The world is small. It got much smaller with the introduction of technology, social media, and other forms of communications that pulled forward a new era of what is known as today. But it is still vastly unknown, and that fear of the unknown drives some humans. Others are driven by the thrill of highs and pleasures beyond comprehension. Yet that also leaves lust, be it for power, interaction, fame, or worse.

Society has brought itself to the brink of destruction. Where in this tiny world, a little boy from the other side, thousands of miles away can bully and harass someone else with little repercussions. Where social pressure and harassment is abundant to the point of no return. In a small world as that, a boy ended up locking himself in an even smaller world.

His world was only as big as 6 tatami mats, a small cramped room even more cramped with the shades drawn, trash all over the floor, empty boxes, lights off, and screens that scorched his eyes. He pulled on the jacket that covered his torso, the hood over his head made him feel secure. The screen flashed multiple times, the game characters running around and destroying generic mobs as the boy repeatedly mashed inputs into the controller.

Knock knock

The boy jolted slightly in his seat, his concentration broken as his right thumb instinctively slammed down on the START button to pause the game.

"Chisaku..." An mature and feminine voice came from the door, the one that had rarely been open for what felt like years. "I'm heading off to work, ok? Go to school if you feel like it. I made you something to eat if you get hungry." The voice that had always tried to check in on him everyday, the person who would try to get past barriers but never quite doing it intensely to set off the defensive mechanisms. "Are you listening?"

"...!" Chisaku opened his mouth, only to be embarrassed by the squeak that came out, his voice hadn't been used for how many days now? "I...yes, Auntie." There was a short silence before shuffling was heard beyond the door. The boy heard the front door squeak open and then shut tightly soon afterwards. He deliberated for a bit, unsure if he wanted to go back into his reality escape hatch again or not. His stomach however had other plans. Finally pushing off the large bed that he acknowledge felt tiny when he was sitting on it, the boy felt his legs weakly push himself onto the ground. Now standing up, Chisaku pulled on the hoodie a little more, clinging to the warmth and security of it. He shuffled to the door, squeaking it open slowly before looking onto the ground next to it. A tray of food was there, just like it had been everyday for every meal time there was. He slid the tray into his room, brought it onto the small desk in the corner where his computer laid idly running a program of small characters beating up a gigantic mob and his school notebooks collecting dust. Chisaku began eating, a controller in one hand and returning to the button mashing that was his game.

Have you heard of this tale? One of infinite possibilities and worlds beyond the human comprehension. A world within that reveres a select few as the status of deities, far superior to the average human prowess. Yet these are those special humans who can compete and grow alongside these deities. A world where data makes up all, where it topples even the giants of old. Therefore, I will begin this as such.

Have you ever heard of our world?

The boy rolled over in his bed, his controller on the ground laying dormant in its charging port. He sighed as fatigue grasped at his mind, his eyes stealing time to weigh down. The sleep depravity was given limits, and the boy fell into a light sleep. His body went numb, his body emanating the feeling of floating in nothingness yet still lying on a flat surface that was warm and inviting. Chisaku felt the dreams beginning to claw its way into his vision, the black void that was created from his closed eyes opened to an open grassy field. The dream felt pleasant as the boy slept, one of peaceful normalcy without other people. Chisaku didn't want this dream to end, yet he could feel something beginning. The start of something new just over the horizon.

Have you ever heard of our world?

Chisaku jolted back up out of bed, his eyes wide in abject horror from what was essentially a loud noise in the midst of a peaceful dream. His breathing escalated, heaving and panting the boy placed a hand in front of his face, calming that nothing was going wrong. He ran the same hand through his brown hair, the bangs refusing to cooperate as if they were in their own rebellious phase. "Just...a Dream." Or was it? The voice had seemingly boomed around the room and rattled it, shaking the boy to the core. He confirmed everything had not moved, and assumed it was a dream. His eyes burned as he rubbed them, now he may have been hallucinating due to sleep deprivation. Chisaku rolled back onto his bed, falling deep into his subconscious quickly.

The dream this time imploded in on itself, the world remaining dark as shadows seemingly snuck around Chisaku. They whispered to themselves, but not in jeers or laughs but in contemplation. Uncertainty remained in the palpable atmosphere as the brunette boy found himself surrounded yet unable to perceive anything. "What's...going on?" He tried reasoning with a shadow, great idea. The boy beat himself up in his mind as he got the expected result.

Then, the shadows stopped. They seems to back away as a figure slowly materialized into existence. "The boy of brown hair."

Chisaku was taken aback from the figure before him. She was a very well-endowed woman who exerted a heavenly presence that Chisaku could barely perceive. His eyes had a hard time making out many features except for the curves of the body and what appeared to be a white robe tied over the body. "Yes...?"

"You are one with no purpose in such a world"

The brunette boy stared down at his feet, knowing exactly how this dream would go. It was this again, his own self-deprecation was berating him in his sleep.

"I shall give you a purpose. Have you ever heard of our world? One of wonders and deities that interact with the populace."

In abject disbelief, the boy felt his ears begin to burn, his hearing beginning to go fuzzy. 'Wake up...' The thoughts began running miles around Chisaku's mind as he tried to force stop this dream, one where the ending was completely different from his expectations. Something new that he wanted to reject. 'Wake up!' He felt his body become lighter as his vision began to blur, light starting to poke in-between the cracks. "Wake...UP!"

And so he did.


What he found before him was not his room.


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