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It's been hours.

He was standing at the edge of the pool, the Master Sword propped up between his legs as he stood guard at the entrance of the cavern. Night has already fallen, the snow was thin on the ground and he was getting worried. But he dared not to disturb his Princess.

The climb up the mountain was stressful. He was grateful that they started early. At noon, he found a small cave where they could have some food before continuing. But he noticed a vast change in Zelda's demeanour. She was quiet and mostly staring off into space. He didn't say a word. If she wanted to talk, she will. He can wait.

On their way to Mount Lanayru earlier, they were dressed properly to combat the cold. But when they reached the summit, she had taken an elixir to warm herself from within and changed into her prayer robes—a white strapless gown.

They arrived at the shrine where the massive statue of Hylia towered over them at late afternoon. The sun was starting to sink low in the sky. Hours passed. She wasn't shivering when she entered the pool. But he calculated that their elixirs will soon wear off. He can almost feel the shiver approaching. If she wanted to continue, she would have to take another. Or they can try again after some rest.

He looked over his shoulder from time to time to sneak glances at her—to make sure she was okay. But she was still in the water, her hands clasped in front of her with her head bowed as she continued to mutter under her breath. Words like help, power, hear me floated above the water's surface and reached him.

She has been in the pool for far too long.

Now, the moon was high in the sky, casting shadows around him. He was just about to make up his mind and retrieve her from the pool when he heard her speak after almost a whole day of silence.

Her voice was steady but he could detect a slight hint of shiver and worry—not to mention fear, disappointment and desperation.

"I come seeking help… regarding this power that has been handed down over time…" He kept his focus forward but his ears strained to hear what she was saying. "Prayer will awaken my power to seal Ganon away…"

A loud sigh. Then, "Or so I've been told all my life…"

He bowed his head a fraction of an inch. It felt like he was invading her privacy while she was communing with the Goddess. He felt a bit uncomfortable but couldn't tear himself to go away.

"And yet… Grandmother heard them—the voices from the spirit realm. And Mother said her own power would develop within me. But I don't hear… or feel anything!"

He was frozen in his stance as he closed his eyes and bit his lower lip, forcing himself not to intervene. There was nothing he could do. This was one thing she need not be protected from. This was something she had to go through on her own.

Oh how he wished he could be of some help!

"Father has told me… time and time again… He always says, 'Quit wasting your time playing at being a scholar!'" Her voice was rising. It made it harder for him not to go to her side.

Silence where nothing can be heard except the night. He held his breath but caught a few word sthat stunned him. It made him swallow the lump in his throat.

"Curse you." She whispered. He barely caught it. His knuckles went white as he gripped the hilt of the Master Sword. He heard a loud splash of water. "I've spent every day of my life dedicated to praying! I've pleaded to the spirits tied to the ancient gods…"

He figured this was no longer part of her prayers. At a desperate attempt to secure her powers, she is now pleading to the gods and goddesses. Her desperation was speaking volumes and his heart tore into several pieces as he listened to it.

"And still, the holy powers have proven deaf to my devotion… Please… just tell me… What is it? What is wrong with me?"

Unable to control it any longer, he turned on the spot and looked out into the pool where she was cradling herself. Biting his lower lip, brow furrowed, he strapped the Master Sword back in its place and entered the pool slowly after her.

Her low sobs echoed across the now-disturbed pool, rippling and reaching him. Submerged up to his thighs, he was surprised to see that the water is actually warm as it seeped into his clothes, making the cloth stick to his skin. It was a contrast to the cold air around them. He waded closer to her.

"Zelda…" He whispered when he was right behind her. He wanted to hold her—touch her—take her away from this despair—take her far away to place where she can just be herself and not this bundle of nerves. He placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him slowly.

Tears were streaming down her face. Her eyes were watery, her lips swollen from being bitten down on. And he was right, she's starting to shake—either from the elixir wearing off or from crying. Either way… he was here now.

And yet, he didn't know what to say.

"Link…" His name was caught in her throat as he held her locked in his gaze. Her hands unwound themselves from her waist as she reached out to him. Small fingers grasped the hem of his wet tunic as he answered, "Zelda…"

"The gods… They do not hear me. After all of this… What is wrong with me? What am I missing?" Words were tumbling out of her mouth and all he wanted was to kiss her, stop the pain from forming into words.

