never caught him the last time!" said a nobody, and then the whole group of nobodies laughed. Obito turned red, looking like he was about to pummel these civilian kids, but I held him back by grabbing the collar of his shirt.

"Oi, what're you doing?!" The little moron squirmed in my hold, and it was starting to get harder to keep on my usual poker face.

"Don't bother with them. If you want to prove them wrong, then prove them wrong." Obito blinked, as if not expecting what I had just said.

"Oh, um, yeah. Yeah!" His angry face turned to one of cockiness. "Just wait! I'm gonna prove you guys wrong! And you," he pointed his finger at Kakashi, who gave him the same blank stare as Obito continued, "I'm gonna get you! It won't be like last time!"

Kakashi, to my surprise, actually said "Hn. Fine. Let's see what's so special about you." he glanced at me when he said that, and I saw something akin to…. determination?

"Yosh! Let us play….TAG!" the bowl cut ran off, and I couldn't help but think 'but we haven't chosen who's it yet.'


'Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.'

I repeated this mantra in my head over and over again. Holy fucking shit, I had no idea a game of freeze tag could be so fucking intense. Do you know how fucking scary it is too be hiding in the bushes one minute, then run in terror while a green spandex wearing kid with a bowl cut starts chasing you? Just picture that for a second.

….Yeah, that's what I thought.

"Hm, where has everyone gone?" I heard his voice, that green fucking terror. So far, the nobodies have been eliminated, and I didn't bother trying to save them. Fucking morons thought they could take on that thing.

"YOSH!" I nearly gave myself whiplash when I caught sight of Gai, the boy grinning ear to ear as he was about to tackle me.

What I did next will be a humiliation I will forever endure.


"What'd you do to him?" Obito asked, poking the unconscious Gai with his finger.

"Might've accidentally knocked him out." I told them. My Sharingan flashed from under my shades, checking to see if he was still under the genjutsu.

"How could you!?" Rin look mortified. Heh, leave it to a future medic-nin to be so freaked out over an unconscious body.

"Not bad." Kakashi said, as I hefted Gai over my shoulder. I'm surprised I even had the strength to do that.

"Don't say that." I muttered. The genjutsu seems to have worn off, so it shouldn't be long before he wakes up. Or maybe it should, as I socked him in the jaw as to make sure no one would suspect me knocking him out in any other way.

"Let's just drop him off at the nurse. The bell is going to ring soon." I made a note to leave behind a note with an apology written on it so that Gai wouldn't assume anything.


"Listen up, runts! My name is Takiro-sensei, and I'm going to be your taijutsu instructor!" she roared, like a lion declaring dominance among fellow lions of its pride. Kinda worked, ain't gonna lie, but I'm not going to express it.

"Out here, I'm gonna whip you all into shape, making you all strong enough to last in a fight, teach you how to fight, how to utilize the most basic of weapons," it was at this moment when she threw a multitude of shuriken and kunai. Many screamed in terror, but obviously she wasn't actually trying to kill us. As someone who came from a shinobi clan, I tilted my head, the kunai that would've at most nicked my cheek. I looked all around me, and the only brats that hadn't either ducked or ran were me, Obito, Kakashi, Gai, Hayate, Anko, and very few others out of forty students looked fine. Well, Obito had a cut in his sleeve, but who cared?

Takiro-sensei sucked her teeth. "Little shinobi brats." what is it with tsunderes? Do they not get enough di-or maybe I shouldn't finish that train of thought.

"Alright, get up, you're all fine." Most of the students calmed down, if not a bit traumatized from the attempted murder. Others were a bit pissed off, but they knew better.

"Oi, Kō-san. She's pretty scary, neh?" Obito whispered to me. I leaned over a little, saying "Not really. She's just trying to intimidate us. And Kō-san?"

Obito shrugged. "I don't know, I just thought it'd be better than calling you Kōsai all the time. Sounds weird." I nodded, agreeing.

"I guess." we continued to listen to Takiro-sensei's lecture.

"Hey." My eyebrow twitched.


"Just…. thanks for the goggles. You and your mom are the only people from within the clan to do something that nice."

I didn't say anything at first, because I didn't know what to say. Finally….

"It's no problem."


"So, how was your first day at the academy?" asked my father.

"Meh." I said, which directly translates to 'I'm fucking tired'.

Father chuckled. "Well, the first day is always the hardest. I know going every day until sunset seems like much, but you'll quickly get used to it. I know not a lot may be going on right now, but just wait a few months. That's when you'll start sparing."

I wasn't all that eager to start sparing. It's impossible for my adult mind to find any satisfaction in beating up brats.

"Once you learn how to properly mold chakra, I'll teach you the Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu."

Pfft, I could learn that myself, along with a dozen other jutsu all on my own.

'What was the first step to the Rasengan again?'