Family is Family

Chapter One

A/N I have decided to do a few One-Shots to regain one's writing mojo, it is not easy to ask for help but I am asking for help and paragraphs of this story. Suggestion's will be noted and taken on board but out and out abusive criticisms and flaming will be deleted. You have been warned: Severus has adopted an Autistic Harry and has given up spying. Dumbledore is not happy and keeps trying to manipulate his way back into Harry's good graces. Harry realises this and fully embraces his new adopted Slytherin side with a twist.

"Dad!" Harry called out "Dad!" Severus stormed through to his private lab to find Harry against the wall in a full-blown panic attack with his fingers in his ears. "It turned Green! The Potion is Green!" Severus sat Harry down on the floor and gently pried his fingers from his ears as he rubbed his back. "You cut yourself, why wasn't my apprentice keeping an eye on you while you cut the ingredients?" A tear ran down Harry's cheek "He called me a 'Spastic Retard!' and said he had b-better things to do!"

"He, what!"

Severus stormed out to the class-room laboratory and grabbed Nott's ear dragging him back to his quarters "Get off me!" Nott screeched. Snape hissed and threw the 7th year in front of Harry who backed up to the wall in fear.

"How dare you call my son a retard! You, stuck-up ignoramus!"

"What, I didn't say any-thing and you can't prove I did?" Nott sneered at Harry. Harry shouted back "You did, you, absolute fibber, you did!" Severus grabbed Nott's ears painfully again "Apologise to my son or find yourself in detention for the rest of your last year!" Nott screamed out "I'm Sorry!" Severus let go of Nott's ears and threw him out "There, that wasn't so hard. By the way, my son is on the autistic spectrum, go to the muggle world and bloody-well read up on it before you say anything more!" Severus signalled Blaise Zabini, to take over for a while and Blaise did so gladly. "If you need me to come out and help, don't hesitate, I am your professor and will be glad to." Blaise nodded "How is Harry, has he calmed down?" Blaise asked with genuine concern "He has, he is now taking a short nap on my couch, remember I am just through the door, Blaise, alright?" Blaise signalled he understood and took over the class proficiently.

Harry woke up and rubbed his eyes to find his dad napping on the armchair opposite. He wandered out to find Blaise working on the draught of peace that he had mucked up earlier. "Alright, squirt?" Blaise rubbed the top of Harry's head. "How is my p-potion now, Blaise?" Blaise handed the stirrer to Harry and guided him "It's no longer green, Harry, now just stir clockwise three times and once anti-clockwise." Blaise smiled proudly as Harry did as he directed. "See that mother of pearl sheen, it is perfect, Harry, you really are much better than before in your potions, you just needed help" Harry grinned at the praise and hugged Blaise who after a while returned the hug, smiling.

"Now why don't you go and wake up the professor, so he can help you finish off your essay. Remember to consult your dictionary with any difficult words and remember your grammar, okay?" Harry nodded once and ran off back to his father's personal office to wake him. "Daddy!" Harry shook awake his father who rubbed his eyes and grabbed his son tickling him. "You look happy, did Blaise help you get it right?" Harry nodded and pointed his wand at the kettle. "Would you like a coffee, daddy?" Severus nodded and got up to go and wash his face to wake himself properly. Severus ached from his nap in the armchair and was sipping his coffee when his colleague, Minerva, stepped through to his quarters. "Oh, Severus, I am so glad you are awake, Mr Weasley and Mr Malfoy engaged in a fist fight, from what I understand, Mr Weasley was being mean about Harry living here and Draco proudly defended you and Harry." Severus looked up at Minerva in alarm as Harry walked in with his potions homework. His little face dropped in disappointment as he had heard everything. Minerva was heartbroken by this and went to hug Harry who started sobbing. "Aunt-Minnie? why does Ron hate my daddy? who has not neglected me and not abused me, Ron has a loving family and I am not allowed!" Harry started to hyperventilate as he squeezed his eyes shut in panic.

"Och no, ma wee bairn, he doesn't hate your daddy, he has been brought up to believe that Slytherins in general are evil, through and through, but you don't believe that and neither do I, now wipe you face with the hanky you have in your pocket and try to do some of your homework, okay?" Harry stopped crying and wiped his face then he gave his daddy a hug and settled down at the desk. Severus looked at Harry and stood "Are they in the Headmaster's office, Minerva?" Severus' colleague nodded "I will get Blaise to watch over you for a little while, Harry, set your clock for half an hour and I will be back before then, okay?" Harry set his alarm on his special talking clock and Severus followed Minerva to the Headmaster's office.