"Zelda…" He whispered, cupping her cheek as he willed her to look back into his eyes.

Moonlight was cascading down in torrents, making her glow. The droplets of water scattered throughout out her body glistened.

"There is nothing wrong with you." He whispered, meaning every word. "You are perfect."

"They do not agree."

"You are perfect in every single way possible. Remember what Impa said? It is already within you." He whispered as he took both her hands and pulled her closer, pressing his forehead against hers.

"I do not feel anything… Father always said… that I must dedicate my life to prayer." She said softly but he did miss the change in the tone of her voice. "This must be them punishing me."

He pulled back. "Punishing you?"

She gulped. "For dawdling. For… taking the longer route." Her eyes wandered as she grasped at words from the air. "For… not taking this seriously enough. For getting distracted…"

And it hit him. It dawned on him what was troubling her.

"For falling… for me?" He asked slowly, almost regrettably.

She cast her eyes down, not looking at him. Her hands went limp in his and it felt like… a knife was plunged straight into his heart. "You think… We… are a mistake?"

The question was a dagger in his chest as he tried to make her look at him again. He did not expect this outcome. But he cursed at himself for not seeing it. Of course. Of course! She would only blame herself! He had taken matters into his own hands, asking for her hand in marriage particularly—without consulting her! Without even thinking about the consequences!

She didn't answer. But he knew what she was thinking. There was no need for words. Her silence confirming what he just asked. As the weight of what he did bore down on him, he let her hands go… slowly. And he swallowed the lump in his throat as he stared at his reflection in the still surface of the water.

"I am sorry…" He said in a low voice. "I am sorry that I am a distraction."


"I am sorry… That it has come to this. I do not wish for you to be burdened by the decisions that I made." He continued. His hands were fists at his side. The nails were digging into his palms, sending a constant wave of tingling pain into his body—making him focus. "I am sorry that I pushed you into an engage—"

"Link… Please…" Her hands were clutching at his sleeves. But he took a step back.

He had to be strong. If this is what it took. If this is what it takes to protect her—to ensure that she will get her powers…

He had to protect her from himself too.

"Link… Please…" she pleaded.

Her hands have fallen to the water with a splash. It broke the image of his reflection as ripples came towards him. He breathed in through his nose as he raised his head and looked at the perfection in front of him.

The moon was at its highest point. And it was exactly at the end of the Princess's birthday when he realised that he was the last thing she needed.

Hyrule is waiting. It cannot be kept waiting just for him.

The gods and goddesses are punishing the Princess for faltering in her duties. And he… like a fool who should have had more common sense… He agreed to kiss her the first time she asked. He guiltlessly held her every single night he could. He sneaked her off to fields of flowers just to see her smile. By not prioritising what needs to be prioritised, the progress in their quest to achieve her sealing powers has been pruned.

Amidst all that—the guilt— the pain of being thought of as a mistake was far greater than any pain he has ever felt. He felt a bubble of anger rising up within him as he looked at her watery green eyes, her lower lip quivering.

It hurt more than the past three months combined.

"All this time… I thought that finally… the gods have answered my prayers." He said. His knuckles were white against the water. " I thought that finally… we have a chance of getting what we want—what we truly want."

The pain and anger was fighting its way to the surface as he fought to keep it down—keep it hidden. "You are the reason for my existence… But if I am the reason for your… failure…." He choked the word out. He had to. "Then…"

"Link… Please!" A splash of water as she threw herself onto his chest, clutching him desperately. "I didn't mean it like that!"

But he held his arms down by his sides even though all he wanted was crush her against his chest, kiss her into oblivion and distract her fully. To show her… what a real distraction is.

"Link, please!" She said against his neck as her hands moved to hold his cheeks forcing him to look at her as he stared off into space. "Please. Don't do this."

"Do what?" He asked in a hollow voice.

"I was just looking for someone to blame. This is not on you." She said in a hurried voice.

"But you are right, Zelda. I am a distraction." He exhaled deeply through gritted teeth.

"Link, please! Don't do this."

