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Bluebella's POV

Once dressed in the hideous excuse for clothes that had been laid out for her (they weren't even blue!), Bluebella stood and crossed the bathroom, hand hesitating on the handle of the door. She was beginning to doubt her plan, after all, if it went wrong, or even if it went well, it could end badly for her. But it was her only option.

Taking a deep breath and standing tall,she opened the door and leaned on the door frame, as flirtatiously as possible. The thought of seducing Mortmain was vulgar and alien to her. Bluebella had never tried to get anyone's attention this way. She had always tried to go unnoticed and blend in as much as she could despite her blue hair. Oh well, she thought to herself, this is my one shot at freedom. She put on a playful smile and strode confidently across the room.

Mortmain looked up at Bluebella and smiled cruelly. He stood and took a few step towards her, until her was close enough to reach out and touch her, but she beat him to it.

Laying a hand on his chest and rising on to her toes in order to get as close to his face as possible, she whispered, "Hey there."

He leaned in to kiss her, but she was no longer there. Mortmain turned in confusion, only to find her sitting on the bed, knees crossed, still smiling at him.

"Not yet," she said to him. Not ever she said to herself. "I must ask you something first."

"Anything" replied Mortmain, staring at her very visible legs.

The look in his eyes disgusted her, but Bluebella continued, "I know what you intend to do with me," she paused, winking. "But do you intend to marry me afterwards. Because I know you have your heart set on Tessa Gray, and if you intend to marry her, than I should not be here with you tonight." Bluebella stared up at him, eyebrows raised.

Mortmain hesitated, and started pacing away from her, his back turned. "Tessa Grey is simply a pawn. I intend to use her to create my army. She will breed for me a race of half-demonic shadow hunters. A race that I will lead."

Bluebella quickly looked over by one of the window, where she could just see the top of the boy's head. He nodded at her. This meant she had gotten enough out of Mortmain and he was willing to help her escape. Now.

Mortmain still had his back to Bluebella, so she stood and ran her hands along his back, he tensed and shuddered. She stood in front of him and looked up at him innocently. She smiled at him, and said softly, "Every king needs a queen."

Will's POV

Will watched from the window. The girl looked at him and he nodded, they had found some important information. He watched her rearrange her face, to look as seductive as she had before. She walked up to Mortmain and ran her hands over his back. She was really good at this. Will could see the doubt disappear from Mortmain's face at her touch. Will felt a feeling stir inside him, something he had only ever experianced when he saw Tessa with Jem. A feeling he tried so hard to control. Was it... Jealousy?

He watched the two of them. Mortmain turned, and grabbed Bluebella by the waist. She leaned up to kiss him and Will had to look away. Only seconds later, he heard her voice below him

"C'mon!" she said from the window he was standing on. Will jumped through the ope window and landed on the carpeted floor.

He whistled loudly. "Nice place." he said, looking anywhere but her.

She heard her groan and grab his arm, pulling him towards to window. Before he could question it, the sounds of guards rushing up to their floor startled them both.

Without a work, and still gripping his wrist tightly, Bluebella jumped out of the window, pulling Will with her.

There was a flash of blue, and suddenly they were outside the institute.

"I hope you know where we are." said Bluebella, turning to him. She stood facing him with her hands on her hips.

"This is my home," said Will, still trying to avoid looking at her.

"Oh," she said, lowing her arms."Good." and with that, her eyes rolled up into her head and she fainted.

Will caught her before she his the ground, his hands grazing her bear thighs. His cheeks grew warm with embarrssment, but they faded back to normal just as quickly.

"Teleportation" Bluebella whispered in his arms, briefly regaining consciousness. "Haven't done it in so long. Forgot how draining it is." and she fell silent once more.

Will sighed and picked her up. He carried her into the Institute and up to the corridor that held his room. He placed Bluebella in the room across the hall, laying her carefully down on the bed. He pulled up the blankets, to hopefully allow her some dignity should anyone walk in on her in the night. He mentally reminded himself to ask Tessa for a dress in the morning.

He stood back from the bed and leaned against the door frame. He watched her, Bluebella, sleeping peacefully. He examined her face, taking in every detail.

She smiled in her sleep, or at least he though she was still asleep.

"You never told me your name." she said, eyes still closed.

"It's Will" he said in surprise.

"Oh, well goodnight Will." she said looking at hime briefly, before rolling over in the bed.

"Goodnight Bluebella." he replied, and turned to leave.

"Please," she said, before he left. "Call me Bella." he smiled, and shut the door.

He smiled to himself and shut his own bedroom door, eager to tell the others all about his adventure in the morning.

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