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Over The River.


Part 3:- Yours, Sam.


It's been two weeks now. 14 days since SG-1's last, tragic mission. 336 Hours since Teal'c was injured. 201,60 Minutes since the colonel retreated into his shell. 120,960,0 Seconds since we lost Daniel.


To put it like that makes it seem like we just misplaced Daniel. As if we just put him down somewhere and couldn't remember where. I wish that is what we had done. Because if that is what we had done then there was a good chance that we could find him. In reliantly though, the only place we are going to find him is in our hearts and minds.

Did Daniel know what would happen when he died? He must have done I mean he is a genius... was. He was a genius.

It's been two weeks and I still think of him in the present tense. He kinda had that effect on people you know? At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking Daniel was a bit of a wimp. Well, when I say forgiven, I don't mean forgive. If you had the misfortune (And stupidity) to voice that option in the presence of any of his friends - and believe me, Daniel had many more friends than he thought - then you could kiss your life goodbye. About a month ago, this new recruit to the SGC (some Lt.) mentioned to Ferretti that;

"Geeks such as Jackson should stay away from the big boy stuff and stick to the wimpy jobs." Ferretti nearly killed him and then to top it off Daniel went and saved his life a few days later! We nearly lost him that time. But we got to keep him for another three weeks.

God, Daniel can be so selfish! How dare he play the hero and put us all though this? I don't know how we mange to get though each near death or more often than not his Lazarus style deaths. Each time Daniel nearly dies, we nearly died. This time Daniel's really gone and after 14 days we'll still not coping. I don't think we'll ever be able to cope. Not without him.

~Yours, Sam.


15 days now.

My mind keeps going back to that message Daniel left me. It was just a few simple words, that somehow managed to sum up everything about me and Daniel's friendship. I shouldn't be too surprised after all Daniel is - was a linguist. It manages to sum up Daniel perfectly though, show the world what he was really like. He was thinking about me just before he died. He was thinking about everyone else instead of himself. I often wonder, late at night when I'm lying in my bed counting the spots on the ceiling unable to sleep, what else was in that journal. There must be more, a lot more in that last entry of his. No one seems to have read more than the line or so they were given to them by the General. It was given to us on a plain, white piece of A4 paper, the black words typed, not written as they must have been.

The General sent for us all, one at a time and gave us all our own 'Daniel's last message'. General Hammond told me that the original copy was... not in the best of condition. I knew what he meant, I was standing there, by the gate, I was standing there as the rescue team returned, having managed to convince Janet to let me wait there for them.

I saw Teal'c being carried down the ramp, the huge Jaffa completely out cold. I saw the colonel being lead down the ramp in handcuffs, fighting at every turn. Then I saw the journal. Daniel's journal. I would recognize it anywhere. The last airman was carrying it. I saw him look up at the control room and shake his head ever so slightly at the General who was watching. I dimly saw the General's shoulders slump. But mostly the only thing I saw was the journal, red blood still drying on the cover. Then I heard someone scream 'No!' as if from a great distance. It took me a few seconds to locate the sound, coming from my own mouth. I tried to ignore it but I knew then, knew before it was confirmed, before the wormhole closed. I knew the truth the moment the Colonel was brought though the Stargate, knew that there was no way they would have left Daniel till last.

So that was how I found out Daniel was dead. And that was how I knew that the original copy wasn't in good shape. I knew it was caked in Daniel's blood.

I just found out where the journal is. General Hammond gave it to the Colonel. I guess it is what Daniel would have wanted. After all I know Daniel would have hated the thought of the Colonel blaming himself for anything. Teal'c knows that, Janet knows that, General Hammond knows that, Dr. Mackenzie knows that, Ferretti knows that, hell even the lowest of the low knows that that would have been the last thing Daniel would have wanted.

The only person in the whole base who seems to be unsure is the Colonel himself. Maybe General Hammond thought it would help him. I don't really know if it has helped though. He went to Abydos you know. The Colonel I mean. Well, General Hammond went too. So did I. Teal'c was too ill to come. Hammond went to brake the news to the people Daniel has always thought of as his family. Then he visited Nick - Daniel's grandfather to tell him.

On Abydos they held a ceremony to celebrate Daniel's life and everything he did for them. The people of Abydos could not weigh his heart as he wanted so they settled for something else. They talked of him 'going over the river'. While we were all there I saw the Colonel throw some paper on the fire they had built to mark Daniel's passing.

It burned slowly, every now and then a sentence or two would face upwards and turn silver, giving people a view of what was written on them before burning into ash. I didn't mean to look, but sometimes I couldn't help but see. It was a letter to Daniel. The last thing to be seen in silver seemed to be some sort of reference to going over the river, just like the other's had talked about.