Her emerald eyes were wide and searching but he couldn't bear… to look at her anymore, knowing what she must think of him—knowing what he is to her.

"I love you, Link. I love you, remember?" She pleaded.

"I remember…" He whispered back. Her hands pulled him closer and he let her. Her lips brushed against his. He felt the anger fade away.

"I love you." She repeated.

"As I love you." He answered her this time.

As the words spilled out his mouth, her lips pressed upon his and he responded in kind. Her kisses were frantic—desperate. He knew why. She was shivering fully now as he held her close and picked her up. Her legs found their way around his waist as he waded closer to the base of the statue. He put her down on Hylia's feet—never breaking their kiss.

He sucked and licked and nipped at her lower lip as she moaned breathily into his mouth, her hands knotted in his hair. Perched securely on Hylia's feet, he let his hands wander. Her dress gave him access to so much skin.

She gasped in his mouth as his hands reached the underside of her breasts. The fabric was clinging on to her like second skin and he could feel their peaks hardening. With his other free hand, he angled her head and started kissing down to her jaw, up to her earlobe. He took the shell of her ear between his teeth as she breathed heavily against his.

His thumb was massaging her nipple through the fabric and her legs tightened around his waist even more. He was surprised at himself. Minutes ago he was full of anger and disappointment but now, her legs were pulling him in closer. He felt the all-too familiar heat pool in his lower body as she tugged at his hair, loosening his ponytail.

He continued his assault on her skin. He bit softly on her shoulder, making her inhale sharply as he moved down to her collarbone.

Memories of their last tryst was vivid against his mind as he pulled the top of her gown downwards, freeing her breasts. She gasped aloud but didn't stop him when he grabbed her from her lower back and angled her body just so.

With heavy-lidded eyes, he nipped at her skin down the valley as she continued to squirm under him. He kept her in place, placing his left hand on her waist to still her. His right was already on one freed breast when his mouth followed soon after.

Moans echoed across the water as he sucked at the peak—lightly nipping at it with his teeth. The grip she had on his hair was bordering on painful as he greedily took what was offered.

"Does this feel…" He whispered against her skin as he traveled back upwards—back to her lips that were begging to be kissed. "okay?" He couldn't help but ask.

A moan was trapped in her mouth as he twisted her peaks between thumb and forefinger. His arousal was evident, pressed hard against her core. She was squirming, giving him this electric signals of desire pulsing throughout his body.

"More…" She whispered as she pulled him closer, their lips crashing against each other. Heated and passionate, desperate for skin—more contact—her hands were tugging on the hem of his tunic, pulling it upwards.

He broke off their kiss just to let her take his leather straps and tunic off—then his shirt— which were thrown haphazardly into the water. The Master Sword was almost carelessly hoisted on to the statue's base. His torso shivered against the cool night air but her hands… her hungry hands explored his body, leaving wet fiery trails. With a groan, he ground himself against her core as her legs tightened around him, keeping him in place.

"Zel-da…" He growled under his breath as she rolled her hips toward him. It hit his arousal—making his vision dark as he inhaled sharply. "Zelda…" With his left hand, he held her by her hips, stilling her.

But she wouldn't have it. Her hair was everywhere, splayed behind her like a golden halo. Water droplets trickled down the sides of her neck, her shoulders, her chest—down the valley of her breasts. Her legs were spread, her skirt pooling at her waist. She was a vision as he memorised the way she looked like. Her back was pressed upon the statue's feet. Her hair curled around her face as she looked at him hungrily—desperately. This was a sight he didn't want to forget. Seeing her unravelled like this—"Link, please…"

Something within him snapped as he grunted his frustration. It made him harder if possible. His erection was straining against his trousers. A split second passed—he grabbed her gown and in one clean sweep, pulled it off of her. He could tell she was surprised but no—he didn't want to stop.

The white fabric floated a few feet away from them along with his tunic and shirt. Her white cotton panties were rendered invisible due to wetness. He could see her against the fabric—inviting him to come closer.

He kissed her again. He was being rough but he hoped that she wouldn't mind. In fact, she was kissing him with the same fervour as he was. Tasting a slight hint of blood, there was no way to know if that was him or her who bit who.

