FANDOM: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just playing with them. If I did own them, trust me, they'd still be on the air.

May 2005:

Five F-A18 Superhornets swooped down low to the deck in perfect formation, and fired. Twenty missiles streaked out from under the wings of the low-slung aircraft, leaving a long line of smoke and contrail as they homed in on the huge reptilian creature hovering over the new experimental submersible carrier.

Exploding against its body, the missiles seemed to have little to no effect as the giant creature reached out and literally bit the giant ship in half. A series of explosions detonated throughout the ship as it began to sink into the ocean. Suddenly the sea boiled as ships twin nuclear reactors ruptured into a fiery cloud of superheated steam.

The giant winged saurian screamed in sudden pain as its golden scales suddenly shifted to orange, then red, followed by yellow and finally a blinding white. Streams of energy shot from its eyes and mouth as it's skin cracked and blackened before exploding outward.

The scene suddenly shifted from a low on the deck shot to a satellite feed from high in space. Off the coast of Los Angeles, a tiny pin- prick of light appeared, followed by a wave of energy that suddenly shot outward from that central point. In a flash the City of Angels was flattened, whole buildings were pulverized, and slammed into the mountains to the north and the west. A hundred foot high wave of water crashed into what was left, drowning any hopes for survivors.

The feed ended and Lieutenant Commander Jason Scott swallowed hard as he sent up a silent prayer that none of his friends had been in Los Angeles when the attack occurred. Looking over at Admiral Cupit, his commanding officer, he brought his emotions under savage control before asking, "Any word on what the creature was, sir- or what caused the explosion?"

The tall steel-gray haired man leaned back in his chair, his eyes seemed to search for something inside Jason before he answered. Finally, satisfied with what he found, Cupit shook his head, cleared his gravelly throat and answered, "You saw it yourself, Scott. What did it look like to you?"

Jason swallowed before answering. Cupit had a reputation for being somewhat unorthodox in his command style, and it was widely purported that he was a firm believer in things that the US Military deemed as unscientific- things like Power Rangers. Finally, he offered, "With all due respect sir, it looked like a
Western Dragon- granted it was a thousand feet of dragon, but that's what it LOOKED like. Sir."

The admiral stood and turned his back to Jason as he looked out over the shipyards at Alameda. After a moment he said, "The Constellation was one of the most powerful warships ever launched. It had a complement of over six thousand, and that creature bit it in half like it was made of balsa wood. Los Angeles was the second largest city in the US with a population of over seven million. Now, there's a bowl shaped bay there over a hundred feet deep." Turning back, he faced Jason, "If the former Red Ranger tells me it was a dragon, I'll believe him."

Jason hoped the shock didn't show on his face. He was proud of the calm evenness he was able to keep in his voice when he answered, "I don't know what you're talking about sir." His heart was racing with possibilities. Jason had gone to a great deal of trouble to hide his past from the military. Granted his experience at piloting the Tyrannosaur, Red Dragon, and Pyramidus Zords made him one of the best fighter pilots in the Navy- which was to say in the world- but he thought he'd been successful in hiding who he had been.

Cupit smiled, "Don't worry, Commander. Your secret is safe with me. I like the idea of having a Power Ranger under my command."

"I don't understand sir?" Jason said genuinely confused. Where did this man get his information?

The admiral smiled and leaned against his desk. "There's a new multi-national para-military task force whose job it is to deal with these monsters. You've been slated to command Team Prime for it."

"Team Prime?" Jason asked.

The admiral nodded. "Yes, they've asked for you by name." The admiral chuckled, "Actually, we refused to sign on to it, if an American didn't lead it."

"Why sir?"

"Because, we're not about to put American fighting forces under anyone's command that's not an American," the admiral told him.

Jason understood. Americans were very wary of letting their soldiers serve under commanders who were not American's Something about a tendency to risk American resources over their own. It hadn't worked very well with the now defunct UN and it wasn't likely to work now in the more nationalistic atmosphere of the world today. More importantly, was that since these things had shown up, no single nation had been able to withstand an assault by one. "What are these things, sir?" Jason asked.

"We're not really sure." The admiral went back around to his desk, sat in the large chair and picked up a file. Glancing at it briefly, he handed it across the desk to Jason. "All we really know is that they appeared in the skies over Europe, Asia, and Africa two months ago. They've been slowly devastating those continents since then. So far, no force on Earth has been able to stop them, not even the current Ranger team. We don't know exactly what they are, except that they appear to be dragons, or what they want. They suddenly appear, occasionally attack a city or village, and then fly off. All we really know is that when they show up, they cause huge amounts of devastation. Paris is in rubbles and Cairo is now buried under fifteen feet of sand." He sighed, "To be honest, after the European's lack of help in the Second Gulf War, I really don't give a rat's ass if they burn that cess-pool to the ground, but now they're moving toward the US, and that's something I DO care about. Two of your former colleagues, Trini and Zack Taylor managed to actually get enough governments to back a multi-national task force to deal with what they are calling the Dragon Threat."

"But why me?" Jason asked. "I mean who pulled my name out of a hat?"

Admiral Cupit shook his head, "I'm not sure. I get the feeling that somebody on the mission, brought up your name and the rest of the team agreed, with only one dissention."

Jason raised an eyebrow. If who the Admiral was alluding to was on the team, he could imagine the one person who wouldn't want to work with him again. Not that he blamed him. "And the person who voted against my name? Is he willing to work with me again?"

The Admiral smiled at him, "Think you know who it is, do you?"

Jason held his peace, and kept his voice as even as possible. "I have an idea." Sighing he said, "Let's just say that we didn't exactly part on the best of terms." That of course was putting it mildly. Jason hated the rift that had grown between he and his best friend in the world, but there was little that could be done about it. Too much time had passed since they'd last spoken and too many things that needed to be told had been left unsaid.

The Admiral fixed him with a steel blue gaze, "I'm not concerned about your personal situation Commander. You're a US Navy pilot- that makes you one of the best in the world. I expect you to put your personal issues aside and make this team come together. As much as a cliché as it might sound, Team Prime is the last best hope for all of mankind. These creatures have to be stopped before they burn the human race back into the Stone Age?"

Jason snapped to attention in his seat and answered reflexively, and answered, "Yes sir."

"Good man." The Admiral leaned back, "Now any more questions?"

"Do we have any idea of what destroyed Los Angeles? I mean what made that dragon suddenly blow up like that?"

The Admiral shook his head, "Damnedest thing. It wasn't nuclear. There's not a trace of radiation within three hundred miles of the blast. One of the science boys down in Angel Grove thinks that somehow the dragon had," he cleared his throat and said, "and I quote: a physio-nuclear reaction, producing a proto-kinetic blast of multi-megatonage intensity."

Jason smiled at the familiar sounding wording that further strengthened some of his suspicions. "When and where do I report sir?"

The Admiral smiled, "You're going home my boy. Your new base is Angel Grove,"