When we got back to the SGC I looked it up. After a few hours I found it in 'The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead'. I never told the Colonel that I saw his letter, just like I never told him I saw the single tear that slipped past his defenses.

Teal'c is much better now, fit for duty at last. So, tomorrow we will be having Daniel's memorial service. Teal'c asked for it not to take place until he could stand, unaided, to honorer Daniel. I think he was half hoping Daniel would come home.

~Yours, Sam.


Day 16.

Today is the day. The day we finally let Daniel go. Well not fully. But it's the first step. A step we all still need to take, everyone of us, from the newest Lt. who knew Daniel to the Colonel who knew him longer than any of us.

Everyone bar Teal'c and Nick (Who insisted on coming to say goodbye to his grandson) were dressed in there military blues. We stood by the open wormhole, none of us doing anything that sounded louder than quiet breathing. I don't know what it was like to anyone else but the feeling that came to me strongest, was the horrible feeling of de-ja vu. I was too numb to think of anything else, to numb to see anything else but that last memorial service we had for Daniel. Then, just as now the wreath was gentley passed through the open 'gate, the sound of TAPS drifting in the air. Slowly the music faded away. General Hammond started to turn towards the control room, to tell the technician to close down the blue wormhole when a figure, completely clad in black hurtled through the gate. The gate shut behind him/her/it?

When I say completely clad in black, I do mean completely. Not only was he - for augments sake, I'll call it a he for now - anyway, not only was he wearing a black top, black jean like clothes and big black boots but he was also wearing a long black robe, which went down to nearly his feet. The hood was up, obscuring the face and the sleeves which were very long and baggy cover his hands. His arms were crossed. The black figure seemed completely unconcerned by the fact that roughly twenty airmen were pointing guns at him.

The hood moved to take in all of the room, which meant, I suppose that the person behind the hood was looking around at all of us.

"Who are you." barked General Hammond. The newcomer appeared not to have heard him as he as frozen in place, staring at Nick Ballard. Slowly the arms un-crossed themselves and his hands appeared, encased in thick black gloves. The gloves moved up to the hood. Slowly, ever so slowly as if he had only just become aware of the guns trained on them. The black gloves pulled away a silken black mask from under his large hood. Now the face was uncovered, yet still we couldn't see who had dared to gatecrash Daniel's memorial service. The face was shrouded in shadow.

The hands went again to the head and I felt a rush of excitement course through my body, adrenaline pumping though my blood stream. I knew the person. I didn't know who it was but somehow I just knew that this was someone I knew - the hood came down.

And there stood Dr. Daniel Jackson, very much alive, a small smile on his face.

"Uh, Hi guys." he said and gave a small wave.

The next few minutes passed in a blur. I dimly remember running forward, pinching first Daniel, then myself to help convince my mind I wasn't dreaming. Then came the hugs as all of Daniel's friends came forward in a giant wave. They threatened to crush him by depraving him of much needed oxygen due to intense hugging. Everyone that is, except Colonel Jack O'Neill. As everyone grouped around Daniel, all asking questions at once, the Colonel slipped out of the side down and set off down the corridor. Casting a last look at Daniel, to remind myself that he is here and not going anywhere, I followed the Colonel.

"Colonel?" I called after his retreating figure. He stopped, a sigh floating back to me, his head slumped against the green wall.

"What is it Carter?" he asked, sounding so very tired. He looked tired too. "Shouldn't you be back in that gate room with D-Daniel?" he finished, choking slightly on the last word.

"I could say the same about you sir." I say slowly. The Colonel shuts his eyes and turns away.

"I think I'm the last person Danny needs to see right now." he quietly says.

"You're wrong." I say sharply, turning on my heel to go back the way I came. "I think that right now, you are exactly what Daniel needs and what he wants."

Inside the gate room, Daniel is still surrounded by his friends yet he looks a little lost. Seeing me he genteel pushes past everyone.

"Sam." he says in his slightly-uncertain-yet-trusting voice. "I-Is Jack here? I mean I thought I saw him but he's not here... he hasn't retired again has he?" I sigh at this, wondering how best to tell him that his best friend ran rather than face him.

"Hey, Spacemonkey." The Colonel said, suddenly standing by my side. Somebody give that man a bell. They both looked at each other and they both smile, nervously it's true but there was a true smile there. Maybe everything will be OK.

A few hours later we were all sitting round the table in the briefing room. After Daniel's return he was whisked off to the infirmary and have a check up. When Daniel removed his hood she nearly had a heart attack. Cassie was on base too but she was hiding in the infirmary, unable to face the memorial service. The scream she let loose when she saw Daniel must have been heard at least 5 miles away. She flung himself at him and wouldn't let him go for at least ten minutes though I think Daniel was hugging her back just as tight. Janet said he was fine. Now we'll get some answers. Like why he isn't dead and why he took 16 days to get back home.