Her breasts were crushed agains this chest—soft heavenly mounds of flesh with hardened peaks that made him groan in deliciousness against her chin. She was now nibbling on his ear—making him shudder in pleasure. The tendrils were in a direct path towards his arousal that was pressed deliriously against her.

"Link…" She moaned again—lost in the throes of pleasure.

He took a nipple back into his mouth as his hands traveled downwards. His thumbs hooked themselves around the waist and pulled down—just an inch—as he hesitated, waiting for her to protest.

But there was none. And so he pulled the fabric off of her hurriedly, past her long creamy legs and sandals that hung limply on either side of him. His fingers were searching and reached her heated core. With one long digit, he traced her wet and slick slit, making her shudder. Taking point, he entered her with one finger. The stark contrast of the water's wetness and hers made so much difference—fuelling him further.

Her reaction was immediate as she moaned and rolled her hips just so. Adding another finger, her hands reached out, grabbing him by the shoulders as her nails dug into his skin. Her head was thrown back as he pulled away to look at her entirety. Her nether lips were wrapped deliciously around his fingers as he pushed into her to the knuckles—disappearing inside her. Thrusting into her with his fingers, he slipped his arm under her waist and held her by her lower back, hoisting her closer to the edge of the statue's base as he proceeded to pump into her. Every pull and push of his wrist made her tremble beneath him.

"Link… Link…" His name was coming out of her mouth in waves as he gritted his teeth and held her close. Both a plea and a warning—he thrusted into her relentlessly.

Taking a nipple into his mouth, it wasn't long before he could feel her trembling against his hand, her hips buckling furiously as he tried to keep her still. Using his thumb, he traced small patterns on the apex of her slit, making her whimper as she clutched at him helplessly,

She was so wet. So wet that the sounds his thrusting fingers made echoed around them—complete with her moans as he murmured her name against her skin—more as a reverence. She was pulsing—pulsing—her legs were tightening around his waist, keeping him solidly planted to where he is—and when he curled his fingers just so—

An almost violent tremble wrecked its way through her body as she bit him hard on the shoulder. Gritting his teeth through the pain—he continued to thrust into her, gently—feeling her tightness throbbing around his fingers— and he rode out the wave. Her legs went slack around his waist and she was exhaling slowly. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. He locked his gaze with hers as he pulled out of her and sucked his own fingers—tasting her.

"Link…" Her eyes went wide with the gesture but he continued to lick them clean—her taste driving him wild. Intoxicated—wanting more, he kneeled in the water in front of her and pulled a leg over his shoulder.

"Link!" She gasped—but the rest of her words were drowned in a moan as he dragged his tongue along her slit. She bucked underneath him and he grabbed both her thighs, keeping in her place. Her hands found their way back into his hair as continued to lick her, swallowing back his own moans as he spreads her nether lips apart with his tongue. He licks all the way inside her, fucking her slowly with his mouth. She was grinding—grinding deliciously against his face—moans of pleasure and almost-agony tumbling out of her mouth in ripples.

"Link! Please… Please! Hnnn…" She was pleading. "Come for me…" He groaned against her core. As fast as it was, he knew she was almost there again. Clamping his mouth over the swollen nub, he hollowed out his cheeks as he sucked. A few more seconds—and— she let out a noise that was almost a scream—her legs clamped down on either side of his face and he sucked a bit gentler as he slowed down in time with her.

He wiped his mouth against his arm as he straightened up slowly and planted his arms on either side of her. Panting —breathing hard— he pressed his forehead against hers and looked over at her eyes. "Sorry…" He whispered against her lips.

But after a brief moment, her answer was a kiss— a slow one that gently brushed over his. "What are you apologising for?" She asked almost weakly.

His erection was pressed against her core and he made to move away but her legs had wrapped around him once again. He glanced down. "For that."

"Oh, Link…" she whispered, capturing him in a kiss once again. And he let her. She may have finished but him… He was still trapped in an arousal that he didn't know how to escape from. Well—he knew. But it would be too presumptuous of him to ask for a release. I can always take care of it later.

"Let me…" she whispered shyly, her hands making their way past his exposed abdomen setting trails afire. But he grabbed her wrists. "No. It's okay. Not tonight." He whispered thickly. He stared at her past his fringe as he tried to control his breathing.