-Line Break-

"This is unacceptable behaviour, Mister Weasley, it matters not the provocation or the slight that Mister Malfoy made towards you and your family!" Severus hissed at the hot-headed young boy. "Harry does not have a family, a mother or a father or siblings where as you have five brothers and one sister. You ought to consider yourself lucky that you have loving parents who love all of you equally!"

Weasley, being the hot-tempered lad, he obviously was, could not keep his mouth shut "And so what, Harry is rich and famous, I find it hard to believe he doesn't know about the millions he is going to inherit! And there's little old Ron Weasley, the third wheel, whose parents are poor as church mice, I have had hand-me-downs too! It's so embarrassing!" Severus and Minerva looked down at the young boy in shock, even Dumbledore was disappointed by the vile things spilling from the red-head's mouth.

"Mr Malfoy, will you please leave my office? I am deducting 50 points from Slytherin and you will serve detention with your head of house, you will write one-hundred lines stating this. 'I will control my temper and not react to mindless insults' Is that understood?" Malfoy nodded and left the office hastily and Ron Weasley sat defiantly with his arms crossed, suddenly looking smug. "I don't know why you are looking so smug, Mr Weasley, I am suspending you for three months!" Dumbledore waved a hand as a signal that the young man should hold his tongue "You will hold your tongue, Mr Weasley, any word from you now will see you suspended for the rest of your term. I have warned you about your temper before, Mr Weasley and it has not yet sunk in. Further-more, before you leave, you will apologise to Harry before you leave with your mother, sincerely!" Dumbledore looked at Minerva and Severus. "Is this agreeable to yourselves?" They both nodded relieved that the boy's punishment would be carried out to the letter. "Severus, can you fetch Harry for me and I will call Molly here to enforce the apology?" Severus nodded and fetched Harry. Molly arrived looking flustered. "What is the meaning of this, Dumbledore?"

"Your son will be apologising to Harry and his father for his insults towards Slytherin House. I have had to suspend him for fighting yet again, this is his last chance, Molly, he gets three months suspension and if he doesn't learn to control his temper, I am afraid that the suspension will stand until he comes back to school for his fourth year. Young Harry is very troubled, he is struggling to fit in and comments from your son has caused the young lad to retreat inside his shell. Autism is still a misunderstood mental health condition in the muggle world let alone here at Hogwarts. There have, been horrible prejudiced word used like "Retard" or even "Spastic" by your son and your son cornered Harry, the other day, frightening the life out of him." Ron shouted out "It wasn't just me, it was also Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan!"

Dumbledore and Minerva gave Ronald a piercing look as Severus walked in with Harry. "Harry?" Severus said gently "Is this the boy who picked on you and frightened you, two days ago?" Harry nodded once and started wringing his hands in anxiety. "Harry, look at me, calm your breathing" Harry looked up and squeezed his eyes shut then he opened them again, practicing his breathing technique. "Yes, Daddy, it w-wasn't just Red though, it was brown and the white with the freckles and the f-funny a-accent." Severus pinched the bridge of his nose and counted to ten "Minerva, can you fetch Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan?" Ronald stood up and approached Harry whose eyes widened as he became 'ball-harry' Ron Weasley was shocked and dismayed by what his bullying had caused and said gently "Hey, Harry, I am so sorry, I am a jealous fool and I let my pride get in the way of what should have been a good friendship. I know your dad loves you. If he didn't, he wouldn't have adopted you. I shouldn't have said those awful things about your family being disappointed in you. I reckon that they would be just as happy as you are that you are safe, warm and loved. Will you please let me make up for my foolishness and come over to your dad's place now and then? I could teach you Wizard chess if you like?" Harry started to un-ball. He smiled brightly as his dad lifted him to his feet. "I-I would really like that, Red, friend" Ron nodded smiling as he shook Harry's hand. "Hello, Harry, it is good to see you again, do you remember me?" Harry nodded as Molly smiled "Yes, nice red-haired lady who helped me….um…..get to the H.E platform between platforms nine and ten, M-Molly!" Molly hugged Harry gently knowing he was not used to being hugged and stood up.

"Ron, you are going to be spending your days helping me clean and cook. During the evening, you will do some serious study-time and Percy will be helping you!" Ron grimaced and gave an apologetic look to Severus for his mother's infamous screeching.