Daniel is dressed in his green SG-1 uniform now. He's looking a little overwhelmed and tired at the moment and who can blame him. Also once or twice in the infirmary, when Janet or a nurse was talking very fast I've seen him give them a puzzled frown. I guess he hasn't spoken English in all the 16 days he's been... away.

Still, Janet did say it was most defiantly him. I just wish he would say something, it's a bit un-nerving for him to be this quiet. Besides his greeting and asking where the Colonel was, he hasn't said a word.

"Well, Dr. Jackson?" General Hammond says gently. "It's good to see you son, but how are we still alive?" Daniel looks round at all of us, as if inwardly he his thinking something of great importance.

"How long was I gone for?" he asked. Out of all the things he could have said or asked that was the last thing I would have thought he would have said. I could tell by the look on the General's face that he was thrown by the question as well.

"16 Days." Daniel appears shocked by this answer. He stops and tries to gather his thoughts. You can actually see him doing that, as his eyebrows knit together, his brain whizzing away. Any second now he's going to start wagging his finger at us as he agues a point. God, how I would love to see that.

"Only 16 days?" Daniel said, more to himself than to any of us. "It was much more for me." No matter how many times we ask him, he won't elaborate in the time he spent on that planet only saying that where he was the days were shorter and time seemed to move at a different speed. When the Colonel ordered him to tell us how long, Daniel simply shot him his 'I'm-not-military-so-you-can't-boss-me-around-Jack' look.

Thankfully the Colonel dropped it... for now. I'm not sure I want to know how long Daniel was trapped there. How long did he wait before he realized that nobody was coming? Quiet falls on us as we all sit and wait for Daniel to explain how the impossible happened. He gives us a small smile.

"It's thanks to Jack here that I'm still alive." The effect those words had on the Colonel was amazing. He seemed to loose the added years, growing younger before my very eyes. Instead of looking aged, tired and ragged he looked full of life and energy. Then the moment was over and the Colonel looked old again, disbelief shinning clearly in his eyes. Daniel carried on.

"You see when Jack was looking for me on the Island, I had managed to hide my journal in a tree and crawl to the edge of the isle. I had this half baked idea of hiding in the sea until someone came though the gate with help. When I got there however I was too weak and too tired to carry one. That was where Jack caught up with me. I was nearly dead anyway by then, having lost the majority of my blood even though I had managed to bind up my injuries." Daniel paused and took a sip of water from the glass that someone had put out by his hand. He rubbed at his eyes, letting a sigh escape as he tried to put into words the next thing that had happened to him.

"Jack pushed me in the water and I lost conciseness. I... sank?" Daniel said, asking the last word to himself. "Yes, that's right, I sank. I'm sorry it's been quite a while since I spoke English. Anyway, I sank. The water was only about ten feet deep. Under that small amount of water was a whole world."

"You mean, when we were walking around on the surface, looking for life, it was below us all the time?" I exclaimed in surprise Daniel nodded.

"That's right. They once lived on the surface, but were driven to make cites under the sea. The people found me, floating on the roof of there main city. They rescued me and healed me. After that it was just a matter of time waiting for you to send something through the gate. Nic'tar, the one who found me had someone keep a permanent watch on the gate. When it opened today I came up to the isle. When I saw the wealth I knew it was you guys and said my goodbyes before coming home." Teal'c moved his head and asked a question.

"Why were you dressed in black DanielJackson?"

"Protection. It was the same bugs that... infected Jack that drove the people of that world to live under the sea. Nic'tar told me that they tried to kill the bug but where unable to do so. The only protection they had was the sea - the bugs drowned. When they had to come to the surface for any reason they completely covered every part of there body to avoid stings. Nic'tar told me that black was the most effective color and that the bugs seemed to dislike it so they left black figures alone."

After that Daniel gave a loud yawn. General Hammond was quick to take the hint, telling us we were dismissed and telling Daniel he should get some sleep. He's back in the infirmary now, just to be on the safe side. The rest of us are here too, we can't let Daniel out of our sights, not so soon. Janet seemed to know we would come as she had the nurse make up two more beds next to Daniel's and the one which had Teal'c.

I found this before I came to the infirmary. I thought it would be a good way to end this entry, a spell from the Book of the Dead.

Everything is going to be all right now. Maybe not at first, but everything will be all right. We'll SG-1, we'll find a way to put the pieces back together. Things are how they should be again.

Yours, Sam.

'O you who emerge from the waters, who escape from the flood and climb on to the stern of your bark, may you indeed climb on to the stern of your bark, may you be more hale than you were yesterday. '- The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.


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