She tried to tug her hands free but he kept them still. "Why won't you let me?" She asked softly.

It wasn't a matter of wanting… it was… something else. He glanced down at his bulge. It was straining against his pants, almost bursting. One touch from her would render him helpless.

"I… won't—last…" He choked out the words.


"It's okay. I can… take care of this—later." He added, assuring her with his words as he tried to move away.

But her legs have wrapped themselves around him again, keeping him in place.

"Show me." She whispered.

It took him a moment to comprehend what she was saying. The world has stopped spinning at those words.

She nodded in the direction of his arousal that was currently pressed against her. "Show me." She said again.

He couldn't speak. It was an order that he wasn't sure he was happy to comply—sure that he'll be embarrassing himself. But his manhood was saying differently—twitching at her command to present himself to her. He can only imagine how he looks right now, flushed—eyes wild and desperate—wet from the spring as he panted heavily. He stilled but when she grabbed his wrist and aimed it at his groin—he couldn't do anything else but nod.

Slowly, he unfastened his trousers and pulled them down along with his underwear.

She was watching him intently. And he felt embarrassed by what he was about to show. His erection sprang free, bobbing against his lower abdomen. He looked up at her heavenly face as she nodded, encouraging him.

He was so hard… so sensitive—it hurt almost. He looked at the vision in front of him and tentatively, he wrapped himself in his fingers. It was graphic—obscene! He was touching himself in front of the Princess of Hyrule! But the lust and desire in him roared and a low rumble of moaning escaped his mouth as he slid his fingers up… then down.

It didn't take long. She was right in front of him—licking her lips as she watched him almost curiously. With an agonised groan—he continued to thrust into his fist as a lightning-paced heat wrecked through his body. Stars exploded against his eyelids as he gasped and shuddered—emptying himself on her stomach—some of it even ending on her chest. Opening his eyes slowly—he gasped bewildered at what he had just done.

"Zelda!" He frantically grabbed his floating tunic not far off and started wiping her down—cleaning her. But she was humming as she let him do it. After, he took some water from the pool and cleaned himself too. Tucking himself in, he pulled his trousers back up and grabbed the Master Sword and its harness. He looked around him… Reality was slowly crashing back down on him. He was starting to shiver from the cold—the elixirs were wearing off.

He looked over at his Princess who was putting on her wet gown. He noticed that she was starting to shiver too.

He looked up. And a fierce guilt passed through him as he stared at the stone face of Hylia.

They have desecrated… the Spring of Wisdom. And not just that—he made the Princess cum at the goddess's feet! Biting his lip in anger—more to himself at letting themselves get carried away. Holding out a hand to her, she took it gingerly and he led her out of the pool.

The snow was crunching underneath his wet boots. Leading her back to their tent and campfire, he fished out two elixirs and handed one to her wordlessly. She took it gratefully and he gulped his down. It was tasteless but the effects were immediate—warming him up from within. It would last for at least several hours before they needed to take more.

She sat down on a log and started to unlace her sandals. He hung his wet tunic on a low branch of the tree they were camping under. Grabbing folded towels from their packs inside the tent, he handed one to her which she took gratefully. He grabbed a fresh shirt from his bag and put it on. Next, he brought her a change of clothes too.

They didn't speak of what has just happened between them as they dried themselves off. It was like… they both needed some time to adjust—to process what has just happened between them. He seated himself next to her in front of the campfire. Both from the fire and the heat his body was producing due to the elixir, his trousers were dry in no time. His boots were drying beside the burning logs as he flexed his bare toes.

"I am sorry that I… spilled… all over you." He said softly into the fire.

She stirred beside him as she dried her hair slowly. "It's alright. I'm more worried what the Goddesses would think… that we…"

"Defiled the spring." He finished for her.

There was a moment and she burst out giggling. He couldn't help but smile himself.

"I'm sorry… It was me who—started it." She said when the giggles died down.

He shook his head. "As if I could resist you." He scoffed.

There was another moment of silence.

"Aren't you afraid, Link?" She asked in a small voice.

The question threw him off course. "Of?"

"Of everything that we are about to face."

