A/N Does anybody wonder at the phrase "The ink is dry, it cannot be unwritten" well I was thinking about the storyline in the Harry Potter Books and Hermione's use of a time turner, they still did not clear Sirius' good name until the day he died. Just like the titanic sinking, or the holocaust, it cannot be undone but the lessons that can be learnt from this are unending and timeless.

Chapter 3

Small Mercies

Harry Potter-Snape did everything in order. His school-work planner was filled with reminders, lesson plans and he always carried around his special alarm clock to remind him when he had to go to his next class. He was very good at setting this for a specific time and looking in his school-work planner. Sometimes his plans would work out for the best, the loud noises in the great hall of Hogwarts school still disturbed him a great deal and last week the granger girl tried to bully him again into going back to the Gryffindor common room with her. Draco had stepped in quickly and reminded her that he was responsible for looking out for Harry and that Harry wouldn't be going anywhere without him. Draco had smirked as the young girl stormed off. Draco had thought very carefully and had come up with a support group for any member of any house that felt they were on the autistic spectrum, even Theodore Nott Junior had got on-board after a little while. Severus, Harry's adopted father had looked over the plans for the support group and immediately sought out approval from Professor Dumbledore who kept looking at the young Mr Malfoy as if seeing a new person in his place.

*Flashback* "Mister Malfoy, this is impressive and very thoughtful of you. You must have given this subject a great deal of thought and sensitivity that it needs." Draco smiled "I want you to understand, Headmaster, this is not a group where I will invite everyone, although we will, as a group, raise awareness of the condition of autism by giving speeches in the great hall. This will not be another opportunity for those who want to stare at Harry and the scar on his head or for ridiculous fangirls to get their kicks. I am including Ginny Weasley in that assessment whose fawning over Harry is obscene and unbecoming for a girl of a pureblood family. That Granger girl tried to corner Harry last week and she started to screech at Harry again, she was trying to scare and bully him. If she is going to remain at this school, why doesn't she have the wizarding etiquette lessons for muggle-born students that I know are available?" Albus' eyebrows rose to new heights as he considered the possibility. "Another thing, sir, why don't you do something about the prejudiced attitude towards Slytherin, if you want to preach "the greater good" sir, then talk to the Gryffindors and the other houses about their conviction that all Slytherin's are evil. We are not evil or death-eaters in training." *End Flashback*

That was it, it clicked with the Headmaster Dumbledore as he finally understood why Severus was defending his snakes and why there needed to be more understanding and proper awareness of the mental health condition, Autism, in case they received anymore students with Autism.

Draco was smiling as he ran to the library to find Harry. "Harry!" Draco was breathless as he sat down next to his best friend. "H..Hello, Draco, why are you happy all of a sudden?"

"Dumbledore approved the support group and it includes all houses of Hogwarts. We are also going to have a Saturday club in the room of requirement that includes art therapy, woodwork, pottery, mindfulness and meditation. We will also have someone to supervise the club and the group. I have written to my father to ask the board of governors for more funding. We need more specialist teaching assistants and new equipment."

"That is good, excellent, smashing, Draco! You have, done it!"

"What are you working on, Harry?" Draco asked kindly.

"It is the History of Magic Essay" Harry suddenly looked down as he gulped and felt his anxiety build up "Pro-Professor Cuthbert Binns screeched at me and said it was totally W.R.O.N.G then he deliberately knocked over my inkpot over my essay and I have to do the whole thing over again." Harry burst into tears as he wrung his hands.

"Damn him!" Draco lost it and grabbed Harry's essay before marching straight back up to the headmaster's office with Harry running after him. "Draco! Stop!" Draco spat out the password to the Gargoyle then marched up the spiral stairs, he banged loudly on the door and it opened "Mister Malfoy, twice in one day!"

"Yes, Harry has something to tell you about Professor Binns" Dumbledore looked at Harry and raised his eyebrow.

"Go ahead, Harry, I am not having a ghost discriminate openly against my best mate!"

Harry's mouth went dry and he suddenly flushed as he struggled to get the words out, he started to hyperventilate.

Draco looked on in horror as Harry started to 'ball' up but Dumbledore having seen this before, ran to the young boy and sat him up. "Look at me, Harry, that's it, now cup your hands around your mouth and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Ten breaths, Harry."

"I should get Professor Snape!" Draco ran out of the Headmaster's door and came back with Harry's adoptive father in less than ten minutes.