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Over the River.


Part 1: - To Whomever Finds This Journal.


To Whomever Finds This Journal;

I can only hope that this journal doesn't find it's way into the Gou'ald hands or to any of Earth's enemies. But I have no choice, I have to leave this record so that General Hammond understands what happened on the planet, what happened to Jack, you all have to know the truth.

The planet we 'gated to was beautiful. It had two suns, lush purple grass and a simmering blue ocean. After about ten minutes we found out that the gate was on an island. It is about half a mile wide, and about the same length ways. There was plenty of plant life, lots of trees and some bugs. That was about it really.

If only we knew then what I know now.

Roughly twenty minutes later, we were all bored. The only thing of any interest to Sam or I was a rough crater at the other side of the island to the gate. It was a large brown area where nothing grew, in fact it looked like it had been burnt. There was something about the whole Island that bugged me. I think it was from the first time I set eyes on that burnt patch that I felt fear. Something about the sheer destruction, the way it had been so brutally cleansed of all life, that it made me think that just maybe this place wasn't as safe as I first thought.

If only I had listened to my inner voice.

Jack only stepped away for a minute, just a minute, I swear. The next thing I know he was clutching his left arm. Some sort of insect had stung him. Alarm bells began to ring in my mind and, as one, we began to head back to the gate, in order to have Jack checked out by Janet to make sure he was OK.

We began to head back to the gate. Me and Sam in front, Jack, behind with Teal'C supporting him. There was the sound of a gun being fired, a loud shot in the silence. I spun around, only a fraction of a second slower than Sam. Teal'C was standing there, his hand on his chest, staring in amazement at Jack. Because Jack was holding a gun, which had fired one bullet, the bullet that was now imbedded in Teal'C. For what seemed like an entirety Teal'C stared at Jack before crashing to his knees and slipping into the deep blackness of nothingness. Before I could do anything, Jack had pulled out his Zat and shot both me and Sam. I came to about three minutes later. I don't know why I was able to wake up so soon - pure dumb luck I suppose.

Jack had his back too me, humming as he sorted through all out weapons. The only thing still on me (besides clothes, glasses etc.) was this journal and my GDO. I can move pretty silently when I want to. I managed to pick up a dead branch and hit it on Jack's head before he even knew I was awake. Sam was still out cold and I had no idea what to do, I mean I knew that the bugs venom must have effected Jack so that he was trying to kill us, I knew that I had to get back to the gate but what I didn't know was who to take with me. I couldn't help Teal'C, he was in need of medical help, but I didn't think it would be best to move him. If I took Jack there was the danger that he might come round. So that left Sam. It was lucky for me that she's pretty light. I dragged her all the way to the Stargate before she came round. It was the most agonizing walk I had done since the first time I walked down the ramp after loosing Sha're.

"Daniel? What happened?" Sam asked me. I didn't need to answer her as her memories quickly caught up with her. I dialed up the gate and we both headed up the stone steps. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a bush move, saw a glint of shinny metal. What happened next was a blur. I remember pushing Sam, remember her falling backwards into the wormhole, to safety. I remember a burning sensation in my left arm then... nothing. I'm unsure of what happened between my getting shot and Jack standing over me a cold smile on his lips. Without a word he raised the gun and shot me in the leg. Just like that, no warning, nothing.

He turned away and walked over to the gate. I watched in pain as he dialed up the gate, painfully aware that my life was trickling out of me with every drop of blood that left my body and God, there was so much blood. Jack was dialing up the gate so that General Hammond couldn't send a rescue team. I couldn't remember how long the wormhole remains open, thirty minutes maybe? Jack slowly turned around and sat down watching me. The guy was just going to watch me bleed to death, and then, when I was dead he would go back to Teal'C. I had to get away from Jack, I had to buy some time. I knew the moment the second bullet entered my body that I was dead already.

Jack slowly moved towards me and I found myself holding my breath. With shaking hands, sweat rolling down his face, he bound up the injury in my leg and gave me a push away from him. Jack was fighting whatever was affecting him. I slowly began to crawl away. I haven't got far. I can hear Jack calling for me,

"Here Danny-boy. Where are you spacemonkey?" But it's not a kind tone. There's still 15 minutes until the wormhole shuts down, just enough time to write out my goodbyes then hide this journal. Just enough time to make sure Jack doesn't hurt Teal'C. I can only pray that he is still alive, can only hope that Janet will pull a rabbit out of her hat to save him and cure Jack. So here are my goodbyes.

General - Don't punish Jack for what he has done. I don't blame him and it is important that you don't either - after all Jack will punish himself twice over. I just want you to know I have always admired and respected you.

Janet - Thank you for being such a good friend to me, thank you for healing me again and again. Look after my team you hear?

Cassie - I'm sorry I won't be able to watch you grow up, to see you become the fine woman I know you will be. Look after your mother and make me proud, I know you will.

Sam - Look after Jack for me, will you. I know he will blame himself but you have to keep him from falling. Never give up Sammy. You were always the sister I never had and I love you in that way.

Teal'C - I don't blame you for what you did, you were only carrying out your orders. When you find Sha're make sure she gets the message I left for her. I am honored that you called me your friend.

Sha're - I love you my wife. I always thought of you, I never forgot you. I know Jack will save you someday. I LOVE YOU.

Jack - For what you are about to do, I forgive you. Stay strong, you have to keep your promise to me. Do you hear me Jack O'Neill? You PROMISED you would find her if something happened to me. I'm counting on to save my wife.

Looks like my famous luck has run out at last. Looks like this time I won't be coming back from the dead. There's no miracle here, nothing to save me. I am finally going across the river, to where my parents are waiting and to where I can wait for Sha're.

I'm going to have to stop writing now. There's still five minutes until the gate closes, but I don't think I can hold out that long. Jack close now, I can hear him humming a cheerful tune. He's not even bothering to sneak up on me, he must know I can't run any more.

I've managed to bind my injures but I've lost too much blood. I can't focus, can't move. I'm so tired... it seems to be getting darker and colder. I'm so very tired...

I'm sorry that I couldn't be stronger.

- Dr. Daniel Jackson
Member of SG-1

'I am he, I am he who came forth from the flood, to whom abundance was given, that I might have power thereby over the River. ' - Book of the Dead.


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