He stared into the fire. The logs were burning quite nicely and the sparks from the crackling fire danced. He thought about it for a moment. Yes… he was afraid.

"Are you afraid… of dying?" She asked.

He purse this lips as he thought about it. "No."

"Why not?"

He shrugged. "Death… is easy."


"Yes. It is a quick escape. It's like… going to bed after an exhausting day. I am not afraid of dying." He said firmly as he took one more log from the pile beside him and threw it into the fire. "Living… Surviving… That is far scarier than death—facing the unknown…"

"Then… is that what you are most afraid of? Living?"

He shook his head as he threw in another log. It cracked in the heat almost immediately.

"Then what is it?" She pressed, turning on the log to face him. "What is the great Hylian Champion—the face of calm and courage and bravery—afraid of?"

He shrugged absent-mindedly, not taking his eyes off the fire. "I am afraid…"

What am I afraid of?

It was a loaded question. He was afraid of a lot of things. Failing as the Hylian Champion, not being able to defeat Ganon—how powerful is he really? But what sparked all of it? The root of all his fears? Why was he afraid of not being able to defeat the Calamity?

As soon as he asked the question to himself—faces of the people he has met over this journey flashed across his mind's eye: Mipha and her gentleness, Badek, his fellow soldiers, Daruk and his humour, Urbosa and her commanding spirit coupled with feistiness, even Revali and his smart-ass remarks! Their faces swarmed but one face stood out. Hers. Everything was falling into place.

"I am afraid… of losing." He said simply.


"You." He looked over at her face, glowing faintly from the firelight. Her eyes were wide, her mouth slightly opened.

"Me?" She whispered.

His answer was obviously one she did not expect. He nodded and moved closer to her, extending his arms as she sheepishly buried herself in his chest. "I told you before… my life is yours. You are the reason why I am here." He buried his face in her hair, inhaling her scent—cold and crisp with the hint of lavender. "I am afraid that I will die first… that I will not be able to protect you… That I will fail you."

"Hyrule is more important—"

"Not to me. What's important to me is you." He pressed his lips against her forehead. "Zelda… you have no idea how much my heart aches for you. I was literally born for you. I am literally yours—at your feet, at your service, at your mercy. In this lifetime or the next, my future selves will always find you. Nothing can keep us apart."

It was true. He held her tight against his chest as he kissed her forehead down to her nose and brushed his lips against hers. "History—countless books detailing our past lives—have confirmed that in one way or another… we always end up finding each other. No one… not even the gods—can stop us. We are made for each other."

A lone tear fell from the corner of her eye and he brushed it away with his thumb as he caressed her face. "I do not think we are mistakes."

Her bottom lip quivered as he saw the guilt flash across her face. She flung herself onto him, burying her face in the crook of his neck as she sobbed into his shoulder. Smiling slightly, he gathered her into his lap and stroked her lower back. He knew she didn't mean it… But it still hurt to hear her say it before.

"I'm sorry!" She choked out between sobs.

"I do not believe that the Goddesses are punishing you for falling in love with me." He let her cry it out, just rocking her softly back and forth. Then he remembered something that his Mother said… "we travel through our own different kinds of madness to find ourselves…"

Zelda… She made broken look beautiful. Looking at her made him feel… She's gone through so much and yet… she made strong look invincible. She walked with the whole world on her shoulders and yet… she made it look like she could still fly.

"I am so amazed at how strong you are." He said softly into her hair.

She gave off a half-sob—a laugh really. She pulled away, wiping her tears away. "Does this look strong to you?"

He nodded, admiring her resilience and perseverance. "You…" He helped her fix her hair and wipe the remaining tears away. "Life keeps throwing all these things to us… You might feel like you're broken—unable to move on. But the next day, I see you picking yourself up, ready to fight again. You… amaze me."

A small smile graced her lips. And she looked up at him shyly. "That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever told me."

"I'm honoured." He said as he knotted his fingers through her damp hair and angled her head. He kissed her softly as the moon watched them both.

Author's Note:

I like this memory so much, I thought it deserved its own chapter.

This was written in a completely different direction at first. Like—completely. I had the apologies at the start to ready you guys for what you are about to read—asking for no hate and everything. But I decided… after a good night's sleep—to change it to this.

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